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  1. Harrier GR5 - 1/48th

    And so now I have looked properly and found the instructions.........doh!!🙄🙄!!!! One born every minute !! B
  2. Crewe show - now at Nantwich - tomorrow

    Maybe I've missed the thread but I hope some of us are going tomorrow? Good little show in the second year at its new venue. Doors open at 10am - be there or be square!!
  3. Harrier GR5 - 1/48th

    Just a quicky. I am using an Aeries cockpit - AIRE4342 - with a Monogram AV-8B. Does anyone know if Aeries ever produced an instruction sheet to go with this? I am looking at the fret thinking 'grief'! It may be more straightforward than I think but a bit of advice/opinion would be appreciated! Thanks Simon
  4. Harrier GR5 - 1/48th

    I am converting the Monogram AV-8B kit and using the AMRAAM Lines conversion but with an Aries GR7 cockpit. The cockpit seems to fit pretty well between the fuselage halves but it was designed for the Revell/Hase GR7 kit. My query relates to the seat rails which project above the rear bulkhead. If I remove the waste resin from the bottom of the seat then it can sit on the cockpit floor but I wonder if you are supposed to have the seat at the highest point on the rails? I know that seats can be motored up and down in reality and I also appreciate that I can pack the seat up a bit anyway to reflect the fact that the rocket pack sits below the seat base but I would be interested to hear from anyone who has done the conversion using the Aries cockpit, Many thanks Simon
  5. My first Wingnuts build

    And Taube means dove so pretty close to Rob's pigeon!!
  6. It's amazing that the shackle bolt that I assume attaches the drogue to the main parachute in the head box can be 'too tight'? I suppose MB make so many seats but then they are al hand built so its odd that something was over torqued - unless it was done at a later date by an RAF safety equipment technician but that again is very unusual and in fact you wouldn't think it was possible. Very sad though and it is to be hoped that the pilot knew nothing about it.
  7. Probably best to stock up with this kit and then Airfix will release an FGA9 12 months later so I imaging the likes of Alleycat will be very reluctant to issue a conversion which might become obsolete after 12 months. But then again, they might just make hay until their leading edge extensions are no longer required? The bigger issue will be how Airfix deal with the changes in vents and scoops that occurred as the design evolved. And of course its not a cheap kit. Same series and price as the Blenheim 1f but with that you get a gun turret as well as a cockpit and two visible engines. Airfix can include rocket pods, drop tanks, rockets and other stores but maybe they'll have to have a fuselage split and a full engine - like the Meteor - to justify the price? Same series as the Meteor so we can expect a similar parts count?
  8. A Bit of WNW speculation

    For what its worth - a Viper engined SE5a and then an Adder engined SE5 in Albert Ball's markings! That sorts those out. A Spad VII would be good as Wingnut already have the engine sprue.
  9. AV-8 ing into 2018

    Nice bit of work - well done!!
  10. Giffgaff

    Hi Alan Thanks for that. As I am a tight wad I am on Pay as you go. When I first had my phone I had everything switched on and I had run out of credit within a week or so without making a single call or sending a single text so I have data switched off! One reason I am thinking about moving to GiffGaff is that my other half has everything switched on and seems to do fine at £7.50 a month. Okay, I probably top up every month or so with EE for a £10 maybe so I don't use my phone much - or rather I have tried to avoid using it to do everything as I have a Mac at home and I sit at a terminal all day so I really don't need to have data when I am walking about but maybe I have to bite the bullet. I noticed that GiffGaff uses the 02 network so maybe I would have trouble with coverage - but my other half seems to do okay!
  11. Giffgaff

    I was wondering if the BM membership can give me an opinion about this phone network. On the face of it, its great and my other half uses it but I have one snag. I currently use T-Mobile/EE and that works fine, except when it comes to getting text messages from my other half. It seems like I am getting them via Wi-Fi not normal texts because nothing happens if I'm out and I get the message when I get home, ie near my router. I don't have problems getting phone calls from SWMBO so is it my phone set up or is it hers - both iPhones, mine is a 4 and her's is a 7 - or is it something between GiffGaff and EE/T-Mobile? My other half thins I'm mad not to switch to Giff Gaff - and I do think she at have a point - but is it wise?
  12. 1/32nd F-100 "Triple Zilch"

    Hi Rich Yes I am and many thanks to you for letting me have the part built kit. I am still working on the 'bonus' MiG-3 which came with it!! Cheers Simon
  13. 1/32nd F-100 "Triple Zilch"

    Thanks Houston. To be honest, I think its a good kit to start with. After that you're just gilding the lilly. I find that a bit of extra detail gives the impression that you have really gone to town on the kit. In my case, I made clear covers for the Sidewinder heads. Not difficult to do (!) but, at that scale, it makes a difference to a gloss black painted head or a yellow 'rubber duck' cover and gives the right impression - all about 'not spoiling a ship for a h'aport of tar!' Cheers Simon
  14. Revell 2018

    Does anyone know the provenance of the 1/48th Hunter? Re-pop of the Italeri/Academy kit or genuine new tool? I would guess mould sharing with Italeri but a new, accurate Hunter would be very welcome, especially if it was the precursor of a family. I have to say that I was hoping Airfix would do the Hunter though! Simon
  15. Airfix Vulcan XM607 Black Buck

    Effort not wasted! Well done you ! Simon