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  1. Thanks Duncan.... i can only hope none of our respective wives/girlfriends read this thread now! chris
  2. Duncan, after all this excitement, I'd totally forgotten that I haven't told the wife that I've got 5 on order. What would the readers of this thread recommend as the best way to get this rather large package past a pregnant (and emotional!) wife?
  3. Likewise! It's coming soon!!
  4. Guys, Can I make one rectification on Clarke Gable? He flew 5 missions in total, with the 351st bomb group personnel, with 4 out of RAF Polebrook and the first out of RAF Molesworth. 1) 4 May 1943, when Gable accompanied 351st group commander Lt. Col. William A. Hatcher before the 351st became operational, on 303rd Bomb Group aircraft out of Molesworth to bomb the Ford and General Motors plants in Antwerp. B-17 was The 8 Ball MK II (s/n 41-24635). 2) 10 July 1943, flown out of Polebrook, flying with Second Lt. Theodore Argiropulos of the 351st's 508th Bomb Squadron in Argonaut III (42-29851) to bomb the airfield at Villcoublay, France. 3) 24 July 1943, in Argonaut III as the lead aircraft of the 351st, with group executive officer Lt.Col. Robert W. Burns. Target was the Norsk Hydro plants in Heroya, Norway. 4) 12 August 1943, target was a synthetic oil plant at Gelsenkirchen, joining 351st operations officer Maj. Theodore "Ross" Milton and Capt. John B. Carraway's crew in Ain't It Gruesome (42-29863). They group bombed Bochum in Germany, Due to bad weather, 11 b-17s from the 351st suffered battle damage, one crash-landed on return, and the group's crews suffered one killed and seven injured. This mission provided Clarke's famous anecdote when A 20mm shell came up through Aint It Gruesome's flight deck, cut off the heel from Gable's boot, and exited one foot from his head, all without exploding. Afterward, the crew noticed the fifteen holes in the aircraft, and Gable noticed his boot. Brushing off concern with reporters, Gable claimed, "I didn't know it had happened. I didn't know anything about it until we had dropped eleven thousand feet, and could get off oxygen and look around. Only then did I see the hole" 5) 23rd September 1943: Gable's final combat mission was an early morning strike to the port area of Nantes, France, on 23 September 1943 out of Polebrook. He flew with Lt. Col. Burns and 510th Bomb Squadron commander Maj. John Blaylock, leading the 351st in The Dutchess (42-29925). it was in the during this mission that Gable manned a gun in the nose. The footage from these missions was edited and used in the film "Combat America", a propaganda tool to recruit air crew, but if you get the chance, it is an outstanding piece of colour film and well worth a watch. Gable had wanted to do more than 5 missions but orders from above sent him home, to protect him. He had also been waiting on a 2nd assignment but it never materialised due to D-Day. Hope this helps someone somewhere, But my point is that on the sheet above with Clarke Gable's aircraft on, I cannot find any reference to any further missions being flown anywhere aside from the 1st with 351st personnel out of Molesworth, and the remaining 4 out of Polebrook with the 351st bomb group. Chris - grew up in the village of Polebrook!
  5. Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Said in the true manner of an excited child!
  6. I'd never deal with those magazine part build kits - but - that looks superb.
  7. Wahey! they are nearly here now - and I really cannot wait! Duncan, thank you so much for keeping us so well updated.
  8. Hi John, just a quick message - is this set still available by any chance? I'd be very interested in purchasing a set! Thank you very much, Chris
  9. I really love those photos. Will be checking out your website. Thanks for these! Chris
  10. Wow. Duncan, any chance we could arrange to get an escort for these kits please?? I'll have a dig down the back of the sofa to see what I can find to help raise the money!!! Chris
  11. Although I don't actually fulfill the role of slave to any cats at the moment, I do miss the little furry gits. It's an ongoing joke in my life that I've lost more cats to ex-girlfriends than I've had girlfriends. Thankfully the wife isn't a slave to one, but her family are the proud servants to a particularly daft one called Murphy. Murphy is scared of everything - pillows, cushions, carrier bags, shoes, plates, cutlery, the cat flap, his shadow... recently I yawned and it caused a mad scurry and a cat, crouching very low to the floor, running out of the lounge as fast as his crouching legs could take him. the list goes on and on. He's recently taken to pooing on the in-laws landing... not that he's ill, next door have got the builders in and it's just too much for him to take. We have a few cats on our road though, one particular grey and white one is the friendliest little one I've ever met. So friendly that it is continually performing invasions into our house. Much to the absolute dismay of my OCD suffering wife! Cats eh? Don't you just love them?
  12. This is exactly what divorce in a box looks like. I need one... the kit that is - not a divorce!
  13. I know, the entire thing has been a bit of a joke really. That said though, we'll soon be getting our hands on them! Not long to go now... I might start a Sopwith Pup as a prelude to their arrival! Chris
  14. That's correct Dave, in it's current format. what I will hopefully do (if I ever get 5 mins!) is run it as a seperate website with hyperlinks, and easier to use. In the meantime, I intend to update tomorrow with a few more submissions! Thank you very much everybody for them, I will get them on the list tomorrow, sadly Sophie isn't feeling too hot tonight, so I'm taking care of her! Thanks again, keep 'em coming! And Mike!!! Can you pin/sticky/whatever this thread please??? Chris
  15. Hi John, Thank you very much! There's not too much left to do - the floats and decals are the main things but there's a few small details to add still and a little bit of weathering too. will post further update as soon as possible!! Chris