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  1. I've had both FS2004 (aka FS9) and FSX run fine on both Windows 8 and Windows 10. The problem comes with some of the addons.
  2. Sometime last year a nifty little freeware programme for X-Plane was released called Ortho4XP. It lets you create your own photoscenery using publically available data and orthographic imagery. I started poking around with it last month and was impressed by the results. I've now got all of Great Britain covered with ZL17 (1.2m resolution) photoscenery and combined it with the excellent GB Pro object placement scenery. Here's a sample of how it all looks: What's more I didn't have to spend a penny on this scenery. Pretty impressive really!
  3. After finishing the house work and cleaning out the parrots' cage I sat down for an hour or so with the game this afternoon... I didn't realise it was a x3 XP weekend. Sometimes I have an absolutely rotten session and seem to get killed very quickly and very often. Sometimes I have a good session and come away feeling pretty pleased. This afternoon was one of the latter I got a Mastery Badge for both the Pz III and Pz III/IV.... I just had the stock gun on my SU-152 and managed to unlock both of the better guns.... had a really good game in my Super Pershing.... and another pretty good one in the WZ-111. The last one in the WZ-111 was a reminder for me at least of how toxic the player base can be. On the enemy team was an IS-6 who was bullying an AMX 13 75 for an easy kill.... IS-6 had over extended without enough support from his team mates. I came screaming out of cover and put a HEAT round up his jacksie, setting his engine on fire. I then rounded the front and put another heat round into his lower front plate, killing him. This guy then wrote in the chat "Gold f****t. Get cancer" At the end of the game I sent him a message explaining that he was driving a tank that is known for having very good armour. I was driving a tank known for having a poor penetration gun. Therefore I wasn't going to oblige him by shooting regular AP rounds, of course I was going to load HEAT because that was the sensible thing to do. I then explained to him that if he hadn't been so stupid as to fixate on bullying the poor little AMX 13 75 he would have noticed that I had just killed the only tank that was supporting him (a T29) and would have realised that I was about to flank him. I then told him that whilst I won't "get cancer", he should perhaps focus on improving his skill in the game and that I hoped he enjoyed his golden shower.
  4. The Toldi is a "gift" tank, not a premium, there's a difference - basically a gift tank doesn't have the increased credit and XP income of a premium, but you can use it for crew training and earning free XP like an elited regular tank. It's not an easy tank to play to be honest. It is fairly mobile, but not spectacular. It has ok-ish armour. The gun has excellent penetration for a tier 3, but fairly low alpha and slow reload. Don't run off on your own with this tank, stick with your team mates and support them. Use lots of cover and use the high pen gun to pick off low health enemy tanks whilst they are distracted by your team mates. Were you playing the game over last summer? The gift tank for the 5th anniversary of the game was the BT-7 Artillery, which is a fantastic little tank and huge fun to play. FWIW I coughed up for the FV4202(P) this week. What can I say? I heard this was a bad tank but I'm a sucker for collectable tanks and British tanks... I also heard this tank received a buff in 4.12 so I thought I'd give it a punt. I've only played a few games but it's a pretty difficult tank to play..... It's too slow for a medium, it has bad armour, but it has a very high pen gun. Gun depression is pretty good so this is a tank that benefits from going hull down. Very much a support tank.... if the other team decides to focus on you in an FV4202(P) you won't last for very long... but that gun will give pause for thought to just about any other tier 8 or 9 tank.
  5. Haven't played World of Warships since early February... I've got the US BB line up to the New York, CL line up to the Cleveland and DD up to the Clemson, and a Bogue. The game still seems to be in a state of flux, especially with the significant changes to CVs recently. I've got a bunch of premiums (Tirpitz, Warspite, Atlanta, Imperator Nikolai, Murmansk, Kuzutov, Atago). I'm waiting for the Royal Navy tree to make its debut, then I imagine I'll get back into it proper. Until then I'll probably amuse myself with my premiums, hopefully have a big pile of free XP ready for when the RN line comes out.
  6. I went down the German arty line as far as the Grille, and the British one as far as the Birch Gun. You're right, it's just not very rewarding to play, very heavily RNG dependent. More importantly I just don't think arty adds anything worthwhile to the game. As I said, it's more about RNG than skill, it results in everyone hugging tall buildings and rocks for cover, and if you are driving a slow tank you become an arty magnet, or if the arty is using XVM they can specifically target the best players on the enemy team. There's a few ideas floating around about how the arty game mechanics might be changed to make them less infuriatingly RNG based and perhaps a bit more skill dependent. I think the current arty mechanics actually detract from the game. About the only time I actually like arty being in the game is when I'm in a fast tank like a PzIC or a Cromwell and I manage to sneak through the enemy team and run amok amongst their arty.
  7. I don't know, I must be lucky but I don't see anything like the amount of griefing and knobbers that everybody else seems to talk about. Actual griefing and team killers - very little. Far more often are the guys who get killed less than three minutes into the match and then spend the rest of the time on the battle chat calling the rest of their team "idiots", "noobs" or whatever. Also those guys who get their knickers in a twist when someone uses gold ammo "gold noob" - I just ask them if they enjoyed their golden shower. Finally the last one is those who start calling someone a hacker because their shot bounced or they got one shotted to their ammo rack. I ask these guys how can anybody "hack" a game where all these calculations are run server side? When someone is being a knob I find the rest of the team will actually do something... case in point a few days ago just as the battle started some guy in an ALC EMX starts insulting a guy on our team because he has a premium tank (I think it was an AMX CDC). Anyway, ELC guy eventually takes a shot at the CDC and tracks him. I'm driving an SU-152 and shoot the ELC guy, leaving him with about 5% health, at which point another of my team mates in a KV-2 comes screaming in at full speed and rams the ELC, killing him. Problem solved. More of a problem is just people being stupid. It's quite common - especially on the urban maps - for one of my team mates to drive out and stop right in front of me as I'm lining up a shot. Also the guys who park right behind you and block you reversing when you want to pop out of cover, shoot and then reverse back into cover. Light tanks that YOLO right at the start of the match... heavy tanks that sit on the base... people on the chat complaining that tank destroyers are camping and not running around like a medium (well, duh!). I've heard lots of stories about the test servers, especially people with NA server tags getting team killed by RU players. Honestly I don't expect WG will do anything about the behaviour of some players... not as long as the game is making money for them (apparently EU servers are their cash cows). Then again saying that they did quite surprisingly go to town with all the guys who were caught rigging missions to get the T-22 over Christmas - they all got 30 day bans, the tank removed from their account and blocked from ever acquiring it again. To be fair I think they need to ban the XVM mod (or at the very least give us the option to hide our game stats), move the meta away from maps that favour short range brawling tanks (i.e. Russian stronk tenks), and probably either totally remove SPGs, or dramatically change how they play. I used to be pretty indifferent to arty but lately I find it really is what the players on Reddit call "sky cancer" for the came.
  8. 9.14 was released yesterday, headline feature is the new physics engine. There's going to be a lot of light tanks on their sides in the coming weeks until everyone gets used to it. I was playing on Sand River yesterday with my Type 64 and was belting along at max speed. Suddenly a Jpz IV appears in front of me and I turned hard right to duck down into the wadi for cover. Rolled my tank over. Later on I was driving the T-34-85 on the same map and one of my team mates in a Skoda T-25 crested a dune too fast and rolled over. I managed to push him back upright again. For what it's worth if you're driving a fast and light tank exercise a lot of caution on Sand River I really like the KV-85, I found it was a nice comfortable grind up to the IS. What configuration are you playing it as? What play style? It's not a bully tank like the T-150 so don't put yourself in harm's way because it hasn't got the armour to stay alive long under fire. If you run with the 100mm gun then use it as a 2nd line support tank - accurate, high penetration and fast reload means you can hang back and support your team mates making the push. If you run it with the top 122mm gun then you need to get stuck right in with the peek-a-boom tactics. I can remember when the KV-1S was the tier 6 heavy and it was really OP and caused a lot of balance issues in most matches. They replaced it with the KV-85 and downgraded the KV-1S to an additional tier 5 that follows on from the KV-1. The KV-85 isn't a bad tank at tier 6 by any means, but it's not as good as the old KV-1S was. The KV-1S with the short 122mm at tier 5 is an absolute monster though - especially if you shoot HEAT.
  9. That was the Hetzer mounting the 105mm, gun rammer, binoculars and camo net. Stay back and remain hidden in the early part of the game. As the enemy team starts to take losses and their hitpoints are starting to get worn down you can use the Hetzer's speed and stealth to ambush and kill isolated tanks that have already taken damage.
  10. I play WoT on and off as time permits. I've only got ca 2,000 battles under my belt so I'm nowhere near the top tiers. I initially stuck to the German TD line (have got to Tier 7 with the Jagdpanther) but have since started out on various other lines as well and am having fun with those. Here's a few of my recent exploits: This last week or so I've been playing the KV-2 and T-150. The KV-2 is either terribly frustrating or brilliant fun. I think the introduction of the new Japanese heavy line, and the O-1 in particular has maybe taken away some of the KV-2's fun uniqueness. The T-150 is also a very underrated heavy at Tier 6. Last month I got myself a Cromwell and an Achilles. I like both, but the Achilles doesn't appear to like me. Very situational (like a lot of TDs I suppose). I'm currently grinding away at the VK3601(H) towards a Tiger, and if I can bear to go back to it at some point I'll dust off the VK3001(H) and grind towards the Panther. I just unlocked the KV-1S tonight and in the process elited my KV-1. I've got a lot of premiums, including quite a few that aren't available any more. The AT-15A is fantastic fun when top tier. However, I tend to stick to Tier 5/6 because at Tier 8 I appear to be out of my depth. At some point I want to get myself a Hellcat and T29. I also started playing World of Warships last month too. I'm currently playing the American line.... I have a fully upgraded Clemson, Phoenix and Wyoming. I also have a Murmansk, Atlanta and Tirpitz premiums. I'm playing them a lot to save up free XP for when the British line gets added.... The Atlanta is a monster....
  11. Thanks Neu, some interesting points to ponder. I'll write more tomorrow when I get a chance.
  12. Remember when India announced it had selected the Rafale for its MMRCA requirement? At the time it was said that although both Rafale and Typhoon met the technical requirements, Rafale was significantly cheaper and as such was selected. Quite a few eyebrows were raised at this and there was some speculation that Dassault had bid way below cost. Well check this out: Sources in India are saying that the cost of an Indian Rafale has increased by over 100% since it was announced as the winner of the MMRCA competition. Have Dassault done a Ryanair on the Indians and reeled them in with a low headline cost and then stung them with lots of hidden extras costs? Also interesting to note that Eurofighter will be having a presence at India's biggest trade airshow this year.
  13. I think that the AoA would only need to be increased to achieve the same lift if the true airspeed remains the same? The same indicated airspeed would yield the same AoA if all other factors were the same. I may be wrong though? Critical Mach, that sounds pretty plausible, and you're right this would be achieved sooner at higher altitude.
  14. The problem there being that the AWACS will be sitting pretty deep behind lots of air defences and pretty hard to get to. The Russians have some interesting ideas though involving very big missiles which home in on the AWACS' radar emissions... whether or not they can take them beyond a model at a trade show is another matter. I also seem to remember reading a few accounts of some upsets in exercises when the RAF contingent got uncomfortably close to the enemy AWACS. There is a train of thought that AWACS may be of less importance in the future, with the amount of datalinking going on it's possible that you could maybe get better coverage by simply having all the sensors on and above the battlespace sharing their data. It's also a lot more robust as you don't have a single high value asset which might be of interest to said big Russian missiles
  15. I even manage to win an argument with my wife on occasion! I'll have a better look at some of the other articles in that blog later, you may very well be right. To be fair I do think the Americans spend an unnecessary amount of money (to put it mildly) on defence, but as you say that's political and another discussion entirely. Still, I always find such dicussions interesting!