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  1. Jaegermeister BMW 635

    Very , very nice . I've got one of those in the stash & will be delighted if it turns out anything like yours .
  2. My understanding of the Gibson was that it should have two cocktail onions , since it was apparently named after the well-endowed Gibson Girls .
  3. Gents The other day I saw a 1/43 diecast of a Group 2 Escort RS1800 circuit racer in the blue & white colours of Denim aftershave . I thought it looked really good & , having an old Esci Escort racer in the stash , had a hunt for decals in 1/24 . I came across a company in Germany called TailorMadeDecals , who do such a set . Having never heard of them before , I'm reluctant to order a set without knowing a bit more about the company & the quality of their product , especially since they're 20 Euros plus postage . Does anyone have any experience of this company ? Thanks in advance for any info . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  4. I was led to believe that the best Martini merely involved the bartender bowing in the direction of France whilst stirring the gin & ice
  5. Spot of the day!

    That's interesting - I've heard of lots of Stag engine problems , but not that one . The Triumph V8 was a typical British Leyland product though - the actual design was basically sound , but the development budget was pretty much non-existant & therefore all the problems which should have been picked up at the prototype stage landed on the customers & dealers . The Dolomite Sprint was much the same .
  6. Spot of the day!

    We had a BMW 2002 cabrio in for MoT yesterday then , glancing in the mirror on the way home , I was somewhat surprised to find a Montego behind me
  7. That really looks great - really must finish mine . Where did you get the L&M decals from ?
  8. Spot of the day!

    Actually it's an Austin Healey Sprite . If you look closely It's got a Frogeye Sprite rear end . I think it's some sort of Sebring Sprite , or a replica thereof
  9. Spot of the day!

    This must be something to do with the camshaft drive chains , which are at the back of the engine & will therefore require removal of the engine to allow them to be worked on . Anything else should be able to be done in situ , since there's a reasonable amount of space round the engine once the various covers , & probably the airfilter housings, are removed . Furthermore , if you remove the front bumper & the FEM (front-end module - the front panel & the various radiators assembled onto it ) the whole of the front of the engine is exposed .
  10. What width are the RS alloys ? 6 , 7 or 7.5 inch ? John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  11. I've just Googled the serial number for this aircraft & it was apparently not built until February 1941 . Since the order to apply the Sky rear fuselage band & spinner was given on 27th November 1940 , surely the spinner & fuselage band would have been applied at the factory at the same time as the rest of the aircraft was painted & would , therefore , be the same colour as the undersides . Any thoughts ?
  12. I assume they're suggesting that the undersides were correctly painted Sky at the factory & then the rear fuselage band & spinner were done later on the Squadron , who presumably didn't have Sky paint & used a sky blue shade instead . I admit that in the photo earlier in the thread the fuselage band looks slightly different to the undersides , but that may well be due to them being painted at different times . I have no definite answer for you , but if I were building the model I'd do the fuselage band & spinner to match the Sky of the undersides . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  13. F-94 Starfire & RF-80A questions

    Many thanks to everyone for the really useful info . Much appreciated chaps .
  14. F-94 Starfire & RF-80A questions

    The tanks I need are the Fletcher type . The RF-80A I'm building is from the Bald Iggles aerobatic team , which definitely had them . Incidentally , the Minutemen aerobatic team used F-80C's with Fletcher tanks too .