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  1. Managed some more bench time recently so time for a small update. First job of the day was to get the fuselage sealed up. This took a bit of time and quite a few test fits, mainly down to the Eduard IP, and the way Airfix would have you assemle the cockpit. As with all the new Airfix releases, tolerances are extremely close so careful cleanup of paint on all the mating surfaces is needed. Once the interior is aligned, it all clicks together well. The tape is there purely to hold it whilst the cement sets. Once that was done and had been put aside to set up, I thought I would take the turret. As previously mentioned, there would be the rest of the Zoom kit in the plus the Master .303 barrels. It's not the the kit barrels are bad, they're not with some careful finishing and opening of the muzzles they will look good straight from the box... But the Master barrels bring some much more, especially in 1/48th. The turret is a lovely little kit all of its own, and even without the etch and some careful painting it will look the business as is. I have convinced myself I need to do another one of these and use no aftermarket just to see how it turns out. The turret has loads of detail, but as I had it I will put the etch in, so lots of of the standard raised detail has been removed. So that's it for now, just going to leave that little lot to set up, then a bit of clean up and we can start squirting paint about again. I may well have a go at the undercarriage later if time permits, but for now, That's All Folks!! Steve
  2. Now the hot weather has passed I can get back into to my shed and get to painting again, so I have finally got the interior painted, washed and finished. The Eduard Zoom stuff is as usual very nice, but on a kit like this, I'm sure not much of it will be see, in the cockpit anyway, but it may well help the turret along, that was really my main reason for using it. I also discovered that exposed wiring in the cockpit is minimal on a Defiant, and you wont see it anyway so I gave this a miss to. I've now moved onto the wing assembly, I really like the way this goes together and have started work on the wheel wells and a radiator scoop. I'll post up some photos when there is something worth seeing. More soon Steve
  3. Having got fed up with trying to win a battle with a Revell Eurofighter, I've given up for now and just need a quick(ish) and easy(ish) build, so I am going to have a go at Airfix's new 48th Defiant. I've built, and really enjoyed, its little brother in 72nd so now I'm moving up to the bigger one. I've also picked up an Eduard Zoom etch and some MAster .303 gunbarrels. Box shot... Extras... So I made a start on building all the cockpit internals, and have removed the throttle box ready to be replaced with the etch version.. This is the replacement, I'm not sure its as nice as the kit part if I'm honest but Im committed now.. This is where I'm at now, all the cockpit sub-assemblies are together and have been given a blast of Halfords grey primer ready for some Alclad Aluminium tomorrow.. Plan for tomorrow is to get the aluminium on early so it has time to cure before loading up the interior green and finishing up the internals. Busy hunting some reference photos now for the cockpit area as I would like to add some electrical and control wires, even though not much can be seen when it's all closed up. More soon.. Steve
  4. James Holland's War in the West vol.2. The first volume was excellent and this is just as good.
  5. Been a long hiatus from modelling due to a new job getting in the way and loads of house works going on but I finally managed to get something finished. Completely out of the box, no idea if it's accurate and painted entirely to Tamiyas colour call-outs. I'm no expert on US Naval aircraft so I hope it doesn't offend to many. .
  6. Just watched Churchills Secret on ITV Encore having missed it first time round. Absolutely brilliant TV, Michael Gambon was excellent as Churchill, best thing I've seen this Christmas.
  7. Mrs AG wanted more stodge this evening, so her and No.1 son ordered a grease soaked conglomeration masquerading as a pizza. In the time it took for it to arrived I knocked up a turkey jalfrezi from leftovers and store cupboard staples... I think I know which one tasted better, and which of us will be suffering in the morning
  8. We have a building company locally called Patel Brothers. Their vans are signwritten with 'You've had the cowboys, now try the Indians'
  9. This is not a new thing. I worked with a poor fellow whose surname is Ward and his parents thought it fine to give him the Christian names Edward Edward. I also worked with a guy with the surname Head, given name Richard. Why?
  10. I'll be honest, I'm looking forward to it. Anything that gets young kids interested in what those blokes (my Grandad included) went through is all good to me.
  11. I'll pop out the standard line.... they make no money for Airfix, and a decent B-25 is sure to be a good seller both sides of the pond.
  12. How much money do the Tamiya and KP ones make for Revell?
  13. Not sure if you're done with the engine bits yet, but I was up at Hendon today and got a few shots of the 109 with the cowls and wings off, if you want them PM me your email and I'll send them over.
  14. Scimitars are great, back in the day and friend and I stuck a Jaguer XJ12 lump in one, along with the back axle. Went like the wind, but due to the hacking to get the engine to fit the body lost strength and snapped. Wonderful times.
  15. Ok, I'll confess. My name is Steve and I'm a Christmasholic, I love it, not stupidly early I'd admit as my son has his birthday last day of November, but we are getting the deccies up about the10th, Xmas pud and cake were made two months ago and are maturing nicely, and the present shopping is done. I work bloody hard for the rest of the year and this is really the only chance I get to relax and enjoy time with the grandkids, so I am going to make the most of it. I've never really been one for outside decorations as it seems a recent thing, but the kids love it so up they go. Also, sometimes having the stuff in shops early helps, I've spent plenty of time working abroad and have celebrated Xmas in both November and February, as they were the only times we could get everyone together. I also know Xmas isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it does seem at times that there are some that just look for another excuse to be miserable.