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  1. I'm build one currently, I might stick a WIP up once I've got something worth photographing... there are a lot of parts, mainly due to the interior, so it's a slog to build, or value for money depending on your take on it! Keep and eye on creative models weekly discounts, I picked mine up when it was on offer, about 30% off from memory.
  2. If you want to make your TIALD interesting.... http://www.dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/tornado/gb/tiald_tracy.jpg Sadly it's obviously on a Tornado from the earlier trip to Iraq!
  3. T-62 is relatively easy, the trumpeter kits are the best, the Tamiya one being inaccurate. T-55 will depend on the variant, there is a new Miniart kit on the way which might be worth waiting for. T-34 are a minefield! So many different variants and I don't think you can get a completely accurate middle eastern one directly from the box. The AFV club or dragon kits are probably your best starting point, with various after market add ons. Most middle eastern tanks were post war versions. I found a lot of useful info on a Facebook T-34 group for a Syrian version I intend to build at some point.
  4. To be fair, with the exception of the second scheme, all of the ones in the box were unlikely to have flown with much more than fuel tanks hanging under them anyway!
  5. Nice one Mike, I did re read the review afterwards and realise it was mentioned in the text! Not a bad package overall.
  6. Got to love a Harrier and this looks like a nice boxing. Good to know both LERX are in there. is there a resin seat in the box? The kit one is the incorrect US seat....
  7. Awesome project, can you tell me a bit more about the kit? Like where did your friend get it from??
  8. The humbrol rattle cans have a bad reputation for going frosty so you may want to read about on that before you decide. I would recommend either Vallejo Acrylic Matt varnish or the Windsor and Newton Matt varnish. I have used both of these over various paints, including the aqueous Mr Hobby paints
  9. Limited edition release of the Hasegawa harrier has my attention! Especially the related products including a Brassin Therma pod!! Finally I can build a final fit GR9
  10. I'm not sure I have any build pictures that I can find easily, I would say it's closer to Matt than gloss, with a nice sheen to it. I'm sure another user will have some pics!
  11. Never used it, but W&N satin is very good, along with their Matt, stick with what you know and all...
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