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  1. Busy doctor, slow car builder And I'm kept very busy too with the repair and painting of the wooden baby's bed in which slept my wife, sixty years ago, because, since 1th November, I'M GRANDFATHER, of a little sweet Emma However, today, I sat behind my bench and made a little job. I'm not 100% happy with the result, but I'm pleased to share it with you, and am expecting critics and comments So, I cut of a approx. 8x8 plate, centered by EB logo: Then I turned a brass stand on the lathe, using a 8 mm brass rod Then I soldered the "EB" plate on the stand Then I put the stand on the milling machine, in the jaws of dividing head, and cut a 6 mm disk-shaped "EB" plate: sorry, no picture Then I unsoldered the plate and the stand Next, I put the spare-wheel locker on the lathe, and excavate a disk-shaped housing for the EB logo And at least, I cement (at the moment) the plate on the nut and made a little test inking black the logo AT its place on the car: That's all for now, folks Thanks for looking and stay tuned if you like
  2. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Your build progresses very quickly, Dan, much more than mine...(I'm not jealous, only amazed by your great skills) So I can see, looking at your splendid work, some ideas of improvements I'd planned to implement, such as: - folding and forward / backward moveable seats - Wooden steering wheel Of course, I'll implement them, and probably the same way than you ( I'm not a nasty copycat, just a busy man who cannot give up time enough to his hobby). Keep up the good job, Dan
  3. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Excellent job, Dan, as usual
  4. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

  5. First try on brass plate: Promising start, I think
  6. Before punching on brass plate, I've made a little cut around the best EB logo one the aluminium plate, cutting a 6 mm diameter disk, after having polished the plate with steel wool, just to have an idea of what I could get finally. Relax, chaps, I KNOW that the disk is all but perfect. By the way, the tiny part has jumped out of the bench, and impossible to find it on the floor of my workshop, It doesn't matter, it was just a "test-part"
  7. First tries of stamping letters... Letters are 3 mm high The main difficulties are: - to get correct vertical and horizontal alignment of the letters - to get a perfect overlapping of the vertical "leg" of the two letters E (horizontally mirrored) and B * To punch the letters with the same strength First, on a soft 0,6 mm thick all plate: After having been punched, the letters have been filled with black ink, in order to get them more visible On the first stamp, horizontal and vertical alignments are OK, but there's a 1 mm horizontal offset between the vertical leg of the two letters : BAD On the second stamp, letters are well aligned horizontally, there's no offset between vertical legs of the letters, but the vertical alignment is bad: BAD Last, on the third try, the alignments are OK, and the vertical legs of both letters are not offseted, giving a rather good EB logo Now, I'm going to make a graduated jig, in order to simplify the stamping and I'll make a lot of tries on a 1 mm brass plate, until I reach, if not perfection, at least a nice and convincing EB logo, Only then could I make a 6 or 7 mm diameter disk-shaped brass tap, proudly wearing EB logo Stay tuned for the next step on brass plate
  8. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Great work, Dan If you permit a little and constructive criticism: For the glass part of your tail lights, you could use a rod of plexiglass, put it to the good diameter and thickness with your lathe, and then use transparent red and orange Tamiya paints. It would be much more realistic
  9. Punches arrived today: If you can imagine what will happen when I'll punch the two letters E and B below, E vertically inverted and joining them by their vertical leg: I think that I'll get my logo, but that needs a lot of dry tests, to align perfectly the punches Wait and see
  10. Thank you for your nice comments @rjfk2002, @krow113 @Hannes and @kpnuts, I'm expecting the delivery of my punches for tomorrow or Monday....so...I should be able to finish this spare wheels locker in a few days
  11. My punches are late, because they were out of stock ! But the situation has changed today, so, I hope to have them soon Stay tuned for the next steps about my EB logo on the spare wheels locker
  12. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Yes I did
  13. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    The rear view is utterly amazing !
  14. While the lathe was powered, I took the opportunity to turn a spare wheel locker. In order to center the spare wheels around their shaft, Pocher provides an ugly plastic black part: So, I made a brass locker, exact replica of the plastic one: That's all for now, folks Next enhancements next week-end, probably
  15. Thanks Harvey My letters must be 3 mm high. I've already try the hand method, with a tracing point...doable but for a poor result at this scale And with a milling machine and a engraving reamer, it will be easy...under the condition to work with a CNC milling machine (to form the curves of the letter "B")...and mine is not ! So, I just bought (on a Swiss jewelry tools supplier's website) a set of punches of ImpressArt brand, "NewPrint Alphabet", in capital letters: The letter "E" will be punched vertically mirrored and will touch the lettre "B", to get an acceptable Bugatti's logo. Of course, a lot of tries shall be done, in order to acquire enough skills to make it correctly, but I think I'll achieve my goal Once the logo is embossed and after electroplating, I'll fill the letters with black (or blue, I've not yet decided) acrylic paint Stay tuned if you like