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  1. Its interesting that we were still talking at the Stoke show about the excellent catering at the Nantwich show only a few weeks previously! Obviously this is a key factor for all show at all shows - quality at sensible prices = happiness!!
  2. People underestimate how important the catering is at these small shows. SWMBO has never been to a show with me before and I thought it was safe enough to take her later in the day as I'd already made my 'obscene' purchase by then so it was a nice little look at what other people get up to and to realise that - most - are not to weird!!
  3. Well, don't give up, someone may be able to help you. Might be an idea to put the kit away for a while and then something might happen when you least expect it!
  4. This is an inspirational build! I have a B-47 to renovate - its minus one stabiliser, an inboard twin jet pod, a drop tank, undercarriage bays, gear legs and wheels and a bomb bay door!! My other half picked it up at a car boot sale last year along with a tray full of built kits. I reckon the builder didn't take modelling as seriously as most of us on BM do and so this one has been thrown together and daubed with gloss grey paint here and there!! But I like a challenge and I was very interested to see that its possible to get SAC undercarriage, resin seats, resin wheels, vac canopy and resin engine fronts and rears so, all of a sudden, my renovation becomes a bit easier!! I can make a new stab with laminated card and outrigger gear doors and bomb bay door are pretty straight forward. I think the biggest problem will be decals but I suspect Microscale probably did some once upon a time. I really enjoy renovating 'lost causes' and its interesting to see someone putting so much effort in to scratch building! Keep going and it will soon be done - then you have to worry about where to put it but not really a problem if you've solved the B-36 hangarage issue! Best of luck!! Simon
  5. Hi there. I don't think there are that many people on this site who build flying models - but I do know there are some - so that may be why no one seems to have sprung to your aid. Have you google 'DeAgostini Spitfire ? I have just done that and the are quite a few sites and You Tube videos so I recommend that as your best way to get instructions. Hope this helps? Simon
  6. Well, if you missed this one then you missed a real treat. Now in its third year at this venue and gets better each time with the foundations being laid for bigger and better shows in the future. Very adequate car parking and only £2 entry fee. I saw Stu Fone with his camera so expect something in Airfix Model World at some point. Really good little refreshment are - coffee £1 for a good volume and a slice of excellent cake for 75p. Whats more I even came back later in the day with SWMBO so that she could have a look at what went on - plus I'd forgotten to buy a pair of very neat nippers from one of the tables - £3 so you couldn't go wrong! If you didn't go this year then keep your eyes open for it in 2018 Simon
  7. The strange thing is that I owned it for years without ever finding out what it could do. Its the kind of thing you should hang on to because you may well have a moment when it all falls into place and then you'll be glad you've got it! Not sure about finesse but I think that you may surprise yourself one day!
  8. I think mine is probably older than yours if yours has a bottom fit paint cup. Mine has a jar underneath where the lid screws onto the chromed body, ie the attachment is vertical. I think the later ones have an angled connection. I have to say that its a very good brush. I used it to do mottle camouflage on a 1/72nd Ju 88 nightfighter and with the pressure turned right down and the needle only just cracked open it was superb, in fact I was amazed that it was that good! My other brush is a Revell/Badger 'Professional' brush, which is a Vista if bought direct from Badger. Very good double action brush but tiny pait reservoir - probably good for spraying small areas but my Badger is the only option if you want to blast on a coat of varnish!
  9. Fixed! I use a recently acquired rotary bur to remove some of the inner wall of the brush body and now the handle screws back on well enough and all is well!! Never give up!!
  10. Thanks Paul. I have thought about this a little more and I would say that at least 80% of the circumference is undistorted so I'm thinking of using a rotary bur to 'circularize' the aperture again and then I have 80% of the thread left to screw the blue needle holder into and is should still be centralized - that's the theory but I have nothing to lose! I also already have a Badger/Revell Vega double action brush - sadly the fixed cup is rather small so no good for volume spraying but then its not designed for that . My 200 will be repaired I think! Simon
  11. I have owned a Badger 200 since 1973 when I swapped it for a train set at a now long gone LMS ! It has given me faithful service ever since but, tonight, idiot that I am, whilst cleaning it due to a build up of Tamiya varnish - which I don't normally use - I dropped it onto my quarry tiled floor. At the time I had unscrewed everything prior to prodding it with sharp stick but it 'leapt out of my hand' (meaning I dropped it) and now the rear part of the central chrome casting - which is threaded internally to take the blue 'handle/needle barrel' - is no longer circular which means that the barrel won't screw back on. I actually managed to do the spray job - more varnish - that I wanted to do but it looks as though my brush needs a new centre body. That's really the heart of the brush isn't it but if anyone can offer any advice then I would be grateful (Could be a case of 4 candles !!) Simon
  12. Right, now I see it. The good thing is that Alclad loses its shine under matt varnish and becomes that lovely silver/grey aluminium colour that I think we can all relate to. Great work!
  13. Ah..... and how did you do the exposed metal work at the wing roots? Silver pencil? It looks very nice and dull but very metallic! Simon
  14. Great work, love the weathering - how did you do that Simon
  15. Might well do - PM him!