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  1. Thank you fellas, I appreciate the confirmation.
  2. Great looking tank! I particularly like the camo scheme and your weathering is outstanding!
  3. Can someone confirm for me the size (ie, how many gallons) of the drop tanks that come with the Tamiya 1/72 Mosquito kit? TIA.
  4. Thank you, I appreciate the explanation. It was something that I often wondered about as most times when I Googled information for either, pretty much the same images showed up. Now I have a better idea of what to look for when trying to distinguish between the two types.
  5. Very nice, I do like the camo scheme.
  6. Out of curiosity, what, if any, is the difference from an 'Elefant' to a 'Ferdinand' (aside from the name used to reference these)?
  7. Looks interesting. Do you have any pictures of the actual item?
  8. Thanks for sharing - a real treat!
  9. Looks absolutely fantastic!
  10. Wee Friends - Friendship models offers a set of tracks for the Trumpeter Famo kit. As for expecting a reply from Trumpeter or any of their distributors, do not to hold your breath - you will not get one. Poke around Wee Friends' website, lots of other nifty items to be found there.
  11. Hannants has them listed but not much on hand. I tried Rocketeer's website, but all that showed up was this - データベース接続確立エラー I am wondering if they are still around? You might try eBay if all else fails.
  12. I wonder if Master Model will fill the void for a pitot tube set for the Defiant? As much as I like Quickboost's products, resin pitot tubes have never struck me as a very good idea.
  13. Steve, I have ordered direct from Owl for several years now and have always found it to be the best for price. They have several of their Ju.52 sets listed as arriving within a week. The price is listed as 580.00 CZK - roughly 21.47 euros or 18.77 GBP (plus postage). HTH.
  14. I have a couple of the Owl Ju.52 conversions and they are quite nice. The only other one was from ages ago, a set by Guano Aeroplane and Zeppelin Works: