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  1. Canadian Air Force CC-142 (dash 8) questions

    Personally, I am not a big fan of CanMilAir. Whether its that he uses an Alps printing system or that he takes a 2 image and creates a decal that is to be applied to a 3-D item. If you can find Leading Edge's resin and decal set, you will be very happy with it.
  2. I think you need to lighten up on the primer...
  3. Canadian armour Battle of the Scheldt

    Peddinghaus makes several decal sheets with Canadian armour markings. None are specific to the Battle of the Scheldt, but they do contain elements of the units involved. Hope this helps.
  4. Spitfire Mk.V into a MK.IX

    That is an actual complete resin kit (and a very pricey one at that if still available). Beard 's link to Freightdog Models is of an actual conversion set. The Freightdog Models piece strikes me as a better alternative not just in terms of cost but also when it comes down to assembly. I find it more easy to work with a plastic model kit that to be messing around with a resin kit that requires a lot more clean up and test fitting of parts plus mucking around using CA glue.
  5. LF Thoughts on Sword 1/72 Fiat G.55 Centauro 2 in 1 release

    Thanks Roman. Where did you get the resin set?
  6. AZ models P-36 kits; are all the same plastic in the box?

    Fantastic! Thanks Mike. I appreciate all that info. It certainly makes this a lot easier now.
  7. AZ models P-36 kits; are all the same plastic in the box?

    Thank you Jure.
  8. Can anyone confirm if the AZ model P-36 kits are all the same regardless of boxing? - ie, the same sprues regardless of what it is packaged in the box as but with just different decals depending on the boxing? I want to build a Finnish P-36 and have an opportunity for a P-36A or P-36C kit at a reasonable price. I hope that I can build either as the Finnish version.
  9. I was looking over several of Foxbot's decal sheets and am interested in several. They offer some unique options. Thing is, I am not at all familiar with their product. Could anyone with some experience with Foxbot decals tell me a little about them? Such as: - are they "regular" type decals? silk screen printed... - are they printed on a solid sheet? do you have to trim around them at all? - are they ALPs printed? Thanks in advance.
  10. 'STRANGE BREW' Canadian Seaking

    Too funny! That's great.
  11. Zee Flying Pencil!

    Looks really good!
  12. Not that I build 1/48, but I do like to check out Eduard's releases as a bit of a teaser as to what we might see in 1/72 as far as markings go. Looking at the new March releases, I saw their Fw.190A-5 light fighter. The plate that goes beneath the wing guns looks quite different from what I can see on the 1/72 Fw.190A-5 release (of the same version): Latest 1/48 Fw.190A-5 lower wing: 1/72 lower wing of same variant: What am I missing here? (FYI, both are the same aircraft - Maj. Hermann Graf's plane)
  13. Cool project. Coincidentally, I have something similar planned but not quite so ambitious that I will require extended wing tips. My project will be a little more straightforward. I am using the Do.335B-6 and swapping out the leading edge of the inner wing section with that from the Do.335B-2 kit: Those wing cannons look pretty nasty and on a night fighter, I think would have done a lot of damage. Benefit of this little project is that neither kit will be wasted. I can the corresponding parts from the B-6 and make the B-2 into an A.
  14. Blue and White, or Black and White Stearman ?

    I can't answer the question at hand, but man, that is one spiffy looking paint scheme on this plane.
  15. LF Thoughts on Sword 1/72 Fiat G.55 Centauro 2 in 1 release

    Thank you Roman. I'll check out your build and look forward to further information when you get back home.