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  1. Wallet equipped, phone on charge, SWMBO not expecting me until 1.30 pm - good to go!!
  2. And the show is upon us - on Sunday! Lets hope it goes well for all involved, especially the organisers and exhibitors/traders so they will be inclined too do the same next year! It always surprises me how little publicity this show gets - we don't need that many well kept secrets!! Simon
  3. Hi Dave I must admit that, although I'm a member of the IPMS, I don't have time to go to club meetings - its hard enough trying to find the time to build models at home! The Endon people are IPMS though and your most 'local' branch and a decent set I would say. As far as shops, well I also include Nick at Model Hobbies but he isn't a retailer as such but, if you go about it properly, then he is very good. By that I mean that I treat him with absolute courtesy, don't take anything for granted and fit in with him to arrange visits but I'm only about a 10 minutes drive away from his place in Trentham and I picked up some Eduard and Quickboost stuff for the 1/48th Airfix Mossie and Tamiya Lanc last week, no trouble at all and with 10% off RRP and potentially less if its a cash purchase. I know some people don't have a good word for him from a mail order point of view but I find him very decent. In my day it was indeed Bratt's in Hanley but also Brookfields in Longton - just opposite Affinity now and, strangely, Tim of Affinity is married into the Brookfelds family. Then Bagnalls opened up in Hanley as well so we were well served although I never got much out of Pleasure Treasures. To be honest I would say that the shops we now have access to are better than any we had before so we are very lucky. Long may it last. Regarding shows, pity about the Nantwich show but yes, you're right about the Cobridge affair but then also be aware of the one in mid March at Blurton - Stanley Matthews Academy. One worth supporting, especially as there is some doubt about the continued presence of the Cobridge show. Simon
  4. To answer Paul, the box - with instructions - is in the loft but it is quicker to Google Sparmax and find a set of instructions that way! Thanks for the suggestion Colin but my default position had been 'never' so 'always' is a step in the right direction! When I've got into the habit I might relax to 'monthly' !
  5. This is an incredibly useful section of the site! I have a Sparmax compressor, care of Little Cars and not cheap. I have opened it for several years and use it a couple of times a year but I had been using it quite frequently after Christmas and noticed after in the moisture trap - never seen that before - what to do? So I looked here and read about the cylinder drain plug - what? So I googled the instructions and learnt a bit and so removed mine. Not a flood of water but some very muddy liquid and now I now! Could be an expensive mistake but I will now remove the plug after each session and I think I will be okay. A very timely bit of knowledge!
  6. Nice one! Not seen one of these built before - must be tiny!! Simon
  7. Éclat!
  8. Hi Dave Welcome and you'll find that there are quite a lot of us up here in North Staffs! If you get the time then I would recommend that you try to get to the model show at Nantwich at the end of the month - the Universal Model Show - have a look in the events section on BM for info. If there's one thing I've learnt and that is to buy one kit and then build it. I am one of those whose house is insulated with kits and its a habit which is hard to break so I am hoping that you can learn from us poor lost souls and avoid the curse!! I assume you know where all the best places are to buy kits in the area? On second thoughts, if you don't know then maybe I shouldn't tell you?!! Cheers Simon
  9. Does anyone understand what this is all about? I am a fan of Eduard colour etch, especially in scales up to 1/48th, above which I think that harnesses get a bit two-dimensional. So now we have 'Steel' So whats the difference between that and the previous colour etch? I actually bought the set intended for the Tamiya 1/48th Tomcat and it looks just the same as the previous colour etch but it probably costs more! I thought it might be HGW produced with lasers cut fabric belts so was a little disappointed. I suppose its just Eduard's way of reinventing colour etch? But I would appreciate your thoughts Thanks
  10. Thanks Guys, of course I posted this before searching the Walk Around Section on this site! I can see from that there is indeed box section in the fuselage frame but also conventional tubular construction so the answer is 'both' !! Thanks for the references to other builds, I was toying with buying a Gavla/Eduard kit as I bet that's got excellent interior detail!
  11. I have been gifted a part built kit but I wondered if you could recommend any reference material? I am particularly interested in the cockpit and engine areas. A question. The cockpit framework is all in square section. I would expect a tubular framework but were Matchbox right? Thanks Simon
  12. What a great model! I love the canopy and note the reflex curves on the canopy and side screens, must have been very difficult to vac form that but the effort was really worthwhile as the result is superb!
  13. Well its good to hear from Benoit and to know that he keeps an eye on Britmodeller. Also to have a little idea of how his project didn't quite make it this time but hopefully it may take flight in the future, and the technology may have progressed to make production easier. I think the issue will be to get all of the masters for the casting process produced and Benoit can do that when he has the time. Once that's done its 'relatively' simple or is it? !! Simon
  14. None that I am aware of'. I think many/most will have had their deposits refunded. I took the view that Benoit could hang on to my 50 USD as an advanced deposit but, reading between the lines, I think he really had his fingers burnt and got the stress out of the project he had hoped to avoid. He seems to be carrying on with the avialogs - which don't interest me - and I still hope that the Blenheim project may carry on but I've not e-mailed Benoit for an update.
  15. Contact Airfix Andy on this site. He runs the IPMS Tornado SIG and what those guys don't know about The Fin isn't worth knowing!! Simon