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  1. TapChan

    The Su-57 are arriving

    I think that during tests with modern stealth they just found a way (technology) to make it next to useless. And if they know it then they can assume US know it too already. That makes the program of replacing 4th+ gen with 5th just a great waste of money. Russians struggle to improve the economics in opposite to US wasting billions of freshly printed dollars for weaponry and wars. Russians are not trapped by private military industry because the industry belongs to the country thus they may make such decisions to turn back from dead end and pump other, more perspective projects. Other thing worth reminding is that before WWII Soviets claimed to produce tractors in their factories, which turned out to be tanks in fact (i.e. in Stalingrad Tractor Plant, or Joseph Stalin's Tractor Plant in Chelyabinsk). Anyway I believe that experience from developing 5th gen jet was worth running that program, because this gives up-to-date technology awareness and opportunity to go even further. In my opinion stealth is an advantage but just not worth the price. It may be good for silent missions, especially against enemy who don't developed stealth yet thus is not aware of all it's characteristics and have detections systems not suitable to work against. Plus it's only good for interception/bombing, because since plane opens weapon bays it lose most of the stealth feature. From what I have read about formerly planned F-22 upgrade for USN and F-35 service for them stealth coat needs a lot of maintenance and is very fragile to salty conditions. USN already knows that it'll take a lot of effort to maintain stealth working well.
  2. TapChan

    Romanian Mig-21 Crash

    Another pilot lost his life. Indeed a bad week for aviation.
  3. TapChan

    Polish MiG-29 Crashed

    Sad news: https://theaviationist.com/2018/07/06/polish-air-force-mig-29-fulcrum-crashes-killing-pilot/ Crashed jet was a part of this unit (22nd Tactical Air Base):
  4. TapChan

    Any point in buying 0,2 airbrush?

    Well, I think I gotta buy one 0,2 piece. Either it will be PS-267 or HG III Super Fine. One of chinese shops has 20% discount which makes these airbrushes just €85 (~£76) shipping incl. Actually I have 0,2 airbrush, but that's cheap piwata. I always thought it's 0,3 set mounted in it but I checked it and it turned out that 0,3 set (nozzle/needle) is still in the box. Weirdest thing is that it cannot even reach as fine line as 0,3 Procon Boy does. Actually out of all 0,2 features it has only clogging work "properly" On the other hand I have also second cheap (supposedly) 0,3 piwata and compared to these two it sprays like 0,5.
  5. Hello I am curious if there's any point in buying 0,2mm nozzle size airbrush while posessing 0,3mm? I currently have Procon Boy WA (PS-264) 0,3, it's very nice but my experience mostly comes from 0,3mm pIwata used on 1:25 scale cardboard models and 1:35 tanks with no fine-detailed camo. Now, as I am entering 1/48 modern jets I don't know if there will be a role my 0,3 could not fulfill and therefore i'm going to need something finer. I am asking because I am going to make some shopping in China and I could get some for decent price which may not happen soon. I'm considering Tamiya HGIII SuperFine or Procon Boy FWA (PS-267). Plus I think having second good airbrush is an advantage - you can quickly switch between colors without having to clean between switching on single painting session. If there is an advantage in having 0,2 then I shall go for it, if no then I can choose something in 0,3mm size, easier to clean and harder to clog down I guess.
  6. TapChan

    F-14 A 1/48 HobbyBoss

    Well done cat! Second HB kit in just couple of days. I like the way you did the opened engine
  7. It's Tomcat and it's built well so a pleasure to look at
  8. TapChan

    1/48 Su-34 Hellduck

    Oh no, this model deserves much better photos.
  9. TapChan

    MiG-29A (LSK-NVA, Trumpeter)

    Simply outstanding job!
  10. TapChan

    Sherman "FURY"

  11. TapChan

    Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    I consider the model done, here's the link to RFI: Thank you all for attention, especially those who commented the build.
  12. Leo is done, my other half gonna be happy. What a luck she isn't a modeller and can take it as it is (). I have overdosed with chipping and chosen wrong way to do them, next time I'm gonna go for dark-brown chipping + metallic pigment for worn off to bare metal verges. The model itself is not a pleasure to build. Moreover, if every model of this company is of such quality then I officially scratch it off from my companies-to-buy-from list. List of skills I should immediately improve: - everything. For the record - link to WIP: And so, here it goes. Let the feast for modellers's eyes begin :
  13. TapChan

    Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    First wash and first chipping done. It's kinda bad, but on the other hand it's going to be hard not to improve with next model
  14. TapChan

    Big As Maz, Junked!

    This is just awesome! Looks like it came straight form The Zone. edit As I looked at it now, two things don't match. Windshield. Rope. MAZ itself looks like abandoned long ago, then who and how the hell used wipers lately? The hoist rope for me should look more like this one:
  15. TapChan

    Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    I prefer MIG paints over Vallejo mostly due to the fact that MIG make them more or less evenly well, in Vallejo you need some luck, some colors are spraying better, some worse. Sometimes you might get 2 bottles of same color and they will spray differently from each other. That's for today, 2 layers of gloss + all (3) decals set. The quality is terrible, the frame is not 100% transparent but kinda milky. What's interesting, Mr Mark Softer is't willing to stay on them, it either runs out of the decal surface or keeps in big drops.