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  1. Well a pretty major setback has struck: Whilst in the final stage of polishing my canopy with polishing compound, I applied too much pressure to the inside with my finger, causing a noticable split/crack right down the center of the whole rear section. Im gutted. It was so pretty and then I pull a bull in a china shop move like this. Question for the crew here.... Can I fill in the gap with this? Also, Eduard sent me the SU-27UB canopy masks, not the SU-33 one. So now... well... im not too sure where to go from here....
  2. Update: Intakes installed: Wings installed (sort of): One wing had a split section up front for some reason. So I had to fill it in with putty. Fixed: I have sanded/polished and futured the canopy and will post final pics of that tonight. Next steps are masking the canopy, installing it, and beginning the prshading process. Bit nervous about that, but I recently bought a Badger Krome that sprays Tamiya flat black really nicely. Just need to really refine my technique and air pressure/thinner mix so I get small lines and not big paint blobs. Any advice on that front is appreciated! Zach
  3. Update: Cockpit is done and main fuselage assembled: Ref pic with foot pedals shown Display installed Cockpit tub in: Fuselage halves glued together and wings also glued together. Going with the flaps down for takeoff. Next up is installing the nose and horizontal stabs, and then preshading!
  4. I did see that, but was worried about fit issues with the Trumpeter. I mean at this point, all I could really do is get a resin cockpit and work with that. Anyone know of a resin set for Trumpeter?
  5. Appreciate the input Ken! Ordinarily, I would utilize this colorway, but it seems that the PE set does not match. Not really sure its worth scrapping everything and reverting to decals or another PE set thats unpainted.... Perhaps using a clear blue would get it closer to the proper shade....
  6. Tonight was less productive: I did get the intake sections built: I managed to get the seatbelts on there, man was that a pain. Still have the lower ones to install and a myriad of other PE bits. Really tough to work with in this scale. I built the frame for the HUD: All my time was devoted to the PE so very little other progress was made.... Till next time.
  7. Taking the side argument out of it, it should be doable. I have seen it done. It works. The ask was regarding scale, not magnetic issues playing into this. But i can definitely see what you mean. take the side idea out of play.
  8. Found this link as well, but its out of country for me, so that could delay things. I like the idea of doing a 2mm on its side. Is this even advisable for a 1/72?
  9. Good points, but I have already installed the PE and committed. Maybe a dark wash would cover up a lot of the differences? poo-poo. Knew the pre colored one was too good to be true! I have a couple bottles of clear blue I could mist over it all. Alclad transparent blue and Tamiya clear blue. Maybe that'd help?
  10. Yeah that isnt even remotely similar to the flanker cockpit colors. Its more pruple than anything. Any suggestions on how to blend it into the tub? I have a couple bottles of clear blue I could mist over it all. Alclad transparent blue and Tamiya clear blue. Maybe that'd help?
  11. Update: Began the PE process. First I cut off bits of the tub and scraped down the detail inside (not shown): Next I placed the PE bits in: Color does not match unfortunately. Not sure what I can do about this now..... Then the pedals were inserted (terribly difficult to bend and work with these): The display came out really nicely: I am now working on the HUD, ejector seat (adding seatbelts and armrests) and working on all other major detail bits in the cockpit. It is definitely already looking a whole lot better than my last SU33.... Stay Tuned....
  12. Question: Before gluing in my PE set into the cockpit, do I need to scrap down the existing buttons/ display monitors/guages to fit the PE in a realistic looking manner? Or should i just glue it directly on top of the features as the exist now? 
  13. And we're off! Cockpit tub, display and inner/upper fuselage painted in MM Flanker Blue Grey: Hard to see the blue/grey here, as the red really pops out far more. Red was MM Insignia Red enamel. I stupidly forgot the front gear bay, so I will have to go back tonight and finish that. Next is the exhaustr intakes: Done in MM Gunship Grey enamel. Maybe a bit too dark but oh well, itll pop! I forgot to take pictures of the bits painted black, including the ejector seats, tailhook (base color) and intaKe panels (base to be dry brushed with silver once cured). I did get my Eduard PE cockpit set! So that will go on once the paint cures over the weekend. The detail looks superb and I look forward to having a nice detailed cockpit! Also got my canopy masks from Eduard: Next up: continuing to build the wings, landing gear, and weapons while the enamel paint cures and dries. So far so good! Fingers crossed for the rest.
  14. Thanks for the advice Ken! What is your preferred medium gray in this situation? Ive got a lot of greys in MM enamels, gunship grey, R.N. Dark Grey, dark gull, dark ghost, etc.
  15. I am also curious about this. Procuring the MIG paints were far easier than the Akan set, so I opted for that route. I am hoping they come out ok. ill spray some tester spoons beforehand to do a color check. I do really like the lack of a need to thin the MIG paints for airbrush, as I hate messing up ratios and then having to clean the AB completely before continuing. Additionally I just bought a new Badger Krome for detail painting (gonna try preshading for the first time). I do have a question for all here... For the intakes, what color is the internal area supposed to be? Should they match the bottom of the fuselage? That slightly blue/grey color? Or white? Cannot seem to find any close up ref. photos.
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