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  1. Takom 1/35 Typhoon-K

    I am hoping a tractor version will be release of this chassi version. The real tractor looks awesome. Or some scratch building/kit bashing might be in order.
  2. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  3. Thank you kindly. Hahaa! That melted my heart. Thanks.
  4. Much appreciated. Thank you kindly Andy.
  5. Here is the almost completed Falke I have 'moded'. Just a little more touch-up here and there. Hope you guys like the results. Now I can begin to concentrate on another truck diorama.
  6. I glued the first engine(right one), in place. As you can see, its weathered a little. I still have the left one to weather. I weather each one before gluing it in place. Since this pic was taken I have already repainted another section of the left engine, which is not glued in place yet. But so far the overall-look, looks very promising from my point of view.
  7. More added detailing:
  8. More detailing parts. This part will be placed at the front of the pod: ----------------------------------------------------- Below is the painted pod without the engines mounted. The skull decal was a big issue. I had to slice the upper decal portion in sections to get the decal to fit and sit properly over the dome of the cockpit, properly. I was not 100% satisfied with the quality of the decals. Many got messed up or did not site right:
  9. OK. here we go again guys. We are nearly at completion of this build. Not much left to do. I still have weathering and more details to add, not much but you all know how it is. Once you start on the details, one cannot seem to stop. :) You just seem to want more. And you all know how much of a detail freak I am. Anyways, I have now painted the entire model, at the least the pod section or cockpit section black. The Kit offers several camo schemes and black was one of them. So I opted for this color. Of course the scheme is slightly different than the kits but I had to deviate from it. You know. Never an original kit, when it comes to building a kit. Below are small details I decided to add after the model was painted. I used decals both from the kit and other plane kits I have in my 'box of tricks'
  10. Thanks. That was the plan. 😁
  11. This is what the finish build will look like. Well, I am hoping it will. As you can see, I have already painted the outter body of the Falke. It's a prilimary paint. So, it is not going to look like that. I wanted to see how the colors would look like but I was not exactly happy with the results. So, it is going to get make-over: