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  1. Additionally, the CA kit, because of the multi media content, is not an easy kit to build. I found the kit was in realty beyond my ability to do a good job building it because of the resin and while metal parts. That's why I decided to sell it. I would have loved to keep it. An all plastic kit would be much easier for us less talented modelers to build.
  2. No auction. I sold it outright to a person that posted they were looking for one. I told the eventual buyer that because of the rarity of the kit I was going to charge a premium on it. I told him $400 + shipping and he was good with that. He said the price was fair for what the kit was and it's availability. So no, there was no biding war for it. I later sold a Collect Aire T2V Seastar for the same price, again to someone that was wanting to acquire one. Same explanation for the price.
  3. This would be far more lucrative in 1/48 than 1/72.
  4. I think a really cool WIF scheme would be the Washingtons in bomber command camo scheme with WWII roundels.
  5. I looked as well and couldn't find a You Tube build review by Flory on the KH Jag. However... There are several Jaguar builds on the Kitty Hawk Fan Facebook page. I don't know that much about the Jaguar but it looks pretty buildable to me.
  6. Aires doesn't make a set for the Hasegawa F-4B, only the thick wing Phantoms. They do for the Academy B but not any other kit. I had removed the wheel wells on my B thinking I would find a set before finding out they only made the thick wing and Academy B. I'm just gonna thin the thick wing set to where it will fit...I hope.
  7. Well seeing as KH makes the only F-35C I'm kind of stuck with it.
  8. I am in the laborious process of completely removing them from my 1/48 Kitty Hawk F-35C Lightening.
  9. Like me I bought Caracal decals for the KH FJ-2 Fury and will do the same when they release them for the -3 which will be soon. Not only because their decals were bad but also because I wanted to do different markings than what was in the kit. I will also be picking up Furball's decals for the F2H Banshee as well. Call me nuts but I really like the KH Banshee. Michael Rieth's correction set correct most of the kit's faults.
  10. I actually like their Cougs. The multi part breakdown to allow multiple versions was a bit of a pain but overall the shape is correct. Other kit makers have done the same. The rest is easily workable. To me crummy decals are not an issue either. People have complained about Tamiya and Hasegawa decals all the time and for years. In fact there aren't too many kit decals that are really worth a crap to begin with. Now with so many different decal printers most people replace the kit decals anyway. Same with resin and PE sets.
  11. From my perspective unless you are a detail oriented modeler, the kit OOTB is pretty good with the only thing really needing correction is the oleo nose strut length, an easy correction. I did it on my FJ-2 kit before the HS set was available. Yes, the decals suck but passable if you're not too concerned, the turtle deck is missing detail but you can scratch a lot of it. However, overall the kit is more correct than not. Add to that who else is going to do one? As for cost of decals and resin addons, Caracal's sets are very affordable, as are Hypersonic's resin parts. The kit can be had from China for at or a little north of $50.00 so in comparison to other recent 1/48 new kits that is not an outrageous amount, in fact pretty average. Even new kits like ZM's Phantom's have aftermarket stuff available for them and their kits start at almost a Benjie and that is before postage.
  12. It would be a shame if they do not do this in 1/48. Looking at the images of their Skyshark kits it would be a slam dunk best seller. Especially since I sold my Collect Aire kit for $400.00 a while back. You know it would sell well if people are willing to spend that much on a resin kit.
  13. I have the Hasegawa A-4B initial limited edition boxing and the A-4C as well first issue. I had no idea they were getting so collectable. Looks like the TA-4J is getting that way as well. I'm sure Hasegawa will rerelease them sooner or later. I have heard they are hurting financially.
  14. jpk

    KItty Hawk 2021

    I hope one will be their F11F-1 Tiger. Their cad's looked pretty complete a couple of years ago.
  15. Not one of CA's better kits either. Mastered before Dimitri started creating their masters. Search the archived posts in both Hyperscale and Cybermodeler as I believe they have build reviews of both kits then choose your poison. Of the two kits though I would choose the Trumpy Viggie with or without the resin aftermarket.
  16. Yes, true, however for the now very expensive cost of the OOP resin set, very little if anything is corrected. The contours of the hump on the kit is totally wrong. The resin, in order to mate properly with the incorrect hump, had to keep the overall incorrect lines and contours so the parts would line up. What CE should have done was create a whole new replacement upper fuselage like they did with their A3J-1 conversion set for the early Viggie. It is his money but if it were me I would spend the money on one of the intake sets or some other resin sets.
  17. Don't waste your money on the Cutting Edge Vigilante fuselage correction set. It corrects nothing. I bought all the CE Vigilante sets when the Trumpy Viggie was released. The forward fuselage correction set was the least useful of the sets. It was virtually the same as the kit plastic.
  18. Just Google Hypersonic Models. com. I'm sure the link will show up. Slotted stabs @ 10.58 Pounds plus shipping. You'd do well to grab a few other things because of combined shipping.
  19. Get the Hypersonic parts. Jeffrey ships fast. You'll get them in under a couple of weeks unless there's a postal hiccup along the way. You can work on other sub assemblies while waiting. Failing that, I have a set of slatted stabs from my F-4B/N kit. I already have the Hypersonic non slatted set as I am wanting to build an early B. You are welcome to them for postage. I'm in the US.
  20. The KH Banshee WITH the Rieth Creations resin intake set corrects most of what is wrong with the kit. The nose gear is a little issue, I wish he would have corrected that as well. It is hidden pretty much in the well and by the doors. Go to his website to see what his set does, riethcreations.com.
  21. A little over $86.00 to the USA, with shipping which is almost $20.00 at Hobby Easy.
  22. Once the Tamiya Phantom is released, check for a mold insert seam somewhere around the nose. If there's a seam it may be there to allow for alternate mold inserts to do photo or E/F/G noses. I would be surprised if Tamiya did not allow for that later. Obviously they did with their P-38. Whether they actually will release later versions, that's the question.
  23. I'm interested in the late version. Any word on a release date for that one?
  24. I'm glad I did a lot of right clicking early on.
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