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  1. Thanks for all the kind remarks, cheers Jes
  2. Just finish these recently for the MTO GB. Cheers Jes
  3. Very interesting GB lot of good entries cheers Jes,
  4. just finished this one, to late for the GB, and this was not the easiest of builds cheers Jes
  5. Finished just in time cheers Jes And this one to in time cheers Jes
  6. Well here for the people. The artickle in Jet und Prop is written by Peter Rodeike, who is a highly respected historian and researcher. This image i found on some Ebay auction i think. cheers Jes
  7. I have just completed this new kit from Airfix, I think that Airfix has done a very good job on this kit and it fits very well. I chosen to convert it to a Z-7 nightfighter using the OWL conversion set. I have used a lot of time on researching the camoflage scheme, first I contacted Owl asking for a reference photo documentation that the scheme in the decals offering was correct, but did give a weak answer that they could publish photo bla.bla. My own research had give me the conclution that the overall black scheme I quistionable, base on the photo published in Luftwaffe im Focus 10, from Start Verlag, and the fact that only 3 aircrafts was converted to Z-7, comparing the spinners and the placement of NJG shield I also backup the finding that Axel Urbanke claims that this aircraft is R4+HK. So I have gone for a 70/71/65 scheme thats has been overpainted in black on undersurface and sides. A thing that was not in the conversion kit from OWL was the armoured glass on the front of the cocktit I had scratch something here, and also the FUG under the fuselage. cheers Jes
  8. Just got the new release with the mail, a few days ago, so this GB was a good opportunity to get it started. Fit is actually very good, and asemply progressed quit quickly, this was acieved i just 1 hour of building. There are of course no guilding pins etc, but i find that overall detail is nicely done. cheers Jes
  9. Started on the paint job cheers Jes
  10. cheers Jes
  11. Just in time finished today cheers Jes
  12. So managed to get this one finisheh after change of plan Cheers Jes