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  1. Been reading this thread for awhile now as like many others I have been awaiting a decent mk14 to be made in kit form. I recieved my copy last week and have had some time to study it. Overall it's a bit of a curets egg. The overall shape seems fine and the molding quality varies. The main wings and body are on a par with most kits from airfix these days and the panel lines are reasonable but not upto tamiya standard. The plastic on the main 'detail sprue' are of not the same quality. They exhibit a bit of roughness and the defiition is not the best, though not the worst. 'See the canons for what i mean'. The canopies are good by airfix standards. The main thing i dont like is the fact that the bulged engine covers are not molded as part of the fuselage as they are on the airfix mk19. I feel that this will undermine the look of any finished model as it's in such a prominent position. That seam around the covers will be difficult to conceal. Als i am not a fan of having to cut off the wingtips.
  2. kitman

    Flory washes

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I need it fairly quickly so cant wait for the next show. I have tried to get them from the flory website but the price is extra as there is a shipping charge. I will try Hannants again.
  3. kitman

    Flory washes

    Hi - Can anyone direct me to a UK retailer who stock the range of Flory model washes. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi - can anyone advise me about what ultrasonic cleaner would be good for deep cleaning my airbrush. Info like what volume and what liquid cleaner would be best to use. My airbrushes are iwata. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi could anybody tell me what colour was generally used for the cockpits of Battle of Britain era Heinkel 111P'S. I am about to embark on the build of my new tool Airfix kit, where it recommends a dark grey. I always thought though that the colour generally used at that time was 02 grey. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi - Mr Color / Tamiya. Also as an extra strong for normal aqua based paints
  7. Hi - can anyone advise me about what to get 'or not' of the various brands of Cellulose thinners. I intend to use it to wash out my airbrushes and general clean up of tools etc. What i need to now if any brand will do for this purpose? Thanks
  8. kitman

    Metallics by brush

    Hi can anyone advise me as to what is there favourite metallic paint is when using a brush. In particular the best colour metallic for undercarriage legs. Thanks
  9. Hi Can any one advise as to which colour pin / sludge wash i should use on a Battle of Britain Spitfire model that i am working on. The colours are the usual of dark green / dark earth over sky. Thanks
  10. Hi - i wonder if anyone can tell me if i need any weight in the nose of the eurofighter model. I am building a 1/72 Hasegawa kit of this aircraft but the instructions dont indicate if any weight is needed.
  11. kitman

    A20 Havoc / Boston

    Hi This aircraft for some reason has caught my imagination so I wonder if anyone can tell me who makes the best model of this aircraft in 1/72 or 1/48. Thanks
  12. Thanks everyone you have been very helpfull. For your info I use iwata airbrushes.
  13. Hi - just a note asking if anyone can point me to a cheap source of cleaning thinner for the clean up of my airbrush after using Mr Color paint. This is the lacquer paint and not the aquieous. Till now i have been using the Mr Colour thinner 250 and 400. This is an expensive so anything which will be a good substitute will be welcome. - Thanksnull
  14. kitman

    Fieseler Storch

    Hi just an quick enquirie about a 1/35 fieseler Storch fi 156 a-o kit i have purchased recently. Its a nice kit and made by Hobby Boss, and I would like to know if there are any after market items for this kit. I havent seen any on ebay or Hannants so would love to get some info as to where i can find any. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem which has cropped up during my latest build. I have applied the doted line ' do not walk etc' onto the focke wulf wing. I t coveres a lot of the wing and is coloured white. The problem is that the lines look excessively bold and dominate the wing. Has anyone got any ideas as to a way to reduce the brightness and colour of the line so that they look more realistic.
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