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  1. KLP New Online Publisher

    I just thought I'd post an update to this, showing the cover for our second book, Building Mac’s Bird Dog in 1/32 Scale: A Scale Tribute to Macaulay “Mac” Cottrell: I was hoping to have the book ready by now, but there's a delay while we arrange a photo shoot for some more walkaround content. Watch the website or our Facebook page for updates. I thought I'd also take this opportunity to post a teaser image from one of our upcoming titles in the Build Guide Series: Anyone care to guess what it is? Kev
  2. Monogram 1/48 FM-2 Conversion

    Thanks, Martin! I have the Sword and Hobby Boss FM-2 kits in the stash, too, so I should tackle them some day. They'd look pretty neat in a trio with this one, I reckon! Kev
  3. Monogram 1/48 FM-2 Conversion

    Thanks, Den. The process of replacing all those images is a pain, for sure! But I figure, if no one does it, then the modelling Internet has just suffered its first mass-extinction event, and that would be a real shame. So I'm putting my money where my mouth is, I guess. Kev
  4. Monogram 1/48 FM-2 Conversion

    Apologies for dredging up this relatively ancient thread, but I've been working through the process of un-Photobucketing my build threads, and have just finished updating this one. All the image links now point to ImageShack. I thought I'd also add a couple of better photos that I took since finishing this build, as I think they show off the model better: It's still one of my favourite builds, even after all these years. And no, I never did get around to repeating it in 1/32 scale - though I still intend to! Thanks as always for looking in. Kev
  5. KLP New Online Publisher

    Thanks for the plug, Mike! The Sabre book is 15 Aussie pesos (that's 15 Australian dollars for anyone north of the border), and is downloadable in PDF format. We're hoping to get the Bird Dog book out in the next few weeks, and it will be similarly priced. We've got a number of future titles planned, spread across three distinct series: The Build Guide Series, the Build Special Series (our first two books), and the Technique Series. Our books feature large font sizes to accommodate those of us with aging eyesight, and large format photos, with no more than three per page. The books are in PDF format, and can be read on any device that supports it. If you have any comments or questions, fire away! Kev
  6. It's expected in 2016, but probably Q4 at the earliest. Kev
  7. Having problems viewing pictures - Imgur.com?

    It's not a BM problem. It's either an issue with the image hosting site, or the network path between you and them (the route, technically). There's nothing you can really do about it. Kev
  8. 'Insert URL' freezes my computer

    With Microsoft, it's all about whether, and to what level of compliance, they implement industry standards. Even when they do purport to support a particular industry standard, there's always some Microsoft-only tweak or variance added that breaks it for everyone else. That pretty much sums up every version of IE since v6 (which is when the browser space started to retreat from being the wild west, and vendors began to collaborate on establishing some standards). Kev
  9. meritofficial here from Merit International

    I'd love to see some stuff in 1/32 scale! Kev
  10. 'Insert URL' freezes my computer

    Yep, Internet Explorer 11 has compatibility issues with the Internet forum software. Kev
  11. Fisher 1/32 Ryan STM-2

    Thanks Den - always appreciate your support! Kev
  12. Fisher 1/32 Ryan STM-2

    Thank you sir. I really wanted to do the all-yellow RAAF scheme, but a friend was already doing that, so I went for something different with this one. Kev
  13. Fisher 1/32 Ryan STM-2

    Pascal, Angelo - thank you both for your kind words. Kev
  14. Fisher 1/32 Ryan STM-2

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. I've been working to improve my photography of late, though most of the improvements happen in post-processing it seems. Still, I'm getting there. Kev
  15. Fisher 1/32 Ryan STM-2

    Thanks Joachim! That's very kind of you to say. Kev