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  1. Hi Guys, I bought this kit sometime back but never got the chance to built it as I was carried away by other project, However, I started this kit this weekend and it was fairly simple to build. There are some glitches tho, there are so many pin marks and I need to cut it off using sharp knife, some part need filling and sanding and the biggest challenge being thee cockpit the, clear part was aligning very well so I have to add some plastic card and make sure the clear part sit, well it is not 100 aligned but I am okay. I painted using Tamiya white, black and light grey, exhaust I used Gunze. I thought of adding weapons but the kit weapon were too simple so I skipped it. I choose the Marine markings as it was beautiful. Thank you for looking. Cheers
  2. Thanks, mate. Thank you, Mate It is indeed the old KP one rebox by Smer. I don't know about the metal but to be honest I like working with silver than other colours, I always go off however, when you go off in silver it look more natural, I mean a different panel with metal reflections. Bilek kits are really nice, but really hard for to get by, Pakistani will be interesting to see, they did have some nice collections of aircraft. Will post more in the future, I am working with an old tool hasegawa A-4, the fit is not so great and don't know whether can fix it especially the cockpit part. Cheers
  3. Thanks, Mate Indeed mate ..................... Did an outdoor shooting today.
  4. That must be a massive Tomcat, I have never built any models at that scale, look good cheers.
  5. It is sure look nice, wish some does a new tool mig-19 in 72 and 48 scale. Mig-21 is also nice looking aircraft, thanks mate for the kind words. Thanks, If they will release I bet they will, since their country operated it they will have ton of ref to work on it and hopefully get a nice kit in future, cheers mate Thank you, Steve, I did that couple of time myself then I said I need to build it someday so I just pulled it out and built it. Cheers
  6. Thanks, Mate. To be honest when I saw the box art I just bought it, well there is a catch to it you never know what it is inside hehe little cheating I knew it what it was through scalemate but then when I started it will be smooth quick built then you realized there are so many sanding and filling, Indeed sir it is very basic and I did some scratch built someday someone will do a new tools mig-19, Once again thanks for kind words.
  7. whoever know the paint secret of have glass deserved a mug of beer, cheer mate, great work
  8. Hi Guys, I will keep it short, thought this Smer Shenyang J-6 will be easy to build but it was otherwise, here is my version of the kit, hope it look ok.
  9. Immaculate Sir, lots of love and dedications I see, thanks for sharing Cheers
  10. Hi Guys, M1a1 1/35 weekend built, the kit was Academy and has a lot of pin mark sometime really frustrating and need to cut and sand out, other than that, a simple kit, some parts oversimplified. Paint using Tamiya and Gunze and local camel acrylic for weathering. The figure is bad so I just hid half of it lol. Thanks for looking, cheers.
  11. Thank you, Mate haha yeah someone told me to remove two to make it more realistic Thanks Buddy Thanks, Zig thank you for kind words really appreciate it Thanks, Mate Thank you F-32 Thanks, you are really kind but am just an amateur Thanks buddy Thank you Sir, always inspiring from your work, Cheers Thanks, Gary, cheers
  12. Hi Guys, My recent work and fastest build for such a large scale and my first tank in almost 4 years. I seldom build tank as looking at the plastic scared me. However, I got four days off thought I start the kit and thinking I will be happy even if I complete half of it and guess what I actually build it in two days, however, it was long very long on my bench and none stop building. I am not into figure nor tank building, hope it has turned ok and any errors I do apologies, thank you for looking and any feedback are welcome. I use Tamiya paint and use hair spray for chipping and Ak paints for weathering. Cheers
  13. Yes, sir it is Thank you for the kind words, Really appreciate gents. Outdoor shoot
  14. Hi Folks, I was reluctant to start this Mig-21 in Indian air force color as there are many MigNazi here but a good friend name Ratish who is also a member here will always help me out and encourage me and finally able to build this kit. It is an Academy kit labeled as Mig-21MF which actually is a Bis. There are two aircraft with a yellow and black stripe on the tail, one is the Oorial and the other the Lancer, since I don't have the decals for it has omitted it, however making the Oorial will be easy to design so in future, once I get my decal paper will print and apply it. Here are some shots I took yesterday, hope you like it and thank you for watching. Cheers
  15. I thought porn was ban on this forum, this is just Freaking Fabulous. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Thank you, and am planning to get a one and do a what If digi camo and yes will do full weapons load Thank you Miguel and look forward to yr build Thanks, Timbo. Yes, mate during the weekend, Saturday morning I filled up the panel lines and evening sand and built it and Sunday paining and evening photoshoot.
  17. Thanks you Gents, for the kind words, really appreciate.
  18. Hi Guys, It was raining the whole weekend so I couldn't go out thought I built a kit and here it is RAH-66. The kit was very basic and need some corrections the first major one was to hide the big panel lines lt was just killing the model and making it look like diecast so filled and sand it away, rest I didn't bother, much just pretty much OOB and also I didn't add the hellfire it was spoiling the shape. Thank for looking.
  19. Hi Guys, You can't beat the price of this kit, the nearest other kit is twice the Hasegawa one. There are some problem tho but it is fun to build, Yes there are some gaps and need filling and sanding. Need some dry fitting ad well. Other than that it is a smooth sail. The decals are a bit thick and registering need some caring and also the edges has lots of film which need to trim out otherwise it creates silvering. Painting boy o boy it was quite hard, first I tried the three-tone camo but halfway I gave up as it was never giving the color I want so I end up painting the two-tone grey one and Yeah I almost the clear part by using class color instead of food colors. It is a bit dated kit, however, I hope you like what I have done with it, Thank you for looking. Cheers
  20. That is quite impressive mate, I have built that kit sometime ago. It is little dated kit but fun to build for sure.
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