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  1. Thanks Martin, I'll be watching for that. I've spent quite some time Googling trying to find pictures of these Mosquitos that would answer my questions but with no luck. Mind you, lots of pictures of models of them... LOL
  2. What's interesting is that the Kits-World sheet shows screened engine air filter covers, while the ones in your link Richard show them as louvered: A good picture of the actual plane would definitely be of good help in this instance!
  3. As I was writing my reply, I was thinking that perhaps the early J's had the different engine deck layout and you have confirmed as much. Thank you. If Robby is using his Revell kit for this and wants the early engine deck layout, a good choice to start with would be Attack's Su-76i kit (there might be other kits from Attack that are suitable, but it's the one that I have on hand). The moldings are heavily based off the Revell kit, so the upper hull would be a straight swap with the Revell kit's. From other pictures that I came across of the Su-76i, you could use the Revell kit upper hull for that, so win-win.
  4. Not the perfect answer, but perhaps a start for you. Kits-World offer's Donnet's P-51 on one of their 32nd scale sheets (bottom one): Maybe you can cobble up the markings you need for it in 72nd? I could not find an equivalent sheet in 72nd - maybe it's still forthcoming from them? Hope this helps.
  5. You might also find the following reviews of interest: Dragon Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.N w/side skirt armour (don't let the Ausf.N part turn you away) Amorama Dragon Panzer III Ausf.J review (should help you figure out what you may need for your project) Also at the bottom of the review in my previous post, there is a chart comparing what comes with each Dragon Panzer III kits. Even though you do not get the turret vision ports for a J, I do prefer kit #7407 was the best Dragon Panzer III kit overall as it gave you most everything that you needed to do any other variant (save for suitable decals) plus you get a later style cupola and the side skirt / turret armour which, IMHO, is quite nicely done. Don't let those turret vision ports stop you Robby, they are really basically just very small rectangular pieces with a slit, something that I bet you could trim out from a small piece of plastic card.
  6. Robby, Head over to Henk of Holland's website and look in the Dragon kit listings. Find Dragon's Pz.III Ausf.J and the Ausf.L kits and compare the sprues and instructions. From memory, you really should not have too much much difficulty doing this, they look to be very similar externally, save for needing to add the vision ports that Jack has mentioned. I am no Panzer III guru and admit that I am placing a lot of faith in Dragon's work as well as the numerous kit reviews that I came across on Henk's website. I do not recall anyone mentioning that the Ausf.J rear deck was any different from the Ausf.L's (unless maybe a really early J???). Quite honestly, I think that if Dragon goofed on their Panzer III kits (either scale), there'd be quite the hubbub about it.. From the reviews that I have read, Dragon's 1/72 Panzer IIIs have all received quite positive remarks. The only thing that really comes to mind is that they molded the tow cable onto the rear deck (where Revell left it separate) and the other big beef was that they molded the engine covers on but but there is no space around them between the cover and the deck. Yet, they did it "right" (if you will) with their StuG III kit, as did Revell: Also, another good site for kit reference is Hobby Search. Do a search for what you are looking for and do not limit yourself to scale, include 1/35. Many of the kits listed there include pictures of the parts, instructions and decals. I save the ones I am interested in and can use the pictures of the kit parts and instructions as a guide for what I am working on in 1/72. I've saved countless 1/35 Dragon kit files to use as a guide for projects in 72nd scale.
  7. Hi, looking to see if anyone here can answer a few questions about the following Post War aircraft: World Wide Airways racing Mosquito Kenting Aviation Limited Mosquito Canadian Racing Spitfire Mk.XIVe I have the Thunderbird Models decal sheet for each of these aircraft. They do not come with any sort of "data" markings. I've looked at what pictures I could find on the net, but really could not tell if these aircraft would have had "data" markings. If they did, would they have had ALL of the same types of markings as found on a war time aircraft? Also, the two Mosquitos, would they have retained the rubber block type tires or perhaps tires with a circumferential tread instead? Thanks in advance!
  8. Another very helpful and useful link! Thank you!!!
  9. Perfect! Thanks Bill, that will be very helpful.
  10. Fantastic! Thank you everyone - greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi, I have been trying to find some good picture sources of Mistels, specifically for the Fw.190s and Bf.109s that were attached to the Ju.88 base unit. I have had no luck locating good, clear pictures of these aircraft, in particular of the 190s that were used. Getting really particular, of the 190's wings. If anyone can help out, I'd appreciate it.
  12. Better than several years back when it was $1.50 plus to the USD dollar! But still, it hurts... LOL I also picked up a few of their Mosquito wheel sets. You might also look at the Mosquito wheels from Armory Models. I haven't really decided yet if I have a preference, but they are nice looking wheels: The bulge of the wheels seems a little more restrained than the ones from Attack Squadron: Not sure which is really "correct", they both look good and are pretty closely priced, FWIW.
  13. I bought a couple of theses myself. Haven't used them yet, but they do look really good. FWIW, as far as ordering goes, I have found that direct from Attack Squadron will get you the best overall price with shipping. HTH.
  14. Thanks fellas. Troy, very helpful picture, thank you so very much. Judging from what I see there, Eduard has it right (guess that's not really any surprise, is iot? )