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  1. 'Defiance'

    Thanks you Hardcastle. Regardless your choice of modelling.
  2. 'Defiance'

    Well Badder. The parts are from older kits. The big black box is just that. It is from an old 1/35 truck kit(don't remember exactly which one). The red piece is also from a kit I do not remember. I have a huge 'Misc. Box for parts I have collected over the years. I go through them to see what best matches the parts I need to represent the components I need for a specific build. Hence the light pole. The other small bracket/cylindrical piece is also from 1/24 scale truck(Italeri Scania kit, if I remember correctly). The bolts are 1/35 scale. The ceramic isolators are from 1/24 parts(again, I do not remember the brands as these were purchase over 10 years ago). The wires are from old pieces of wiring I got from the dumpster. I make sure I go through my box before purchasing anything. I tend to use up whatever I have first, before purchasing. This saves from purchasing unnecessary things. Hope this helps. in a way. Thank you for the interest. Oh yeah, the light was cut from a MIG pole and modified to fit the wooden pole, which is a dowel, used to holding plants in place in the soil.
  3. 'Defiance'

    Thank you James. Glad you approve.
  4. 'Defiance'

    Thanks for dropping in. Glad u like it.
  5. 'Defiance'

    Thank you for that.
  6. 'Magazine Cover'

    Thank you. Glad you approve.
  7. 'Defiance'

    Thank you. Glad you like the results. Still a couple of things to do before it is 100% done.
  8. 'Magazine Cover'

    You should.
  9. 'Magazine Cover'

    Much appreciated the kind words guys.
  10. The scene depicts a group of anti-Gaddafi rebels posing for a magazine cover being taken by a journalist.
  11. 'Defiance'

    Thank you kindly. It was something I wanted to re-create as realistic as possible. All I have to do is try to create some kind of smoke/fire effect around the muzzle of that Dushk(spelt wrong of coursešŸ¤£) Thanks a lot Darby. Glad you like the result.
  12. 'Defiance'

    Thank you for looking John.
  13. 'Defiance'

    Thanks Steve.
  14. 'Defiance'

    Added a title to the diorama. It is made out of foamboard, which I made myself.