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  1. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    I sat down with popcorn and spare glasses
  2. Napier Railton

    A little contribution to your project, Harvey: Wiki A detailed article Same article, part 2
  3. What an amazing work Congrats, Jo
  4. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    It looks like a real car during its restoration in an auto body shop ! Congrats Dan
  5. Thank you so much, Sam,for this kind comment, and happy new year to you and your family
  6. Thanks to you, @Roy vd M. and you @harveyb258, who gave me the idea
  7. First of all, I wish a happy new year to all members of Britmodellers.com I've been busy, but have read all your comments and advices... Since two weeks, I've thought about how to make my EB logo ?...engraving ?, stamping with my punches (that are not really very close to the font ordinary used to draw this logo), photo-etching ? Engraving supposes to buy a CNC system for my Proxxon milling machine....I'll certainly buy it in the future but actually, it costs, in Germany, 459 euros (GO.CNC.de) Photo-etching supposes to buy a lot of tools, chemical products, practice a lot before reaching skills enough to get a good result....no time, and no desire to waste a lot of money, nor inhale toxic fumes ! And suddenly, I remembered that I'd bought on Ebay Germany some sets of photo-etched parts to replace those of my kit that were broken or lost.... And, forgotten in some bottom drawer, I found that: And I've thought that I could use the photo-etched EB logos on the oval plates The letters are 2,3 mm high, what is just enough, not to be ridiculous ! I've tried two methods: First one, putting the photo-etched set on the milling machine, and drilling 0,6 mm holes following the relief of the logo, to get a 3D logo, then filing. Not very easy and I've got the result below, not so bad, but frankly perfectible: Second one, I cut off a square on the plate, including the EB logo, then, with photo-etch dedicated scissors, I cut off progressively the EB logo shape. Then, I filed this part around the Logo, and I got my EB logo, but it remained metal between E and B branches, and it was impossible to eliminate it with a drilling method to get a clean result. So I've had the idea to stick the EB logo's visible face on a fingertips, and I've rubbed slowly and for a long time my finger on the abrasive surface of a ModelMotorCar's cardboard file, until the excessive metal under the logo disappear. It took half an hour, checking regularly, to get my EB Logo: Incidentaly, I've lost my fingerprints on the second and third right fingers Next steps: The EB Logo will be stuck or soldered on a 6,1 mm diameter disk, that I'll put in the housing I've turned on the spare wheel locker nut Stay tuned if you like and thank you for watching
  8. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Happy new year 2018 to all members of the dream team and to all friends and members of this great forum
  9. Thanks a lot @Hannes, @harveyb258, @kpnuts, @Major_Error, @sharknose156 and @Roy vd M. and @cati too. I'm actually machining a new wheel-locker because I'm not happy with he first one: - It doesn't turn perfectly round on the shaft - The housing for the EB logo plate isn't deep enough and not well centered. Concerning the EB logo, the stamps don't allow an excellent result, even if it is quite convincing at this scale....but, as Roy, I search, if not perfection, then a VERY good result. So I'm stuck at this stage of my build, and I'm thinking...always thinking... I'm going to make tries with the milling machine, to see what kind of precision I can get, and I'm also thinking to photo-etching...Myself, of helped by a few members of this forum
  10. Thank you very much, Harvey She's my first grandchild, so, I'm absolutely too crazy Concerning the retainer cap, I've planned to make another one, because the first one is not perfect: - for instance the threaded central hole isn't exactly centered and the cap doesn't turn round - the disk-shaped housing for the EB logo plate isn't perfectly centered - And the EB logo plate is frankly perfectible: measurements, shape, and letters.....I'm thinking about a grabbing method with the milling machine
  11. Busy doctor, slow car builder And I'm kept very busy too with the repair and painting of the wooden baby's bed in which slept my wife, sixty years ago, because, since 1th November, I'M GRANDFATHER, of a little sweet Emma However, today, I sat behind my bench and made a little job. I'm not 100% happy with the result, but I'm pleased to share it with you, and am expecting critics and comments So, I cut of a approx. 8x8 plate, centered by EB logo: Then I turned a brass stand on the lathe, using a 8 mm brass rod Then I soldered the "EB" plate on the stand Then I put the stand on the milling machine, in the jaws of dividing head, and cut a 6 mm disk-shaped "EB" plate: sorry, no picture Then I unsoldered the plate and the stand Next, I put the spare-wheel locker on the lathe, and excavate a disk-shaped housing for the EB logo And at least, I cement (at the moment) the plate on the nut and made a little test inking black the logo AT its place on the car: That's all for now, folks Thanks for looking and stay tuned if you like
  12. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Your build progresses very quickly, Dan, much more than mine...(I'm not jealous, only amazed by your great skills) So I can see, looking at your splendid work, some ideas of improvements I'd planned to implement, such as: - folding and forward / backward moveable seats - Wooden steering wheel Of course, I'll implement them, and probably the same way than you ( I'm not a nasty copycat, just a busy man who cannot give up time enough to his hobby). Keep up the good job, Dan
  13. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Excellent job, Dan, as usual
  14. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

  15. First try on brass plate: Promising start, I think