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  1. I have started exactly the same build, with the Eduard etch. Hoping for, and getting some inspiration here.
  2. The kit arrived today - hurrah! it is an earlier boxing, the original I think from 1977. The "E" is depicted on the side. I also have the Airwaves etch for the Italeri "K" so I can play around in the cockpit to add a little detail. Getting the 1977 box is a bonus, this is closer to the one I would have bought in 1981. The decals though could be interesting...fairly yellow. They also so not have some overwing red stencilling that later boxes have, this I will try and find some aftermarkets for. So, I hope to start tomorrow
  3. No kit in the post yet, but these did arrive today; Which will go with the 2 packs of "MG 17 & MG FF METAL BARREL TIPS TO MESSERSCHMITT Bf-109 E/T #72009 1/72 MASTER" I am waiting on too. Whilst waiting for the 217 I will get round to finishing the Eduard Mk XVI dual combo pack, which have been sitting around for far too long - both the bubble top and high back done as clipped wing. I was tempted to start the blitz group build, but would have more kits on the go at once than would be seemly... So, still waiting to get started.
  4. Thank you for all making me so welcome. Since I got back to modelling 4 or 5 years ago I have, bought the stash I always wanted as a child, and then a lot more... realised that the colour “yellow” is the work of the devil bought a airbrush, which is amazing, but for the first year stayed in the box, as I was worried I would ruin my plastic been stunned at the quality of new moulds, from all manufacturers now have to buy all sorts of aftermarket goodies, for my ever growing stash the Airfix 217 is the same moulding for both “E” and “J”. I think it is not therefore felt to be the most accurate kit, @PeterB, as the bomb bay is the same for the J as the E. As @modelling minion says, as a child all the guns meant that there could only be one version to build. regarding @Graham Boak says this will be black. I am thinking of spraying Tamiya Rubber black on a black primer, with some marbling. I have never done this before, and it will be a good test as I have plenty of Bomber Command kits in both 1/72 and 1/48 to work on. so now I just need the postman to arrive.
  5. This is my first time doing a wip, or a group build. This was one of the models I bought on holiday in Falmouth in 1981. An excellent selection of models - Matchbox 1/32 109E, Airfix 1/72 Tornado in the MRCA boxing and Dassault Mirage F.1 making up for a otherwise rubbish holiday. It rained. We did jigsaws of the happy couple for the Royal Wedding. The hotel was “odd”, I was told I was too young to see “For Your Eyes Only” at the cinema. But, the 217J was great. I have ordered a used, fairly modern boxing on the internet, and new brass guns. So for now a stock image, and I will wait for the postman to deliver my goodies. or I would post the image if I could get the url from “OneDrive” to work...
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