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  1. Airfix B737-200 USAF T-43A

    I have finally made a start, fixed strips behind the windows and fitted all the doors. Now I have a lot of filling and rubbing down to get on with!
  2. You have convinced me to go and buy one of these, truly excellent work!
  3. Anigrand C-141B

    Typically, work and family have gotten in the way of modelling, so I am not going to finish this on time. In my haste to try to finish, I managed to fog up the canopy so it will be painted with black windows . I am hoping to finish the old girl shortly, and will continue to update this thread accordingly. Sorry guys! IMG_20180203_200241
  4. Airfix B737-200 USAF T-43A

    Hi guys, I am in with the old Airfix kit, turning it into a T-43A with the Drawdecals set and a bit of filling. Dave IMG_20180202_200736 by David Hall, on Flickr
  5. Stunning, simply stunning!
  6. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    I am in with a T-43 if I may. Dave
  7. I don't think I am alone in that I could do with reducing my stash through building the kits rather than continually adding to it, so the lack of new tool 1/72 kits may be a blessing. That said, the Gnat, Wellington, Phantom and Mitchell will no doubt be winging their way to me in due course!
  8. Beaufighter Mk X

    I built the Beau with the etch brass for the Twin Radials GB, it needed some fettling and you can't see much of the rear compartment when it is sealed up! That said, the cockpit was massively improved by the details. Good luck with this, I do love a Beaufighter!
  9. Finally decided on the F-80C, and possibly the F-86D if I have time (or even alongside if I am feeling brave). Seriously looking forward to this.
  10. What have you purchased / been gifted

    My amazing missus gave me a Roden VC10 K4, an Airfix Kate, an Italeri F-5F and a Flightpath Sea Fury improvement set. I have been wanting to get the latter for years so that has been a major coup! Dave
  11. Matchbox Gallery

    PK-7 Westland Lysander 225 Sqn RAF Odiham 1939 IMG_20171224_132848 IMG_20171221_202827 IMG_20171221_202820 IMG_20171221_202833 IMG_20171221_202843
  12. PK-7 Westland Lysander

    Hi Black Knight, if you have one spare that would be awesome!
  13. PK-7 Westland Lysander

    Thanks guys, my phone is an Android but still seems to be awkward about it. Nevermind, I am back from Leeds late tomorrow so will sort it by Sun. Thanks for the heads up Chris, I will carry out some feverish repainting!
  14. PK-7 Westland Lysander

    Thanks 06/24, I still can't figure it out from my mobile, though it does seem bizarre you can display my photos but I can't! Something is definitely being awkward!
  15. PK-7 Westland Lysander

    ....and finished. I couldn't get the rear of the canopy to sit flush against the fuselage which is annoying, and again the old Matchbox decals would not settle down with Microscale's finest products so tgere is a lot of silvering (and the upper wing roundels are out of register). I have rushed it a little in order to finish before Christmas, but it was good fun and looks like a Lizzie. Thanks for all your comments before guys! IMG_20171221_202843 by David Hall IMG_20171221_202833 by David Hall IMG_20171221_202827 by David Hall IMG_20171224_132848 by David Hall IMG_20171221_202820 by David Hall I know I am not the only one having issues with embedding flickr pics recently, so if anyone could tell me how I would appreciate it! Woohoo! Finally sorted out the pics! Now looking on here I can see how rough the edges are, some touching up is required I feel!