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  1. Not had much time, so just got on with the build when I could. A few photo's on what Ive done. Thank you for looking, all comments welcome
  2. Now that is the kind of thing I would do quit easily.
  3. She is done and looking the part. You have made her look really good.
  4. Well getting a bit more done to my Spitfire and a few photo's for you all to see..Those small parts are driving me mad, they fly every where apart from where they should go.( I know aircraft should fly,BUT not parts of it on there OWN ). Thank you for looking and pleas say if some of it is wrong,Knowing me it could be.
  5. You are right about the pilot. I think it will be better with-out. Looking forward to seeing your PRXIX. Camera's in, which was fun and games. I did dry fit it all and closes OK. Now to carry on with the eduard stuff. Thanks you for looking and hope you are enjoying the build as I am.
  6. Manage to do a few pieces of the eduard photoetcthed yesterday ( not good with my shaky hands and eye sight ). Any way a photo for you to see.
  7. It would be nice if they did. Plus another great Spitfire for us to build.
  8. That does look nice and really well made. I like the paint work you have done, sets it of nicely
  9. This is my next build a Supermarine Spitfire PRXIX using a Airfix kit and trying to use eduard photoetched kit and a Edice camera kit. So will be quit fun trying to put it all together.I dont think I will be using the Pilot ( but may just pop him in to see ).
  10. I think your is Ok bentwaters81tfw. I know if it was not for the help of members here, the colours on mine would have been wrong.As long as we enjoy building them thats the mean thing for me and to learn a bit more about the aircraft.
  11. That is some build,and really good for such a small size.Well done you.
  12. I use to drive a double decker and made in 1948, but that was a bus.
  13. Im sure you will make a really good job of it, and as long has you enjoy your build thats the mean thing.
  14. Looking good. I think I will be watching your build of this.
  15. I used 2 airfix Hurricanes, and just filled in where needed. I dare say the parts I did not use will come in hady one day. Mind you I have got spare wings of a Spitfire, wonder if they would fit a Hurraicane fusalage and what it would look like ? I did put it in the work in progress-aircraft.
  16. The Hillson FH40 Slip Wing Hawker Hurricane is finished and ready for your inspection and comments. I would Like to thank A BIG THANK YOU those off this forum who have helped me with there knowledge. Thank you for looking.
  17. With the help of members here With there advice and knowledge I have my Hillson FH40 Slip Wing Hawker Hurricane Finished. So thank you ALL. Thanks for Looking.
  18. A bit more work done on the Hurricane, Top wing on and decals on. Did notice on the photo's that the numbers are just on one side so this is what I've done. A few photo'. Now to sort airial wire and a coat of mat varnish. Thanks for looking and for all of the help.
  19. Cheers, now that is hours of interesting reading and food for thought about builds to make My next build will be a Spitfire PRXIX and a Spitfire Mk VC
  20. I Think I will leave it just as it is.I dare say we will never really know and if I do ever find the ans I can always repaint the spinner the right colour. Hope you enjoyed your second pint
  21. Looks good, hope your airbrush needle bearing arrives soon.
  22. A bit more painting to be done and changed then. Thank you for your help, will get that sorted. Have sorted the paint XF-50 repainted to XF-82 and the red spinner, change to XF-81. It doeslook better now. Thank you Troy Smith for you help.
  23. A bit more done to the Hurricane. Underside painted with a coat of Tamiya XF-4 Yellow Greem and the a light coat of Tamiya XF-3 Flat Yellow, for the camoufage again Tamiya XF-50 Field Blue and XF-81 Dark Green. I dont know if they are the right colour, but look about right by me. Thanks for looking, willing for any advice.
  24. That's one Hawker Hurricane that looks really nice and a well made model.
  25. Good luck with your build, hope you find the decals you need. Its looking good so far.
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