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  1. Hello britmodellers! I have recently finished off my latest kit. It is a present to one of my grandads friends who used to work on Harriers, and XZ439 is his favourite one. XZ439 is also the last flying Harrier in the world, though it is not used in operation, but is owned privately. The kit went together nicely, no major problems. I wanted to do it in an inflight pose, as it would look good, and I've never made one like that before. The decals were from Model Alliance, and is ''decalled'' and painted in the way as it was when it went to the States, Eglin AFB, as a part of weapon trials. The stand is made by my dad. He is a fibreglass worker and makes masters for designer sinks. Therefore he was able to make a very unique stand after my specifications, and I gave him free hands regarding to the stand itself. And he did a great job, and I must be honest and say that I'm really proud of this model (been doing modelling for two years, I'm 16 now ) and kinda sad to see it go. But I know for sure that the coming owner will be very happy! Also, I have never seen a stand like the one my dad has made, and really grateful for his great work too! It really brings the model to life! Enough for now! Thanks for looking, and comments and critics are recieved with a smile! Robin
  2. Neatly done! Very nice build, and I like the wash on the panel lines!!!
  3. Thanks for the comment Chris. Yes, it has been painted with airbrush, and a mixture of Humbrol enamles and Mr Colour. Robin
  4. Finally finished this monster. I like the result, since this is my first build of such size. And also my first Trumpeter build. Really like the kit, and it goes together lovely. Haven't had much time to do it, (college, gliding etc.) but finally got it done! So here goes: This is how I have taken my pictures Nikon D3000 with Nikon Speedlight SB600. Robin
  5. Brilliant! Really does look good! Just one mistake, and that is your intakes, which sould be in the tilted down position while flying Robin
  6. Hello fellow modellers! I must admit, that I can not make the deadline with this one. I have been quite busy the last month with college, and my gliding, so the modelling has really been on standby the last month. You others have really done a great job on your models, and I'm really impressed with your skills! Robin
  7. It is actually nice to have 2 different yeah, then you can compare yourself! I'm only 16, so I tend to learn from the ''pros'' And with two people doing the same kit, it's brilliant! Robin
  8. Yeah, okay, see what you mean Anyway, it looks brilliant! I have to go back and do just a little bit of retouching, but not that much luckily! Anyway, I like your result!
  9. Thats pretty damn good mate! Bette than mine!! But a bit cheaty with the masks I did mine freehand. But you'rs is really good! Well done! Looking forwards to seeing some more pictures! Robin
  10. Loads of Drakens popping up on here! And this is one of the better ones! Great job! Robin
  11. Woooow! Really really looking good here. I love the paint job around the engine exhaust, and the really worned out orange tank! Brilliant! Robin
  12. This is awesome mate! Well done!!!! Robin
  13. Decals started. Though I will have to repaint the left vertical stab. since, I somehow didn't paint it properly! Robin
  14. Followed you on facebook Brad, and I have to once more say, that this is a brilliant build, and it is such a brilliant job! Robin Matcham
  15. Really nice! Looking forwards to following this one!! Robin
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