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  1. Thank you, John It was indeed really hard and lots of fitting issues. But being my first civil aircraft enjoyed building it. Thanks, Lewis, Cheers. Thank you so very @Skymonster thanks for the suggestion, I am gonna do the correctios this weekend. Appreciate the input. Cheers
  2. Thank you each and everyone sincerely, I am quite overwhelmed by positives responds am getting for the work. I truly appreciate it.
  3. Greetings folks, Firstly thank you every one at the 707 wings thread and especially @TheyJammedKenny! your inputs were just great!!! and learned so many new things I guess that is the beauty of the forum, everyone is so kind and very helpful. I always wanted to build a civilian aircraft, so why not start with Maharaja of the skies the Air India, the 1963 Airfix kit was quite challenging I learned it has many errors but that I okay I can live with but building was really exhausting and hard, so many sanding and filling yet some area are still there, plus lots of try fittings. The painting of white was quite challenging I literally had no idea whether the paint is dried or cured so once or twice i touched on the wet paint and it was back to square one painting again. The wing section was quite challenging as there was no good reference but you guys helped me out a lot and really thankful for that, cheers to you all. The decals was smooth sail, however, I cut some individual panel on the decals so when applied look like some windows are opened. There are tons of mistake with this build for sure but I gave my best. Thank you all for watching, Cheers.
  4. Thank you all, this where I have reached with the ancient kit it is already dark here so can't do much outdoor shooting hence will upload more pictures and make a thread tomorrow. Regards
  5. Thanks for trying help me, cheers Mate. @TheyJammedKenny! Much appreciated, I have gone more couple of pictures yesterday and decided to let my imagination run little while, decided to give some panels subtle differences. As, the different parts you have mentioned am hoping to give some different variations of silver hope I can do with limited resources I have. I sincerely appreciate the helps and it give some idea for me play around, the kit isn't the best out there but I will try my best. Thank you. Cheers
  6. Greetings Folks, Need a little bit of help here, am planning to build the ancient Airfix Boeing 707 which comes with BOAC and Air India markings and am planning to build as Air India one which 707-437. However, I hit a road block while doing my homework can't find a decent pictures of top view of the wings. If anyone here could share or link to how it is would be awesome. I saw some generic wings and it wasn't much joy, wanted to see the metal variations of the panels. Thank you so very much for the helps. Cheers
  7. Thanks, Buddy Thank you Jason, appreciate the kind words I got carried away with engine stains, thank you so very much Much appreciated Mate Thank you, F-32, cheers Thank you Much appreciated mate Thank you and learned something new today, cheers Thanks, Kapam, the forum has been a great source of learning, cheers
  8. Thank you, so very much for the kind words, cheers. It was almost great kit, there were some minor fit issues but experience modeler will have now problem dealing with it. Thanks, Buddy
  9. Greetings Folks, My attempt of Hells Angel using Academy kit 1/72, I have seen some awesome models out there hope mine is somewhere closed to it. No the expert and have novice idea of US ww2 plane, apologies if any mistake and hope it can be pass on. Painted using local paints and for metal, Mr. Color 8 silver added different color for silver modulations. Cheers
  10. That is a beauty Mate, truly a work of art.
  11. Thank you, @28ZComeback Mostly I use Tamiya's paint, however, my luck is bit out during is pandemic so I use local paint mixed with Tamiya, I do modulations by adding different colors and just paint it when you find the one that one eyes please.
  12. Greetings folks, A quick built of Pe-2 'Peshka' 1/72 in Czechoslovakian Air Force colors during the weekend, overall the kit was great some minor fit issues and some confusing instruction but overall a fun kit to built. The Zvezda tooling but reboxed by Mistercraft with great decals options but the decals aren't that great. Anyway here it is.
  13. Very impressive and I surely like it, question is the digital painting manual masking or decals?
  14. Much appreciated mate Thank you, It was daunting yet it was fun doing so. Cheers Much appreciated Indeed, lots of hard work but at the end I like how it had turned and thank you for appreciating the work, cheers Thank you Steve, your words of encouragement through out the years has always had a positive effect on me, thank you so very much. Cheers Mate!!!
  15. Thank you @tonyot that is a not only fine modelling but a literature too, will help future modellers a lot. Thank you.
  16. Thank you, mate really appreciate the kind words. Thanks Mate Thank you Thank you Bobby, I think it is the first for Indian version on the interweb, glad to know am the first. Cheers It is old school modelling I guess, lots of learnings while building it Thanks Really appreciate the kind words, cheers Thank you Tony, really appreciate it, may see yr version please. Thank you, Mike Cheers Cheers Malcolm,
  17. Greetings Mates, Hope all is in good spirit. Yes, Zvezda's new C-130J-30 is coming out anytime soon and why am doing this? Well, I had this kit and for a while wanted to make it into the extended version, I tried to get the resin conversion then I realized it is more expensive than the kit itself so time for an experiment. I ordered some stuff from abroad but sadly still stuck in customs so it was pretty much with whatever I have. For the next few days I would read many documents and forums for the required surgeries I realized most is resin conversion, however, there was a C-130H 1/72 conversion that keeping in mind with some reference material I started my endeavor. First I chopped the front and rear then I was wondering how to make the plug I tried some plastic but it won't fit well so make it a square one, as I was measuring the gap and attached a small wooden plank It was my Eureka moment. I cut some wooden plank into small pieces and attached both sides some parts I used a nail plier carboard hehe it was easy to make a curve, then sand and sand the whole say to make a round shape. Then it is tons of epoxy which I let it dried for the night and next two days sand and sand again. It literally exhausted me and since my paints are stuck with the bane department (custom) so back to local paint for which you need some additional works. I have to say this has to be the most exhausting yet learning build in recent time. Will I do it again haha, well NO for this scale, and the saving grace is the Zvezda's kit. Anyways, it is not perfect and there are some errors here and there but tried my best, and here are pictures, thank you for watching any feedback welcome. Cheers
  18. Thank you so very much, haha it was daunting task building it. Much appreciated.
  19. So basically it is aircraft of rotor/jet from the subcontinent.
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