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  1. With deep sadness I would like to inform that Mr. B (Brian Param) is no longer with us. May his soul rest in Peace.
  2. Working on the same kit now, Great work!!!
  3. Hi Guys, My latest work, not the best kit need to do some extra work but a fun kit to build. Will keep it short, made glass panels in the nose as it didn't come with clear parts and painted using Mr. color and Tamiya Regards
  4. Well done mate, first time seeing C2305 in that camo, all the time I saw was in grey with black red mixed tail from No. 4 squadrom Oorial.
  5. Thank you Gents, really appreciate the kind words and it is source of inspiration. Three cheers to you all.
  6. Hi Guys, My latest work F-15DJ 82-8093 made from Hasegawa kit and spent more time masking than building. Cheers
  7. Thanks Mate, it was bit of trial and errors, glad to know you like it. Cheers ....................... The two quintessential aircraft of Indian Air force, Su-30mki and Mig-21bis
  8. Thanks, Eamonn really appreciate the kind words, cheers Thanks Mate
  9. Hi Guys, I Will keep it short, It was built from Zvezda Su-30Sm, a great kit but some inaccuracy and some of the multiple-piece canopies were a big headache, plastic was a bit soft other than it was a really nice kit. For making the Indian one, I removed some antennas from the tail section and sand them. Also, the spine antenna was along on the kit but the Indian one was quite short, can't use much of the stencils of the SM i borrowed from other kits. Painted using local paints and Tamiya, silver was mr.color but modulations was done using multiple colors adding to it.
  10. @Black Knight These are really good inputs and I will keep in mind, I guess once a figure is made then we could do rigging and let it do whatever they want squat to jumping and as per iputs like your we can make it different positions and see where we can sliced it and print it. Then for a figure can have a few position and some choices for the modeller. I will have a chat with the friend and see what he says about this suggestion. Thank you very much once again.
  11. Thank you @Bangseat will surely look into those suggestions really appreciate it. As of now we haven't quite figured how to make clear parts, we are thinking vacuform for the time. Small step at the time. About the Indian subjects, as for Indian market it is there may not be as big elsewhere, my point regarding market was about my home tome, barely anyone even know what is scale model. Those three Indian plane is in my bucket list and surely will make one day for sure. I just hope the Chinese with a factory roll out style doesn't make a huge injection mould production and left us with no bus
  12. Thanks Mate, for the inputs. Yes, figures is for sure and those one we can surely look into it. Printing a large scale shouldn't be a problem. Ground crews for diorama is very expensive from what I see online. Maybe we can produce at slightly lower price. Yeah, some figures without the shirts for hot tropic climate, even the one based in the part of the world I see some without shirts. ................. We did like to start with Chindits too, Major Gen Orde Wingate died in air crash in this part of the world and always wanted to make Him and his forces with jungle carbine withou
  13. Greetings Respected members. My apologies if it is not in the right section. I had fair knowledge of 3d software Maya (learned about 15 years ago) as I did a course of it but due to change in profession am now only doing things related to graphic, Vector and Raster Images (I can refresh myself). However, during covid as I shift from Mumbai to my native place for the time being, I came a crossed a friend who also shifted due to job loss. So, we were talking about 3d printing and other stuff and start a small two men company. He is really good in character modelling when I say, good
  14. Darn!!! she is a beauty, always wanted to have a one in my collections but it is really hard to find that C-17.
  15. Thank you @JWM I have a soft corner for Japanese aircraft and these are quite nice collection, and the Peggy camo o my that is some dedications!!! Three cheers.
  16. Thank you, Mate Indeed, Japanese aircraft other than Zero or Ki-43 are hard to see. Thanks Thanks, Mate Thank you Miguel for the kind words. Masking was really hard some of the glazing didn't had proper lines I guess the mould must have been worn out? Thanks for the kind words Thank you @JOCKNEY Thank you Pat, it is from 1966 that is the first thing I notice when i open the box. Darn!!! it is as old as my father. True, the colors seem to varied with time and there is hardly any reference image of the aircraft in color and none survived the post w
  17. Greetings Folks, May I present you my latest built Microace Ki-67 Peggy 1/72 (LS molding) The kit is a bit dated but was truly fun to build? The two most challenging parts were masking the glass panels and trying to match the color. The masking took me a whole day, it was a lot of work for a few minutes of painting. For the paint, I did lots of trial and errors, first I thought I should go for the green but some I see brownish olive. So I settled for the brownish olive if incorrect my apologies. The kit was over-engineered for its time for sure, and in some places it was tricky but the fi
  18. Thank you Kriss, I like the Su-17-22 series aircraft massive and sometime often overlook. Yay, will try to make closer to the real thing next time, cheers Thank you Mike. Thank you Jean, appreciate the kind words Thank you Houston, may know which part of India you were born? Thanks Homer, cheers Thanks Bud Thank you, appreciate the kind words Thanks you Pete Thank you mate, it was a really hard kit to build. Glad to know you like the way how I have built it. Cheers
  19. Thank you Jean, for the constructive feedback and really appreciate it. I guess weathering is bit of personal taste. I know what you meant and I totally agree with you. However, for me I build models for fun and try to make it look like the real aircraft but it is out of my skill levels as I am just a mediocre builder
  20. Greetings Guys!!! May I present you Su-22 Ghost Grey Polish Air Force, For a 6$ kit from Plastyk, yes there are some problems with the kit and the building was really hard especially the cockpit it had a tub for a two-seater and won't fit well I struggle for few hours then I realized I need to cut in half to fit it. Which work, also there are someplace you need to do lots of dry fitting. There are gaps and need filling and sanding. The decals came with just a nation roundel and one instruments diagram for the cockpit. I wanted to build the ghost grey one, which I did but since I lack the
  21. You, bet if you want to see the picture I can pm you. Thanks Mate Thank you. ........................ Forgot to add the starboard side
  22. Thank you Steve, much appreciate for the encouraging words. Cheers Thanks Martin. Thanks Mate. @binbrook87 Thank you, I wasn't so sure about it, however, since you guys approved it I am happy now. Indeed indoor lighting can be confusing sometime and I don't have all the light setup just a normal dslr. Thanks Mate Thank you, Outdoor seem to be ok it is the indoor which was giving the problem it seem, Thank you for the honest feedback. Three cheers
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