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Found 55 results

  1. The new museum at Filton, the home of the Bristol Aircraft Company are repatriating a Freighter from NZ shortly, which in my world is great news. To celebrate I have taken my Superfreighter from the stashlet and decided to make it as a Mark 31 using the Magna resin conversion kit. So without further ado.....the boxes. A little surgery... Now here's where I need some help, what goes on behind the pilots seat in that big hole? The answer is not freight.. there are I think some racks with equipment on and possibly another seat? I have looked at previous builds, searched the internet, bought the Freighter book etc. but cannot find a nice clear guide. Any one know?
  2. Finished this a while ago but bad weather, DIY etc. prevented me from photographing it. The High Planes kits are made of very strange soft plastic but cover this interesting variant of the Beaufort used towards the end of WW2 for freight. This and other examples carried the message 'japan has surrendered' under the wings to inform renegade units of the Japanese Army. the model is airbrushed using Acrylics which I am not a fan of and will stick to enamels in future as they seem a lot more hard wearing. Some pictures...
  3. Roden has just released a 1/144th Bristol 175 Britannia kit - ref.312 Source: Available here: V.P.
  4. Times 10:00 to 16:30 Admission Adult £5:00 Child £2:00 (under 12) Concessions £4:00 Family £9:00 Traders Club Displays Demonstrations Parking Refreshments Contact
  5. New project and something a bit simpler than my vacform Sparrow. Decided on a High Planes DAP Beaufort transport version complete with 'Japan has surrendered' message on the underside of the wings, like this.. The kit came from ebay The plastic is odd and doesn't like poly cement much and comes in two shades of plastic with some spare flash. Oh and a few white metal bits too. The cockpit interior is basic but there is some detail on the inside of the fuselage. Started with the cockpit, mostly scratch and am close to sealing up. Couldn't resist the now compulsory navigators lamp!
  6. Fly is to release a new tool 1/72nd Bristol 170 Freighter kit - ref.72030 Source: V.P.
  7. S&M Models is to release in June 2016 a 1/72nd Bristol Type 171 Sycamore kit. Source: - ref.SMK72-36 - Bristol Sycamore British & Australian Issue - - ref.SMK 72-37 - Bristol Sycamore German & Belgium Issue - - ref.SMK 72-38 - Bristol Sycamore Civil Issue - V.P.
  8. Dear Fellow Modellers Some of you may know of a book entitled 6 weeks of a Blenheim summer recalling Alastair Panton's memoirs flying recce operations during the battle of France in 1940. I assume these reconnaissance Blenheims would have had a camera set up for their role? Was it set up in the bomb bay like with the Mosquito? Does anyone have any ideas or photos on how they might have been configured? Thanks Andrew
  9. As an ageing Newbie I approach my next WIP with some trepidation but also with a group of BMers that I know will help me through. I've learned a lot since my first WIP on the Horsa and my second on the Frog Spitfire XIV and Flying Bomb 1:72 was very educational - certainly taught me a lesson (or four). So with my newly found skills (??), tips and techniques, tools and group of supporters I felt ready to tackle a Valom. I live in Bath and so Bristols have a special attraction (do NOT use THAT emoticon please boys). Chosen at random from the list of available models this Brigand will accompany my Beaufighter and Blenheim(s). Only now that I've done some research do I realise that this didn't really fly in WWII. Oops. Stretch the window then. Research shows that this "brute" was a challenge and the Boys of 84 Sqdn certainly had some experiences in Malaya, where the climate had detrimental effects on the aircraft including, but not limited to: - main undercarriage failing to lower - propellor blades 'departing', usually resulting in the engine going with it - air brakes not operating in the dive. More information here. Possibly the worse problem was that the Brigand tended to shoot itself down: "The losses of several aircraft during strafing runs and several more being damage led to the discovery of a deadly problem. The long cannon blast tubes that ran beneath the cockpit seemed to have the tendency of trapping propellant gases when the four cannons were fired. This gas would occasionally ignite when the aircraft used high explosive rounds, the resulting explosion would damage hydraulic lines and fire would severly damage the aircraft or cause it to crash." In a great example of British grit "At one point, the commanders of the units that operated the type began to have doubts over the wisdom of continuing operations." Obviously they escalated operational status to 'slightly miffed'. (New post for sprue shots)
  10. I suppose the name is a give away but I do build other things too, such as my Contrail Sparrow in WIP. My interest in all things Bristol stems from living near Filton, although not these days; I recall summer holidays listening to Concorde engines being tested. It was hard not to listen to be honest! Anyway I thought it would be good to build up a collection of products from Bristol and started browsing; its surprising how many kits there are! Here are the build ones to date, apologies if they look familiar! Bristol M1C Bristol Tourer Seaplane (Airfix F2b) Sanger Bristol Bombay Valom Bristol Buckmaster Magna Bristol Type 148 Valom Bristol Buckingham Frog Beaufighter N1F Frog Blenheim 1 Still waiting in the stash; Valom Brigand Frog Beau 21 Matchbox Beau HP Beaufreigher Encore Beaufort Bristol racer (vac) Airfix Freighter MAC Scout Boxkite Magna Type 146 Wanted! Bristol Type 142 Britain First and a T188 I can highly recommend exploring and building the products of one factory, it could be Avro, HP, Blackburn etc as I enjoy the research as much as the modelling and it allows you to explore the obscure as well as popular subjects. Two Beauforts next I think..when the Sparrow finished. For anyone that does not have English as their first language the following might help; Bevy- a group of things or people that have something in common. Bevvy- An alcoholic drink, example 'Fancy a bevvy?' = 'Would you like to go to the pub?'
  11. Some time ago Procopius sent me a couple of Bristols as a thank you for driving him around a bit during his trip to the UK. Generous man I've been building my skills for this one and I'm pleased I did when I researched my chosen scheme - N1016 as OAoX of 22 Sqn. Coastal Command, St. Eval, April 1941. The instructions mention the pilot as F/O Kenneth Campbell who attacked battle cruiser Gneisenau over Brest harbour April 6 1941. His Wiki entry says this: On 6 April 1941 over Brest Harbour, France, Flying Officer Campbell attacked the German battleship Gneisenau. He flew his Beaufort through the gauntlet of concentrated anti-aircraft fire from about 1000 weapons of all calibres and launched a torpedo at a height of 50 feet (15 m). The attack had to be made with absolute precision: the Gneisenau was moored only some 500 yards (460 m) away from a mole in Brest's inner harbour. For the attack to be effective, Campbell would have to time the release to drop the torpedo close to the side of the mole. That Campbell managed to launch his torpedo accurately is testament to his courage and determination. The ship was severely damaged below the waterline and was obliged to return to the dock whence she had come only the day before; she was put out of action for six months, lessening the threat to Allied shipping crossing the Atlantic. Generally, once a torpedo was dropped, an escape was made by low-level jinking at full throttle. Because of rising ground surrounding the harbour, Campbell was forced into a steep banking turn, revealing the Beafort's full silhouette to the gunners. The aircraft met a withering wall of flak and crashed into the harbour. The Germans buried Campbell and his three crew mates, Sergeants J. P. Scott DFM RCAF (navigator), R. W. Hillman (wireless operator) and W. C. Mulliss (air gunner), with full military honours. His valour was only recognised when the French Resistance managed to pass along news of his brave deeds to England. He was awarded a posthumous VC for this action. I hope I've done him and his crew justice. Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr My longest WiP ever is here (although there's a lot about pies; don't ask)
  12. Airfix is to release in 2015 a new tool 1/72nd Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X kit - ref.A04019 Expected July 2015. Source: V.P.
  13. Finally finished these two Valom models, Bristol Buckingham B1 and Buckmaster T1. The Buckingham was originally developed in response to the Air Ministry's request for a bomber version of the Beaufighter but by the time it had been developed the role had very adequately been filled by the Mosquito. 54 Buckingham B1's were built the rest of the order being converted to Buckmasters to be used as training and fast transport aircraft. Like all Valom kits the panel lines and rivet detail is very good but then they are let down by the fact that the parts don't fit too well, such as wings being thicker than the wing root. They also lack a few details because Valom always try to produce too many variants without changing the basic mould, so both kits have Brigand wings without the correct air intakes for the Buckingham or Buckmaster etc. Enough waffle, here's some pics.
  14. Bristol F.2B Fighter "Brisfit" pics thanks to Mark Mills.
  15. Finally completed my Pegasus Bristol M1C in 1/72, a lot more work than I was expecting. believe it or not it's harder to rig a mono plane than a bi-plane simply because there is no second wing to pass the cable through and tension it before gluing. consequently the rigging is stretched sprue. The kit propeller and hub were scrapped and replaced wit a spare from a Bristol Scout, the original was simply too big. Back to WW2 stuff for the next build.
  16. I've come to the conclusion that the only way I can make Airfix release a new 1/72 Beaufort is to make a start on my Frog one. I've lined it up against the 1/72 plans in the Warpaint booklet and there are, ahem, "significant differences" in the fuselage department. Can I assume that the Warpaint plans are right, or at least righter than the Frog model? Regards, Adrian
  17. Going through my photo's. I realized that I had some good photo's of the Blenheim (and Lysander) Mercury engine installation and cowl bracing. These might help anyone doing Airfix's or Classic Airframe's Blenheim kits. The engine is a Mercury XX on a stand, and it was photographed at the Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I apologise for the quality, but they were taken with a cell-phone camera. Hope they help someone, Colin
  18. Just starting a new project after struggling through a Frogspawn Whitley! Decided on a Bristol M1C from Pegasus, no glazing and hardly any rigging, how hard can it be? To make life a little more difficult (and 'cos I like it) I'm going with the stripey colour scheme, lots of masking fun ahead. There's lots of debate about what colour the stripes are, any one interested can follow it here I'm going for black and white. The kit is pretty basic so the first thing will be an interior, but restricted to the bit you can actually see through the small cockpit opening.
  19. A link to the photo's I've posted elsewhere, Cheers, Colin
  20. I'm currently in the middle of detailing the interior of a Mk.1 - L9878 MW-R to be precise. I have been approached by Peter Nesbitt nephew of Roy Conyers Nesbitt and I've been adding as much interior detail as possible with the aim of having some pilots in situ. The plan is to have the aircraft as if it has been stood down from a sortie. It will have the torpedo in place but the idea is to have as many hatches open ready for crew egress. I know about the port side fuselage hatch, but I'm also aware of the escape hatch in the nose underside. I haven't seen any b&w photos of this hatch being open, so would it be appropriate to have it open? Also what other hatches would be open while the aircraft is on ethe ground? Martin
  21. Pics from Rich Ellis of the one at Duxford
  22. Hey everyone, need some help please. I'm building Airfix's Beaufighter TF.X in the 144 Squadron colours (Coastal Command I think) which is armed with a torpedo. The wings have shell ejection chutes on the undersides but no gun muzzle holes in the leading edge. I have found out that the wing guns were omitted from some Mk.X's and probably had the muzzle holes blanked. But does anyone know if the shell ejection chutes were blanked as well? I have looked at period photos but it's very difficult to tell. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks. Regards Andy
  23. Wingnut Wings is to release - in September 2015? - a 1/32nd Bristol F.2b Fighter new variant (Post War) - ref.32060 Source: Box art V.P.
  24. Beaufort Mk.VIII A9-559 - a composite of several RAAF aircraft, displayed as Mk.IIA DD931/L. Full history from the RAF Hendon website here. Pics thanks to Ian (Depressed Lemur) at The RAF Museum Hendon.
  25. Recently completed Frog Beau as a night fighter, wanted it to look well used! A few changes/additions; -nacelles; tried some resin ones, very disappointing, the gills were underscale and ended up shattering the front ring. in the end I wrapped the kit item in plasticard and made the gills from a thin strip. Still under sized but a big improvement. -antenna to wings made from thin wire -landing lights added to wing tips -used the decals supplied even though some broke up but note the serials as they are grey not red and seem to be the wrong number. Will add some when I have enough need to buy a sheet. Quite please with how it turned out considering the age of the kit. Trying to keep one step ahead of Airfix releases so Kinetic Whitley next!