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  1. Eduard 1/72 Fw 190A-5 JG1

    Nice build, and with the right color on the JG 1 emblem. Cheers Jes
  2. Just finished this one fra AZ, build out of box, ok kit had some resin parts that did not fit well, brush painted witm Modelmaster paint, clear/mat lacquer with airbrush, decals from kit. Photo dok. from internet. Cheers Jes
  3. Help with identifying this Bf 109 f-4? /G-2?

    They have many of there photos online, so search for it https://www.iwm.org.uk/ cheers Jes
  4. Help with identifying this Bf 109 f-4? /G-2?

    The photo is also in "Die Jagdfliegerverbande der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1934 bis 1945, Teil 8/I" page 288. Here it is id. as a F-4 Trop. Looking at the picture in this book I can not see any fuelhatch at the top of fuselage, so no G. but then not sharpest photo. Ref. to original photo is given as IWM. so maybe you can find something there. Cheers Jes
  5. Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat

    Yes it is the one from Eduard. cheers Jes
  6. I have just completed this kit, a joy to build the fit was outstanding. Build out of box. Use after marked decal from Super Scale. Pint used was an old Humbrol tin maybe 40 years old no 181 applied by airbrush. Actually strange to see a WW2 plane in gloss paint. And also a photo of the real thing, as my rule is i never build a model that i do not have a photo of. Cheers Jes
  7. F-86E, Academy, 1/72

    I used this one http://www.dpcasper.cz/obtisky72014.html cheers Jes
  8. UH-1C Huey

    Just finished this one build out of the box, for my Vietnam collection. Just refined the decals a bit to show the as on real thing. cheers Jes
  9. Just finished this one, build out of box, with DP Casper decals from the pakistani/India war. cheers Jes
  10. Just finished this one, build out of box, only removed escapehatch between the tracks that was wrong. Finished it of as the one on original photo. Cheers Jes
  11. Mosquito, 333. Sqd.

    Thanks. Now also problems with flicker, getting more and more difficult to link photoes. cheers Jes
  12. I have just finished these 2 Mosquito's, they are build out of the box, from this rater old and very basic set. I have used decals from the Aviaeology, with 333 sqd decal, with Norwigian pilots. Found the way, to share photo cheers Jes
  13. I love the interesting and rare schemes that you find, and always document as well. Cheers Jes
  14. Bristol Beaufighter Mk. IV F

    I used the mk 10 kit, and this reference book very good Bristol Beaufighter: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller by Richard A. Franks I have a small hint when mount the engine on the wing first, it makes the instalation of the enigine cowling much easier, do not do like the drawing. cheers Jes
  15. Have just finished this one from Airfix new range of very nice kits, build out of the box one with aftermarked decals from OWL. cheers Jes