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  1. absolutely amazing, wonderful work. i was hesitating if i need to buy these kits since the price is pretty high. but from your great work, i think this is worth to buy.
  2. just prove i am still making model. job makes have to far away from models every so many months. but i got some times this two weeks and finished few of them. thank you for looking, comments welcome.
  3. my friend. this is my thought. our time is the most valuable thing. for Ki-61 tony in 1/48 scale, you have newest tamiya kit just released this year with great detail perfect fitting and canopy mask everything, this is No 1 choice. somebody like me, already have hasegawa kits, they are ok details and not hard to do with recess panel lines, and canopy is not hard to mask actually, so still do it. but i would not think it is worth to try to modify any raised line kits unless you have no other better choice. this is my idea. good luck brother.
  4. how did you make edges of different colors look so good.i would like to learn. thank you.
  5. you did fantanstic work i do not know how you did that big decal so well. you have great skills
  6. this is a hasegawa 1/48 kits, from 1990s i believe, it has recessed panel lines and ok detail. fitting just soso but not too hard to fix. overall it is still worth to do. and not hard to do neither.
  7. fantastic, i can not tell you drawed a picture then put plane in there, or drawed plan and pictures, this is one of best ever seen.
  8. omg,this is a great work. you mastered skills long time ago.
  9. fantastic. i will save this as reference for my future build.
  10. looks so realistic, real planes, i wish i can do this one day.
  11. amazing, always my favorite paining effects.
  12. simply gunze No.8. so it can be more shining if you use gunze super metal color which i will try for my next one. i did apply super metal color on some parts like drop tanks, wing flaps, and part of fuselage.
  13. thank you. last eight month i was doing travel job and 800 to 1200 miles away from home and did not have much chance to do model. now i am back. will be some more coming.
  14. thank you. i just like to make it looks more variable. next time i try something more shining.
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