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  1. Revell (Matchbox) 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter

    Hi Steve, pm sent, many thanks!
  2. PK-117 Hawker Hunter T.7 - 'Blue Diamonds'

    Excellent stuff, I love this kit even with it's issues. Good choice sir!
  3. PK-7 Westland Lysander

    Pic as promised, still a long way to go. Since my masking skills are rubbish, I will paint the fuselage, wings etc. separately before assembling everything through the canopy at the end.
  4. Revell (Matchbox) 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter

    I am not enjoying this build. There have been many times it has come close to being rammed onto the shelf of doom, admittedly due to my modifications rather than the kit itself. This GB has saved it from that fate thus far. However, to throw things further into the mix I have managed to lose the decal sheet. I have turned my office/modelling room upside down trying to find it but no luck so far. I will finish the painting and have another look but no doubt it will come down to e**y to puchase another decal sheet. Anything else goes wrong and I will take my sledgehammer to it. Anyway, here is my slow progress so far:
  5. PK-7 Westland Lysander

    I have made a start on the cockpit, pictures to follow. It is quite rudimentary, so I will add a control column (a stick with a hoop most likely) and a black instrument panel to give it something. Alas no Franz, as I will be using the kit decals, but my Wellington will be the 300 Sqn version
  6. Vickers Wellington B X

    Someone gave me a Squadron set of canopies a few years ago (which included the Wellington) minus the Anson set. I was going to use them but unfortunately the tail turret was missing and I have managed to slice the front turret whilst trimming it down. I still may use the cockpit canopy and the bomb aimers window, and will probably buy replacements for the kit turrets in the future.
  7. Vickers Wellington B X

    Upper surfaces done (green drying), now an awful lot of black paint!
  8. PK-7 Westland Lysander

    Ok, I have absolutely no willpower and have decided to start on this even though I have a ridiculous amount on the go already. The obligatory box shot is below, and I will be building it straight from the box. This is the later "black box" release (from Revell I believe), and it occurs to me that all of my GB builds this year have been reissues (China, Revell etc.); not one has been a classic release. The shame.....
  9. Matchbox GB II - Build List

    The Halifax is missing from the list as well......I am planning the Lysander for when I have finished the Wellington. Watch this space !
  10. The B.X looks awesome, it really suits that colour scheme.
  11. Vickers Wellington B X

    The Tamiya Extra Thin stuff seemed to work, with no issues so far. Knowing me though, I will probably drop it now....
  12. Vickers Wellington B X

    Finally getting somewhere, primed and ready for painting.
  13. Vickers Wellington B X

    Hi Will, I have indeed and rubbed the paint off the edges to make sure that isn't a problem. This is the Revell re-issue with just the dark green plastic, but it feels the same as the Matchbox kits so I assume it is the same. Anyway, it seems to be holding with the Tamiya so fingers crossed....
  14. Both are looking great! You are making me look bad, you have gotten further with your second Wimpey than I have with my one and only
  15. Vickers Wellington B X

    Hmmm. Having issues with the fuselage. This keeps happening: In all my years of modelling this has never happened before, and this is the sixth time it has separated on me. I used my trusty old Humbrol poly for the first few times, tried Revell, and now I have bought Tamiya cement so we will see what happens this time. If all else fails I will resort to superglue. This Wellington has nearly gotten airborne several times, most likely through the window...