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  1. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Have heard of a Clubman but not an Adventure - does that come with two tone paint and furry dice?
  2. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Yes, but they were for a Mini!
  3. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Too right Chris! I think you are pretty safe but when you want to plan your SMW in advance you really need a map!!
  4. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Any idea when the Hall layouts are likely to be available? Every year it seems to be a last minute thing. I wonder why it's so hard? I would have thought they know which traders and SIGs/Clubs are going where by now? But what do I know? Essential information for me though so I hope they get the lead out!!
  5. A chat about classic cars started by a a guy with a snag with an MGB

    I have news for everyone. The sun is shining and its around 67 degrees! Okay, this may only happen once a year but it proves that S-o-T isn't that damp!! Nothing done to the MG yet - I have to be in the mood!!
  6. A chat about classic cars started by a a guy with a snag with an MGB

    OK guys, well after charging the new batteries for a good 36 hours I put them on the car last night and it flashed up pretty quickly although, since the garage tuned it I have to play the throttle quite a lot to keep it running until its warm enough to take it off choke and then it ticks over at about 750 which is okay although this spec - 18 GG series engine - should actually tick over at about 650. Anyway, I gave it good 25 minutes run in the garage last night - so long enough to recharge the batteries - and, guess what, starter solenoid ticking merrily tonight! So it can't be new batteries that needed charging. I very much doubt it is duff alternator (Lucas 16ACR standard fit) as the alternator warning light comes on before I engage the starter and goes out when the engine is running. It's possible the alternator output is poor and I know the voltage across the battery terminals should be around 14.5 which the engine running and I haven't checked that but that shouldn't take the voltage down and I'm sure the car should run for at least half an hour on the battery if the alternator is u/s. I think I have a dead short somewhere which is draining the power. I think I have to jack the car up and put it on high axle stands and then, first, I'll have a good look at the cable from the +ve terminal to the starter solenoid. After that it might be on the low current side of the ignition switch as I have a long standing electrical fault;t which caused the engine to cut at random when driving and I solved it by running a wire from the +ve terminal to a spare spade connector on the ignition switch. It solved that problem and everything has been fine for a couple of years so I doubt it but whatever has happened is something recent - this takes me back to garage that tuned it last year, maybe they did something. I doubt it can be the distributor because thats only in circuit when the engine is running. I'm afraid I will have to spend some time being practical but I suspect it will be something very simple and fundamental as it a pretty basic machine at the end of the day! I will let you know what the answer is - when I find it! In the meantime I've put the batteries back on charge again as they aren't good for much unless they're charged and I'll keep the -ve lead disconnected whilst I'm at work so that it won't be draining the batteries in the meantime. All good fun - 'character building' I think!!
  7. A chat about classic cars started by a a guy with a snag with an MGB

    You know, he may be right! The batteries are still on charge - no time to fire it up tonight so I'll give it a go tomorrow. It's such a faff, strapping each battery down into its carrier after you've refitted the plugs into each cell only to find that the batteries are flat. Tomorrow I will leave the clamps off and make sure it fires up, then leave it a night or so and try again and if it continues ti star as and when required, I will be happy and then attach the hold down clamps. I have a lump hammer in the on board tool box to knock off the wheel spinners but I also have a leather mallet which might be better for clouting the starter motor. I will need to get the car onto high axle stands so that IO can have a proper look underneath, and waxoyl the underside and change the engine and gearbox oil but I wasn't intending do that until I'd got the car starting properly and MoT'd. Cards are great when they wok but its normally one thing that causes a problem - but which one? !! Yup, I will mosey over to your roost at Telford and we'll put the world to rights!!
  8. A chat about classic cars started by a a guy with a snag with an MGB

    Now Paul, you wont get around me like that! As it happens I have just tried to fire up the Beast - and the MG as well - and blow me, the same old clicking. This is one of two things - the batteries weren't fully charged when they left the depot or b ) I have a short somewhere. I'm hoping its the first option but the lights were fine, as was the horn when I put the batteries on on Sunday but I am also cursing the fact that I let a 'third party' tune the car last year and fit my spare distributor. I didn't have battery problems before, are the two facts connected? Who knows, watch this space!! Nothing for the Coastal Command SIG matey, finding the time to build anything is hard work these days!! Simon
  9. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Well I'm getting organised - 2 orders placed with Hannants today, to try to make damned sure they don't sell out of the things I want. Only one kit - FLY Wessex HU5 - but then a shed load of aftermarket for various 1/32nd aircraft - painfully expensive but at least its 10% cheaper than it might be and it means I have all of the aftermarket I think I need for each project in the stash. I still find it very easy to spend a small fortune though - maybe I should take up smoking, drinking and loose women? Probably cheaper!! And I see SAMI are advertising the new Tonka MDF and I bet they have that on sale. So I'll have to get one of those plus the one on the A-7. But will they do a show deal? Probably cheaper to wait 6 months then buy them both at Cosford! I'm in for the 2 days and I just hope the traffic is a bit better on the Saturday morning. Last year was horrendous due to the roadworks/queues. That caused me trouble as I needed to go in and out of the hall twice with exhibits and the back door was shut when I returned for the second time so I, and a few other good souls, had to fight through large shrubs and goodness knows what else to get in through the front door! (A bit like Frodo in Lord of The Rings!) This time I have acquired a 'useful trolley' with a platform and 4 wheels so I hope to get everything in in one go! Just need to get some bungee cord - can you still get that stuff? No, I don't intend to catapult myself in through the back door, but its an interesting idea! I'll be based with the Harrier SIG as usual but with a 'presence' hopefully with the Hurricane, Mirage and 1/32nd SIGs. Another job is to e-mail the appropriate people to make sure they can actually still use my efforts! All very exciting!!
  10. Membership numbers

    Mike Is 21,000 the actual number of active members or does it include those who have joined since Day 1 and of whom some haven't been seen for years - or worse? As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier so its great but are they real active members or 'fake' numbers - to reference our fair haired colonial cousin? Simon
  11. A chat about classic cars started by a a guy with a snag with an MGB

    Okay Paul, at times like this the easiest thing is to take the line of last resistance - life's to short - so I have a new pair of batteries in my MG - but I still haven't had time to actually start the engine and then do the same thing every other other day for the next week to prove that the batteries re a) OK and b ) being charged. When I've done that I'll be happy. In the meantime I've changed the name off the thread to reflect the more general automotive opinion swapping that has developed! I'll pitch in if I have any negative (not a pun) news about my MG's electrical wellbeing but, for the time being, the floor is yours...............
  12. New Airfix Walrus

    Well I was very impressed when I got mine from Jadlam yesterday. I suppose all kits are just starting points. The more you get out of the box, the better and if you don't like it, scratch build a better bit - thats modelling isn't it? From what I can see, Airfix have given us a superb basis to make a Walrus. A few years ago you would never imagine it could be so good and I just hope Airfix keep on doing what they are doing. Separate tyres are a nice touch. One thing I noticed and that was one of the later CAD drawing which show the canopy roof slid back. It also suggests a side panel hinged open but I can't see a separate bit for that? But again, if you want it, get the saw out! The only thing it really needs is a set of colour etch seat belts. Oh one thing - is the radio operators or navigators seat right? It looks like the kind of tubular steel seat we were used to seeing everywhere a few years ago, not an aircraft grade seat. I wonder if it had been put inside the fuselage at Yeovilton - or wherever Airfix did their research? I am intrigued by that!! As far as ejector pin marks are concerned, is that due to the amount of internal framing moulded into the fuselage? In mine it will get buried under paint and dark washes - no worries there!! Overall, a very elegant model.
  13. A chat about classic cars started by a a guy with a snag with an MGB

    Now, to be perfectly honest I've always found Lucas stuff to be pretty good and of course it was standard equipment for most British cars before non-British manufacturers infiltrated the market and we had the likes of Ford building building bits of cars all over europe and having a correspondingly long legged parts bin. Lucas stuff has always worked pretty well and their batteries are very good, but expensive - because they're very good! The new ones are Exide. Not so great but its really up to me to drive the car a bit more!!
  14. A chat about classic cars started by a a guy with a snag with an MGB

    Well these batteries are now badged up for marine and leisure use but they pack a fair wallop at 80 Amps. You ask about cost, well no they're not cheap but cheaper than the Lucas alternative which weigh in at around £100 each. They are basically 421 batteries and Tayna sell then for about £60 each, plus about £10 carriage. Not cheap but the pair I bought locally, and which were mismatched as I discovered, cost £140 2 years ago so what do make of that? But then the car has done less than 100 miles in the last 12 months so I've hardly shelled out on petrol or other consumables. Note to self - must try to drive the MG more!!
  15. A chat about classic cars started by a a guy with a snag with an MGB

    2 brand new batteries have arrived and very well packed they were to! I have just spent 30 minutes in the garage getting them out of their very adequate packing whereupon it says you must remove the transport bungs immediately! So they're out and the covers are in place. Hopefully I can fit them later this week and then we'll see if they do the trick - fingers crossed. They came from Tayna Batteries in Abergelle by the way and they certainly live up to their reputation for being a good company to deal with.