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  1. I wish! None of these are for a "Y" so I am using the decals which are common to both types then I will have to figure out the rest. Then buy some Meng G.91R kits to make use of the other decals...
  2. Decals have arrived, now to work out which ones I can use.
  3. Ok, I have a plan. I had forgotten that Xtradecals brought out a G91R sheet so I will order that and use what I can accordingly. The down side to this is that I will be forced to buy some G91R kits in order to justify buying the sheet...
  4. Thanks guys, I used xtracolor paints which are usually reliable. That said, disaster has now struck. The decals have disintigrated and no amount of liquid decal will bring them back. Annoyingly these were printed by Revell; I have not had any issues with old Matchbox decals. I guess I am now at a standstill until I can source some more.
  5. Getting close to decalling....
  6. Looking good despite all the issues. As I discovered, filler is definitely your friend with this kit!
  7. Well, the aluminium undersides and dark grey camo done, now masked ready for the green.
  8. Ok, well we are now primed ready for painting. I tried to preshade the panel lines but couldn't set it up on my airbrush so it is going to have to be a "factory fresh" finish. I am hopeless at masking canopies too (unless it is a pre cut set) so will hand paint it later.
  9. Glorious, I love the Gnat in this scheme.
  10. Hi guys, Apologies for the break in updates, work and the house extension have gotten in the way somewhat. I have been getting on with it a bit, not least of which has been sorting out the nose: As you can see, there was a hell of a step. That has now been rubbed down, jet pipes drilled out and filler liberally applied. Still some way to go but it has been good fun so far.
  11. Simply stunning, an amazing finish on the old girl. I have one of these in the stash, but I have managed to lose the canopy
  12. Thanks guys. I have spent the last day trying to rub down the fuselage seam line as there was a massive step in both the upper and lower halves. It does look better but I have lost some of the surface detail which I will attempt to recreate with panel line shading (never tried it before so it may be a disaster). Whilst I said I wasn't going to mod the kit at all, I will eat my words a little as I can't live with them as they are (see below). I am going to drill them out and fit some plastic tubing to make them a little better. Standby for swearing and plastic being flung against the wall when this goes wrong....
  13. As I said, I have not modded the cockpit but have tried to differentiate the seat from the bulkhead with paint, and some representation of panels on the side consoles. I don't normally use the pilot figures, but due to lack of detail have done so on this occasion. I still need to put an ejection handle on it but that can wait for another day. I was hoping to do more but life has a habit of getting in the way...
  14. Well, since my amazing missus has just bought me the two main kits I always wanted as a kid (namely the Airfix 1/24 P51 and FW190 - both in the inital release boxes), nostalgia has won so I am building this straight from the box as I would have done as a child. That said, I will endeavour to build it properly, not in about 30 mins with a bit of paint splashed randomly here and there... It all begins tomorrow.
  15. Hi Guys, As I mentioned before, Old Thumper has made me yearn for the building the Matchbox kits of my youth, so I am in with this beastie. I am not sure whether to build it literally straight from the box in homage to my childhood, or improve it slightly (i.e. jet pipes). Anyway, I am looking forward to getting started. Dave