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  1. So looking forward to this - I love the look of the Lancer. I suspect there will be quite a few Aussies lining up for the RAAF version too - myself included.
  2. This isn't the first time Airfix has had the "Out of stock" problem. It is pretty much a given that any Airfix new release will go instantly out-of-stock when launched as well. That's the real issue - this isn't a new problem, Airfix should have been able to do better by now.
  3. I can't find a part count for the Academy F-18E, but their F-18F has 94 parts. Assuming Airfix didn't just decide to slap a "new tool" tag on their ancient "A" model (which would also be the wrong version for the film), I'd bet Academy's E and F have the same part count and Airfix have reboxed the 2017 Academy release.
  4. That's been the case for almost every single Airfix new release for the past few years - Sea Fury, Phantom, Mustang, Walrus and now the Spit. You'd think someone in the Hornby supply chain would have figured it out by now, but no....
  5. If I were to put together a realistic wish list, I'd have New Tools 1/72 Mosquito 1/72 B-24 Liberator 1/48 Avro Anson 1/48 Blenheim Mk.IV New version (current tooling/minor options) 1/72 Mig-17 Middle East versions 1/72 Wellington GR.Mk.XIV 1/72 P-51 Mustang "Foreign Air Forces" 1/72 B-25 "Foreign Air Forces" (RAAF, Dutch East Indies, USSR) 1/48 Spitfire Mk.XIV - SEAC / Belgium
  6. Been saying this for ages - a 1/48 Anson would fill a hole in the market, in much the same way their Walrus did.
  7. Well, given that Airfix now has 4 versions of the P-51 in their catalogue (including a fillet-less version), 3 of which are slated for release in 2019, I'd say the Mustang is doing well for them.
  8. Initially a bit disappointed, but I have to admit that it seems Airfix have picked a good range of new releases, and the 1/35th armour won't hurt them assuming it's Academy. Plus it looks like the P-51, B-25, 1/72 Blenheim and Wellington are going well judging by the updated boxings (number 4 for the P-51 in 48th and likewise for the Blemheim IIRC). Certainly enough for a few purchases throughout the year. A few in my local IPMS are already eyeing off the Mig-17 for the annual group build.
  9. Given the success of the 1/48 Walrus, and possible due to strong pre orders for the Blenheim, could we be due another slightly left of mainstream subject in 1/48 ?
  10. I'm pretty sure that's what the RAAF has found - not too sure on the electronic side of things but certainly the commonality would help maintenance on the airframe and engines. Not to mention having a common type rating for pilots. Probably doesn't hurt that the two biggest airlines here also have something like 160 737-NG flying between them
  11. I'm hoping that the Walrus and Defiant experience prompts Airfix to try out the occasional less-than-mainstream subject in 1/48. There's no chance of them doing large aircraft in that scale (sorry Lancaster fans) but I could see a cautious Airfix still having a go at something like a Gladiator or Lysander in that scale.
  12. I'm guessing a Mosquito will be released at some point soon - after the Spitfires, Hurricanes, Typhoons and Sea Furies it's another "obvious" RAF WW2 type that hasn't had any attention from Airfix. Though I have a feeling that they'll go 1/48 rather than 24, since Tamiya and HK already have 32nd offerings.
  13. Some speculation on my part - but I don't see them announcing the same aircraft in 24 and 48 so close together - IMO the temptation would be for people to opt for the smaller version (whereas with the Typhoon you either went for the 24 or had the 72nd one - probably not much chance of people cross-shopping those) Airfix currently have just 2 24th scale kits listed on their site - the Mustang and Typhoon. My guess would be that they might do another mark of Spit in 24th - either a BoB Mk.1 to replace their old offering or a Mk.VIII or Mk.IX
  14. All this talk of large planes at the Museum of Flight (B-47s, B-52s, B-29s) overlooks another large plane that they have. Unlike the others mentioned (well excluding the few RAF B-29s) one that saw plenty of service in the RAF. And a subject similar to an existing catalogue item that has been consistently selling well They have a B-17F http://www.museumofflight.org/aircraft/boeing-b-17f-flying-fortress Just think of how sweet a Coastal Command version would be...
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