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  1. And they've gone off the Weta website again now.
  2. I'm of the same opinion as PDH right now, when I did the sums, I found it at least £20 more expensive per kit than Hannants, which does include postage costs. However, if this meant a guaranteed kit delivery, and the Weta dollars for future purchases, it might be tempting to pay slightly more and accept it. That said though, I remain totally split as to be the best way to go about getting them at the moment. Or if indeed, I should get the duallists boxing bearing in mind I have the LVG already. decisions... decisions! Chris
  3. Beardie, I'm going to chance the big H here. At £20 difference per kit, it's not insignificant - and Weta want to charge individual postage for each kit. Something that can be hopefully be avoided. although it entirely depends on how many people have also pre-ordered too and stock they get in? i've gone for the 5 but not the duallists. I'm sure we can work quite well on one kidney? Right?
  4. And if anyone is still interested, they all just appeared on Weta for pre-order too.
  5. P, thank you very much for the tip off on these, that's brilliant. Just put my pre-order in now... I wonder how many are going to be in stock at hannants when they eventually get them? Agree, that's the way. thanks again, Chris
  6. Hi everybody, I'm not entirely sure where to put this at the moment, but I figured that the Flight Simulator section was as good a bet as any! I've just been doing an almighty spring clean, and found a whole selection of old approach charts that were used during my training for a lot of airports around Europe - including Amsterdam, Paris, Malaga etc... and an old Jeppesen Airways manual. It's a very extensive list of European and UK airports, and I've even got some in duplicate/triplicate. These will be much more use to someone else than they are to me, and as such I was wondering if anybody might be interested at all? Please PM me for more details. Cheers to all, Chris
  7. Ahh Mark, they are brilliant. And I keep on finding new modelling uses for them too!! I need to to get some more in the new year, but they are brilliant and really make rigging a bit more straight forward! Thanks bob!
  8. A very happy new year to all BMers out there, far and wide! I hope you you all have a great 2017. see you in in the new year!! chris
  9. A little note just appeared on the website saying that they are on holiday from the 23rd until the 9th January... so therefore, shall we assume that the kits will be on sale from then - if, of course, they don't make an appearance tonight? Chris
  10. I've finished the Christmas shopping now and actually have some funds left over! Not that I have saved on anyone's presents though... if if it is released tomorrow, I'll be straight in there! $79 is a lot better than I thought.
  11. As the morning is going by, There are a few thoughts which are creeping into my mind more and more. First of all, it'a a very comprehensive set of releases. It really explains why WNW have been so quiet this year whilst they've been researching these releases. 6 in total is incredible and should give a complete range of Camels in service. Obviously this series has taken up all their available resources over the last year with the detail and thought process going into each kit. As such, my thoughts really are that this is not a company that is just on the verge on winding down, and in turn represents a huge leap forward for them. In many ways, I think we've been very spoilt with these releases now and what seemed like a Dry spell from them has turned into something else entirely. So well done to WNW. This really is something else entirely and I cannot wait to get my grubby hands on them as and when I'm allowed to! But it doesn't look like a sea song, but more like they are raising the bar of their releases even more. Secondly, they are beautiful. Really beautiful kits... I wonder how long these will exist for before they sell out? Thirdly... my wallet still hasn't recovered from this shock to the system! Ouch! Chris
  12. I think my wallet just exploded. That is amazing news. Something for everyone in that lot!!!!
  13. Ok John, you've got my attention. Beautiful work so far!! Following with great interest...
  14. Leeds is an interesting airport. Birmingham can also be quite interesting too!
  15. I can assure you she is very aware of the stash and doesn't really understand it, but accepts it. Do any of us really understand our stashes though? Mine is an entity that seems to spawn new kits for no fathomable reason, and ends up with me looking at it for hours and hours before deciding that I don't actually know what to make. thanks for the good wishes guys!!