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  1. I'm far from an expert in airbrushes, but usually if I get splatter I check that the nozzle is clean (with an cotton bud/Q tip) and drain the water/moister filters. My first airbrush (a Neo) started splattering/spitting and it turned out to be a cracked nozzle, so you could be correct about needing replacement parts. But at least this will bump your post and hopefully someone more knowledgeable will help.
  2. Excellent modelling and painting! I wasn't aware of this aircraft.
  3. Stunning job on the model and the base!
  4. Excellent model, very unusual subject. I didn't realise the Harrow was used in this role.
  5. I made the mistake of starting big. And as others have said, it was 50% plastic, 50% glue, 0% filler and 0% paint and by today's standards 100% crap, but I loved it. That is why I started modelling again, remembering the joy it gave me when I was a scale model of my current self. It's not quite the same as when I would rip the box open and glue everything together in a frenzy, never taking more than a day for 1/72 kits. I often wonder what my previous self would have thought about modelling in the twenty-first century. Taking two months to do ONE model! Airbrush, what's that? Decal solutions, you mean water? Photo etch? Weathering? Resin?........
  6. Not sure i would agree with that. I'm also a amateur carpenter, I buy wood for future (as yet unplanned) projects – So you could say I have a stash of timber, but I'm not collector of timber. Likewise, my tiny stash is for future projects, models I would like to build. I don't consider rarity, nostalgia, or the potential of increased value of any of the models I buy, and it doesn't give me a warm glow to know what I have stashed away. I'm not a collector and never really understood the mindset of collectors. Each to their own.
  7. Yes I've seen that online, but I'm not sure if it would be the correct scale corrugations. From the dimensions I have found online, my home-built corrugator gets as close to 1/48 as I can manage. Incidentally, it isn't just because of the money - I like to give myself a challenge sometimes to give my little grey cells something to do to make sure they are working.
  8. That looks great, and I can't see any mistakes either - all good.
  9. Not perfect - but getting there....
  10. Very nice model and nicely painted as well.
  11. These are great, I'm tempted myself to give them a go. I always seem to make a complete hash of decals, so maybe this the way to go.
  12. Thanks for that Doug, I don't think she bought raspberries this time, but I will certainly examine the bottom of her strawberry's (that's a phrase I never thought I would use). Thanks Big X, in time you will learn that when money finds its way to me, I don't like letting it go - I don't like goodbye's. I normally don't buy when there is the remotest chance that I will be able to make an item myself. My corrugated panel experiment, although still in its infancy, is starting to show promise and I'm as stubborn as I am tight frugal. My investigations have had to be postponed today due to having to deal with Npower and then the rest of the day drafting a letter to Ofgem. But I persist in deluded idea that I'm inventive and I feel that eureka moment is near at hand (cue manic laughing…).
  13. Excellent job! I originally thought it was 1/48.
  14. I very, very rarely say awesome, but on this occasion it seems justified. Well done that man!
  15. Wow - stunning model!