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  1. Thank you mate, indeed it was hard painting took my time, cheers Thank you, much appreciated the kind words, cheers Thanks Pete Thank you, cheers
  2. Hi Guys, My recent build, took some time as I got the kit with many broken parts and a few missing parts as well I painted the Berlin's camo as it look very striking. Not much into armour so if any errors and inaccuracy my apologies, built straight out of the box. Paint use Tamiya and local stuff. Cheers
  3. I have built a one but never shared here as it was for a friend and a commercial project, the only picture I could find now. It was 80% red and pinch orange and yellow.
  4. Thanks Mate, appreciate the kind words, cheers It is not perfect however this the best I could, glad to know you like it, cheers Thank you Sat69 appreciate the kind words, mate, cheers
  5. Thanks mate, I fought and won the battle hehe, cheers Thank you Steve, always appreciate the encouraging words you have said all these times, cheers Thanks Mate ............. As I wait for the decals couldn't wait myself from paint the nose banner. I realized the sq marking is triangle and not diamond shape for this particular one so it was doable and painted it.
  6. Actually one these aircraft was based here and flew, about 4km from my current home here, Great work, cheers.
  7. Thanks Martin, looking forward to your built, You Indian subject are quite remarkable and delightful to see. Cheers Thanks Mate, indeed color is quite striking and couldn't ingore It was a tough fight but won the day I guess, Thank Mate I agree, this xtrakit is quite hard to built however, once it is done she come out nice. Thank you, cheers Thanks Pete, appreciate the kind words, cheers Yeah, natural light do sure give the right lighting to highlighting the details, Thank you, cheers!!
  8. Thanks Mate, cheers Thanks Mate, I think India was one of the largest operator of C-119 about 80 aircraft that is quite a lot yet there aren't many in Indian colors. I did like to build a An-12 as these two aircraft were the transport work horse in early days and An-12 in Indian subject also very rare yet it has so many nice schemes especially ad hoc of 1971 war painting. Thank you once again, cheers Thanks Mate, Indeed she is HUGE, when I was building he, the work bench would be fully occupied by so have to make part by part then assembled all together, I have one more and thinking of building as camo version or another colorful one. Thank you once again, reall appreciate the kind words, cheers
  9. Greetings folks, This is one of the hardest kits I have worked around and the cockpit tube was just a nightmare. The fit is extremely poor and needs a ton of sanding and adjustment. It took me a whole day to fix and fit the cockpit. Can't complain tho there are not many Hawker Trainer out there, the other I know is the matchbox one. The details are nice that I have to say but extremely hard to work around. The resin parts don't fit well so sanding and sanding I have to say. The paint scheme I have chosen is from The Forgotten Hunters of Kalaikunda from BR S576 and T.7 is know as T.66 in IAF service? and fixed on the striking candy stripes back. Took some time to mask it, the color I added a bit of grey on red and yellow paint to get that worn-out effect. After the painting is done, I post shade it, I am beginning to like this post shade more than pre-shade, then a bit of wash with my local paint mix of brown+white and black. Finally managed to complete the model before our independence day, up the rebels hehe. Thank you for watching and hope you like it, Cheers PS. It is a Banner bird but don't have the decals now, will add later once I get it.
  10. Thank you Sir, Firstly sorry for late reply I try not to miss replies but somehow missed this one. Thank you so very much and really appreciate the kind words and thank you from the bottom my heart and really cheers me up. The old picture is from Ladakh, wow, yr dad was in the IAF? Thank you Mate, really appreciate the kind words, cheers
  11. YAY!!!! SEAC markings, flew couples of them here during WW2, awesome models, cheers
  12. Thank you, I generally do 72 scales as 1/48 scale is quite large for my limited real estate but I sure love to do built a 48 scales. Cheers Thank you, Mate, glad to know you like it. Yes, it is a Fujimi kit built few years ago, Fujimi's kit I have to say it is one of the finest F-4 kits 72 scales out there even if is almost 3 decades old imho. Appreciate the kind words, @busnproplinerfan and did outdoor shoot like you mentioned here, hope it is ok Thanks Buddy, I will do a larger one in the future for sure. Cheers
  13. Thanks Buddy, Need to have a short nose Phantom with Nam markings which I want to built, hopefully soon. Cheers Thank you Mate, glad to know you like it, cheers Thanks Mate, No salt solutions, just post shading with highly diluted colors of what you think might be closed to the ref you are following after that wash with acrylic colors. Cheers
  14. Thank you, really appreciate the kind words mate, cheers Thanks Buddy, glad to know you like it, cheers
  15. Much appreciated, Mate. ............................................. Phabulous Phantoms 1/72
  16. Greetings Folks, My latest built the Hasegawa F-4N, It was a great kit however some parts the details were so mild that a little sanding it is gone, I guess the mould must have been worn out. Painted using Tamiya XF series. Will keep it short, thank you for watching, cheers.
  17. Greetings folks, After a pause from scale modelling decided to built this Art Model Mig-27, It was really hard and challenging kit. It require lots of love and dedications. I choose the Mig-27 final year marking "Sting to kill" with a scorpion. Mig-27 is now retired and this marking was painted during her final few month, there is a one in the tail as well. I will keep it short. Thank you for watching, cheers
  18. Not able to access from here too, India.
  19. Thank you gents, really appreciate the kind words, cheers.
  20. Thank you, Mates!!! I wish I could find the tail clear parts without it I still feel incomplete. Once again, Thank you for the kind words really appreciate it.
  21. Greetings Folks, My latest work, Japanese Betty. It was old Hasegawa tooling which was a simple kit. Boy!!! masking the green house was daunting tasking for a few minutes of paint work. Sadly, the back clear was missing from the sprue tree. Painted using Tamiya paints, decals were almost useless so borrowed from elsewhere. So here it is
  22. Just WOW!!! that is an awesome collections, I did like to have a one in my collections too, but don't have the budget now, maybe someday in the future and will surely come back here for inspiration. Cheers mate
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