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  1. Thanks Mate, Thanks Mate, it was after 4-5 trials I somehow got the color i want, it wasn't very easy.
  2. Thanks, Mate Thanks @SAT69 indeed the Flanker is massive compared to Gnat Thanks, Mate appreciate the kind words. Yep, Flanker are massive have seen on few occasion really closed up and they are Big, as big as a Lancaster Thanks @Val_Ukraine Thank you, really appreciate the kind words Yeah, it was daunting task working with the heller kit, Thanks mate.
  3. Hi guys, Greetings, In the year 1997 SB-001, from the first batch of eight Su-30MK-1 aircraft (SB 001 to SB 008) delivered in March to the IAFs No 24 Squadron (Hawks), based at Lohegaon AFS. Later on, these aircraft would be returned to Russian and IAF will switch to Su-30MKI with improved avionics and TVC engines. For my version, I used Heller Su-27UB, the fit is very bad and needs a ton of filling and sanding plus need to dry-fit many times. The cockpit need some modifications but the most visible one was HUD which wasn't there so I scratch built with some clear part. The next and biggest challenge was shifting the IRST from center to right side, I sanded the whole IRST I was worried I would crack the canopy but luckily it didn't and with sprue, I built the IRST. For the painting I used local acrylic colors and Tamiya paints and spend some time painting the exhaust not the best but am quite happy with it. So here it is, The first SU-30MK-1 of India, thank you looking cheers. with KH-31 *without Kh-31 Size comparison of Folland Gnat and Su-30MK-1
  4. Thanks, James. Next planning to build a Su-30MK Thanks, I think it still use the RD-33 maybe a slight modified one? Thanks, Mate, appreciate the kind words.
  5. Thanks, Steve appreciate the kind words. Thanks, Ryan. Hello @Bangseat for IAF grey you need to eyeball with the reference aircraft cause each shade of grey might be little different from one another, 50 shades of grey for sure. The decals are aftermarket from Bright spark. Thanks, cheers
  6. True, and flying these days is super expensive and government around the world are cutting their defense spending. It arrive today, around 2pm here around 8:30am GMT.
  7. Thanks, Patrick. Thanks, mate now I need to make a Su-30MKI Thanks, mate, actually I don't like fighter jet with too many missile but I thought it look bit empty on Mig-29 so added it. Thanks Cheers
  8. The Indian Government signs the contract for Mig-29 in 1986 and the Mig-29s coming to Indian by 1987 and inducted into No.28 and No.47 squadron. The Indian Mig-29 went into action during the Kargil war and was used as an escort. However, by the mid-2000s it was getting older and IAF decided to upgrade in a similar line of Mig-29SMT, however, it included many foreign-made avionics and took her maiden flight in 2011, considered one of the most advanced Mig-29s in service around the world. All IAF Mig-29s will be upgraded to the UPG standard. It was a nice kit and I truly enjoyed building it, the details are very nice and I would say it is one of the best kits out there, Trumpeter has done it job well. The Indian Mig-29UPG is almost identical to Mig-29SMT in appearance except for a few add on the most visible being the ELT-568 jamming pod at the right vertical tail, I scratch built it, there are many small details but I omitted it. For painting I used three types of Tamiya grey and eyeball with ref pictures. Midway through the construction, I realized there is an error I made and it will cost me almost 3 months, The front canopy broke into two parts due to my silly errors, however, a fellow modeller sent me a ICM canopy which took some time to fixed on the trumpeter kit as the dimension was wee different, but finally managed to fixed it to a satisfactory level. So here it is the Mig-29UPG of Indian air force, Thanks, for looking Cheers.
  9. Thanks, Buddy. Indeed how the evolution is, There is Bis and Bison in the Indian service, Bison is Indian specific based on Mig-21-93. Cheers Thanks, Wulfman Thanks, Mate. I always wanted to do the Mig-21 in natural metallic colors. Wow, that must be an awesome sight, sadly only Bison version are in service now and they will also retire after some years, an end of era. Thank you, Kenny. Yeah, Two days mate got super excited and built it none stop. I think the first aircraft came around 1963-64 and didn't served for very long as other version came, I read some where two were lost and only two survived to these days. Thanks, Bud, appreciate the kind words. Cheers
  10. I always wanted to build this Mig-21 F-13 as it was the very first Mig-21 we got, It first arrived in 1963 and the one am building arrived in 1964. The BC824, is a rare aircraft as only a few were bought and only one or two survived. I decided to build the aircraft using the Revell kit, but getting it was a huge problem due to covid lockdown and postal service not working. At first the vendor was not sending to the place I was residing, so I asked a friend to get the kit for me and send it to me when the thing improved a little bit. He was kindly enough to do it for me and I am very thankful to him. Honestly, it was one of the fastest builds I have done. It took me just a day and half to complete it. It was a smooth sail, the only problem was the weapon that came with it which I didn't use and borrowed a pair of K-13 from another kit. The biggest and only major problem I faced was the wing root took some dry fit to correct it, and the minor one was the canopy it was hard tracing it. For painting I use only one silver color, and rest was modulations by adding different paint to the silver mix. My printer broke down again so for the serial number, I used leftover decals, cut the individual number and alphabet and stick on it. I am so happy with the result and glad I could make it for the 15 August 2020, perhaps a little good news in these extraordinary times. Thanks for looking, Cheers. Outdoor.
  11. Thank you @SAT69 it had some problem and it was bit of challenge fixing it, but I dont blame them it was make some time ago Much appreciate mate, sometime I guess it okay to have these type of challenging kits, you learn one or two things while making it @JagRiggerI guess it is time to take out the kit and complete it, Much appreciated for the kind words
  12. Thank you Steve, appreciate the kind words, cheers Thanks, Bud
  13. Thanks, Man really appreciate the kind words, cheers Thanks buddy
  14. Hello Bejay, Nay, am not that skill to do the black base, I used Tamiya XF-66 and mix little bit of black and white to give different modulations of the paint once it is done, a very diluted brown and black on the join to give worn look. Much appreciated for the kind words
  15. Hi Guys, This is Tamiya reboxing of Italeri kit, the kit has some problems and I need to scratch-built some parts which were not there on the kit. It was not an easy kit to build, there were gaps and need to dry-fit a couple of time. I didn't like kit decals so I had a spare microscale pukin dogs VFA-143 which i used the decals were a little stiff and would crack and you need to be careful about it. I added a pair of GBU-10 and kept most of the weapon pylons empty. Will keep it short, so here it is Thank you for looking and any feedback is welcome.
  16. Outstanding, I always wanted to build this one, may now from where you got the decals, thanks.
  17. WOW just WOW, I am speechless, thank you for sharing mate.
  18. look like Kopro decals? I think this marking was based in Palel, India sometime attributed as in Burma ( I maybe wrong) anyway, very nice Job.
  19. Hi Guys, My recent project an old tool Hasegawa F-4EJ, the kit had lots of problem from fit to gaps and need some dedication, the biggest problem was aligning the air intake, and I can't sand much either as the details have already worn out a little sanding the details would go away. I added some cockpit details with some resin seat and borrowed part from elsewhere, I used some plastic card to fill the gap and sanded it, it is not perfect but I am okay with it, the greatest attraction of the kit was price. For marking I choose 37-8321 Mitshubishi F-4EJ of 304 Hikotai, carrying the RMU-10A reel pod with the TDU-10B target tug. Marking in high visibility orange. The squadron marking was almost gone so I masked and painted it. Also, I got a nice F-4EJ reference book and helped me out a lot. So here it is, thank you for looking, cheers
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