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  1. Perfect initiative and many color schemes !
  2. There is a good 1/72 (3D printed, so not injection molded) 748 and its military version (780) for a reasonable price from One Man Model in Japan ! See their website, facebook and Ebay. Auke Bruins
  3. You're right, but what I mean is a real CV-440 and not the thing that is available at this moment.
  4. Suggestion: Airspeed Ambassador in 1/72 ? Auke
  5. Other suggestions: Fokker 70 and 100 Saab 340 and Scandia Grumman G-159 Convair 240, 340, 440 Convair 880 and 990 Martin 440 Would be great ! Auke
  6. ATL-98 Carvair conversion kit for the Revell C-54 may be ?
  7. I am very much enjoying the built. The conversion parts fit perfectly ! Thanks for the reply (nd the decal of course !). Auke
  8. Am buildiing the CL-44J (AIM conversion and Mach 2 Britannia) Anyone producing decals (and which) for it ?
  9. One Man Model from Japan has the Beverley in its future list. Watch their website ! Auke
  10. Neil, Any progress on the ATL-98 Carvair ? Auke
  11. I am very satisfied with all the announcements of new models (civil and transports) in 1/72 (BPK, Answer). That made me think of a 1/72 Boeing 727-100. I am sure this is a wish of many modellers! Anyone in the market ? Auke Bruins
  12. Boeing 727-100 in 1/72


    Am very satisfied with all the announcements of 1/72 models for the near future (BPK, Answer).

    That made me tink of a 1/72 Boeing 727-100.

    Anyone in the market ?




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