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Found 138 results

  1. Hello. I started with new project. This time it is Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1A from Airfix. So, inbox (and a bit of history) first Enjoy!
  2. "Mersu" by Kari Stenman

    Just received my pre-order copy of this booklet: Yep, that's a 2€ coin there. The subtitle says "Messerschmitt Bf 109 G in the Finnish Air Force" and that sums up nicely what this book is all about! Larger than A4- format, 400 pages, 479 b/w- and 6 original colour photos, 24 colour plates by Karolina Holda and Thierry Dekker, 32 line drawings in 1:72 and 1:48 scales. All the plane histories, kills and losses... What am I doing writing all this, I should go reading! Available in Finnish, of course from here http://www.koalakustannus.fi/kirjat/kirja.php?id_prd=233 V-P
  3. Hello fellow Modellers! This is my Heller 1:72 model of the little bangladeshi trainer with additional details. Decals are Letraset, Verlinden rub ons, from Fujimi MiG-21 and archive. Started on January 07, 2002, Finished on June 29, 2002. This Magister was built by Messerschmitt in Munich-Riem. It´s so a Me 170! It was AA-283 in the Luftwaffe, then it went to Austria as 4D-YD and was refurbished and sold to Bangladesh 1989. It´s there a IA for students now. It´s trainer yellow, international orange and red dayglo. I hope you like it! Cheers!
  4. Armory Models Group is to releae soon tiny Bf.109E kits - ref. 14303 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-3/E-4 "WWII in the beginning" Source: https://www.facebook.com/armorymodelsgroup/photos/a.1641077372783334.1073741850.1402311443326596/2402864286604635/?type=3&theater - ref. 14304 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-3/E-4 "Battle of Britain aces" Source: https://www.facebook.com/armorymodelsgroup/photos/a.1641077372783334.1073741850.1402311443326596/2402864559937941/?type=3&theater V.P.
  5. After much anticipation the AMG 1/72 scale Jumo engined Bf 109s are finally available. Over the years I have considered and even tried many alternatives for an acceptable 109 A through D, including modifying the Heller kit, grafting the Heller nose on a Tamiya E, Grafting the DB Products nose on a Tamiya E, learning to live with the Heller kit and finally, waiting for a good kit to come along. I've read a number of reviews of the AMG model online, none of them glowing. One of the best assessments comes from our own Woody, which I will reprint here: "I've had one of these for some time now. While the initial viewing makes it look very good, it has issues. As far as the shape goes it is very good. Nice scribing and most of the small parts are done well. Photo etch and masks included and all of the parts for all of the variants are apparently included in all of the kits. However... there's no canopy framing and the engineering of the wing is preposterous. The wing does not for the most part break on panel lines. The wing root is split up the middle, cleaning up this seam will most likely take out the fairings that cover the spar bolts requiring their replacement. At the trailing edge of the wing root are rather wonky keys on the lower surface of the fuselage that are supposed to slot into openings on the lower wing panel. They don't fit. Then there's the join at the trailing edge. Most 109 kits I have seen the lower wing panels aft edge is at the flap/aileron juncture on the underside. Not here, no that would be much too simple. Instead there is a sweeping joint that runs through two panel lines on it's way to the wingtip. In addition the lower wing is too thick to sit flush in it's provided recess adding insult to injury. Then we get to the cowling. I believe there are ten pieces involved in the cowling assembly. It appears that the lower radiator area will fit fairly well, the rest of it looks like it will be a challenge. Another issue with the cowling is that the rather prominent angled vents fore and aft of the exhausts are merely represented with a scribed outline rather than an indentation. This will also be a challenge to rectify. So what do we have at the end of the day? It's got a better shape than the Heller kit. It's got better detail, better fabric surfaces and it's scribed. It also looks to be a bitch to build. The Heller kit, which has just been rereleased, will be an easier build but not as accurate. Which you choose will depend on your priorities and skill level. I was really hoping for a reasonable kit here, but the engineering of the wing has really put me off. Which is a shame as I would have bought about two dozen of these things. I guess I'll have to wait and see what the competition brings out. Now for a little editorial content. I have it on good authority that the 1/48 scale early 109's by AMG do not have the ludicrous engineering around the wing. So why did they do this on the 1/72 scale kit? The only thing I can think of is to leave fingerprints. So that if one of the less principled manufactures tries to copy the AMG kit it will be glaringly obvious that they did so or they have a lot of extra work to do to cover their tracks. I can see their point but the disservice they did to the consumer is appalling." Not to be dissuaded, I decided to make this kit my next project. So here goes. The most daunting part of the build will be the (too) multi-part nose; but how should it be approached? Glue the cowl panels to the fuselage, then add the exhausts or stick the upper cowl together first, attach the exhausts to the cowl, then proceed? This thing is like an erector set. A bunch of loosely fitting parts interlock to make a rigid structure. The key seems to be, oddly enough, the wing. The lower cowl is integral with the lower wing part, so let's start there. As Woody mentioned, the wing parts breakdown is utterly ridiculous. See here: What the hell were they thinking?? Their 1/48 kit has the upper/lower wing attachment at the aileron and flap line. Easy! Not here. And if it fit you could accept it. It doesn't. In the photo you can make out the very coarse sanding I did on the outer lower wing panels. It wasn't enough, so I took a #10 scalpel blade and scraped off some of the mating area on the upper wings. This just about did it, but it still wasn't perfect. More of that below. I will give AMG credit for the wheel well breakdown. The wells are inserts, a little too thick (who's surprised at that), but this enables them to be painted in a simple way. First I painted the upper wing structure, the wheel well insert and the rim of the well on the lower wing in Pollyscale RLM 02. Then I brush painted the leather area of the insert with an acrylic brown. When sandwiched together, this is much easier and effective than a single part. While I was at it, I painted the cockpit RLM 02 as well, gave it an oil wash, and picked out some details with Vallejo acrylics. This kit has perhaps the best cockpit of any 1/72 scale 109 model on the market today. The details are very crisp and an included photo-etched fret contains quite a few minute items. One thing became apparent to me when some references. The map case is molded on the left side of the cockpit, which is actually correct, but only for the Bf 109 A. From the B - E versions, it is on the right side. AMG provides a photo-etched case, but there are two issues. First, it lacks one indentation where it should be folded. I tried brute force but that didn't work. This is also the case (no pun intended) with the 1/48th kit, on which I also experimented. There I tried scribing the missing groove, again to no avail, even though it is significantly bigger. My advice to you; make one from .005" plastic card. Again, I was elated to discover that the kit is correct for the A variant. Incidentally, this is pointed out in the two essential references for the early 109s. The first is a superb Kagero monograph: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234990602-messerschmitt-bf109-early-versions-a-d/ The second is vol. 1 of Lynn Ritger's excellent two part series on the Bf 109: https://www.amazon.com/MESSERSCHMITT-BF-109-PART-Prototype/dp/0955185807/ref=pd_cp_14_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0955185807&pd_rd_r=NZA1Q7MJVHM5SKF9Q21G&pd_rd_w=e82hI&pd_rd_wg=8RKBp&psc=1&refRID=NZA1Q7MJVHM5SKF9Q21G So here is the wing after quite a bit of effort. The wing joint has been slathered with a mixture of talcum power and super glue (thank you Mr. Dedig) and sanded. I then brushed some Gunze Mr. Surfacer on some suspicious areas and re-sanded. I then masked the wheel wells and shot a rather heavy coat of Mr. Surfacer 1000 on the rest of the lower wing. So far, it looks OK. I will sand and polish this area, then it's on to rescribing the lost panel lines. The would have been a much more difficult job without these very simple tools from John Vojtech at UMM Models: They are simple, shaped aluminum bars to which you attach sandpaper to using double sided tape. But the advantage is that they don't "give". They stay perfectly flat, just what is needed for sanding the uneven lower wing surfaces. Finally (you thought you'd never get there), here's what I meant about the lower wing being crucial to the nose alignment. Again, I'm not sure how to proceed. The cowl panels are stuck on with blobs of Blu-Tack. I have thought about leaving them there and glueing everything together with 5-minute epoxy. Of course I would align the parts better than this, but that just might work. Or, use epoxy putty t for the same purpose. Epoxy putty would also act as the adhesive, but once pushed beyond where you want it to go, you can't really pull the part out again. Blu-Tack is "gummier" and will allow that. So that's part one of the saga. If you've gotten this far, you deserve a medal for endurance. I also have a cobbled together Heller 109 B/D from the shelf of doom. When the AMG kit catches up, I will proceed with both models. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi guys, I'm not usually an aircraft builder however I decided to incorporate a diorama into this build and have a go at adding an electric motor to one of the engines, also this is my first attempt at modelling a grass base. I wanted a patchy and worn looking effect where a lot of work seems to have been carried out under the plane and the grass has suffered for it. I hope you like the results.
  7. Hi guys, I'm not usually an aircraft builder however I decided to incorporate a diorama into this build and have a go at adding an electric motor to one of the engines, also this is my first attempt at modelling a grass base. I wanted a patchy and worn looking effect where a lot of work seems to have been carried out under the plane and the grass has suffered for it. I hope you like the results.
  8. Hi guys, well after finishing the Hunter Killer diorama, I am building a new kit which will be another diorama with ground crew, but anyhow here are a few photos of my progress from this weekend.
  9. Bf 109 E-3 cockpit interrior question

    Is this a common practice to attach the harness as seen in this picture? I never seen it like that before. And another question regarding some cockpit equipment. What are the items circled in red used for? The leaver on the left has something to do with cooling / air circulation (entlüftet). Would be great if someone knows. Cheers, Peter
  10. RS Models is to release 1/72nd Messerschmitt Me.609 kits - ref.92197 - Messerschmitt Me.609 Heavy fighter - bomber Source: http://rsmodels.cz/cs/modely-letadel/plastikove-modely/1-72/92197/me-609-heavy-fighter-bomber - ref 92198 - Messerschmitt Me.609 Nightfighter Source: http://rsmodels.cz/cs/modely-letadel/plastikove-modely/1-72/92198/me-609-nightfighter V.P.
  11. Bf.109G-6 Erla Weekend Edition 1:48 Eduard The Bf.109G series carried the Luftwaffe along with the supposed replacement the Fw.190 throughout the closing years of the war, despite being increasingly outclassed by the later marks of the Spitfire and the new airframes coming out of Allied factories. The Kit We have reviewed a couple of the new G series 109s from Eduard, such as the G-6 Early in Profipak format, which in this case shares the same plastic with this boxing, and eschews the fancy pre-painted Photo-Etch (PE) and the multiple decal options for the plastic core and a more pocket-friendly price-tag. Inside the box are four sprues of mid-grey styrene, one of clear parts, a pair of decal sheets, and a glossy instruction booklet, which is a step up from the older Weekend Editions, as are the two decal options. Construction goes along the same lines as the previous boxings, and if you were expecting an Erla Haube high visibility canopy, you do get one but it's not appropriate for the two decal options provided. Why? Erla was the Erla Maschinenwerk who had a factory near Leipzig before it became a by-word for the new canopy style that gave the pilot a better situational awareness by removing many of the frames from the greenhouse canopy and replacing it with fewer curved panels. As with all the newly tooled Eduard 109s, the kit has beautiful surface detail, a full set of mobilised flying surfaces, including the automatic leading-edge slats, and a pair of dual-layer flaps that sit behind the radiator baths as per the real thing. A scrap diagram shows the correct orientation of these, to help you avoid a screw up. There is a choice of a couple of different small stencil decals within the cockpit, and an alternative windscreen parts depending on which decal option you choose. Markings Two markings options are included, as previously mentioned, so you have a choice of schemes for your Gustav, as follows: Hptm. Heinrich Ehrler, Stab III./HG 5, Alakurtti, Finland, June 1943 W.Nr.15909 Hptm. Gerhard Barkhorn, Stab II./JG 52, Anapa, Soviet Union, Sept 1943 The decals are printed in-house, are in good register, sharp, have excellent colour density, and include both a decal for the instrument panel, plus four more for the seatbelts. They're a little two-dimensional compared to PE, but they're an awful lot better than no seatbelts at all. The smaller decal sheet contains all the stencils, with the last page of the instructions detailing their application away from the clutter of the national and squadron markings pages. Conclusion The weekend Edition's moniker may be a little optimistic for most modellers' timescales, but it's a great way of picking up one of Eduard's new 109s for a good price. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  12. Next Scratchaeronautics resin kit will be a 1/48th Messerschmitt P.1112 V-1. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/Scratchaeronautics/posts/1469545753078477 Preorder: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=252795289123&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT#ht_1860wt_1037 V.P.
  13. Just a quick message to say we are now stocking Eduard's 1/48 Bf109G-2 Profipack. Our price is £24.60, which is £8 less than the big H! thanks Mike
  14. Why so few Messerschmitts? Ok yes, this is BRITmodeller, but no reason to leave out the most important Axis fighter in the MTO! I have a number of AZ 109s in the stash, and one of my favorite ones is White 9 ever since I saw it on the box of the older Italeri kit. According to the box, White 9 was flown by Staffelkapitan Emil Clade of JG 27 and operated from "Malemo" which I suspect is a typo of Maleme, Crete. I started work on this kit last week hoping to finish it by Thursday of next week as I am off on holiday and won't be at my modelling desk until the new year. Let's see if I finish. Here's the construction stages up until painting which I hope to do tomorrow. First off, spraying RLM 02 and 66 on the relevant bits Cockpit pic taken with flash All built up. Lots of putty...
  15. Soon by RS Models a 1/72nd Messerschmitt Me 509 kit - ref. 92203 Source: http://rsmodels.cz/en/modely-letadel/plastikove-modely/1-72/92203/messerschmitt-me-509 V.P.
  16. RS Models is to release 1/72nd Messerschmitt 309 kits - ref. 92201 - Messerschmit Me 309 V-1 and V-2 Source: http://rsmodels.cz/en/modely-letadel/plastikove-modely/1-72/92201/messerschmit-me-309-v1-and-v2 - ref. 92202 - Messerschmitt Me 309 V-4 Source: http://rsmodels.cz/en/produkt/default/messerschmitt-me-309-v4?katnum=92202&do=setLang V.P.
  17. Look what turned up today! All available right now @ www.mjwmodels.co.uk thanks Mike
  18. 1/48 Avia S-199 (post war Bf 109) is planed for next two or three years. source: http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=4005#p1897662 downscale to 1/72 is planed too (like all Eduard projects) but more years in future.
  19. Hello I would like to ask some questions about those mentioned recce versions. I did search from my own references and from the net but if anyone have other opinions and knowledge. First, would anyone be able to help about 109G-4R-3 with two auxiliary fuel tanks on wings, how they were attached ? Did they have similar stubs like on those WGr.21 rocket launchers or rack or what ? I have found some pics but just would like to know if someone knows better and more. Also, what were those long things like pipes coming forward on those tanks ? Second, Pierre Clostermann describes on his book 'The Great Show', how he shoot down a recce 109 with two wing mounted drop tanks. I know that it was Ian Blair who made the claim and that the 109 was apparently 109G-6R-3 1.(F)/120 A6+XH flown by Quednay. Now the question, would the 109G-6 recce have used those auxiliary tanks ? Did G-8 use or could have been used similar tanks. I know that this is difficult but any info and output would be highly appreciated ? TIA Teemu Haajanen
  20. Kora Models has just released a 1/72nd Hirth Lastenträger (resin) & Messerschmitt Bf.109G (AZmodel) in Mistel configuration - ref.72019 Source: https://www.lfmodels.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2351&zenid=56lk5f17ssm86s4aj36k7tvfi2 Box art V.P.
  21. After the G-2 variant (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992901-148-messerschmitt-bf109g-2-by-hobbyboss-released/) next HobbyBoss Awfulschmitt "Gustav" kit is a 1/48th Bf.109G-6 - ref.81751 Release expected in late August 2016. Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=55&l=en No box art, just a picture for illustration. V.P.
  22. This was something of a themed build, begun in 2014 in acknowledgement of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. One of their early kits, representing the half-fabulous initial high-altitude variant. A few were issued to FAG.123 at Guyancourt, with the thankless task of providing adequate photoreconnaissance cover of the Normandy area in the weeks following the invasion. Significantly increasing an aircraft's wingspan and area (and this was little more than two plugs inserted between the existing G-5 wings and fuselage) rarely works well, and this was no exception. The aircraft was only present for a brief time, being ostentatiously left outdoors in the hope that the Allies would take care of it. 'Oh Heinrich, you make me shudder' one Luftwaffe airman is said to have remarked. I am unsure about the historicity of some of the details, but the camera setup of the G-5, with a tall fin of the final variants, and a longer tailwheel (not needing so much AoA on takeoff), along with the removal of all guns bar the engine cannon seemed consistent enough, along with the overall RLM76 scheme. I hope you like it. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  23. Bf.109G-5 Update sets for Eduard 1:48 Eduard As is usual with Eduard's new kits, they work in tandem creating aftermarket to enhance their already excellent models, aimed at the modeller that just has to go for the maximum detail when they build. At time of writing there are two sets in the initial batch to go with the new Bf.109G-5 we reviewed here, and I'm sure others will follow shortly, as there are also some new sets just coming out for the Bf.109G-6 we reviewed here a few months ago. Update Set (48893) As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets, this arrives in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions behind. It contains parts that are more detailed than their plastic counterparts, which will give your model a more in-scale look. The radio compartment door and surround are replaced, as are the covers in the gear leg tunnel within the gear bay. The rear radiator flaps have new parts with folded egses, the flaps with their complex arrangement are replaced by more detailed parts, and the gear bay doors are replaced with a lamination of several parts with detail etched into both sides that far surpasses the styrene parts. A new oleo-scissor, tie-down loop and brake cable are also added to the leg. Finally a base for the underwing antenna and straps for the fuel tank complete the sheet. Brassin Cockpit (648263) The set arrives in the familiar Brassin clamshell box, with the resin parts safely cocooned on dark grey foam inserts, and the instructions sandwiched between the two halves, doubling as the header card. Inside are four bags of resin parts, two small sheets of PE, a square of acetate, a single decal on a tiny sheet, and of course the instructions. The resin parts create a complete replacement cockpit with highly detailed parts assembled from the resin and PE. The instrument panel can be made from resin and the decal, or a lamination of pre-painted PE for the ultimate in detail. Seatbelts, rudder pedals and other fine parts are made up from PE, while the balance is to be found on the resin casting blocks. To fit the set you will need to remove the detail from the fuselage sidewalls, which can be done using a combination of sanding and scraping with the edge of a blade. Even the head-armour is laminated from acetate sheet and PE parts for scale thickness, and the canopy can be held open with a tiny PE part. Conclusion There's more to come but this initial batch of parts will hit the spot if you're looking to make your model even more detailed, but don't either have the time or inclination to scratch build everything. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  24. Bf.109G-5 Profipak 1:48

    Bf.109G-5 Profipak 1:48 Eduard The G series 109s were arguably the definitive version of the aircraft, incorporating all the improvements from the many previous versions before. Known collectively as the Gustavs, there were numerous sub versions before and after the G-5, improving the design incrementally with things such as better radio performance, rack fittings for bombs and fuel tanks as they went along. The G-5 was developed alongside the G-6 as the pressurised cockpit version of the 6, so both airframes were broadly identical except for the canopy and some cockpit fittings. Both versions also had the same armament, with two 13mm MG131s fitted in the nose instead of the smaller MG17s, which necessitated blisters over the gun bay to accommodate the larger breeches and ammo feeds. Two 15mm MG151 cannons were mounted in the wings giving it formidable fire power for the time. Production of the G line finished in late '44 to be replaced by the simplified K series that was required due to the deteriorating situation at that stage. The Kit This is a reboxing of the G-6 kit we reviewed here, with identical sprues as you'd expect, but amended Photo-Etch (PE) and decals to portray the differences. Inside the usual Profipak box you get four sprues in grey styrene, a sprue in clear, a sheet of PE, two sheets of decals, a sheet of pre-cut masks (not pictured), and of course the usual well-laid-out instruction manual in colour with the paint and markings options at the back. The first differences are in the instrument panel, but you could be forgiven for not noticing once it's built up. Positioning of the aerials is subtly different too, and there's no Erla-Haube clear-view canopy option (although it is still on the sprue with others) for this model, as the pressurised canopy needed to be strong. Some decal options use the altered head-armour panel, which is no-longer curved over the pilot's head, but blocks the whole rear canopy off, with two small view-ports in the top corners and is supplied as one clear part for ease. The final differences as far as construction go are a choice of underwing antennae, and omission of the un-sloped fuel tank from the build. More parts for your spares box! Markings As seems traditional with Eduard Profipak releases, there are five options in the box with a fair amount of variation in colours and schemes to suit most folks. The decals are printed anonymously and have a strange vibrant blue background and slightly lumpy texture of the adhesive coat under the printing, although that won't make a jot of difference to the finish once the adhesive melts in water. From the box you can build one of the following: W.Nr. 27 119, Flown by Fw. Hecker, 9./JG 54, Ludwigslust Air Base, February, 1944 – grey mottled wings and grey undersides W.Nr. 27112, Flown by Maj. Walther Dahl, the CO of III./JG 3, Bad Wörishofen, December, 1943 – RLM76 wings and underside W.Nr. 26 082, Flown by Flg. Victor Widmayer, 7./JG 11, Oldenburg Air Base, October, 1943 – Stepped splinter pattern RLM74/75 wings, RLM76 underside with one wing painted black 1./JG 300, Flown by Fw. Hans-Werner Gross, Bonn – Hangelar Air Base, March, 1944 – wiggly RLM70 wings over RLM76, with a black underside Flown by Uffz. Hermann Berdelmann, 1./JG 300, Herzogenaurach Air Base, July, 1944 – RLM74/75 splinter pattern on wings over RLM76 Register, sharpness and colour density are good, and you are supplied with instrument decals should you wish to use them instead of the PE, and you'll be relieved to hear that the spinner spirals are provided as decals. The smaller sheet contains all the stencils that brings the model to life, and everything has a thin glossy carrier film cut close to the edges of the printing. Conclusion Winner, winner, chicken dinner as Bri4n would say. Superb detail, simple to use PE parts to improve on the styrene, and everything engineered to give you maximum detail while making the build as simple as possible. The kit will sell well, and this was evidenced by the scarcity of samples when our review sample was being dispatched. Watch out for upcoming reviews of the extras from Eduard aimed that those that want to push the detail to the max! Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  25. This is representation of Erla-built Bf 109G-14 "Black 13" from15./JG5 at Kjevik, Norway in 1945. All A.M.U.R. Reaver sets, such as spinner & airscrew, cowling and oil cooler fairing with radiator mesh were used. The plane had late-war finish with several shades of RLM76 on lower surfaces and 75/82 on top.