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  1. My Orange Spitfire

    I know that in the Photo its more of a yellow orange so I may have to give it another coat.
  2. My Orange Spitfire

    Hi Jan I am doing Spitfire Mk.IX, PH-NFP as in the picture belowe. Hi Beard, I keeped droping the stubs so put those on ready to chop down, a lot easyer for me.. Im going on the picture I've put up.
  3. I'm liking and learning with all of this. Now I know how to make the harness: .Its looking the part already.
  4. 1/72 Airfix Harrier GR.3

    Will be watching this build and learning. I have a airfix BAe Sea Harrier FA2 to build,mine will be a fun build I think. Looking forward to seeing more.
  5. My Orange Spitfire

    Undercoat on and orange topcoat on I used a mix of Tamiya orange X-6 and clear red X-27, the orange on it own was just to light.
  6. My Orange Spitfire

    Got the nose sorted I think. Will have to fill in a bit where the Exhaust go.
  7. Now that is some build, the detail you have put into it. It really is ace.
  8. Looks nice and well made,Not been on here long so will look forward to seeing more of your builds, and this one finished.
  9. My Orange Spitfire

    A bit more shapping and putty on the nose, will leave it till tomorrow now to harden.
  10. My Orange Spitfire

    Its your fault Beard. NOW IM NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT THE NOSE.. So thinking cap on and this is what i've come up with if it works. Measured how much sort it was, then glued a piece of balsa wood on and filled the gaps with putty. Now wait for it to all dry and start to shap it, easyer said than done me thinks.
  11. Looking good, like the paint work. Comming along nicely by the look of it.Looking forward to seeing more.
  12. My Orange Spitfire

    Thank you for your very kind offer. I have a spare four-blade propeller and I think I have the right Exhaust. I have seen and watch some off your builds, they are really good. I have been watching and learning from you and getting one or two idea's.
  13. My Orange Spitfire

    Thanks for the info about the radiator fairing. Never thought about the nose and how to extend it,That will teach me ( no it wont )I've just measured The Revell Mk V and my Eduard MkIXc and the nose is the same lenght or close enought for me ( my eye sight is not as good as it used to be, thats my excuse ). Not going to be any thing to fancy on this build, just me learning and trying how to make a mass off things
  14. I like and well made to, really nicely painted.