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  1. Dunkirk Spitfire Decals

    I don't think that this was what I recalled seeing, but Hasegawa is doing a limited 3 kit release based on the air battle over Dunkirk:
  2. Dunkirk Spitfire Decals

    Oliver, I am sure that I recently saw a set of decals based on the movie advertised, I just can not recall were though, sorry. I will do some poking around later and if I can find them again, I'll post the link here for you. Of course, as Dave has pointed out, it is doable with some aftermarket decals, but I can appreciate how convenient it would be with a set already made up and specific to what you want.
  3. Fantastic! Thank you Tony. I appreciate that. Now off to take a good read through of you WIP!
  4. Superb Bolingbroke! Would love to see the pics in your WIP, but the cursed PB blocked image thing is preventing that... Any chance you can repost those?
  5. Post War - 1950s 1/72 RCAF style black letters

    Thanks Dave! Appreciate the help.
  6. I hope someone here can help me with this. I am sure that at one time, someone (Leading Edge, Arrow Graphics, ???) offered a 1/72 decal sheet of Post War - 1950s black code letters. I have a few sheets of numbers, but can not locate a corresponding sheet of letters. Does anyone know who or if such a decal sheet ever existed? and, if so, who made? Thanks!
  7. B-17F in 1/72 - options?

    Hi Smudge, so the shim idea seems to be the way to go and not much is required. Have a read here. The thread is from the ARC and speaks to your very question!
  8. B-17F in 1/72 - options?

    As for "fixing" the dihedral, I would just insert a narrow strip on the top of the wing at the fuselage and then a little filler. That would alter it enough. Mind you, one might have to do a little sanding on the bottom of the wing where it meets the fuselage as well. I have come across other modeller's comments for addressing this. A little Googling should net you some more suggestions.
  9. B-17F in 1/72 - options?

    Oh no, I am quite aware of the new Revell B-17 kit and honestly, I'd much sooner run with the original / old one. The new Revell B-17 kits have a look about them that is off and I am not the only one to be saying this. I have read it elsewhere.
  10. B-17F in 1/72 - options?

    Some fine looking B-17s you have there. With regards to the Hasegawa kit, Squadron offers a vac canopy set for it, do you know if it addresses the cockpit angle? Failing that, what about the vac form set for the Academy kit? From my experience, Academy's kits often share similarities with other manufacturer's kits and maybe the B-17 is one of those kits???
  11. B-17F in 1/72 - options?

    I have the Academy kit myself and much prefer it to the other kits out there. Yes, as has been pointed out, the wing dihedral is a little excessive, but as also has been pointed out, it is an easy fix. The somewhat new Revell B-17 kit, just does not look right to my eyes - not that I am any sort of expert! I do recall reading several reviews that did confirm my thoughts of it. Hasegawa's kit is also quite nice, but as has been said, it is an older kit, so raised panel lines on it. There are detail sets (Eduard and CMK come to mind) out there for the Academy kit that I think could easily be adapted to the Hasegawa kit (probably more so that trying to fit a Revell set to either of those 2). Quickboost does several nice resin sets (engines and props) that would certainly improve them as well.
  12. Kits World decals, how accurate are they?

    Hasegawa made the same error on their 1/48 Hurricane kit: I think this would be a good example of someone putting far too much "faith" in the reputation of another, while one of the 2 is presuming the other's work / information is correct, only to end up furthering the error. Chalk it up to a combination of poor research and one manufacturer copying the other's artwork.
  13. MarkSH's NF104

    Looks really good. The metallic finish is spectacular!
  14. Converting Plastic Soldier Stug III Ausf G to C/D and F

    For your F8 version, there is this (MT72417) resin conversion set from Modell Trans Modellbau. It is meant to be used with the Revell Panzer III kit (which in its own right is a little gem of a kit!). Modell Trans also does a StuG III Ausf.B/C/D stowage set that includes parts for an Afrika Korps version. Hopefully this will help you along with your projects.
  15. Kits World decals, how accurate are they?

    Good catch! Thanks Woody. I missed that totally. I have a Berna Decals sheet covering several Free French Hurricanes, one of them the same as on the Kit World sheet, but Berna did get it right: It is details like that that had me questioning the Kits World sheet. I have read elsewhere that they do tend to have accuracy issues. While I am not an overboard rivet counter, I do like to get details / markings correct where possible.