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  1. Avro Lancaster Question

    https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Upkeep_in_Lancaster.jpg I don't think the Dambusters windows were overpainted . If you look at the picture of Gibson's aircraft in the above link - sorry but I don't know how to get the photo visible on the page - you can see in the first full window on the left , above the G , that there is a small segment in the bottom right hand corner which is much brighter . I reckon that's where you can see through the fuselage & out through a window on the other side . I think that what chillaton mentioned is not overpainting , but just the light reflecting off the Perspex . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  2. Thanks mate . Mine finally arrived today , so Mustang assembly will be starting shortly
  3. 1/25 AMT Escort XR3i Question

    You're welcome - glad I could help . Ah , I'd forgotten to mention the Matchbox boxing , which is actually what my current kit is .
  4. 1/25 AMT Escort XR3i Question

    Getting back on topic , the Revell and AMT kits are definitely different . For a start , the Revell kit has an opening bonnet and the AMT an opening tailgate . I've never owned the AMT kit but I've had 3 of the Revell . 2 of them I've built , though I only used the body , screens and lights since I built them as rear wheel drive mk3 rally cars using the floor pan and running gear from the Esci mk2 Escort . The 3rd one will be going the same way when I get round to it .
  5. Has anyone in the UK received the final 4 issues of the De Agostini 1967 Shelby Mustang yet ? I've normally received my deliveries either just before , or on the same day as the Jaguar E-Type , but I had the E-Type early last week & I've not seen the Mustang yet . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  6. Extremely nice & so much better for not being red
  7. Supermarine Attacker FB1 & FB2

    No , the FB2 canopy has more framing than the FB1 . I can't remember if the two canopies are the same shape other than that - I have a nagging suspicion that the windscreens are different.
  8. Supermarine Attacker FB1 & FB2

    As far as I'm aware , the main visual difference is the canopy - the FB1 has a canopy with much less framing than the FB2 . Sadly , it seems that AZ only give you one canopy in each kit so you can only build the one variant
  9. Spitfire rearming and gun muzzle patch application films

    Just a minor point - from my understanding of RAF rank pennants , that's actually a Group Captain's pennant . It has one thick red stripe in the centre , whereas a Wing Commander's pennant has two narrow stripes .
  10. Hobby Boss HMS Agamemnon

    Here's a link to a pic of the deck in the Hobby Boss lord Nelson : http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10451820/40/4 And another to the Agamemnon's deck : https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HB86509 Hopefully you should be able to do a comparison
  11. RAF Blue Phantoms

    Prompted by this week's announcement of the death of Dick "Mr Modeldecal" Ward , it just dawned on me that Modeldecal featured XV408 in the overall blue scheme on sheet 116 . I've had a look and it quotes BS381C:110 Roundel Blue . With Dick's reputation for accuracy , I think it should be the colour to go for .
  12. Phantom FGR2

    As regards the slats on the tailplanes , the real thing was just attached to the front of a standard tailplane , so the best way to convert would be to trim the slats off and sand the leading edge of the tailplane smooth . I did it to an Academy F-4J recently and it was simple and successful . John Green Nantwich, Cheshire
  13. RAF Blue Phantoms

    You're welcome mate .
  14. RAF Blue Phantoms

    I'm sure that earlier in the thread someone mentioned that the two blue Phantoms were Aircraft Blue . If so , then it's the same colour as the Blue Diamonds Hunters . A good match for that colour is Halfords Fiat Capri Blue . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  15. Detailing a 1:72nd RAF Phantom FG.1

    If I were building the Fujimi Phantom , I'd be tempted to fit a pair of resin seats since they're the focal point of the cockpit . Everything else is good enough as it is .