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  1. I don't think those yahoo's on the ground are going to look so cocky once Putin decides to increase Russia's area of operations. Still can't work out why the F-16 pilot was given authorisation to fire, what the hell do they i.e. Turkey think they are going to achieve here? With Isis on their doorstep you'd think alienating a military super power set out to assist in the defeat of Isis would not be on the agenda.
  2. 10/10 - this should be in a museum, outstanding level of detail coupled with the sea really conveying movement. You've got your work cut out to improve on this one.
  3. For anyone looking for something massive as a base for super detailing, look no further! http://www.ppauctions.com/_assets/auctions/128/flysheet/Flysheet.pdf (HMS Brittania weighs approx. 60kg apparently)
  4. You consistently turn out masterpiece after masterpiece but this one is the best yet - fantastic paintwork and weathering
  5. That could have saved me a week masking although looks a bit clunky
  6. The Vulcan has been circling the village (Market Overton Nr Cottesmore, Rutland) all day, just grabbed my camera and got a few shots off (pity I didn't have my 300mm lens attached)
  7. Saw the dakota with d-day markings yesterday flying over the A1 just below Peterborough
  8. Got to agree with the others, all are pretty fab and the Frank is outstanding - keep 'em coming
  9. Started some soothing afternoon or two modelling with this big beastie, its all OTB (the etch for is included, it suggests using paper for the belts but i used the foil off a wine bottle instead) so far although i might had a few bits of wiring to keep it nice and busy looking. Wants a final blast with the aribrush to remove the excess weathering powder and a quick splash of matt and then onto part 2. It's all gone together quick well for a Trumpeter kit so far (the last one I built, a Corsair was shocking)
  10. Great news to hear the treatment is working - hope all continues to go well including the mustang
  11. Kit roundels top and sides - I might redo the photos at the weekend with some better light Glad it gets a thumbs up
  12. Latest Kit off the bench and as usual with these things the camera picks out the various horrors (I think I need to keep a bit filler around the canopy for starters) Only extras used some photo etch in the cockpit - the model went together really well except the engines which needed a couple of evening with filler and file but not too bad especially for a kit of this age. Paints...all of them basically. Tamiya Semi Gloss black, Xtracylix RAF brown and Gunze Olive green were primarily used followed by oversprays of other shades including Nato black and various Alclads for the underside (Jet Exhaust, burnt iron etc). Citadel bolt gun for a bit of chipping, Tamiya weathering pastels, loads of browns and pale grey weathering powders, Flory dark dirt etc etc. Loads of photos as i'm generally quite pleased with this one.
  13. Not the right time of evening for photography and a fair bit still to do including the contents of the bomb bay, clear bits and final weathering but something looking like a Lancaster has appeared! (The curtains were inherited with the house by the way)
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