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  1. First time with resin...

    Aires resin is beautiful, but a pain to mount, because, as you mention, a lot of dry fitting, sanding (fuselage and resin parts) is necessary to get a good fit. I think it's because of the thickness of the plastic, because in reality, the walls aren't that thick. On the other hand, somebody will say that the cockpit is underscale when it's made to fit directly... An F-16 has a large canopy, so some dials "can" be visible. Just paint the surface for the dials white (kit part or resin part), prepaint the PE, use some thinned PVA to glue the acetate film to the PE, then you have time to line it all up. then pick up the pieces and do the same to align the instruments. PVA is strong enough, but when force is applied from the sides it gets loose. When not sure you can add a bit of CA at the borders (place a drop thin CA on a carrier, take a small copper wire (0.1mm), pull it through the CA and touch the borders of the pieces, that should do it, without getting a lot of gluestains. Eventually you can add a PVA-drop in the holes of the dials and let them dry to fill them up a bit and replicate the glass again. Ordering a replacement from tamiya san is expensive... Once started, there's almost no way back
  2. Greeting from Belgium

    thx, hey Roy, that Welkin is a beautiful aircraft ;-), and you see them Spitfires allover ;-)
  3. IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    sorry, had mistaken the square ends as ends of the bar. My grandfather was a crane machinist, and some of these heavy tools are still in my fathers inventory, and the large crowbar there also had these square ends
  4. Sherman ambulance, IDF, 1/35

    thx for the heads up, read about the lengthened hull, so I marked the height of the idler mounts, and cut up the original hull. I haven't attached these mounts yet because the friul tracks need to be assembled first. These have bent and straight links, so everything has to be in the right place before gluing... The walk around of the surviving vehicle can be found here: http://svsm.org/gallery/sherman_ambulance that other ambulance is also nice:
  5. Huma Fa-223 Drache Instructions needed

    Should be in the mail.
  6. IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Nice work on this one... Love all the details you are adding. will you also add some brackets to hold the large crowbar and axle on their place, a bit like the pickaxe is mounted? Only a belt won't do it...
  7. Huma Fa-223 Drache Instructions needed

    are these of any help? http://archiwum.plastikowe.pl/recenzje/72-focke-achgelis-fa-223-huma-5000 Otherwise I'll try to scan these tomorrow
  8. Recently I've started with a Sherman ambulance conversion for the old Dragon M-50 kit, which I luckily could obtain at a fair for a reasonable price. Later I learned this conversion was out of production. These armored ambulances were used on the battlefield to provide a quick extraction of the wounded under fire, not only in the early Israeli wars, but also in the hotzones of minor conflicts. Added to this are some friul tracks, a metal barrel for the MG and a basic update set for the M50 (frontfenders and reinforcement brackets for the sidefenders). I've ordered only the basic set, because all I will use from the basekit is the running gear and the bottom hull The hull from the old M50 is a bit too long, so after some dryfitting I had to remove almost a cm. Although the resin was beautifully cast, almost without blemishes, it was warped, but a microwave to heat the large pieces and hot water and a heater (for shrink sleeve in the electronics departement were to the rescue...) Attachment for the running gear is small, only the two small square parts: So I've added some sprue to the hull: and drilled some holes so I was able to add some copper for reinforcement As for now I'm busy assembling the friul tracks, the rest of the running gear and assembling some parts to detail the hull a bit
  9. Greeting from Belgium

    Hello, My name is Bart, a fellow modeller from Belgium. My interests are mostly in military (tanks, ships, boats and aircraft, any scale) and frankly I enjoy the building proces more then painting and weathering, it's not so much my cup of tea, but I'm willing to learn.