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Found 113 results

  1. Kitty Hawk has 1/48th Mil Mi-24 "Hind" helicopter kit(s ?) in project. Let's have a look at the M. Song Wang message herebelow. "all, on the way": SU-25 ok, Su-25UB ok, APA-5D ok but also something new... A Mi-24P "Hind-F"! Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/679965482472833/ V.P.
  2. Recap - ref. KH80163 - Sukhoi Su-27 "Flanker-B" - ref. KH80168 - Sukhoi Su-27UB "Flanker -C" - ref. KH80169 - Sukhoi Su-30MK "Flanker-C" ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kitty Hawk is to release in 2019 a 1/48th Sukhoi Su-27 "Flanker-B" kit - ref. KH80163 Source: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5966177390 Box art But it's a Su-27SM in the box art https://russianplanes.net/id198962 https://russianplanes.net/regs/RF-95255 Schemes Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/665630623906319/ V.P.
  3. A new M. Song Wang subliminal message in the Kitty Hawk afficionados Facebook group. Kitty Hawk might have a 1/48th Kamov Ka-52 Alligator "Hokum-B" kit in the pipe line. To be followed Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/667734353695946/ V.P.
  4. Kitty Hawk has a 1/48th Mil Mi-8/17 "Hip" family in project. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/689993798136668/ https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=68170&start=12000#p2244338 V.P.
  5. Some rumours say the next Great Wall Hobby (GWH) 1/48th kits might be a family of Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot". Same rumours for Kitty Hawk. Wait and see and fingers crossed. V.P.
  6. Kitty Hawk has a 1/48th Mil Mi-28 "Havoc" kit in project/design - ref. KH???? Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/668836086919106/ 3D renders V.P.
  7. Dassault Mirage 2000 family by Kitty Hawk confirmed - 1/48th or 1/32nd? Images look like 3D scans from M2000B 5-OW n°519 preserved at Espaces Aéro Lyon Corbas - EALC http://www.ealc.fr/ & https://www.tripadvisor.fr/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g1582569-d5979211-i156131920-Ealc_Musee_de_L_aviation-Corbas_Rhone_Rhone_Alpes.html Source: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/1267-новый-mirage-от-kitty-hawk-слухи-и-догадки/ Hey Tali, your source? I mean the Chinese forum link? Updt: Thanks Tali!!: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4260567148 V.P.
  8. I started this one just as the kit hit our shores, but as is sometimes the case with me, I got distracted by something more shiny during the last stages, so after a long sabatical I've finally summoned the courage to finish it off, which involved a little touching up of some of the paint, a complete change of load-out and fabrication of a few parts that had gone missing in the interim. She's almost OOB apart from those parts, plus the replacement box inside one of the flap bays where a 2nd APU exhaust was placed in the kit There is also a set of Paragon wheels hanging off the landing gear, as the kit parts are quite a bit over-scale in this edition. The main wheels have been shrunk down on subsequent releases, but you'll still need to reduce your nose wheel to make it look right. I decided to model it as a desert camo aircraft after a long stint of use, photos of which are available online if you look, and that's what I patterned the weathering after. If it looks over-done to you, just check out the photos, as these things were filthy! If you think it's badly done though, I'm afraid that's down to me I did intend to detail the engine to give it more realistic spaghetti around it once installed, but I'm afraid I just wanted it finished in the end, so I painted the little bits I'd already added. It was difficult to tie all the aspects of the weathering together when the kit was still in several sub-assemblies, so some things needed sorting once they were spotted, such as the re-painting of the air-brakes to the Dark Earth colour when I noticed the surrounding area during installation. Some bits I just plumb forgot about, such as the undersides of the elevators, which I just didn't weather at all... By then it was just too late, as I was taking pictures, and bound to break something off. As usual, if you had a good look over it, you'd see plenty of human error and inaccuracies, but it looks ok when you're staring at it from 3' The pics: You can skim through the WIP here if you're interested
  9. Trumpeter is to release 1/32nd Curtiss P-40 Kitty Hawk kits in 2016-2019 Source: http://www.themodellingnews.com/2015/12/trumpeter-catalogue-2016-2017-lets-see.html#more - ref. 02211 - Curtiss P-40M Kitty Hawk - ref. 02212 - Curtiss P-40N Warhawk - ref. 02228 - Curtiss P-40B Warhawk (Tomahawk Mk.II) - ref. 02269 - Curtiss P-40E Kitty Hawk - ref. 03227 - Curtiss P-40F Kitty Hawk V.P.
  10. No it's not a joke. Kitty Hawk is to release a 1/32nd Focke Wulf Fw.190A family: - ref. KH32025 - Focke Wulf Fw.190A-8A-5 - ref. KH32026 - Focke Wulf Fw.190A-8A-8 Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2129165307342083&set=a.1874930699432213.1073741830.100007459027346&type=3&theater 3D render V.P.
  11. Kitty Hawk is to release a 1/48th modern Russian airfield set - ref. 80158 - including: a URAL 4320 truck & APA-5D Russian airfield starter truck Source: https://www.facebook.com/song.wang.5076/posts/2105122629746351 as well as Russian bomb loading carts Remember AMK is supposed to propose - one day... - a APA-5D kit: link V.P.
  12. Slightly late to the party - I wasn't intending to start this build yet, but I moved it up because for once I wanted to actually finish before the deadline! This is my first groupbuild entry in flippin' YEARS so I'm looking forward to it! Here's the much-maligned Kitty Hawk F-35B in 1/48: The kit has a poor reputation with bad fit at the top of the list. Let's see if I can beat it into shape! There's a lot of plastic in this - all of the weapons bays are capable of being displayed, and the lift fan and main engine nozzle are intended to be deployed in the hover configuration. It's well-presented with a colour instruction book and some very nice decals for about eight different options. Because the kit isn't challenging enough (ha!) I'm also going to use the Eduard Big Ed set. It's not exactly their usual Smörgåsbord of goodies, this one is quite cheap and just contains the interior and exterior plus masks and the RBF tags (completely redundant for this build!) The weather's very nice, so I might as well waste it and do some undisturbed modelling! Alan
  13. Next Kitty Hawk 1/48th kit (http://www.kittyhawkmodel.com/) will be... the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II (ref.KH80102). Release date: July 2012. May I've to say that I'm not really excited by this new release. After the beautiful Kitty Hawk 1/48th F-94C Starfire, I'd have preferred new quarter inch kits of aircraft like the RF-84F Thunderflash, F-101A/C Voodoo, CF-100 Canuck, F-82 Twin Mustang, B-45 Tornado, B-66 Destroyer, F2H Banshee, FH-1 Phantom, AF-2 Guardian, F9F-8 Cougar, F-11F Tiger or AJ-2 Savage etc. Source: http://www.aeroscale...=...e&sid=11598 V.P.
  14. After the 1/48th kits (link) Kitty Hawk is to release 1/35th Bell UH-1 Huey family of kits - ref. KH50001 Sources: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6201308633 https://www.facebook.com/groups/369828906819827/permalink/662143230921725/ https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KH50001 3D renders V.P.
  15. Source: http://www.themodellingnews.com/2014/04/guess-who-is-about-to-launch-new-f-84f.html#more Strong rumours say KittyHawk is working on a 1/32nd Republic RF-84F Thunderflash kit. Time will tell. V.P.
  16. Source: http://www.themodellingnews.com/2014/04/guess-who-is-about-to-launch-new-f-84f.html#more Strong rumours say KittyHawk is working on a 1/32nd Republic F-84F Thunderstreak kit. Time will tell. V.P.
  17. A close look at the Kitty Hawk's messages in a chinese forum concerning the future Mirage 2000 kit ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234995392-148-dassault-mirage-2000-family-by-kitty-hawk-cads-release-in-2016/ ) display, in the signature from the KH representative, a Boeing MH/AH-6 Little Bird CAD. Would be quite logical after the 1/48th AH-1Z Viper ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975145-ah-1z-viper-148/ ) and UH-1Y Venom ( http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974037-148-bell-uh-1y-venom-super-huey-by-kitty-hawk-released/ ) kits isn't it? Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4260567148 V.P.
  18. I've just received the following P.M. from a French modeller: "Homebee, did you see in the HLJ video at 27mn/29sec what was on display on the KH stand at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2013? http://www.hobbylink.tv/all-japan-model-hobby-show-reports-2013-part-2" You're right Norbert it's a.... So after its future Kaman SH-2D Seasprite - ref.KH80122 - (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943427-kaman-sh-2-seasprite-148-from-kitty-hawk/?hl=seasprite), Bell AH-1Z Viper (Super Cobra) - ref. KH80124 - and UH-1Y Venom (ou Super Huey) - ref.KH80123 - (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943269-148th-bell-ah-1z-viper-and-uh-1y-venom-by-kittyhawk-in-progress/?hl=cobra), KittyHawk is working on a 1/48th Eurocopter/Harbin SA.365/Z-9 Dauphin 2/"Haitun" kits family. Source Wikipedia: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PLAAF_Harbin_Z-9WA.jpg V.P.
  19. Source: http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/message/1344567290/Re-+Trumpy+A3D+Skywarrior Kitty Hawk homepage: http://www.kittyhawkmodel.com/ If not 1/48th F-11F Tiger (what a pity!)... Anyone's guess. - McDonnel FH-1 Phantom - McDonnel F2H-2 and F2H-3/4 Banshee - in the pipe line - North American AJ-1/AJ-2 Savage - North American FJ-3 Fury Kitty Hawk 2018-2019 ? - Douglas F3D/F10 Skyknight - Czech Model kit re-released - Grumman F9F-8 Cougar - done - Vought F7U Cutlass Kitty Hawk 2019 ? - Grumman AF-2/3 Guardian - Special Hobby kits - Lockheed T2V Seastar Etc. Current (06/2019) programme/catalog... No Cutlass! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047344-kitty-hawk-panda-hobby-catalog-2019-programme/ I vote for the AJ-2 Savage and the F2H-3 Banshee - with AF-2W Guardian the outsider V.P.
  20. Atalef Hallo again. This is my 4th helicopter to build. The kit is from Kitty Hawk Dauphine II and the conversion is from Wingman. The colors from Gunze are quite simple: All over is C308 and the blue C392. This blue is new for sowjet a/c like Sukhoi. The equipment for this helicopter is something else. It is equipped for search and rescue ops. Here it is very important to have the Wingman conversion. In this conversion set you find a huge amount of resin parts. They are very tiny and so I recommend to use a US cutter and a Japanese saw. I got them all out without any loss or damage. You will find links to these tools on my posts already. If you need any more information, so let me know. The build is straight forward. My way on helicopter building is, to add all glazing to the very end of the build. It is impossible to avoid the dust. And also impossible is to clean them all afterwards. Well, until next time. Happy modelling Pictures of the original: ATALEF walkaround
  21. Hallo again This is my 3rd helicopter. After hundreds of aircrafts. I changed basically my modelling for this issue: 1. I use the new Tamiya glue EXTRA THIN. Why? · It works much faster. It glues rapidly! · It does not harm my color. I use Gunze C colors. · I can glue more tiny parts, as with the common Tamiya glue. · I save a lot of CA glue. · In this built only the etched parts are glued with CA. Nothing else! 2. I do not cement all glazing before the helicopter is fully assembled and sprayed. Also the final clear varnish is sprayed. Some antennas I assemble after the glazing is assembled. 3. The grinding process is kept to an absolute minimum, to keep surface details unharmed. Well, in this case I opted for the IAF UH-1D, but I left it out, because of the camouflage. At the top I used the etched part from Eduard, and I can not mask it at all. The US Army version from Vietnam is absolute not my favor, but I had no other by hand. Happy modelling
  22. Hallo This is my first helicopter. I built it straight from the box. The fit is sometimes not so good. Actually, the installation of the wings before spraying was not a good idea. At my second helicopter, the AH-64D, I installed the engines later on. Therefore, you may prevent an uneven surface. It was a nice build. Happy modelling
  23. This GB is nearly at the half way mark and I haven't joined in yet - time to do something about that. I had various options but felt drawn to the Kitty Hawk F-101B kit and the RF-101B option. I feel the need to build something big and this fits the bill. There's also a bit of nostalgia involved - I remember building the Matchbox Voodoo as an RF-101B when I must have been about 8 or 9. Here's the KH kit. I've also got an Eduard zoom set for the cockpit and Eduard steel seatbelts. Apart from these and a couple of simple corrections it'll be more or less OOB. A lot has been said about the fit of this kit so there will be a lot of test fitting but hopefully not too much cursing along the way! cheers Julian
  24. Finally finished, the 1/48th Kitty Hawk RF-101C Voodoo as 56-0166 which on 27th November 1957 was flown by Capt. Ray Schrecengost from Los Angeles to New York on Operation Sun-Run, an attempt to set three new transcontinental speed records. I had to build this kit! I have waited over 30 years for a 1/48th mainstream kit of the incredible RF-101C Voodoo, an awesome supersonic photo reconnaissance aircraft which overflew Cuba, North Vietnam, and the Taiwan Straits. The mid to late 50's were exciting times with the 'Century Series' fighters setting new records seemingly all the time and American airpower appeared unbeatable. The Kitty Hawk kit gives four decal options but as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be Operation Sun-Run! I am really pleased with the final result. No, the Kitty Hawk Voodoo isn't a 'shake and bake' kit, it does present some challenges, there are quite a few inaccuracies, but it is up to the modeller to decide what he/she wants. Me, I build OOB, I am open to trying new techniques, I detest filling/sanding, I love painting, I am ham-fisted (God made me that way), so I don't stray too far from the instruction booklet. Built OOB including the decals. The silver finish is Humbrol 11 silver from a rattle can and I am very pleased with how well this went on. The yellow bands are all masked and air brush painted, Revell Aqua Color 15 Matt Yellow gave the best match (and for some odd reason the air brush loved it) and these were a fun challenge and very satisfying to apply. After painting I brushed the yellow bands with magic Klear The rear fuselage / exhaust area was Humbrol Metal Cote 27003 Polished Steel applied by air brush, that is my go-to for anything like this and again very happy with the result. All other paints are from the Vallejo Model Color series applied by brush. The decals are the kit decals and they went on fine helped by a little Humbrol Decalfix. All the Voodoos were big planes, sheer brute power barrelling along on afterburner on those tiny wings. I understand that the nickname for the RF-101C was the 'Long Bird' and you can see why, with that T tail she looks... well, long! Be careful of the kit instructions. Kitty Hawk would have you round off the yellow bands on the top and under the fuselage however I watched the Sun-Run video on YouTube and I think they were straight and pointed. Now I have built a Kitty Hawk Voodoo before, it was the F-101A/C about four years ago, so I should be familiar with this kit. I really had a problem with the photo nose section. I decided to build and paint it separately and attach it very late in the build, unfortunately it all went wrong and I could not get it to match properly. This is the better side! If you look carefully you can see what appears to be a silver band running from the front of the windshield down to the front of the gear well doors. I had to fill this with Perfect Plastic Putty and repaint it. I think this was my fault (remember 'ham fisted'?) as it seemed ok when I dry fitted the photo nose section. Also, now, I wish I had sanded off that slime light holder! Also in critical mode, the cockpit canopy and the windshield don't quite match. And I think I left something off the nose gear oops! On a plus the fuel tanks went together well as did the jet air intakes. Also the nose cone. A view of the rear end. Personally I think the Kitty Hawk burner cans build well and look good though maybe next time I will fill that gap! This also shows one of my mess-ups, I have no idea how I failed to get those wing trailing edges to join. I took a look at my F-101C which I built 4 years ago and I got that part right then. The Kitty Hawk kit isn't very forgiving but, then again, neither was the Voodoo in some flight regimes! For all the kit's faults and my personal shortcomings the final result is just so good! Would I build another Kitty Hawk Voodoo? Oh yes! Either 56-0166 a few years later in S.E. Asia camo or maybe the later shorter nosed RF-101G, no hesitation. Back to 6:59 a.m. 27th November 1957, Ontario International Airport near Los Angeles, Capt. Ray Schrecengost takes off on the first RF-101C round-trip flight of Operation Sun Run and three speed records were set. It is believed that the "Cin-Min" markings were added to 56-0166 after the record breaking run. What did they signify? The "CIN MIN" was named for the pilot's two daughters: Cindy and Mindy. 61 years later where are they now? Col. Ray Schrecengost passed away 15th August 2006 after a varied career in the USAF including a role in the development of the Lockheed A-12 Blackbird and combat in Vietnam. RF-101C 56-0166 also served in combat in Vietnam with the 45th TRS "The Polka Dots" marked as 'Luv Bug' and on 27th October 1978 was retired to the Air Force Museum with 6604.9 airframe hours where she can be viewed today. Can I make a wish? Please Kitty Hawk, a 1/48th RF-8A/G Crusader? Please... Michael
  25. It seems we'll have another Su-34 in 1/48 in March 2016. Info from the local dealer. Source: GreenMats.Club
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