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  1. Thanks for these comments chaps.....really appreciated. WHOFAN, about the B/W photo -- just check my opening comments..... Etienne.
  2. Here is my Special Hobby Oxford representing the ambulance version in 1940. The build involved constructing a new tilt-up door, moving some windows and detailing the visible inside. This took some time and for the first time I took a snap of my labours (to prove that it is there) as most of it cannot be seen after closure of the fuselage halves. Otherwise it was a straight forward build that was finished with Tamiya paints and decals from the spares box and a few custom made ones from my friend at MAV decals. Finally here's a note on the B/W image; Girl Guides from all parts of the British Empire contributed donations towards the purchase of two air ambulances and a motor lifeboat in 1940. This photo shows one of the air ambulances and with Guides and Brownies on the day of its presentation. As usual comments (especially on bo-boos) are welcome. Cheers, Etienne. .
  3. Have a look here Mark Inside...............purple...........who's going to know Cheers........
  4. Here is my 1/48 Airfix Hurricane Mk I representing a 30 or 213 Sqn. machine that operated in a night fighter role for the air defence of Alexandria, Egypt in 1941. This was my first build of the ‘new generation’ Airfix kits and must confess , I was most impressed. Apart from adding a curvature on the upper wings it was a out of the box effort and very enjoyable at that. Cheers....
  5. Captured by the SAAF .
  6. Your keen eye for the unusual surely paid off here Tony , all over, a super job! ---------------------- Thinking of you in these difficult times mate.
  7. It comes from a 1943 publication "British Women go to War "by J.B. Priestley with colour photos by P.G Hennell. Considering the age of the publication I think they did a rather good printing job. Have a look here https://propagandaphotos.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/british-women-go-to-war-by-j-g-priestley-p-g-hennell/
  8. Thanks for the input so far gentlemen............ The fact that tinted canopies were used in training aircraft makes perfect sense so, clear it will be. Yes, Tony and others .......white undersides were used as seen here and confirmed op page 11 of ‘British Aviation Colours’ My last hurdle however is the measurements of the tip-up-door that i want to open up. I suppose in the end I’ll have to resort to my trusty mk. I eyeball. :-)
  9. This is going to be my next build using the Special Hobby 1/48 kit. I do however have a few questions that I hope you learned chaps could help me with. (a) I cannot find a detailed drawing of the tilt-up door that I plan to do. something with exact measurements would be most helpful. Does anybody know of such a plan/drawing. (b) Some Oxfords had a orange/brown tinted top panel in the canopy, but the ambulance photos I have are inconclusive....any ideas? Any help would be most welcome............. Cheers. Etienne.
  10. I also found this.............
  11. Nils,....... here are three pages from "South African Colours and Markings" As a bonus the third is of SAAF Kittyhawks. Hope this helps. Cheers, Etienne. Oops, posted the wrong way around...........
  12. I came across this in Getty images today. Could it have been some kind of war games exercise?
  13. Very nice build and finish Tony. Your unusual (to me) scheme suits the ‘Widow-Maker’ very well..... I am also impressed by your weathering on the tires............. most convincing. Good job mate!
  14. Spot on Bob!! This is the de-icing boots pattern I wanted to do .......NOTE bottom of the wing. Murphy decided to have fun , so I did it on the TOP of the wing............. Next time I’ll ask you to have a look first, before posting............ Have a super weekend. Etienne. P.S. Thanks for the further comments guy's.....much appreciated.
  15. Thanks chaps....as said previously, the fact that I am retired helps.....time is no problem. Polo, about those nose weights......I can’t say as I used tiny lead balls that utilises every available little nook and cranny. I also strengthened the nose gear. Bye for now.....