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  1. A Bit of WNW speculation

    And after all that, the answer is... a Junkers D1. I’m happy with that! Chris
  2. A Bit of WNW speculation

    Duncan, The middle ground is if there was a safe way to get a box, the size of a 1/32 0/400 into the house without my wife finding out (or indeed financially!), then i’m all ears!!! my budget has been cut substantially - in between the baby and losing my job (back working again now!), but I am still allowed WNW kits. Now to just scrape the money back together again... I did see some old Monarch pilot uniforms going for £500 on eBay. That would cover a 0/400 surely?? 😊 Chris
  3. A Bit of WNW speculation

    That comes as part of a special deal - buy one, get a divorce included.
  4. Worst model quality?

    Once at a car boot sale, I found a little Cyrillic box with a picture of an F-16 on the front - and although my knowledge of cryptic isn’t good, it did indeed say F-16. upon opening the box, the pieces were there and looked correct according to the instructions. But it certainly wasn’t an F-16. In fact, I have no idea what it was. And I’ve never found another one anywhere. So to me, the mystery of this kit continues. I’ve got all the Rosen He111s to do. They keep on winking at me... Chris
  5. A Bit of WNW speculation

    I agree Gary - WNW have a tendency to go off onto the more interesting types. The DR1 and a Spad would almost certainly be great sellers too - as were the Camels - but there is an aspect that says they won’t go down that line. In a way, I think a BE2C is a more likely bet to be honest. Chris
  6. A Bit of WNW speculation

    So then... this cheeky little gem appeared a couple of weeks ago: http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3180 Let the speculation commence as what they are about to announce! My guesses would be either BE2c or Fokker DR1. Chris
  7. Early B-17 internal colours

    Thanks Tom, I believed that the Bombardiers compartment was also alleged to have been a control zone too - although I was backing this up from photos in Black and White of an early B-17 model - whether it was a B,C or indeed D, I have no idea. What I could genuinely say was that the photo quality wasn't too great, and relied heavily on interpretation - hence the assumption that I had come up with. Could this be the soundproofing? Also the photo sites this is from a B-17E. Which in my honest, and humble opinion, it is not. It could have been from a prototype E maybe? But my suspicion is this is more likely to be a B-D model? Thoughts?
  8. Early B-17 internal colours

    That is brilliant guys. Thank you very much. Answers everything brilliantly. Great photo Junchan... exactly what I was after. So bronze green flight deck and nose/radio compartment, metal in rear fuselage seems to be the answer. Really appreciate the answers, thank you very much!
  9. Early B-17 internal colours

    Hi Joesph, i’ll Have a look into that. Thank you very much - I think that might be where I got my initial reference from in the first place, but I’ll have a read. Given the size and the scale of the early b-17 windows in the academy kit, it might be that the zinc chromate details might get missed off, but we’ll see. Thank you very much Chris
  10. Monarch ceases trading

    I’m sorry I’m slightly late to this thread - the last couple of months have been truly terrible (we had a 4 week old baby on the 2nd October), resulting in a lot of stress. I was formerly based in Birmingham with Monarch on the Airbus fleet. We had 1 737ng based in Birmingham too, and the crew have seemingly all found new homes too. Ryanair were not interested in First Officers, only Captains and they got a slightly preferential deal - they didn’t need to pay for their own ratings, uk based etc... Virgin took a good few (50 out of the 450 pilots) - sadly I had an interview there, but was really not on top form - stress and nerves for the better of me. Quite a few guys are off to Primera Air from Birmingham and a decent number have gone to Wizz out of Luton. I’m also very happy to report that I start with DHL UK next Wednesday, on the 757 based out of East Midlands (next door to Clifton curios!). So it’ll be night work, but hopefully very stable and we’ll never have to go through what we just have had to. It’s been horrific. The details of Monarch going pop will rumble on for a good while yet - but at the end of the day, we just couldn’t compete. Ryanair can make £10 profit on each flight and it mounts up. Monarch had 36ish aircraft - and couldn’t match up to such financials sadly. Chris
  11. Early B-17 internal colours

    Good evening everybody, I’m wondering If anybody in this forum might possibly be able to advise me? Currently having gone through a lull, I’m now in the middle of a mono rush. It won’t be too long lived as I start my new job next Wednesday (changing to a freight dog on the 757!). Anyway, I digress. My question relates to the internal colours of the early B-17 models (B-D). I’ve found a resource which claims the inside of the rear fuselage was the infamous zinc chromate yellow primer, with the cockpit, radio and nose compartments being bronze green and the bomb bay being natural metal? I was wondering if anybody might be able to either prove, or indeed, disprove this? I have seen a single photo somewhere that seems to back up the later model statements: green in nose, cockpit and radio, natural metal in other areas, but was the yellow zinc chromate ever left uncovered in any location on the aircraft? Would anybody be be able to advise? Thank you very much, Chris
  12. WNW Dolphin

    Ow. My wallet just got lump hammered.
  13. F-4J (UK) Phantom

    Ok then chaps, I haven't been on for a while and have a whole stack of messages to catch up on, so please bear with me! I'm doing a Tamiya 1/32 F4-J uk and have pretty much got to the point of painting it. Whereas I have a match for all the colour specified, and it looks ok to my eyes in the jar, could somebody please confirm to me that the inner wings were indeed a different colour to the fuselage? I've seen photos of ZE359 which seems to show that the inner wings and fuselage were the same colour (along with leading and trailing edges of wings) with the outer wings being a different colour? I'm assuming this is either an anomaly on theis specific aircraft or a trick of the light on the film? I've my 3 colours selected to represent the aircraft in question, but before I go launching into airbrushing, I thought I would ask! Many thanks Chris
  14. 1/32 Phantom intakes - or lack of them!

    Hi everybody, Just a quick one as I've tried searching the forums but didn't quite get the answer to what I'm looking for! I'm making the Tamiya 1/32 Phantom at the moment and the horror that is the intakes has come to my attention. I was wondering if anybody could advise if I can get a set of seemless intakes anywhere for this kit? I can't work with the ones in the kit already, and I'm sure a milliput layer would end up in much more swearing that I intend to do! Thank you very much, Chris
  15. The WNW Camel is coming!

    So, I got back from work at around 3:30 today and found a huge box had been delivered and was waiting for me in the hallway. The kits are everything that I had hoped for - as always with WNW, a state of the art kit with great instructions and beautifully crafted pieces. Thank you to Duncan for a brilliant service. However, the main reason for writing is the wonderfully personal touch that Duncan and his packing VP (as he lovingly calls her!) provided. As some of you will know, me and my wife are expecting our first Baby in September. It's a very exciting time and neither of us can wait to be parents. But on top of the very well packed kits, there was a separate little paper envelope - which I proceeded to open and found a wonderful hand knitted baby cardigan. An amazing gift that took me very much by surprise. I've been told by Sophie to say that if all goes well with the remainder of the pregnancy, we will send over a photo as soon as our little bundle has the Cardigan on!! Such service is virtually unheard of in these times, and I was incredibly touched by this gesture. So thank you very much Duncan for the incredible service. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and you've got my future business guaranteed now. Superb in many many ways. Thank you very very much.