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  1. You can find them here What you are looking for is: M1.2 hexagonal brass nuts, 1 mm thickness and 2 mm diameter
  2. Mr C...putting your Flying Lady on the top of the Rolls's radiator marks probably the end of this thrilling adventure, but I hope you will continue to amaze with the best-in-class quality and beauty of your builds. Thank you very much my friend for having shared with us your joys and sorrows, your doubts and certainties, and for your incredible sense of humour CC
  3. It's a neverending debate and nobody can answer the question, Olivier. When you look at recent photos of 20's and 30's race cars, you can see black dampers or same-color-of-the-car dampers. BUT, these are recent pictures, taken after restoration in museums or in private collections. The real photos, when they exist, are black ans white, and it's impossible to be affirmative with the real color Personally, when I'll build MY INTERPRETATION of the 806's, I'll paint the dampers and spring-leaves, the same color as the frame rails, and i've not yet chosen between satin black and itialian red
  4. Exactly, Olivier, because, on these old black and white photos, our eyes essentially see the contrasts
  5. You're welcome...happy birthday another time
  6. Look at this google page: https://www.google.fr/search?q=dampers&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiN9I_zvaPUAhXEWBQKHdmCDdUQ_AUICigB&biw=1600&bih=1094#tbm=isch&q=hartford+shock+absorber You can see a multitude of possibilities ! I think personnaly that the (metal) outer disks of the 806's dampers have a dark color (black or red, impossible to know) and that the friction disks, between the disk-shaped part of the arms, have a light color (they where generally made with hard wood - beech or birch.....https://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=065.054...... and were sometimes painted at the periphery...https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amortisseur_à_friction) Another picture to support my remarks:
  7. Happy Birthday Olivier
  8. It looks like the real one, Ron
  9. My jaws on the floor, as always ! I'm thinking I've to stop following your thread, Mr C., because it's enriching my dentist
  10. I'm a bit anxious with this solution, because I don't think Alclad Chome will withstand the test of time I'm reminding you, my dear Dan, that I'm still OK to nickel plate your brass pieces....
  11. Absolutely stunning work at this scale I do like it and follow
  12. Mine isn't ready to ride🙄 It's possible to rent an old Bugatti, but absolutely too much expansive. (http://www.classic-rent.fr/FR-location-bugatti-m28.html) I thought for a moment to do it, and finally abandonned this idea.
  13. You should take a look at my own thread, and you could understand why I wasn't very present on the forum
  14. Very difficult to be everywhere ! Hereunder are the reasons of my great absence on the forum and lack of progress on my Bug's build ! My free time has been entirely monopolized since several weeks by my older son's wedding I cannot resist the pleasure to share with you my happyness and pride, and present you my best "reduced" model, Matthieu (32 years old, 6 feet 4 inchess, for 253.5 pounds), the groom, and his fiancée Mélanie (no measurements Gentlemen): And then two brothers together, Matthieu and Jérôme, my younger son, who lives in Montreal since 6 years: Champagne for everybody here