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  1. I just achieve to read "Le Monde" this evening, and I'm very sad for all British citizens, and for all humen being too. We live in a wicked world ! And today morning, I heard that a friend of mine died yesterday.. A very bad day for all of us..
  2. I haven't understood Gerald Windgrove's method to punch louvers !
  3. Ad promised, a few pictures of a set of extra non-conventional tools, whose usefulness isn't clear... First: this one .... Would it be a home-made centre turning attachment ? Second, this one... Would it be a home-made "four-jaw " chuck ? Third, this one: I've no idea ! Fourth, this last one No idea ! If anyone here coud help me, it would be much appreciated
  4. Thanks a lot, Pouln, for your explanations The quick tool exchange holder is planned too, I just forgot to mention it
  5. Hi chaps Finally, I got yesterday my old lathe Proxxon PD230, 600 km to get it near Paris It need a good cleaning and greasing, and for that, I have to unmount it entirely. There's some pressure points while turning the knobs by hands, due - I think - to the accumulation of dust, old grease and metal particles in the mechanisms. However, while using the self-feeding, there's no pressure point neither strange noise. The 3-jaw chuck turns evenly. A quick test turning a brass rod to reduce its diameter, and make its end clean and flat has been succdessfull Contrary to what I thought, looking at the pictures of the sale advertisement, it doesn't come with as many tools I wrote a few posts ago So I have these extras: - A 4 independent jaws chuck - A gear 10 mm drilling chuck MK1 - 8 collet ER 20 set - A non-conventional home-made centre turning attachment - A fixed steady for long pieces - A set of pignons for threading - A set of replacement belts - Several drill bits - Shims and flanges - a dozen of cutting and threading tools HSS Steel, but not all 8x8 mm - It lacks the usual and more used cutting tools, and centre drilling bits - There is a lot of non-conventional tools or devices whose usefulness Iis unknown (by me at least ) I'll take some pictures to show you, and if anyone here would have an idea of the purpose for which they were made, I'll pay him a beer So, I've ordered yesterday evening: - A five-piece set Proxxon 24530 of usual cutting tools 8x8x80 Cobalt HSS Steel - A three-piece thread cuting set Proxxon 24540 - And a six set of centre drilling bits I need too, and will buy later - a radius cutting attachment 24062 - A die holder for round dies proxxon 24082 To be continued
  6. I am very impressed by the excellence of your technics and solutions. THanks for sharing
  7. Very grateful thanks to @PROPELLER for his outstanding contribution to my rear exhaust pipe As everyone here knows, my solution for this strongly bended tube was rather wobbly, and I havn't yet the needed tools to scratch a correctly bended tube.(It will be made since a few weeks, with my future lathe :)) PROPELLER did it for me, and I have no word to thank him as he deserves it. Dry fit to show you..The mounting bracket on the fuel tank will be modifed (scratch built probably)
  8. Thanks @Roy vd M. for this explanation...My english is so bad that I didn't understood what you meant ! shame on me !! And I answered you, playa=ing with words, melting english and french senses with "exhaust" Many thanks however for your compliment
  9. You're right, @Roy vd M., actually my posts are very exhaustive
  10. It comes with - A 4 independent jaws chuck - A gear 10 mm drilling chuck MK1 - 8 collet ER 20 set - A centre turning attachment - A fixed steady for long pieces - 5 pieces set of cutting tools HSS Steel - 3 Pieces set of thread cutting - A HSS boring tool set, 6 pieces - A 4-piece parallele supports set - I think a die holder for round dies, and centre drill bits - A set of pignons for threading - A set of replacement belts - Several drill bits - Shims and flanges - etc. The whole set and the Proxxon PD230 lathe for one-third of its new price
  11. Not exactly the same spark plugs, because, onj the real car , the ceramics head seems to have 4 grooves, and on the picture above, ther's only two ?
  12. Thanks a lot Wayne Soon, a little progress on the exhaust system My week-end will not be very busy with modeling, because I must go to Paris to get a second hand lathe I bought last sunday: A Proxxon PD 230 with a lot of extra accessories
  13. Muffler fixed on the crossmembers, via the mounting brackets and M2 bolts (Drilled M1.5 on the brackets bases and threaded M2) To be continued Stay tuned if you like
  14. Sorry Wayne for my mistake...I just achieved to rectify my post. The advantage of the soldering paste is that you apply it with a syringe needle, and so you use very few product (fortunately, because it's rather expansive), ad so you get a very clean welding. It remains very few work later to clean the surfaces, and the wekding is extremely strong. As far a s I know, it is possible to solder aluminium too. A drawback however: - the high temperature needed: 630°C, so the brass or copper is annealed and loose partially its mechanical strenght...For us, modelers of sttatic models, it's not a big problem. - It turn ewpansive if you want to solder large pieces The MK3 kit costs almost 82 € The paste syringe almost 33 €
  15. HI Keith, I solder now with silver solder paste for jewelers I use the MK3 set from Cookson-Claal: With a Proxxon Torch which heat until 1200°c Soft soldering is now devoted to temporary assemblies.