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  1. Looks like a upscale of the Kitty Hawk kit. Even the ram taping or what ever it's called. I'll pass.
  2. Do a correction set for the engine nacelles! And the nose gear well please. The seats could use an update as well.
  3. The only reason I am building the early slat wing FJ-3 is because I purchased a KH FJ-3 mail order and the box was damaged in transit. The kit was fine except for the canopy. It was crushed. I tried to get a replacement from KH but it was right when they shut down shop so a replacement clear sprue was not available. I decided to kit bash my -2 parts with the damaged -3 using the slatted wings and the Hypersonic -2 rudder and stab set. Trying to decide how I need to mask off the silver parts from the GSB parts since the slat wing has already been built. One thing I have noticed in the conversion. You can't use the -2 ammo bay panels with the -3 fuselage because of the added depth of the -3 fuselage forward of the wing. You will need to use the -3 and add the little fillets to the doors where they blend into the wing.
  4. I have eight KH Furys, three -2's and five -3's. All with Hypersonic's resin sets. Two of the -2's and four of the -3's are still in the box while one -3 is under construction converting it to an early -3 with a slatted wing from a -2. I need to get it to the paint barn soon. It will be in the GSB scheme with VF-33 markings using Caracal's decals. I guess I really like Furys. The issue I've found with KH's kits is Mr. Song tried to design in the kits with as much detail as could be accomplished in plastic. The Furys are a bit fiddly but very accurate. His earlier kits like the Cougars seemed a bit clunky on the sprues but later kits had a higher degree of fineness. Still the Cougs are not bad kits just a few issued like the nose gear oleo being too short. A similar issue with the Fury kits too. It will be good to see them back in production. Maybe they will complete some of the other projects KH had going like the Tiger, Cutlass and the late Banshee.
  5. What are the differences if Poland decides to allow it's aircraft to be transferred to Ukraine pilots. Will there be a ramp up to get proficient?
  6. As much as I hate to say it, the HB A-6 series is pretty darn good. Not much to improve upon there. As for a F/A-18C/D classic, I don't se much improvement beyond the Academy kits either. If Tamiya is planning something I doubt it will be either one of those. Maybe a F-8 Crusader to go along with their F-4B and early F-14A.
  7. Hi Jeffrey. As you said the ECM fairings would be easy enough added as a separate sprue. As for the IP in the rear cockpit, the only Phantom reference I have on the Phantom is the old D&S issue on the Navy/USMC versions so I'm ignorant as to what changes were made back there. I do have Tommy Thomason's excellent monograph on the early Phantoms but that is irrelevant. As for Tamiya doing a N, I think you're right. I wouldn't be surprised if they did do it but like you, I won't bet money on it. I know a Tiger or late Banshee is wishful thinking on my part but then again, the F4D-1 Skyray was one of those "outta left field" kits and really the F-4B was as well so you never know. They do play their cards close to their vest.
  8. A F-4N would be basically a decal and box art change. Simple enough. I would love to see a F11F-1 or even a F2H-3/4 Banshee from Tamiya. I was surprised when they did the F4D Skyray.
  9. What? You don't think that? To me the resemblance is there. Never said they were identical.
  10. The XF-90 was pretty much a F-80 with cleaned up aerodynamics, swept wings and two engines .
  11. The old 1/35th scale MPC H-13 had the single flat fuel tank while the Monogram/Revell one had twin tanks. The Italeri 1/48 kit has the twin tanks. I don't know when the twin tanks were introduced but the flat tank was certainly used in the Korean War.
  12. For those that may want to display their FJ-2 Fury with the fuselage separated at the break with an exposed engine. I just bought an Academy F-86 Sabre and in the kit they supply a very reasonable full J47 as well as an aft fuselage dolly. The Academy kit comes in the box with the full Sabre fuselage but giving you the option to separate the fuselage at the break and installing an exposed engine with the rear fuselage on the dolly. Those parts should work well with the KH -2 Fury since KH left the later J65 for the -3 in their earlier kit.
  13. I am as well since I had a damaged canopy in one kit. However it is an expensive conversion. If Jeffrey does do a slatted wing it would be much less expensive than trashing an entire kit.
  14. I mentioned this to Jeffrey a year or so ago. I think he is considering doing a replacement slatted wing. I think it may depend on the popularity of his other Fury products and if the kits are rereleased.
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