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  1. Not sure at the moment, possibly the B-25 or Percival Provost.
  2. Having taken inspiration from OldThumper, I am thinking of building the old Matchbox G-91Y, probably straight from the box. However, looking at my stash, this may change (or be added to!).
  3. Can I be added please?
  4. Can I be added please?
  5. Agreed, it looks like the B25 preseved in the Netherlands. I am sure there are better pics though.
  6. Lovely yet again. Keep 'em coming!
  7. They did the same to me with my Basset which I never received in the end.
  8. That is quite lovely.
  9. They both look awesome! I loved building this one as a kid. I need to dig out a Matchbox kid out of my stash and take a trip down memory lane...
  10. At long last!
  11. I think 704 was out there when I was there in 2000. Fun times! Is this the Italeri reboxing? It looks excellent!
  12. Well, Airfix managed to send mine to my old address despite me changing it 2 months ago. I am now relying on the people who bought my house being honest enough to return it to the courier or I will have to rely on ebay. Here's hoping they liked the house...
  13. Some nice models there guys! Following all your advice I have bought some red primer, Peugeot Cherry Red and Fiat Red Orange. I will test both and see which looks best. Many thanks for all your help!
  14. Hi Guys, after losing the will to live trying and failing to spray Humbrol 19 on a pair of Gnats, I am walking away for a week before stripping them back and starting again. To avoid this in future, does anyone know a good Halfords paint match for the red? If this happens again I can see a midair occurring! Many thanks, Dave