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  1. Thanks guys. I have spent the last day trying to rub down the fuselage seam line as there was a massive step in both the upper and lower halves. It does look better but I have lost some of the surface detail which I will attempt to recreate with panel line shading (never tried it before so it may be a disaster). Whilst I said I wasn't going to mod the kit at all, I will eat my words a little as I can't live with them as they are (see below). I am going to drill them out and fit some plastic tubing to make them a little better. Standby for swearing and plastic being flung against the wall when this goes wrong....
  2. As I said, I have not modded the cockpit but have tried to differentiate the seat from the bulkhead with paint, and some representation of panels on the side consoles. I don't normally use the pilot figures, but due to lack of detail have done so on this occasion. I still need to put an ejection handle on it but that can wait for another day. I was hoping to do more but life has a habit of getting in the way...
  3. Well, since my amazing missus has just bought me the two main kits I always wanted as a kid (namely the Airfix 1/24 P51 and FW190 - both in the inital release boxes), nostalgia has won so I am building this straight from the box as I would have done as a child. That said, I will endeavour to build it properly, not in about 30 mins with a bit of paint splashed randomly here and there... It all begins tomorrow.
  4. Hi Guys, As I mentioned before, Old Thumper has made me yearn for the building the Matchbox kits of my youth, so I am in with this beastie. I am not sure whether to build it literally straight from the box in homage to my childhood, or improve it slightly (i.e. jet pipes). Anyway, I am looking forward to getting started. Dave
  5. I have one of these being built very slow time (18 months so far!), using a lot of filler. I shall watch with interest
  6. Not sure at the moment, possibly the B-25 or Percival Provost.
  7. Having taken inspiration from OldThumper, I am thinking of building the old Matchbox G-91Y, probably straight from the box. However, looking at my stash, this may change (or be added to!).
  8. Can I be added please?
  9. Agreed, it looks like the B25 preseved in the Netherlands. I am sure there are better pics though.
  10. Lovely yet again. Keep 'em coming!
  11. They did the same to me with my Basset which I never received in the end.
  12. That is quite lovely.
  13. They both look awesome! I loved building this one as a kid. I need to dig out a Matchbox kid out of my stash and take a trip down memory lane...