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  1. What I saw was the 1/200 Nichimo Yamato what a kit to buy and build as a kid.The kit cost me close $200 back in 1974 and I was 13 and made $30 a week mowing lawns.I was an AF brat father would take me out to Keesler AFB to Toyland and I get kits there and see airshows out there
  2. Nice Work ! The Albatross is one my favorite's of the WWI crates.The thing I think alot of A/c modelers never realize is that the WWI crates were so colorful esp the Germans and the French planes. Kevin
  3. That came out really nice their Tony I think I got something similar not sure about the markings but the ole Airfix 1/72 on the shelf.Again great rendition once again. Kevin
  4. That's a beauty and the right weathering in my book Kevin
  5. She has been watching Daddy to long and some of his abilities have rubbed off.They grow up way to fast. Kevin
  6. You do some fine work/scratch building there Suibb I take it you will be throwing this into a contest at sometime?My patience for that has eased at this stage of life with a vast stash to build??Will continue to watch for the final product Kevin
  7. Sweet Looking 262 Sir!! Oh and you had to bring up the old 5 and dime places didn't ya that you hit with .50 cent a week allowance money Woolworts and Roses for me and the locl Calvert&Gamble drug store with the ole timey soda bar.
  8. Those Matchbox's still produce a good kit and some of those off the beaten path Kevin
  9. Nice Camo on this one and a smooth finish.I like your thoughts their Troy if someone is so inclined to travel that road My camera is so out a date
  10. Nice Crate !! I am trying to finish for my son in Misawa the F-16 he is crew chief of #802 of the 35FW jets are not my forte.Again a very nice finish!
  11. All My life Bob Military brat father enlisted in 37 and ended up in the 92BG first real group to make it overseas intact.The group before if memory serves me right lost 50% of it's planes;when they launched it was all quiet and they made it.My Father finished 20yrs active and 22yrs civil out at KAFB.Thks for Looking in everyone much appreciated.I have one good arm right now had some shoulder work yesterday but my L/hand still works Kevin Which The Recon PRXIX will hang in this cabinet with the Hurri Going up top.I know wrong color scheme first TechMod decals for the plane I select got soft to quick my fault not TM's excellent decals by the way.
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