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  1. Is CanMil Air doing decals again? Last time that I looked at his website (which was several years ago), he had gotten out of the decal market.
  2. Belcher Bits used to do such a conversion, unfortunately, it's sold out now. They still offer the decal sheet though. The conversion was based on a set from a company called Aircraft in Miniature, Hannants may be a source for the engines.
  3. Maybe one of the old Airfix modeling magazine issues?
  4. Could you post some pics of your work? I am curious as to how you addressed the differences when mating the B wing to the Hasegawa fuselage. Thanks.
  5. Why? Well, that's what happens when you copy other people's work. Had AZ been more like Arma Hobby and started from scratch, doing their own research, maybe then they would have gotten it right.
  6. True the wings are good as they are a slightly more detailed version of the Revell wings. I am doing the same thing as you described (mating the wings with the Hasegawa kit fuselage) except I will be using the Revell kit's wings. I completely agree, while this method may not be "state of the art" like the new Arma Hobby kit, it will still give one a pretty decent kit. I had picked up Eduard's latest photoetch set for the Hasegawa P-51B kit, so toss that in plus a few of the resin sets that I have on hand, I believe that I will have something that will look pretty good on the shelf.
  7. I think MSAP covered this one on their North Africa sheet. It goes back many years, but you can still find it on eBay.
  8. There is no comparison. AZ's kit is a fubared copy of the Revell kit with some modifications. Arma Hobby's kit is new and for all intensive purposes, the most correct P-51B kit available now.
  9. I had no problem placing one into the shopping cart - are you on their website or another's? The link I provided above will take you directly to the conversion set in question (and Schatton's website).
  10. I had the High Flight set, ended up getting rid of it in favour of the Schatton Modellbau one.
  11. Schatton Modellbau makes a wonderful resin conversion which includes an impressive metal gun barrel. I do not remember which kit it is intended for, either Hasegawa or Revell:
  12. Those Special Hobby 109e kits are not exactly "no brainers". Their biggest, most visible flaws are the too wide canopy and too long undercarriage legs that feature downspouts for brake lines. Tamiya's kit still holds it's own. If the slightly too short fuselage bothers one, you can substitute an ICM fuselage or cut the Tamiya fuselage and lengthen it. Whether you chose the Special Hobby kit or Tamiya, both are excellent kits, each requiring some tweaking.
  13. Definitely a "variety" of lengths when it comes to the Stuka kits out there. Academy's and Italeri's fuselages are more narrow than the Fujimi kit, Academy's more so. It is a more easy task to take the Italeri nose, widen it and then fit to the Fujimi kit. Although not a D or G variant, Zvezda's Ju 87B looks quite good, particularly the tail section. Not sure if it is 100% correct, but to my eye of all the Stuka kits out there, I like it the most. I picked up a few extra with the intent to modify them to the later D variants. My stumbling block at the moment is fitting a later type canopy. I will be interested to see what Special Hobby does with the Academy kit though.
  14. Here's another, you might also want to take note of the wheels as they appear to be the later, non treaded style.
  15. Maybe this helps: This one, look like there is an exhaust shroud sitting on the ground, bottom right corner:
  16. Here is a link to a build of this aircraft. This should help you with the colours used.
  17. Part does a couple of zimmerit photoetch sets for the Revell Pz.IV and AML does a resin zimmerit set for both the Pz.IV and Wirbelwind.
  18. Also, looking at several of the 1/35 offerings, seems that those manufacturer's also did not address the relocated radio operator's hatch. I sure miss those original MACO kits.
  19. Thanks Seahawk. Great that Revell picked up MACO's line, a pity that they did not keep the kits identical to what MACO had produced. Shy of locating the MACO original, it seems that to make a basically correct Ostwind IV would require some surgery all around, particularly to move that radio operator's hatch forward and the Flakpanzer III kit for the turret.
  20. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can confirm for me if the turret of a Flakpanzer III Ostwind is the same turret as used on a Flakpanzer IV Ostwind? I picked up the Revell (formerly MACO) Flakpanzer III Ostwind kit and would like to use the turret with either a Revell or Dragon Panzer IV chassis to make it into a Flakpanzer IV Ostwind. I cannot recall if MACO originally issued a Flakpanzer IV Ostwind or not. Many thanks in advance. Wm. B.
  21. Scott, still haven't heard from you on the CC-130B.  Can you message me please?  I am interested in whatever information you can share on that.  Thanks.


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