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  1. After the Lancaster, He-111, B-17 and Cold war bombers the obvious missing link is the Avro Lincoln oh and a Venom in 1/48 or 1/24 would be lovely!!
  2. The 76TAC001 OXFORD DIECAST The Range Rover 6x4 TACR2, (Tactical Aircraft Crash Rescue) has been released and can't wait for mine to arrive!!
  3. I was expecting a Star Trek, starship Enterprise in 1/72!!!!
  4. I agree that 1/100 is a bigger and probably better size but when all my Airliner kit collection is 1/144 it'll stand out too much, still I might give a Tamiya 1/100 a go and see how I feel.
  5. Why 1/100? I know they did Aircraft kits in this scale before but with Revell having released their 195 in 1/144 it makes no sense at all.
  6. Recently built there Citroen DS3 WRC and C4 WRC, easy builds but still enjoyable I'd better grab the 1/16 Citroen DS while I still can oh and maybe the Renault 5 group B oh and the Red Bull DS3 WRC oh and......
  7. I'm sorry but this really annoys me, Facebook doesn't seem to have a problem with violence against humans and animals, sex and nudity but if you dare post a clearly marked mock up of a model kit the whole group gets dumped!! Mind you when someone who gets caught looking at illegal pictures gets 2 months and someone who commits fraud against the government gets 8 years I think we can clearly see what's more important in life.
  8. Got mine last week, in 2 minds whether to build as is or wait until aftermarket decals are available. Although it's not something I usually do I can see me getting another.
  9. The Email or website did not make it clear that they did`nt have it in stock. I don`t mind waiting thats not the issue, misrepresentation is the issue.
  10. Seeing as it was available at Airfix, I had an email from Wonderland models advertising the 1/48 Defiant so duly ordered one. Today I had an email from them to advise that it was on order from the manufacturer in my opinion there's nothing worse than a shop offering something in stock to grab orders and then not supplying!!
  11. No i love car kits too and will definitely get the MCLaren and the Jagermeister Porsche (Are we sure they are`nt Tamiya tools?) and the Mercedes AMG!! Going to be a good year for Auto modellers!!
  12. The Airfix 2016 releases should sell well as should the Scalextric releases which includes a Mad Max V8 Interceptor, however the first half Corgi offerings are quite uninspiring especially as it's Corgis 60th anniversary. I don't know much about Hornby railways but I do know they are in a very competitive market place hopefully this will be just a blip and the beginning of a profitable era.
  13. I'm happy to be proved wrong I love the Manta 400 and will certainly buy one I already have the Polo and bought the Pug 207 today and the quality is superb and hopefully the MK1 Escort won't be far away now!!
  14. I was thinking of the spotlight mounted under the bumper looks more like a TR7 to me but to be fair I don't mind as I'll get it either way.
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