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  1. Anither fantastic job! Well done. Roberto
  2. Stunning !!! Many compliments for a perfect example of scratchbulding. Well done Stephane Roberto
  3. Hello Leo, fantastic job! Many compliments for your Hurricane........and now we want see your next model! .......may be a Spitfire? Roberto
  4. Hi Brad, the Italian Kit has avaible for your conversion 1/72 and 1/48 for Special Hobby Fiat G55 base. See here http://www.italiankits.it/itkitswings72.html This company produce all version for G59 range, and are a good quality. if you have need to walkaround for your conversion I beetween some day, come to Vigna di Valle museum and I will take some pictures for you. Cheers Roberto
  5. Thanks ! Tomorrow other pics . Roberto
  6. Hi guys, I wanted to share with you my new project in scale 1/72: Heston JC6 A2 / 45. I did some research on the internet and frankly I found the minimum necessary and I hope for your help to complete the aircraft. Here are a few pictures, each opinion and help will be gratefully received. Roberto image hosting upload immagini gratis free image hosting free image upload url immagine host image free image hosting host immagini upload immagini host immagini upload immagini gratis free image upload
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