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  1. Thanks for watching Rose. Appreciate your interest.
  2. The figure painted and mounted in the cockpit. I used Citadel paints to paint the figure. I added a decal from an old aircraft kit, I had lying in my 'box of tricks'. The kit's decal is a little tough to get it to sit. So if you are going to build this kit, make sure you lay a good coat of gloss on the surface of the area you are going to put decals on. I think I am satisfied with the look.Hope you guys are too. Now I can glue the two halves of the craft together and continue unto the exterior part.
  3. Now it is unto the figure building and painting. The figure is not the best but since half of the body is going to be hidden within the cockpit, I am not so concern. I used putty to fill in the gaps and ONLY areas that were going to be seen. As I will not be painting the lower legs and the back of the figure,as these areas will not be seen. I also left the feet off the body, as they will definitely not be seen when the figure is in the cockpit.
  4. Takom 1/35 Typhoon-K

    This looks very interesting. Looking forward to seeing it build.
  5. Much appreciated James. Working on painting the figure at this very moment. Will post shortly.
  6. Thank you. Hope the end result will be even better.
  7. Thank you Pete. Yeah. I kinda read about how the builder made the kit. Very interesting choice of parts. Heck, that's how the millinium Falcon got made. From many off the shelves parts. That's the joy of Sci-FI. You can never be in the wrong.
  8. I worked on the hatch by adding bits & pieces just like I did to the cockpit. I like the detailing, which always brings out the characteristics of a model piece, regardless the size.
  9. I have also added the pilot's instrument panel. I painted it black and dried brushed it with silver. Then I added the decals. I kinda messed up and cut out a piece of the decal. It took a while to get the decals to fit. But that little cut will not be so prominent when the panel is placed in the cockpit.
  10. I have managed to paint the cockpit and the details. This has to be done before you mount both halves of the model. That is why I am doing all the painting and detail now, because it would not be accessible after mounting. Primed: Painted:
  11. I decided to add details to the cockpit, since it is pretty plain when you first get the kit. Adding details to the cockpit is pretty much useless. That's because, many of the details will not be seen once the pilot is inserted into the seat. So all what I'm doing is pretty much useless. Yet I still do it. I added whatever bits & pieces I could find from my 'Misc. Box' of parts, which has lots of spare parts left over from many old and new kits, I had purchased over the years.
  12. More modification done to the side engines. Added some bit's & pieces to an external part of the side engines and mounted it slightly opened.
  13. More modification done to the side engines. when I removed the side engines from the pod itself, It left a large opening. So I had to had plastic card around the opening.