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  1. 1/32nd F-100 "Triple Zilch"

    Hi Rich Yes I am and many thanks to you for letting me have the part built kit. I am still working on the 'bonus' MiG-3 which came with it!! Cheers Simon
  2. 1/32nd F-100 "Triple Zilch"

    Thanks Houston. To be honest, I think its a good kit to start with. After that you're just gilding the lilly. I find that a bit of extra detail gives the impression that you have really gone to town on the kit. In my case, I made clear covers for the Sidewinder heads. Not difficult to do (!) but, at that scale, it makes a difference to a gloss black painted head or a yellow 'rubber duck' cover and gives the right impression - all about 'not spoiling a ship for a h'aport of tar!' Cheers Simon
  3. Revell 2018

    Does anyone know the provenance of the 1/48th Hunter? Re-pop of the Italeri/Academy kit or genuine new tool? I would guess mould sharing with Italeri but a new, accurate Hunter would be very welcome, especially if it was the precursor of a family. I have to say that I was hoping Airfix would do the Hunter though! Simon
  4. Airfix Vulcan XM607 Black Buck

    Effort not wasted! Well done you ! Simon
  5. Brough Phantom

    My thought was an ex FAA FG1 simply because of the red paint exposed by the slats and double extension nose leg?
  6. Propellors/Airscrews

    I think it was 'airscrew' at a time when the majority of the world were more familiar with the water screws on boats - also 'propellors' of course - so maybe we are just happier with a less technical sounding name? Thanks for the info on fabric sheathing though. Simon
  7. Trumpeter Tu-95

    A slightly long shot but has anyone built this and now has the instructions going spare? Kit ref TUO1601 Tu-95MS Bear H. I bought one of these from the Kit Swap in 2016 and it had no instructions. I have downloaded a set but I would ideally like an original set if someone had a set they no longer required Thanks Simon
  8. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    As usual, a great show. This time I was able to be involved with the set up on Friday so I was there for 3pm to get stuff booked into the Kit Swap then onto the Harrier SIG to help with the set up and then home. Up at 5.50 on Saturday morning and in the road by a bit before 7am and discovered a diversion that hadn't been there the day before, just the other side of the Queensway, which took me around to the queue for the car park. It must have taken 15 minutes from the roundabout to get to the car park but, of course, it felt much longer. As has been said, only one and half guys selling parking tickers (the half seemed to chip in when he felt like it ). The only upside was that it was quite easy to find a parking space because so few cars were moving on the car park at any time. Then I had to get stuff into the hall on my trolley - small mistake, 6 foot bungee cords to long when one large transport box has been removed so I had to keep making sure stuff was not sliding off! Next problem is that a solid wheeled trolley shakes the contents to pieces so I either need pneumatic tyres or some foam next year! A long day in Hall 3 with the Harrier SIG - broken by frequent forays into the Halls to complete essential purchases but then home at around 6pm. Next day, same thing. This time the 'diversion' sign was still there but I didn't believe it and there was nothing to stop me beyond so I got not the car park incredibly easily, in fact I had to wait 10 minutes to get in. Then another long day - could have happily called it a day at 2.30 but if you are exhibitor you have to say until the show closes - because the 'public' have paid for a show so its no good if half of it disappears before they do! So a mad rush after 4 and in no time its all boxed and good to go and the another bone shaker trip with the trolley back to the car. A bit of repair work now required as a consequence but not the end of the world. Then home via the other half and then back to my place in time to watch the Grand Prix until 00.20 followed by bed. This morning, up early to go to Cosford to have a look around the Conservation centre and then home again by 1.30. I am now officially 'tired' but what a great weekend. Incredibly sociable, the Harrier SIG are so well organised, loads of people to chat to, far to much money spent but so much fun - roll on SMW 2018!! But then I've just read that we've lost Dick Ward. How incredibly sad. He strolled past the Harrier SIG display last year and we had a chat. I remind him of how I used to stroll up Kingston Road in Portsmouth seemingly every other Saturday morning when I was a student at Portsmouth Poly in 1979. It was his fault that I discovered that there was more to building a kit than the options Airfix gave you and the information was always better and clearer than the equivalent Microscale sheets. I had to thank him though for helping to make the hobby so enjoyable because he and the likes of Alan Hall laid the foundations for what we have today. Alan has gone and now Dick. I was only talking about him to a chap in the Kit Swap queue on Saturday morning and now he's gone. The world is a sadder place but another great legacy for you and I. 'Blue Skies' Dick and thank you again
  9. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    A quick heads up for anyone intending to visit Sylmasta this year - they won't be there - for the first time in goodness knows how many shows. I spoke to them today and they just didn't book a space early enough. Having said that, as I normally stock up with casting materials each year they said that they would post whatever I wanted at nil postage so I have put in my order. Suggest that you do the same to avoid disappointment!
  10. Ezline now all back in stock........

    Most strange, I was expecting to pick it up at SMW - and filled in the order to show collect from show - but it arrived in the post today!
  11. I hope you have an oxygen supply then!!
  12. Rigging material

    1/32nd. I imagine that for 1/72nd monofilament is best but for larger models I'm afraid it doesn't really work - in my mind anyway. What amazes me is how thin EZee Line goes when you stretch it a bit!
  13. WNW collecting is an insidious addiction!! Great isn't it? !!
  14. Rigging material

    For RFC types I am thinking that heavy black EZee Line is the best bet. Would I then use fine EZee Line for German airforce machines as they didn't use aero-section? I see that Paul of Modelling Tools now has EZee Line back in stock but if you can't get EZee Line, what is the best alternative? I notice that WNW also mention several different diameters of rigging depending on what its used for. Any suggestions on alternative sources/types? Thanks Simon
  15. Well, as of today I have 8 ! I needed an excuse to buy one so my first was a post war Snipe to fit the 'Silver Wings' theme. That was last year and then it has been followed first by a DH9a - in the WD sale - then a post war Brisfit. Having got the bit between my teeth I then got hold of the Jasta 5 Green tails triple Albatros boxing and a Camel BR1 and most recently an RFC Pup. Now I'm looking for a Wolseley SE5a and a Fokker DVII. I can get hold of the 'Early' boxing easily enough but I don't know enough about the DVII to know if the 'early' is the shape I want or one of the other boxings. I think the best thing will be too read a few instruction sheets on the WNW website as its probably the fastest way to become educated!!