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  1. Interesting question. Post war, if no longer in service use it may be up to the operators what they applied after they removed the wartime finishes. It would probably make sense from a maintenance point of view to keep trestle marks but WT bonding and the like, probably not. I don't say this with authority, just imagining how lax authorities might have been about such things at that time. Simon
  2. I have recently read the Kagero book on B-25 ops in the Mediterranean and it very much depends on the timing and location of your particular airframe. Some were delivered in OD/Neutral Gray, others arrived in natural metal and then got a rough coat of OD applied. As it wasn't applied at the factory I suspect that's why it then wore so badly, as did the blue of the stars and bars in the Mediterranean sun. Not sure what the starting point for the 489th was off hand. Simon
  3. New Theme

    Yes, I to think the new look is very good. Does it also help exclude cyber baddies? Oh bye the way, I'm not the clever IT Simon, I'm the one who is one step beyond a manual typewriter!!
  4. That looks lovely and, whats more, you have photographic evidence of a fairy leaping around your garden! Fantastic!!
  5. Well done Shellie - you can never have too many Harriers!! I suspect that this may be an Italeri kit boxed by Tamiya as one of their own products. Tamiya have tended to shy away from 1/72, favouring 1/48th and 1/32nd. Either way, it still every inch a Harrier!
  6. I have one if these to complete so your model is inspirational. I have a slight handicap in that I have to scratch build a tail wheel assembly for mine but its a nice kit, and pretty small to!
  7. If I were you I'd contact Canberrakid on B. John is the IPMS Canberra SIG leader and what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing. For what its worth I'd say that you are very lucky to have the CA kit for free and I would just build it but I would definately recommend that you PM'd John because he has comprehensive knowledge of all of the 1/48th kits and the best way to get the best results. Cheers Simon
  8. Well I for one hope that whatever is causing the problems is soon resolved because I have dealt with Martin in the past and have found him to be an excellent chap and his company have produced some very useful things in the short time they have been around. Yes Gaz, you are right but I hope that Martin is able to get in touch with his modelling friends again and to explain what has been happening so that we can understand his position. Of course, if he has accepted money for orders that have not then materialised then that needs sorting out as a matter of urgency
  9. Totally agree with you Tony, I am pretty sure I saw him at Cosford in April and I called over to him as this chap zoomed past without replying but, if it was him, I think he just wanted too be 'Joe Public' for the day instead of a celebrity(!) John had been threatening to wind up Aeroclub and, as we all know, it was Peter's untimely death that put the brakes on everything as he had intended to pass Aeroclub over to Peter and retire gracefully then. So we have been given an extra few years that we might not have had. I just hope that, if John is trying to call it a day, that he can arrange to pass over his patterns and tools to some enterprising concern so that his work can carry on under the Aeroclub brand. I was only thinking about Hannants and hoe David Hannant has kept Airwaves going. There will always be demand for vac form canopies and we know that, if nothing else, any of John's kits will be very accurate, even if they may be a little antiquated compared to what is coming out of Eastern Europe these days. In the past John has told me that some of his white metal moulds are 'no longer', simply because the casting process causes them to wear out and become brittle. Having said that I have remarked in the past how beautiful his 1/72nd 4-blade Hercules props are. Surely someone could add white metal casting to their repertoir of cottage industry skills and use either the remaining moulds or John's masters - or cast metal work - to continue manufacturing some of these items? Thats the kind of thing that SAC do of course, but Texas is a long way from Nottingham and it would be nice to think that a UK manufacture could take on the range - thats of course if thats what John wants. Yes Tony, you're right, a biplane jig would be very useful. I saw one for sale on eBay a few weeks ago and it went for over £50 - but then we each need only one!
  10. True but at least he lived and I think we at least might have learnt a lot from an ordinary bloke from Halifax. Blue Skies John RIP
  11. Well done Radleigh, that's great news and all the very best to you and your lovely wife - she is very clever! I must admit that I would have quite liked to be a Dad but it doesn't look like its going to happen now - so I'm just a touch jealous as well! Cheers Simon
  12. Yes, I think that Heller made some great stuff. The 2 seat Jaguar is great and also the two seater Starfighter and SAAB Viggen - unique for their day and really lovely surface detail and smashing thin glazing with opaque bits to show where the paint had to go! Couldn't be faulted in my book - and I also loved the Sabre and Spitfire XVIe ! Simon
  13. I think we are all showing our age gents. Like you I felt really sad to hear the news because, like you Blue Peter was compulsory viewing for me as a child and I still have all my annuals - one with a cloth self adhesive badge that came with the Corgi Batmobile still attached too it - it must have been a good idea at the time! But then the poor chap had alzheimers, what a wicked way for anyone to go but maybe he didn't know who or what he was for the last few years so maybe a blessed relief? But TV has made him immortal - which is more than can be said for me or most of us I should imagine and maybe todays children should watch old Blue Peter recordings before they get to old and cynical so that they know what their grandparents thought was good to watch after school? Didn't do any of us any harm did it? I think that we should consider ourselves very lucky to have had such great, innocent, TV to watch when we were growing up - I wouldn't have swapped it for anything! Simon
  14. Great work, I really like the choice of markings! Blooming Aussies!! Simon