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  1. Just to point out you can buy the North Star Quad Pom-pom from ebay - which I did , well , well worth the investment !
  2. Thanks for all the pictures so far , I bought the Z.26 by Dragon - and the really expensive Flyhawk etch set - which has only the brass 5.9 inch guns supplied ! so I had to buy the Master Model Z.25 AA gun Set - are you planning on fitting brass propellor screws to your model ? anyway nice work so far , the investment in brass guns is so worth it , its night and day to the kit plastic
  3. Hi Guys Just to confirm that Showcase Models of Australia also have the kit available direct for sale , I am ordering mine from them on Monday and build it as HMS Walker ( D27 ) - hopefully someone will produce an aftermarket etch kit for the Bridge Extension which was fitted to some ships( but not all ) - interwar to increase the bridge space for the Crew kind regards David
  4. well done , its also interesting for the Ki.43 that the early versions are only available in 1/48 scale , except the Ki.43 III Koh by Fine Molds of japan ( which is basic inside the cockpit - as its was one of their very first releases )
  5. The Hasegawa 1/32 Model is better , as it has more detail ,its more ultra modern and also a canopy that you can easily display open - and more aftermarket items ( like hollow exhausts ) and a larger scale is easier to work on - really but if you want a nice Model , and have less room , and work at it , the 1/48 Hasegawa Model is a lovely kit note - I didn't realise that Aeroplane Monthly did a special Database on the Raiden in February 2016 , so I have bought that magazine today !!
  6. Thanks very much , too kind Glad you like her - I highly recommend you source for your own kits , any Moskit Exhausts , the difference to a Kit Solid Plastic Exhaust Stack - is simply amazing ( like night and day ) I tried not to go too overboard on the weathering , I love the look on the Raiden, they look mean and angry little aircraft ! as you are Italian - you might like this Italian WW2 aircraft , I built and sold ( I sent the build photos to this great Italian Aviation website ) http://www.stormomagazine.com/ModelArticles/FIATG55/DavidWalker/FiatG55_1a.html enjoy ! David Walker
  7. thanks guys , I appreciate your comments ! I was determined to make a really top-grade Raiden Model , as I noticed most Models made of it , frankly skimped on the details, and tried to ' do it on the cheap ' I wanted the Model to be First Class and , above all , represent all that is now known about this Japanese Fighter - especially in the Cockpit Area
  8. yeah , the Tamiya might be cheaper , but its got raised panel lines and fixed , moulded exhausts with the cowling - its the same kit that was released a long time ago - in 1973 !! - and it shows inside - I steered well clear of that Model I would urge anyone buying the Raiden to make sure you buy the alternative resin exhausts by Quickboost and the 20mm Brass Barrels by Air master of Poland they make a big difference , the other essential fitment is the Squadron vac Form canopy - as the hasegawa kit canopy is moulded in the closed position !! thanks for the kind remarks on the painting - the Aztek Air Brush is a lovely to use , and I used a silver pencil for the weathering ( not excessive and looks about right )
  9. whatever you do , get the Air Enthusiast Magazine ( July 1974 ) - 8 very detailed pages in my opinion ( your choice ) I would stick to 1/48 scale as the aftermarket items are more easily fitted and available 1/72 is a waste of time , unless you have space or money problems - the details are less impressive in 1/72 scale also for 1 penny !!!!!!!! on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Illustrated-German-Italian-Japanese-Fighters/dp/0861010647
  10. Thank you very much , this model will feature soon in an up-coming Blog Entry on a very popular Aviation site - once I hear from the owner ( my hasegawa Ki.84 will feature very soon on the blog , this month , I hope )
  11. I recommend you source that book ( cheap as chips ) , to show you how little is on the Raiden ( unless you read Japanese ) - the Designer was the guy who did the zero but the amazing thing is that the best book is from 1974 !! Air Enthusiast on the raiden - nothing to compare to it since !1
  12. I think you are right , its a macro lens ! Glad you like the Model , the Hasegawa is far , far superior to the Tamiya Raiden I have always been interested in the Raiden since I read Bill Gunston's ' German Italian and Japanese Fighters of WW2 ' by Salamander Books from 1980 This was a real revelation , how many different and interesting Fighters the Japanese operated in WW2 , and how little I had heard of them ( nothing ) till I read the book in 1980
  13. This is my Mitsubishi Raiden Japanese Navy Fighter - hopefully the pictures are okay - I had a friend Kevin McCue from Galashiels take them yesterday with his professional camera and he used a micro lens ( hopefully I described that correct ) - as the digital camera I own , is pretty poor for taking close-up photos This aircraft has the AeroMaster Empire Defenders decals , Moskit exhausts I totally hollow ) - superb aftermarket item ! Squadron Vac canopy , Brass 20mm Cannon Barrels and Fukuya Metal pitot tube - hopefully my paintwork and finishing on the Model meets with your approval ? note The Super detailing in the canopy and scratch-built Radio etc - and the extra photo-etch inside for switches , above and well beyond the standard Eduard Etch sets .. kind regards David
  14. good job mate , I have purchased the Big Blue Boy 0.5 inch AA guns , for my HMS Cossack build in 1/350 , and they are tiny - so respect !! I also forgot to say I have an original HMS Hood Spoon , so this is a lovely ship to build
  15. yes , that would be fine or go for this type https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ponwd35010.htm by Pontos - the main advantage of artwox decks is you get a free anchor chain included in the sale - which can save you time and money