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  1. Its a very sad day indeed. I have spoken to him a couple of times at events over the years and only read his latest Tailpiece in SAM at lunchtime today. One of the modelling greats alongside Dick Ward and David Hannant - they truly pioneered the plastic modelling we know today. Blue skies and thoughts are with his family and cats. RIP Mike.
  2. Thanks Ross. It would appear as though X031 is no longer available although X030 is! It seems as though it may have to be Colourcoats ACRN27 and 39 then?
  3. Are we talking the 'Bright' 1920's-30's shades here?
  4. Only a quick question- can you recommend enamels in the correct shades please? Xtracolour don’t seem to do, neither do Colourcoats. At a push if use acrylics but I’m having no joy when searching for bright red and blue! Thank you.
  5. I wonder what Black Friday offers may appear in the next 7 days? We have a Hannants pre-order as the baseline discounted price if you are trying to save money - but don't forget that you can't change your mind and cancel your Hannants pre-order and then hope to reinstate it later - you can't. If you have cancelled a Hannants pre-order then its finito for you, you need another Plan B ! But at least you aren't committed to shelling out until Hannants actually have the kit in stock and you then still have 14 days to actually go ahead with payment - or change your mind - when they do have it. For a Black Friday deal I imagine you will have to pay the money now and then Mr Retailer will have your 'X' hundred for maybe 3 months until stocks arrive. It would also be interesting to know how many of the production run Albion Alloys can actually have from Border. We know its 'limited' but how limited so how many are actually available to buy and how many will Hannants actually get? No one knows the answer and I'm not advocating Hannants over any other supplier but we've got to take a 'big picture' view of what might happen and plan how to deal with it. I have my plan and I'm sure others have their own so I hope that we are all happy, no matter what we do, when we actually get our kit(s) - or decide that its all just a bit too mad and go and do something else! Merry Christmas everyone!!
  6. Thats interesting - Wingnut were going to include only one and 3 sets of plates to hold the exhaust stubs in 3 nacelles but then offer additional Merlins as aftermarket parts. Theres a certain logic to that - who wants to detail 4 Merlins - unless you want all the cowlings off? Okay, maybe a lot would! Not sure if I could detail a Merlin 4 times though.
  7. The HKM kit does I think so there aught to be a few H2S bits floating about as spares if you ask!
  8. If WNW proceed then it smacks of 'Biting the hand that feeds' - and who has been loyal to him over the last 12 years if its Sir P who is pulling the strings! If the debts are of this magnitude then you would consider WNW to be insolvent and could be forcibly wound up? Maybe the law in NZ is different? But that could go on for years and be the vilest form of sour grapes. A lot of people who respected and supported Sir P may change their opinion.
  9. Those excerpts from the instructions are very interesting. Just looking at the turret construction shows that it will be a complex job which will require time and patience and I wonder how much information there is on the fuselage halves with regard to holes for aerial location? Not one to be rushed that's for sure. And how good will Border be for spare parts? Just imagine what would happen if you broke a clear part?!! One thing that Wingnut don't seem to have addressed is the canopy astrodome. If I remember rightly there was a tall one and a shallow one? The kit seems to have the shallow one? Strange given that the kit includes later and earlier bomb aimers blisters and optional side blisters for the canopy? I was thinking about storage and display this morning and, with the outer wings off, its not to big a chunk really and it struck me that if you had a single display case you could include a draw in the base to contain the removed wing panels, you'd just have to make sure that the propellors were detachable and could be stored flat with the wing but that should work I think. With all of this legal threatening going on I just hope that Sir P doesn't turn into a real spoiler through his actions. It strikes me that if Wingnut owed a significant amount to the Chinese manufacturers for mould making work then there's hope for the likes of the O/100 and O/400 kits if a similar scenario exists there? Patience!!
  10. Interesting. This propeller is part of a Swedish Gladiator set that John released last year I think? That set costs £12 and has other Gladiator specific parts. i followed the link to the Facebook page and then emailed John - to get an automatic reply saying that he wasn’t well and not replying to emails at the moment!!! Hope he gets well soon then!
  11. Interesting. This propeller is part of a Swedish Gladiator set that John released last year I think? That set costs £12 and has other Gladiator specific parts. i followed the link to the Facebook page and then emailed John - to get an automatic reply saying that he wasn’t well and not replying to emails at the moment!!! Hope he gets well soon then!
  12. Naughty - not allowed to do that in the U.K. The discount has to have been from the price for the previous month. Pretty cute - we’d better watch out for that - fiendish!!
  13. Just a quick update on the import cost thing. Ive just ordered something from the Aviation Megastore. It cost £205 ex VAT and is being carried by UPS. UPS asked me to pay £51.62 which is made up of £40.12 'Government charge' (which os about right based on purchase price - which includes shipping) plus £11.50 'Broking Charge' which is UPS's handling fee. So that might help to establish what a purchase from MBK might ultimately actually cost?
  14. I understand where you’re coming from totally. You could always have a go at ‘oil canning’ your HKM nose? There’s a lovely build review on LSP by a chap whose done a lovely job of oil canning the entire airframe and the model looks excellent.
  15. In my experience Wingnut kits are very well engineered so I don’t think you need to worry about the fuselage splitting under the strain. Colin mentioned the oil canning of the surfaces, well that’s one of the reasons why this model is so good. You look at a 1:1 Lancaster and that’s exactly what the surface texture is like and why this kit is a quantum better than the HKM in my opinion and that’s why I decided to not buy the HKM one. My view is that it is better to buy this kit whilst its available at this price. Whose ever heard of the price of a superb kit going down? I know you can but an Airfix Tiffie or Hellcat for Jess than the RRP but they are not the same kind of package and I really can’t see this kit being sold at 3/4 RRP because Border have made too many and they can’t sell them. What is more likely is that the moulds get damaged at some point - it happened with SH’s 1/32 Typhoons - and Border don’t make any more. My view is ‘get it whilst you can’ because we don’t know what tomorrow may bring. I appreciate that a) it’s horribly expensive as b) storage/display might be an issue but I have decided to cross those bridges when I come to them and I believe we’ve got 4 months plus before any money has to be spent. It feels like a unique opportunity.
  16. £620 is the RRP that Albion Alloys have confirmed. You are better off putting in a pre order to Hannants as they’ll give you 10% off that plus free shipping I imagine. £630 posted is probably the worst case price but it won’t be available in the U.K. until early March at best so that’s 4 months plus!! Unless they’re going to grow them on a tree on the back garden then 26/10 is a crazy suggestion! Border are talking about a December release so this sounds like a scam!!
  17. I've just had a look at the Which guide to online shopping and it says this:- If your order is over £135 you have crossed the threshold of where extra customs, VAT and delivery costs can start to kick in. New VAT rules are one of the main sources of confusion for online shoppers now that we’ve left the EU. As a member of the bloc, the price at the checkout would be the final sum you would have to pay. Now though, you may have to cough up extra fees on orders worth over £135. Some consumers have been caught out by these unexpected fees. Some of the fees you can expect to pay are: Customs and import duties Custom duties are a fee placed on gifts or goods sent to the UK from outside the EU. This only becomes payable if your order is over £135. The courier will pay this to HMRC on your behalf but you will likely have to pay this back when receiving your purchase. The fee can range from 0 - 25% depending on the goods you’ve bought. For example a pair of trainers has a duty of 16% applied when brought into the UK. The rules for customs duties and the amount applied vary depending on the item, and finding out how much tariffs arecan be time consuming. Customs charges should not be applied to products of EU origin, due to the ‘rules of origin’ agreement between the UK and the EU. This means that orders are customs duty exempt if products have been largely produced and manufactured in the EU. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to ask the retailer if the items you are ordering might attract any customs duties before you buy. If you are hit with a customs duty that you think you shouldn’t have to pay, you can ask the retailer to send you an ‘origin declaration’ which sets out the proof of origin of the goods you’ve bought so you can prove that your order was made and manufactured in the EU. Orders are customs duty exempt if products have been largely produced and manufactured in the EU. Import VAT Import VAT is a fee currently paid on goods sent to the UK from abroad, but instead of the normal VAT you would pay at the checkout for your items, you’ll pay ‘import VAT’ on the total cost of the item and shipping and handling costs accrued when the courier brings the purchase to the UK. The usual UK Import VAT rate is 20%. As these charges are added up after purchase, the total cost of ordering your items will start to increase and could leave you with unexpected fees on items you’ve bought online. Courier 'handling fees' The new rules have also hit delivery firms and couriers have now brought in ‘handling fees’ which are used to cover the extra admin costs they’re having to deal with when taking items through customs. These fees vary depending on which delivery service you use. DHL Express DHL Express says it is charging UK customers 2.5% of the amount paid to clear customs, with a minimum charge of £11. DHL Express is yet to confirm with Which? how it collects its payments. DPD A £5 'Customers Clearance Fee' is applied to parcels incurring import duty and tax payment transactions, to cover DPD’s additional processing costs. Recipients are notified by email or text, with a web link to pay by card or PayPal. Payment must be made online before delivery is attempted. Hermes Hermes UK has not introduced additional costs directly for this model. Inbound parcels from the EU entering the Hermes UK network have the duty/tax costs cleared ahead of arrival. Hermes UK does not ask customers to pay additional import or delivery charges. Any import costs are controlled by the retailers and depends on the terms of sale. Hermes UK does not take payment from customers for delivery or customs charges. Royal Mail For gifts over £39 and goods over £135, Royal Mail may collect the VAT and customs duties on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) from the recipient prior to delivery. Royal Mail charges an £8 handling fee to do so. You’ll be sent a 'Fee to pay' card, which shows how much need to pay before you can receive your item. The easiest way to pay a fee is online. You have 21 days from the date on the ‘Fee to pay’ card to clear the charges. If you miss this deadline the item will be returned to the sender. If you’re paying online, you need to pay within 19 days of the date. Once paid, your item will be delivered or you can collect the item in person. UPS Due to the increased transportation, customs and brokerage, and network adjustment costs associated with goods movements in and out of the UK, brokerage fees are now applicable. You can find more info on these charges in UPS' country specific Tariff Guides and its Brexit guide. UPS will try to phone in advance. If it can’t get through or doesn’t have contact info, it’ll ask you to pay in cash upon delivery. If you don’t have cash, it’ll ask you to pay over the phone and will redeliver the next day. Putting it all together a £150 pair of trainers will incur a 16% customs duty (£24), an additional 20% ‘import VAT’ set at the UK rate (£30, tallying £54) but say your order is delivered by Royal Mail who slap an £8 ‘handling fee’ on top of that, the delivery fee for the trainers will total £62. The total cost you might have to pay will become £212. I hope Which don't object to this information being used here but it strikes me that buying this kit (or any other exceeding £135 in value) outside the UK brings a serious risk of getting hit by the above fees. I have asked MBK if they are dealing with UK VAT payments and so far they have not replied so I suspect not but then there are Customs and Import Duties and I think MKB use DHL so their 'cut' as well! Much as I would like to buy the kit from MBK for around £520, I think that I will hang on to my Hannants pre-order and pay £558 and so pay an extra £38 above the MBK price but then avoid paying maybe £100 on top (thats not calculated, just a guesstimate) if HMRC make the dreaded charge. I suppose we have to blame Brexit but we are where we are!
  18. If I remember rightly Andy’s teamed up with MKB in Germany last year with what must have been the last order sent by Wingnut so I’m not surprised that they have an offer now. I thought imports of kits to the USA were duty free, being classified as toys?
  19. Does that include VAT then? And free shipping to? That is very good if true! I used MBK last year when they had a 'new' stock of Wingnut kits and they were very good. I am tempted to be sure!! Note that they are talking about availability in March next year
  20. I heard it through the grapevine that the Albion RRP is £620 so 10% pre-order discount equals £558. I’m waiting for Hannants to confirm the same but they seem slightly reluctant. Note that I believe both eModels and Jadlam require payment up front whereas Hannants will invoice when in stock if you’ve preordered with them. So does that mean that Hannants are not 100% sure about this £620 RRP so don’t want to commit in case it’s wrong? MBK in Germany don’t t expect to have it until March so that’s 5 months in which anything might happen. And, if the RRP went up, would eModels and Jadlam honour the preorder or would they refund the money? Let’s hope £620 is correct and Hannants get off the fence soon.
  21. Do they pitch the U.K. rrp based on anticipated sales? I suppose they know how many they have in order - maybe 50 say? So they probably think they can get away with a U.K. price not an EU one?
  22. I think you’re wrong Julien, this is all related to the forthcoming Lancaster kit and it’s a lively discussion so I don’t see any problem with that. ...
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