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  1. Yes, of course ! Personaly, I use it to lubricate my esophagus
  2. Thanks for sharing, Nick I've found a reseller in France, but he sells only big sets of tips / disks and the price is insane ! Which reseller did you deal with ?
  3. This jig is a fabulous tool. I pick this idea for my future builds Could you tell us which kind of tool bit you used to engrave the swirls ?
  4. A jig to help spacing regularly the swirls to get an engine-turned panel (guilloché-work) ? The teeth on the border of the superior and inferior plates would help to get a regular offset ?
  5. Evening guys Well....2 tiny parts have been added to the fuel tank, after 3D printing: - The fuel extraction nozzle - And the fuel sender unit The spare wheel knob has been 3D printed, glued in place and painted Molotov Chrome One piece more to paint and glue...the fuel filter, and then, I'll try to represent the fuel lines, at least partially...so wish me luck Stay tuned for last steps
  6. Evening Gentlemen The true end is drawing near for the naked chassis, and consequently for a post in the RFI section. I've placed the brake lever, fabricated the steering wheel and put it in place. Needless to say you how much I'm happy with the result I've also drawn in Fusion a spare wheel knob which will lock the spare wheel on its shaft, it remains to 3D printing it tonight, then painting it chrome and fixing it: It remains also to do: - painting and placing the fuel filter - weathering a bit the under-chassis - Scratching some elements on the fuel tank and perhaps intending to scratch the fuel lines Stay tuned if you like
  7. Good afternoon chaps The bird cage is entirely painted semi-gloss black The gear shift lever has been scratched with 0.4 mm piano wire, and the knob has been made with UV curing clear resin (painted ivory) Wait a bit for next steps
  8. Evening guys Tonight I've scratch built the spare wheel support : Little by little, the naked chassis takes shape : See you tomorrow for next steps
  9. Thanks Roger I'll try to scratch this...all the difficulty being to find a copper wire which were simultaneously at the right scale, so 0,3/0,4 mm diameter, rigid enough to keep straight shapes, and flexible enough to allow bending ...and overall that accept to be tortured in order to get a complex curse between the bars of the "bird cage" ! Meanwhile, I've added supports for the oil tank, made of plastic from sprue essentially, and 3D printed the 2 complex parts that you could sell hereunder, beige glueing, and in place on the chasssis: Still a lot of work to do, particularly to paint the brass and plastic parts added to the chassis, because I've to proceed by little steps, in order to prevent grey primer and the black paint to spoil the parts of the chassis that are already painted, so a lot of thorough and cautious masking job. Stay tuned until THE END
  10. Evening gentlemen Still a bit of progress on the "bird cage"tonight. I've drawn on Fusion 360 2 complex parts that will go on the tubular arch which support the dashboard . They will be 3D printed tonight I've also scratch built the tubular section which support the shift lever and the linkage with the gearbox. And scratch built as well the cross-members that join the cage to the firewall. What remains to be done ?: - the supports of the oil tank and a support for the spare wheel - cleaning and painting of all these brass pieces semi-gloss black - assembly and placing of the steering wheel and steering shaft, of the spare wheel, and of the exhaust line - and finally to glue the fuel filter, and the brake lever. I wonder if I'm capable, or not, to scratch the fuel lines from the fuel tank to the fuel filter ? Stay tuned if you like
  11. I'm glad you appreciate my model, Poul Regarding the figurine you gave me a link for, it's not this kind of driver I'm looking for, but that one:
  12. Hi @silver911 Impressive work, as said Tofdale. Should you add a lock at the bottom of the roller door ?
  13. Good morning mates Enhancement of the naked chassis in progress, with addition of a lot of missing parts on the "bird cage", some of them in plastic (got from heated section of sprues), majority in brass. It remains a lot to do on it. I've also added the 3D printed and chrome painted wheel nuts. Here am I at the moment: Stay tuned if you like
  14. Afternoon Gentlemen Well, I think this one is achieved It remains only to give it a strong cleanup and body polishing with Tamiya wax before taking good pictures for RFI posting Meanwhile, some quickly taken pictures: Now, I'm going to achieve the bare chassis, in order to exhibit it on the same RFI. Stay tuned if you like
  15. Thanks John If you want to add some 3D printed parts or if you need spare parts, I've A LOT of them in my stash, and it will be a real pleasure to give them to you
  16. Evening chaps the rear of this beauty is achieved: The front part is quite achieved, and you could see this later....you have to save some for tomorrow
  17. Good afternoon Gentlemen I can't resist the pleasure of teasing you by distilling the last steps of this assembly, as with a dropper To be honest, I'm a bit sad because end is near, at least for this build...so in reality, I'm also procrastinating to delay the final outcome In fact, after the RFI section of this one, I'll achieve the naked chassis, and the 2 models will be exhibited in the same showcase, perhaps indeed with a third one, but it's another secret story So: - I've fixed the issue of the MB emblem over the trunk lid, which a part had to be painted white, as the numeral underneath. - I've scratched 2 rear reflectors, that you can see under the rear bumper, which are not provided in the Tamiya kit. I've used spare clear parts, reduced their size, shaped them, glued and painted them with Molotov Chrome and Clear Red - I've assembled, painted and glued the rear lights - I've glued the trunk lid lock - I've scratched the door handles with thin nickel strips and used spare photo-etched parts for the keyholes (YES, I've noticed that the left door handle is not strictly horizontal, I'm going to fix that....) - And achieved the rear license plate - I've painted Chrome my 3D printed ventilation grill (The Tamiya one isn't realistic neither accurate) and put it in front of the windshield - I've de-chromed the wipers, because they looked like toys, and chromed them with Gravity Color Chrome - And glued the exhaust line. Would you like to see some pictures ?.....humm, OK The last steps before RFI will be to scratch and intend to place into the engine bay, if possible, the water coolant duct between coolant canister and radiator, and at last, to place the wind deflector on the bonnet. Stay tuned if you like
  18. Hi Edward You're absolutely right, it's a question I'm taking in account and I had already planned to apply white paint over the emblem where the numeral cover it !
  19. Good morning chaps I'm currently printing the licence plate numbers on decal sheet. After many tries, I've chosen Florence font for the letter W and Bebas font for the numerals, size 12 with space before and after letter and numerals This give imho a rather convincing matching with the photos above on my Saturday post. It will remain to paint the plastic plate semi-gloss black with a fine silver( or white ?) thread on the periphery, to glue the decal on it, and then to draw above the hyphen a little white disk with the point of the toothpick and white paint. Stay tuned for final steps
  20. Thanks for the suggestion, but this one doesn't match correctly with what I'm looking for. And relatively to my build, it's not yet finished, so, please...stay tuned for ultimate steps and RFI posts...
  21. This is a question I can't answer to ! I'd like to find a sat man 1:24 figurine I could use to build a diorama as in the above picture with John Fitch, but it seems to be a major challenge (to find one) Finally, this car will probably be exhibited without front bumper. It's already quite achieved, it remains only to put the rear bumper and lights, the wind deflector on the bonnet, the licence plate with the right number, the rear reflectors under the bumper. And then, I wonder wether I'm going to getting the body dirty or not...
  22. Thanks @Spiny for your warm words Well, after all, it was a race car and it was dirty before and after the race I've finally managed to load into Flickr the picture where it can be seen that, during the race, the car hadn't its front bumper: So you could understand why I'm hesitating !
  23. Evening gentlemen It's been a long time since my last post. I've been busy on multiple fronts and my few daily progress didn't deserve new posts until today. So: - I've scratch-built sun visors - I've put in place the head lights and front turning indicators - I've put in place the metal transfers for MB logos on the left side and on the trunk lid - I've 3D printed the fuel filter and its fuel lines (the line "out" is already connected to the fuel pump) - This fuel filter has been glued in place and the line "out" already connected to the fuel pump - The cabin has been inserted into the body - At last, the chassis has been inserted in this set; doing that, the 2 horns unglued ! The results in pictures: (Pity, iPhone 13's camera is merciless with the bad details, particularly the awful aspect of the body paint/clear ) A lots of things remain to do: - Placing all the chrome inserts on the body - Painting chrome and placing the vent grill in front of the windshield - Painting chrome and placing the wing wheel nuts - Scratching and placing door exterior handles - Putting in place the rear bumper and the rear lights, and scratching the rear reflectors situated under the rear bumper - Designing and printing the licence plates inscriptions (decals), referring to John Fitch's picture before the race - Scratch building and placing the last engine hose joining the water-coolant reservoir to the radiator - Placing the underbody and the exhaust line - And finally placing the wind deflector on the bonnet, the exterior mirror and windshield wipers I have a question that I don't have an answer to yet: - Must I place the front bumper on the body, as it's visible on John Fitch's picture before the race ? (picture below) - Or not, as we can see the car during the race ? (no picture at the moment because Flick doesn't want to load it !!!! ) Both are possible ! It's a matter of .... I don't know what ! Let me know your opinion if you want, it will be much appreciated. Stay tuned if you like
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