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  1. Graham's quite correct - the inboard machine gun bay on a C wing is 1 rib space further outboard than a B wing .
  2. On the way home from work yesterday I saw an Austin Cambridge van converted to a camper & then an Austin A30
  3. In West Street , Crewe last night a black Citroen Traction Avant . Looked to be in very good condition from what I saw driving past .
  4. At my mate's garage on Saturday morning , there were 4 Mk2 Escorts , a Jaguar E-Type & , most surprisingly , a K reg Morris Marina 1.3 automatic . Can't remember when I last saw a Marina - thought they'd all collapsed in a rotting heap . This one was an absolute minter .
  5. I saw a real rarity in Leighton Hospital car park last night - an original 1983 Austin Metro City . Can't remember the last time I saw one of those - I thought they'd all collapsed in rotting heaps by now . Brought back memories though , since I learnt to drive in one or , strictly speaking , two since my driving instructor had one & my mum did as well .
  6. I think the dayglo decals are rather uncooperative because they're printed over a white undercoat to prevent showthrough . Fantasy Printshop do dayglo decals which don't have the white beneath making them very translucent and pretty much useless . Hot water , as recommended above , followed by several coats of the strongest decal solvent you can find seems to be the only solution besides painting the dayglo , which is a nightmare in itself .
  7. Just as a point of information , Hannants currently have the Xtrakit Spitfire 22 on special offer at around 6 quid . It would be an ideal source of a Spiteful-type tail for the Pegasus kit to save the bother of scratchbuilding . The kit has numerous dimensional issues , but the tail's apparently pretty good . There may well be various detail parts which would prove useful for improving the Pegasus kit also .
  8. Have to agree with BeastieBoy that it looks brilliant in yellow . So nice to see a Ferrari that's not red .
  9. Saw a real rarity in Nantwich the other day - a Mk1 Cavalier coupe . Essentially just a hatchback Manta with Vauxhall badges , but a rare car even when they were new . Don't think I've ever seen one in the flesh before .
  10. One thing to bear in mind with X22 & indeed any of the Tamiya gloss colours is that they take far longer to dry fully than you would expect . They seem to be dry pretty quickly , but can take days to fully harden . I've picked models up after a couple of days & still left fingerprints in the paint .
  11. Just had a look & they look great . I'm looking forward to them arriving in the UK .
  12. Thanks Jan E-mail inbound John
  13. Hi Jan Can you please inform me of the process for obtaining replacement parts from AZ Model ? I recently bought 2 of your Spitfire LF MkXVI kits (AZ7204) & found that one of the resin exhaust stacks in one of the kits was damaged . Best regards John Green Nantwich , Cheshire
  14. It may even have been true . Our dog once ate one of the tailplanes from my girlfriend's 1/144 Hunter . It came back a day or so later , but not in the best of condition
  15. You don't need fake rust on a Transit - even if you buy a brand new one , I'm sure it'll be rusting for real in a short space of time . Sadly , rustproofing is the one thing Ford have never really got the hang of .