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  1. I'm back...

    Thank you very much for your kind words everyone! It seems to be a real mix - some people get some done, some people get none done. i'll be moving into smaller scale models (1/72) with any luck and leaving my WW1 stuff well alone. That doesn't mean, Beardie, that my WNW will be going spare! 😂 Nice try though!! Chris
  2. I'm back...

    Hello everybody, No I hadn't gone away, I was literally just snowed under by requests for work! With our family about to start in the next few weeks, I've been constantly building wardrobes, furniture, decorating, swearing, drinking or a combination of the above. Work has also been keeping me on my toes too, and I can't wait for some quieter times to happen, although with the impending baby, I suspect I'll be waiting for a good few years!! So... first question is: has anybody been able to successfully continue modelling with a newborn baby lurking around the place? And secondly... what have I missed? All the very best one and all, Chris
  3. F-4J (UK) Phantom

    Ok then chaps, I haven't been on for a while and have a whole stack of messages to catch up on, so please bear with me! I'm doing a Tamiya 1/32 F4-J uk and have pretty much got to the point of painting it. Whereas I have a match for all the colour specified, and it looks ok to my eyes in the jar, could somebody please confirm to me that the inner wings were indeed a different colour to the fuselage? I've seen photos of ZE359 which seems to show that the inner wings and fuselage were the same colour (along with leading and trailing edges of wings) with the outer wings being a different colour? I'm assuming this is either an anomaly on theis specific aircraft or a trick of the light on the film? I've my 3 colours selected to represent the aircraft in question, but before I go launching into airbrushing, I thought I would ask! Many thanks Chris
  4. 1/32 Phantom intakes - or lack of them!

    Hi everybody, Just a quick one as I've tried searching the forums but didn't quite get the answer to what I'm looking for! I'm making the Tamiya 1/32 Phantom at the moment and the horror that is the intakes has come to my attention. I was wondering if anybody could advise if I can get a set of seemless intakes anywhere for this kit? I can't work with the ones in the kit already, and I'm sure a milliput layer would end up in much more swearing that I intend to do! Thank you very much, Chris
  5. The WNW Camel is coming!

    So, I got back from work at around 3:30 today and found a huge box had been delivered and was waiting for me in the hallway. The kits are everything that I had hoped for - as always with WNW, a state of the art kit with great instructions and beautifully crafted pieces. Thank you to Duncan for a brilliant service. However, the main reason for writing is the wonderfully personal touch that Duncan and his packing VP (as he lovingly calls her!) provided. As some of you will know, me and my wife are expecting our first Baby in September. It's a very exciting time and neither of us can wait to be parents. But on top of the very well packed kits, there was a separate little paper envelope - which I proceeded to open and found a wonderful hand knitted baby cardigan. An amazing gift that took me very much by surprise. I've been told by Sophie to say that if all goes well with the remainder of the pregnancy, we will send over a photo as soon as our little bundle has the Cardigan on!! Such service is virtually unheard of in these times, and I was incredibly touched by this gesture. So thank you very much Duncan for the incredible service. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and you've got my future business guaranteed now. Superb in many many ways. Thank you very very much.
  6. The WNW Camel is coming!

    I think mine will be with me on Monday now - made it to Coventry but hasn't made it out of the hub yet! probably for the best - I've got plenty of other things to finish first!! Chris
  7. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Blackmail! I call foul and charge you with buying me the Duallists Boxing as it's my birthday in 2 weeks! 😂
  8. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Thanks Duncan.... i can only hope none of our respective wives/girlfriends read this thread now! chris
  9. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Duncan, after all this excitement, I'd totally forgotten that I haven't told the wife that I've got 5 on order. What would the readers of this thread recommend as the best way to get this rather large package past a pregnant (and emotional!) wife?
  10. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Likewise! It's coming soon!!
  11. Stars in the Sky!

    Guys, Can I make one rectification on Clarke Gable? He flew 5 missions in total, with the 351st bomb group personnel, with 4 out of RAF Polebrook and the first out of RAF Molesworth. 1) 4 May 1943, when Gable accompanied 351st group commander Lt. Col. William A. Hatcher before the 351st became operational, on 303rd Bomb Group aircraft out of Molesworth to bomb the Ford and General Motors plants in Antwerp. B-17 was The 8 Ball MK II (s/n 41-24635). 2) 10 July 1943, flown out of Polebrook, flying with Second Lt. Theodore Argiropulos of the 351st's 508th Bomb Squadron in Argonaut III (42-29851) to bomb the airfield at Villcoublay, France. 3) 24 July 1943, in Argonaut III as the lead aircraft of the 351st, with group executive officer Lt.Col. Robert W. Burns. Target was the Norsk Hydro plants in Heroya, Norway. 4) 12 August 1943, target was a synthetic oil plant at Gelsenkirchen, joining 351st operations officer Maj. Theodore "Ross" Milton and Capt. John B. Carraway's crew in Ain't It Gruesome (42-29863). They group bombed Bochum in Germany, Due to bad weather, 11 b-17s from the 351st suffered battle damage, one crash-landed on return, and the group's crews suffered one killed and seven injured. This mission provided Clarke's famous anecdote when A 20mm shell came up through Aint It Gruesome's flight deck, cut off the heel from Gable's boot, and exited one foot from his head, all without exploding. Afterward, the crew noticed the fifteen holes in the aircraft, and Gable noticed his boot. Brushing off concern with reporters, Gable claimed, "I didn't know it had happened. I didn't know anything about it until we had dropped eleven thousand feet, and could get off oxygen and look around. Only then did I see the hole" 5) 23rd September 1943: Gable's final combat mission was an early morning strike to the port area of Nantes, France, on 23 September 1943 out of Polebrook. He flew with Lt. Col. Burns and 510th Bomb Squadron commander Maj. John Blaylock, leading the 351st in The Dutchess (42-29925). it was in the during this mission that Gable manned a gun in the nose. The footage from these missions was edited and used in the film "Combat America", a propaganda tool to recruit air crew, but if you get the chance, it is an outstanding piece of colour film and well worth a watch. Gable had wanted to do more than 5 missions but orders from above sent him home, to protect him. He had also been waiting on a 2nd assignment but it never materialised due to D-Day. Hope this helps someone somewhere, But my point is that on the sheet above with Clarke Gable's aircraft on, I cannot find any reference to any further missions being flown anywhere aside from the 1st with 351st personnel out of Molesworth, and the remaining 4 out of Polebrook with the 351st bomb group. Chris - grew up in the village of Polebrook!
  12. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Said in the true manner of an excited child!
  13. Handley Page 0/400 1:32 scale

    I'd never deal with those magazine part build kits - but - that looks superb.
  14. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Wahey! they are nearly here now - and I really cannot wait! Duncan, thank you so much for keeping us so well updated.
  15. Halifax Merlins

    Hi John, just a quick message - is this set still available by any chance? I'd be very interested in purchasing a set! Thank you very much, Chris