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  1. I love the interesting and rare schemes that you find, and always document as well. Cheers Jes
  2. Bristol Beaufighter Mk. IV F

    I used the mk 10 kit, and this reference book very good Bristol Beaufighter: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller by Richard A. Franks I have a small hint when mount the engine on the wing first, it makes the instalation of the enigine cowling much easier, do not do like the drawing. cheers Jes
  3. Have just finished this one from Airfix new range of very nice kits, build out of the box one with aftermarked decals from OWL. cheers Jes
  4. Grumman Wildcat

    No, way to difficult and time consuming, do not have the pasience for that
  5. Recently finished this lovely little kit from Airfix, joy to build Build out of box, with aftermarked decals from DP Casper. Cheers Jes
  6. Dornier Do 17Z-10

    it is is ICM. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/940544-icm-72303-do-17z-10 cheers Jes
  7. Just finished this one build of of box, quit a nice kit good fit. Cheers Jes
  8. Finally got this row of Bf-109's ready, they where intended to have been ready for the closure of the 109 GB, but only managed to get 2 finished, as my modelling spirit has not been there lately , but now they are here. All build out of box, G-6 from Hasegawa. G-14 from AZ-models. and also a jubilee with bf-109 no. 200. Cheers Jes
  9. Just finished this one, it has been on the shlve og DOOM for some time , but finally finished it with homemade zimmerit, made from milliputty. otherwise OOb. It was a preprodution vechiale so used for scooling. Cheers Jes
  10. Il-2

    Just finished this one build oot of the box, very nice kit fit is super from academy. Brush painted with humbrol, claer and satin from Alclad by airbrush. Cheers Jes
  11. Gallery

    I only managed to get 2 ready for the deadline, have not had the modelling spirit this summer . The rest got as far as can be seen. cheers Jes
  12. So now the factory has finished this batch of planes and are delivered to the paint shop. A small change of planes has taken place as i found out that Uffz. F.Dyk plane was a Erla build G-10 so not possibel to build, so been changed to 10. (N)/ JG 300, " Mosquito hunter", pilot unknown, Jg 300 II, p. 61 cheers Jes
  13. Started on the G-6 production line from Hasegawa, and they are just falling together great fit Also going forward with the AZ models, some attention has to be take to the fit here it can be seen that i have to insert plastic card to get the wings to fit fuselage cheers Jes
  14. Started on the AZ, kits, as has been written some trimming is needed to get the cockpit insert to fit as it is to wide for the fuselage, also the wings need a strip of plasticcard to connect to the fuselage. cheers Jes