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  1. I will be following this with great interest since I plan to be starting a Defiant imminently.
  2. Paul_B

    My first Bolton-Paul Defiant...

    Andy, thanks for that clarification. One of my references said inflatable, the other suggested it included a dinghy! - which feels like an editor's mistranslation
  3. Paul_B

    My first Bolton-Paul Defiant...

    Interestingly the gunner had a specially designed all-in-one pack which contained a parachute, photo here: http://www.wwiivehicles.com/great-britain/aircraft/fighter/boulton-paul-defiant-fighter.asp The suit was also inflatable if the bale out was over water. The gunner's exit routes were either through the turret doors or through an escape hatch in the fuselage floor. Both of these options were blocked if the turret guns were rearward facing. If the hydraulics were shot away then the gunner would have to manually turn the turret via rotating crank controls. The turret doors were the favoured route of escape. If the hatch was used it was preferable that the pilot extended the undercarriage so the rear radio mast was retracted and out of the way. All of this potentially whilst under enemy fire! Sources: Boulton Paul Defiant by Mark Ansell, Mushroom Yellow Series Boulton Paul Defiant by Alan W. Hall, Warpaint Series No. 42 Cheers, Paul
  4. Paul_B

    My first Bolton-Paul Defiant...

    To clarify; only the rear mast retracted, and it did not retract fully. At 1/72 there would be about 3-4mm showing. This is shown in the photo towards the bottom of the quoted link titled Boulton Paul Defiant F. Mk1 (photo 264 Sqn Association). The rear mast is shown retracted more clearly here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:15_Boulton_Defiant_Defiant_Mk.Is,_N1536_'PS-R'_(15650318708).jpg Paul
  5. Paul_B

    My first Bolton-Paul Defiant...

    I have a few Defiant references and, for the Mk 1, the photographs show round exhausts on all day fighters, and fishtail exhausts for the majority of night fighters. My understanding is that the change in exhaust was to reduce exhaust glare for night operations however I haven't yet found that comment again in my Defiant references (Wiki states 'The first versions of the ejector exhausts featured round outlets, while subsequent versions of the system used "fishtail" style outlets which marginally increased thrust and reduced exhaust glare for night flying.' under Rolls-Royce Merlin). Looking on the Airfix website I think that if you refer to the decal and camouflage pages in the instructions then the two different exhausts are shown. If you are going to model 264 Sq. using the supplied decals as a day fighter then it is the round exhausts. I have the 1:48 Airfix Defiant which I will start shortly, once the workbench is clear.
  6. Paul_B

    (Trumpeter 1:35) KV-1

    I really like the weathering on this model, lovely subtle wear which ages the model but at the same time restrained so looking very natural.
  7. In the mists of time i actually entered one of these into the Model Engineers Exhibition competitions. Fortunately, in hindsight, the package didn't withstand the rigours of Royal Mail so the viewing public were saved from scrutinising a badly constructed kit, badly painted. My entry to the GB will be 1:48, i have both Classic Airframes and Airfix kits.
  8. Paul_B

    Tiger 1 of Das Reich

    I can only echo the other comments regarding the quality of the finish, weathering and battle damage. Great job! I particularly like the lighting and setup of the second photo. The dappled shadows of the foliage and depth of field are particularly pleasing to the eye.
  9. I would be very interested in joining this GB, contributing a Boulton Paul Defiant to the mix.
  10. Hi, I would like to sign up for this GB. I have not yet decided which kit to go for. Ventora3300 is it also ok to use the scalemates.com database as a guide as well? - and thanks for the invite!!
  11. Paul_B


    LostCosmonauts - if you never crash you're not trying hard enough! Ventora3300, great suggestion, I will head over there now and sign up. I have found a couple of websites which sell secondhand kits so sourcing something suitable and interesting shouldn't be a problem. Thanks.
  12. Paul_B


    I have arrived here by a bit of a circuitous route. My main hobby is RC aircraft. A few years ago, when I was working in Edinburgh, I was exploring Wonderland Models and bought a couple of Classic Airframes Boulton Paul Defiants (Day fighter, Night Fighter). Those, plus an old Matchbox 1/32 heli and a MPC Star Wars Tie fighter, received as gifts many years ago, are my stash. The Defiant is one of my favourite fighters and I will be adding the latest Airfix kits to my collection. Autumn 2017 I enrolled on an airbrushing course (airbrushes.com). For the course I bought couple of kits as paint mules and was totally blown away by the quality and detail of the modern kits. I have held back from starting up because I recognise there is a whole set of skills I will need to gain. I am particularly interested in producing models which look as though they are in service; this means weathering. I have seen some great examples on Britmodeller of the kind of finish I aspire to achieve. Time to stop lurking around the forums, and time to get modelling! I am thinking that participating in the Group Builds would be a good way of kicking things off. Any and all advice will be welcome!