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  1. Hi Guys, Following on from the 70's NATO GB, I am in with this old girl. Taking inspiration from Old Thumper I am hitting the Matchbox kits from my stash and, I must say, having blast! Other than the etched brass I will be building the kit straight from the box with Modeldecal decals to finish. I won't be able to start until the weekend though; I am on a training course at the moment and the workload is bonkers! Dave
  2. Dammit! Just realised I haven't painted the cannons...
  3. Matchbox G91Y built straight from the box, using Xtradecals to replace the kit ones which disintigrated on first contact with water. Not a competition winner but good fun nonetheless!
  4. Hi guys, please accept my apologies for lack of posts; the latter stages of our extension build and my work going bonkers have put a massive dent in my modelling. As a result I have rushed the old girl somewhat. I still need to put handles on the ejector seat, do a better job of the canopy and replace the weapons at some point in the future. The decals themselves were the lowest point of the build, it is quite obvious from the photos below which ones came with the kit due to silvering. The ones taken from the Xtradecals G91R set are used with artistic licence, as the numbers are the wrong size, possibly the roundels too. That said it was damn good fun to build and I definitely have my modelling mojo back. She will never win any competitions but I love my Gina all the same!
  5. Absolutely stunning, I bow down to your skill
  6. Hi Guys, my apologies for lack of updates (work and extension building have gotten in the way somewhat). The xtradecals went on beautifully, but I had to use some of the kit decals which were a nightmare. I gave up on the nose flashes in the end and painted them by hand. Anyway, she is now decalled and matt varnished, just awaiting undercarriage, stores etc.
  7. I wish! None of these are for a "Y" so I am using the decals which are common to both types then I will have to figure out the rest. Then buy some Meng G.91R kits to make use of the other decals...
  8. Decals have arrived, now to work out which ones I can use.
  9. Ok, I have a plan. I had forgotten that Xtradecals brought out a G91R sheet so I will order that and use what I can accordingly. The down side to this is that I will be forced to buy some G91R kits in order to justify buying the sheet...
  10. Thanks guys, I used xtracolor paints which are usually reliable. That said, disaster has now struck. The decals have disintigrated and no amount of liquid decal will bring them back. Annoyingly these were printed by Revell; I have not had any issues with old Matchbox decals. I guess I am now at a standstill until I can source some more.
  11. Getting close to decalling....
  12. Looking good despite all the issues. As I discovered, filler is definitely your friend with this kit!
  13. Well, the aluminium undersides and dark grey camo done, now masked ready for the green.
  14. Ok, well we are now primed ready for painting. I tried to preshade the panel lines but couldn't set it up on my airbrush so it is going to have to be a "factory fresh" finish. I am hopeless at masking canopies too (unless it is a pre cut set) so will hand paint it later.
  15. Glorious, I love the Gnat in this scheme.