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  1. Although I don't actually fulfill the role of slave to any cats at the moment, I do miss the little furry gits. It's an ongoing joke in my life that I've lost more cats to ex-girlfriends than I've had girlfriends. Thankfully the wife isn't a slave to one, but her family are the proud servants to a particularly daft one called Murphy. Murphy is scared of everything - pillows, cushions, carrier bags, shoes, plates, cutlery, the cat flap, his shadow... recently I yawned and it caused a mad scurry and a cat, crouching very low to the floor, running out of the lounge as fast as his crouching legs could take him. the list goes on and on. He's recently taken to pooing on the in-laws landing... not that he's ill, next door have got the builders in and it's just too much for him to take. We have a few cats on our road though, one particular grey and white one is the friendliest little one I've ever met. So friendly that it is continually performing invasions into our house. Much to the absolute dismay of my OCD suffering wife! Cats eh? Don't you just love them?
  2. This is exactly what divorce in a box looks like. I need one... the kit that is - not a divorce!
  3. I know, the entire thing has been a bit of a joke really. That said though, we'll soon be getting our hands on them! Not long to go now... I might start a Sopwith Pup as a prelude to their arrival! Chris
  4. That's correct Dave, in it's current format. what I will hopefully do (if I ever get 5 mins!) is run it as a seperate website with hyperlinks, and easier to use. In the meantime, I intend to update tomorrow with a few more submissions! Thank you very much everybody for them, I will get them on the list tomorrow, sadly Sophie isn't feeling too hot tonight, so I'm taking care of her! Thanks again, keep 'em coming! And Mike!!! Can you pin/sticky/whatever this thread please??? Chris
  5. Hi John, Thank you very much! There's not too much left to do - the floats and decals are the main things but there's a few small details to add still and a little bit of weathering too. will post further update as soon as possible!! Chris
  6. Thank you very much everyone, I've sprayed on a gloss coat and left them alone now. sadly it's an early start for me tomorrow as I'm in for a day at work, but might get some decals put on later this week! Also will need to weather the fuselage a little bit too before I can attach the wings on. Thanks for for your comments everybody! Chris
  7. Thanks Mike, I'm just about to add a couple more in now! I'll have a think about the format when I get some time as the original post is getting quite large! Just as a thought though, is there any chance you might consider making this a pinned topic Mike please? That way, people can easily find and locate it!! Thanks - update coming soon! Chris
  8. First of all, John and Pheonix, thank you very much for your comments. I suspect you're quite right John, I've bitten the bug to a large scale now and am really enjoying this build!! It's been a good few days since I posted anything on here, however, work has been progressing. I've spent the last week really doing jobs around the house, but in my spare time I've managed to get the underside of the wings completed. So, here's a little bit more detail as to how I've done it. First of all, I paint the wing in Gunze Randome. It's a nice neutral colour, not a million miles off a linen type shade. I got for a rough coat here, because a lot more detail will be added in the next stages: When this is dry, I do a thin coat of Gunze Sail colour in a random pattern in order to add a shading effect into the mix already: I then mask off the ribs with various widths of Tamiya masking tape, in order prevent any form of overspray: Then I sprayed this with a thinned layer of Gunze off-white. This is how it turns out with the masking tape removed: I then use Humbrol weathering powder along each rib. This is intentionally a bit too heavy: Then an overspray of very thinned Randome (50/50 mix) and a very small touching up of the ribs with a subtle hint more of powder and this is how it ends up: What I like about this technique is that when it's viewed from a distance, the ribs are very subtle - however, as you get closer, the whiter shade of the ribs are visible as shown by this distance shot against a close up of the elevators: Anyway, that's all for now... please pass any criticism and comments - this is really the first time I've done this, so any feedback is very much appreciated! Chris
  9. So I've added a few more to the list this morning. What I really need from you guys is the names, addresses, and contact details of each shop that is missing if you have them please!! That way, I can get this list a bit more complete as a reference for us all! Many thanks, Chris
  10. I have finally started updating this topic! Sorry about the delay chaps!! Chris
  11. A while ago, I created a thread with all the links to as many local shops as I could possibly get from everyone on here. If I get 10 mins later, I'll update the thread with some of these on here! chris
  12. Hi Pat, thank you you very much. As my first Wingnut kit, I'm really enjoying building it. My impressions are on a par with the top models out there... and more importantly, it's very enjoyable to build. The tolerances are rigidly tight and even the smallest bit of paint creates a joining nightmare! anyway, not sure how much more I'll get done on this today. I've just microsol'd (is that even a verb?) the decals to get them to sit tighter in and now it's time to wait for a bit!!! I wouldn't say it's a hangar - more like a spatially unaware room with hundreds of kits littered around!!!! Chris
  13. Thanks Mark - I hope that Leffe tastes good tonight. I can safely say that the curry was as superb as always!!
  14. Thank you very much... I'm still learning and this is only my first ever WNW kit - but it really will not be the last (thankfully... considering the number I have stashed up!!!) Chris
  15. Thanks Duncan - I'm not sure if liking your post constitutes a thanks or if not, so I might as well write it. The resolution on the picture of the engine isn't great - it does look better in real life, but thank you for your kind comments!! Chris