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  1. Just got the new release with the mail, a few days ago, so this GB was a good opportunity to get it started. Fit is actually very good, and asemply progressed quit quickly, this was acieved i just 1 hour of building. There are of course no guilding pins etc, but i find that overall detail is nicely done. cheers Jes
  2. Started on the paint job cheers Jes
  3. cheers Jes
  4. Just in time finished today cheers Jes
  5. So managed to get this one finisheh after change of plan Cheers Jes
  6. Just finished oob, of Airfix new nice kit Cheers Jes
  7. Just got of the work bench, build oob. Very nice kit with good fit. with a interresting story cheers Jes
  8. Well I am a great fan of Bf-109's as well my collection stands at 196 and still have a lot in the stash. All build with reference and documentation of pilot name and unit. here is a photo of them at an model show in copenhagen recently. cheers Jes
  9. So started on the paint job, first coat on upper surface, i am mostly at brush painter using good old Humbrol paint. always applying 2 coats. think that is the 4 tone scheme and black ?? Tony ?? cheers Jes
  10. Allmost ready for paint, canopy attached taped up left to dry, also modified the collector rings, thanks chris cheers Jes
  11. Another one for Malta battle, well know ace M√ľnchenberg of JG26 that was engaged in the Malta battle for a short period. Build a lot of these ICM kit that are copies of the Tamiya kit, so no need for drawing cheers Jes
  12. Put on the wings, actually quit easy due to the way airfix have made the kit. cheers Jes
  13. Thanks for the advice, have not noticed that cheers Jes
  14. Well now you know how to go ahead, after your difficulties with the first ones, I think that your book is very good, a super combination of history and modellers references profiles with reference photo , other profile/decal producers could learn from that, very few do like you. Some further progress Engines build, cowling need a bit of work Undercarriage let to dry cheers Jes