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  1. Big As Maz, Junked!

    This is just awesome! Looks like it came straight form The Zone. edit As I looked at it now, two things don't match. Windshield. Rope. MAZ itself looks like abandoned long ago, then who and how the hell used wipers lately? The hoist rope for me should look more like this one:
  2. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    I prefer MIG paints over Vallejo mostly due to the fact that MIG make them more or less evenly well, in Vallejo you need some luck, some colors are spraying better, some worse. Sometimes you might get 2 bottles of same color and they will spray differently from each other. That's for today, 2 layers of gloss + all (3) decals set. The quality is terrible, the frame is not 100% transparent but kinda milky. What's interesting, Mr Mark Softer is't willing to stay on them, it either runs out of the decal surface or keeps in big drops.
  3. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    And I have to admit I'm getting used to it lately. Proper dilution is a key here I guess. I've had lot of trouble while trying to mix it with water or other thinners (Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner / Tamiya X-20A / Wamod Thinner), things changed when I decided to go and get some dedicated MIG thinner and well, it works quite fine. Of course I've seen some Tamiya/Gunze painting videos, these paints dry well and may be laid in just 2 coats while MIG still needs 6-7 thin layers to look "ok" but it's not as bad as Vallejo paints are. In Belgium MIG paints cost almost exactly the same as in Poland while Tamiya is like €4.50 per 23ml jar, which is almost twice as much as in Poland (€2.50). In addition if I need MIG paint, i can go to any of 2 local modeller stores and just get some while Tamiya I can hardly get only 10ml jars (€2.50). If I want Tamiya 23ml I have to order it online. Regarding Gunze... haven't seen it in any store here, maybe expect of ebay. Anyway, did some shopping on my vacations at homeland: There are some Gunze paints as well as Tamiya ones. Will try and give it a shot. The spraybooth is awesome, no odor even after half hour painting - yeah, I've laid one layer of gloss Vallejo diluted with Airbrush Cleaner, went well even through my old pIwata, had to clean the needle tip just once.
  4. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    Well, it's actually S-F camo
  5. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    Tiny update: Made painting for gun mantlet cover + the tools on the sides of hull. Next step will be to put a coat of Gloss Vallejo Polyurethane Varnish, yet i'm not sure if I need dedicated Vallejo Airbrush Thinner or can Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner do the same job.
  6. Last model photo looks more like 3D render
  7. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    Hello again! Long time wasn't here. I've finally did some paint job. Those MIG paints are giving me a hard time. Many layers, gard to control. It goes much better with dedicated thinner but still not what you'd expect from paints. I did some screw-ups, i.e. in front of commander's hatch and in front of driver's one. Well, I was masking for the first time and I already know it's not what i'm going to love I believe it would be easier to make it ith BluTack/Pattafix and soft verges but I still have to buy one. I'm the newbie so I count on your hints - should I wait few days till the paint dry well and then put on some clear gloss for next step? I have absolutely no idea when to start with suspension, shall it be last step? What I plan to do with it is just to put some pigment mixed with alcohol on and wix it with varnish.
  8. 1/72 Airfix Phantom FG.1 (R.A.F.)

    I don't really like british patterns but this Phantom looks pretty nice!
  9. Question is - why is there no top/bottom paint scheme for variant II?
  10. Trumpeter 1/35 M1132 Stryker ESV

    Actually it is lack of mud particles what makes it. When I saw 1st photo I thought "what's a weird camo here". Later on I realized it is supposed to be dirt. But in that case the vehicle needs some weathering and mud particles. The armor under tools is dirty, but tools themselves look like brand new, straight from manufacture. And what happened to shackles on the front? Beside these it looks well
  11. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    Thank you. Leo looks better but in fact is a terrible tank to build. Better than Zvezda T-80UD but way worse than Heller AMX 30/105 in terms of part quality. For example, AMX had lots of seams but they are thin and easy to remove. Leopard got most of his parts... i don't know the exact term for that but the halves of mould are shifted. That means lot of carving, scratching, filling and sanding. I still remember Tamiya Leopard 1A4, which compared to this Italeri kit is almost self-building - just few seams to remove, few small slots to fill and that's it.
  12. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    Little update. All necessary details finished, model coated with primer. The model is presented together with previous one coated with same primer - T-80UD. You can see the difference, especially exposed on the barrel. And one of the things I am not really happy about - the pre-made spots for bottom basket mounting which were really huge. As this model is just a testing ground, I've tested so famous MrSurfacer. Unfortunately, I've bought only 1200. I think 500 would fit better for this task. What I am really happy about is the primer coat. I tend to put too thick layers before but lately I've watched MIG's guide for their paints. Thus I put about.... 10-12 thin layers instead of 3-4 thick ones. I think the effect is acceptable now. The only weakness is time, it took me around hour or more to paint the whole model. Because I had no dedicated thinner I've used Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner instead and it worked. Local modeller store owner recommended me X-20A thinner but I am pretty sure it would cause some difficulties. Next step will be to cut the mask for wheels. and... well, i have no idea how to treat the rubber tracks. Primer > metalizer > matt black for rubber pads? Anyway, I also have no idea how can I mask this damn tank to have a nice sharp and straight edges...
  13. Hello from newbie

    Thanks guys for warm welcome. I've already started first contruction report
  14. Well, this gonna be my first construction report. Actually I wanted to finish two other tank models but during last visit in local modeller store my girlfriend demanded from me to make this Leo. She have chosen this one because she's a hard WoT player and just want to have some tank miniature from the game. So here it is, wheels done and in primer, suspension done and in primer, turret in progress. Can anyone tell me what those stains could be? Is it possible that this is grease? I didn't degreased model before coating in the primer so... I'm damn cheap so don't expect any add-ons, my models -at least first (dozens) - will be straight out the box. I have absolutely no idea what to do with tracks, should i lay a coat of primer too, and then do the brush job with metalizer between rubber bricks? Camo I wanna make is this one: I know, wrong Leopard, but I'm gonna stick to this scheme. For color modulation should I mix camo paint with white one? I got two propositions for each color (shop around is supplied in Ammo paints so the choice of brand is obvious): What you guys think about that? Can eventually be some proposals from Vallejo.