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  1. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    Since my last post I have given the Typhoon a coat of Quick Shine gloss varnish, to seal in the paint work. I have also been working on the ammo covers on the wing, masking and painting the camo sides then working on the internal details. Once the paint was dry I gave them a coat of Quick Shine, then began painting the props and nose. I carefully airbrushed these using Humbrol scarlet for the nose and no.33 for the props (which already have yellow tips). Tomorrow I plan to begin applying the decals, before assembling the undercarriage.
  2. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    Thank you. I have only used it once but would recommend it whole heartedly, it was so much smoother to use than my cheap old set. The balance is really good too. I find the art of airbrushing is in the paint mix, get the right mixture and everything flows well.....get it wrong and it's so disheartening. I've been using an old Chinnook kit to practice on, it's been many different colours now. Thanks again, Michelle.
  3. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    Hi Christer, Yep I've unmasked her, and am happy with the result so far. Thanks, Michelle.
  4. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    Back at it today after a little break over Christmas (although last night I did begin building Tamyia's Rc Big Wig kit), and I was mega excited to test the fabulous presents santa 🎅 had left me. Namely a Neo, Iwata airbrush and larger compressor. So I set to work, masking up the grey areas with paper and tape, then mixing the Humbrol 30. Having been caught out with the grey, I only used half the amount of thinner than usual and a few drops of flow improver. Ready to test, I set the compressor to 30psi and sprayed my trusty Chinnook. The result was good, so I put the Typhoon on my turn table (another special delivery from santa) and began spraying. It went on well and fairly smoothly, the airbrush felt amazing to my cheap old alternative. She is now drying ready for a light varnish tomorrow.
  5. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    All is good in the spray booth this Christmas eve! Having checked no yesterday's paintwork this morning and not being happy with the end result, I went for a second attempt. This time mixing 106 with just flow improver I made a consistency I liked and set to work. The end results smooth and even.........yay! Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone.
  6. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    Quick update, so I carefully mixed up my Humbrol 106 using a little Humbrol thinner and flow improver and carefully began to spray. I think the masking has held up, but not convinced about the paint mix. Humbrol is always an inconsistent paint pot, but usually I can manage to mix it........ Only time will tell I guess!
  7. 1:72 Airfix Willys British Airborne Jeep. Ready for inspection I have Airfix's Willys British Airborne Jeep, built in the colour scheme of the U.S Army Jeep. I originally opted for the larger Browning machine gun.... Until I broke it! So she now has the smaller gun, and trailer with tarp. The build went together quickly and easily, although it is absolutely minute. Now complete the Jeep is sat next to my Boston Havoc in my model cupboard. Thanks for looking. Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com
  8. 1:72 Willys British Airborne Jeep

    So last night I spent time weathering the Jeep and trailer. I mixed up a little dirt using weathering powders and decal fix, and carefully applied it to the wheel arches. Then I used the powders to brush some sand over the tarp on the trailer, and black dirt over the sides and in the foot Wells. That's it, for me she's finished and has a great spot in my display cupboard next to my Boston Havoc. I will upload photos later to the ready for inspection gallery. Thanks for all the advice, and joining me on the build. Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com
  9. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    The build has been progressing since my last post, Flickr not working for photos has stopped me posting. However, now I have an alternative I thinks it's time for am update. So I have airbrushed the underside of the aircraft grey and sealed it in with Quick Shine gloss varnish. Then I began masking the top, I've gone with the idea of paper masking......... Fingers crossed! Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com
  10. New photo sharing app

    Generated from my Sony Xperia Z5 using tools.rackonly.com So I've tried the tools.rackonly site and want to see if it's worked. Only way to find out is to post.......so here goes.🤞 Finally!!!!!!!! It's a lot of work but it works!!
  11. New photo sharing app

    Hi, so I'm pretty annoyed that Flickr no longer works, so I'm looking for an alternative photo sharing app. Anyone out there got ny ideas? Not being able to add photos to my posts defeats the point of blogging on here. Thanks, Michelle
  12. 1:72 Willys British Airborne Jeep

    Hi, I tend to use Revell weathering powder. Will probably make her a little muddy/dirty, and add some dust to the cockpit. Just wish I could upload photos. Thanks, Michelle.
  13. 1:72 Willys British Airborne Jeep

    Another quick update (without photos😣), I have varnished the Jeep using Windsor and Newton matt varnish, and aim to set to work with weathering powders tonight.
  14. Slow response times

    Terrible slow here too, I think the hamster wheel needs a little oil! Also still having problems uploading photos.
  15. 1:72 Willys British Airborne Jeep

    Tonight I have applied all the decals to the Jeep. Now I understand that the decals are tiny, but it's a shame Airfix couldn't number them with bigger numbers, as I struggled to identify them with a magnifying glass! That said, they went on easily enough with the help of micro set. Next step, weathering. Sadly at present Flickr won't let me upload any photos.