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  1. Looks nice , but I'm already subscribing to the Shelby Mustang & E Type , so I'll have to give this one a miss .
  2. Bob I'd be interested in that download as well please . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  3. Nice . An extremely good result from an old & simple kit . Proof , as always , that it's not what you've got but what you do with it that counts
  4. That looks great Roy . Excellent job . Does the big red thing on the roof work the steering ?
  5. Have you thought of doing it two-tone - do the body one colour & the fender/running board assembly another ? Models like that look great with dark-colored fenders & a lighter body . That way you could paint the two parts separately & fix them together afterwards .
  6. As regards separate bonnets , bootlids etc , I try to jig the panels together with the body so they're clear of it but sitting above where they fit on the body . lumps of Blu Tak & cocktail sticks normally suffice . The reason for this is that you need to spray the whole thing together to ensure it all comes out exactly the same colour . This is especially important with metallics , since you need to ensure the same disposition of the metallic particles in the paint . Also , if the vehicle has separate front or rear valances which need attaching to the body , I always try to attach them & get them filled & sanded if necessary before paint . That way you don't end up with a beautifully painted but ill-fitting panel afterwards . Always tape the valances in place & test-fit the floorpan , interior etc first though , in case you need to modify something so it'll fit with the valances in place . As regards paint , I usually use Halfords aerosols for car bodies . If I'm painting something fiddly or delicate I might decant into a jar & put it through the airbrush , but normally I use them direct from the aerosol . Hope this helps John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  7. A couple of weeks ago I received , as a prize for coming 3rd in a competition on Modeling Madness , the 1/25 Revell Rat Roaster . Weird name , but a very nice kit which I never even knew existed till I opened the box . It's based on the two 32 Ford coupes that Revell issued some years back but with a roadster body , bobbed rear wings , front cycle wings & a smallblock Chevy motor with over-the-frame headers joining up with exhausts exiting under the car . I think that I'll be fitting the engine & exhausts to my American Graffiti coupe , which has been an ongoing project for at least 2 decades . The roadster will be acquiring the Chrysler Firepower hemi from Revell's 5-window coupe . I've also recently received a 1/25 Revell 1990 Mustang LX drag car and a Heller Jaguar E-Type roadster . The Mustang looks a nice kit & also includes most of the parts to build a standard car . The E-Type is the classic case of good news , bad news - some bits are great , but the wheels are diabolical , the interior a bit lacking & the idiot who decided to mould the bottom half of the windscreen wipers on the body & the top half on the windscreen should be barred from designing anything again .
  8. Hi David When were you at Bradford Grammar ? I was there from 72-79 . Wonder if our paths ever crossed John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  9. Watched the latest Wheeler Dealers the other night , featuring a 73 Camaro & , as a result of that , I have an AMT 70 1/2 version - nearest I could find to the 73 - winging its way from Creative Models , accompanied by the 1/43 Heller Mini .
  10. Thanks for that Simon . I knew there was an article somewhere in Wings of Fame , so you've saved me the bother of having to get them all out to find the right one .
  11. I received in the post yesterday the Heller 1/8 Kawasaki Z1000GG Godier Genoud . Besides the obvious fact that it's a Kawasaki Z1000 modified by a French tuning company , I know nothing about the bike at all , but I've thought it looked great ever since Heller re-issued it & , since it was on Creative Models weekly special offers at just £32.49 , decided to take the plunge . Having received it , however , I have a few words of warning for any other prospective purchasers . First off , some of the sprues aren't bagged & are rattling round loose in the hugely over-sized box , so make sure to check everything's there & undamaged - in mine , the windscreen is badly scuffed and a bit mangled where it's snapped off the sprue . The other issue is the colour scheme - it consists of white & 2 shades of green , all separated by black pinstriping . None of this features on the decal sheet , not even the pinstripes . The only guide you have is very fine raised lines on the parts showing where the colour demarcations are , so getting it all to look right is going to be a major undertaking . That said , done right it should look absolutely stunning .
  12. Pete , you're very welcome . That looks loads better . Thanks for the wire wheels Cheers John
  13. I'm part way through building one at the moment & the issues shown on the Czech website with the cockpit being too short for the ribs it's supposed to fit against & the rear bulkhead holding the fuselage halves apart is because you're supposed to put the rear bulkhead behind the cockpit floor , not on top . If you do that it all seems to fit fine . John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  14. When I was in Hobbycraft yesterday I bought a Tamiya Austin Cooper S . Even now , over 30 years since the original Morris version came out , it's still a really nice kit - in my opinion , probably one of the best Tamiya have ever produced .

    Have a look at this link to Hobby Search in Japan One of them says "with engine" & is more expensive , so I assume all the rest don't . Incidentally , the Tan Model kit is listed as available to pre-order at 4930 Yen .