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  1. I totally agree - This is a lovely Model - note to build an interwar or WW2 - V & W Class Ship , you will need the Shapeways ( by Designer Micro Master ) parts - https://www.shapeways.com/product/NMUZ5T5A6/1-350-scale-hms-walker-refit-bridge?optionId=63367765&li=marketplace you especially need the ' Refit Extended Front Bridge with the Rangefinder and Director Control - as the kit provides a too-small ' 1917 ' era original rangefinder and no director control what-so-ever I also recommend for the Model , you get a bespoke nameplate made on the Shapeways site - which fits the kit display stand ( seen here ) https://www.shapeways.com/product/TXWZC9SS9/hms-walker-name-plate?optionId=62960150 made by Bogey Bits ( I recommend you contact him - to get your ' own ship ' personalised = as the name plate can be very easily altered to your own Ship Name you desire ... ) and above all , you fit the ' Master Model ' HMS Repulse - Brass Metal 4 inch guns to the kit - This is my own model seen here ( made by Steve Bowe for me ) with the Blazer Badge of HMS Walker as a display several important points to note - if you intended building this great model ( 1 ) - The Model does NOT have etch railings provided for the 2 ' bandstands ' for the two 4 inch gun positions ( B and X guns ) - so you need to remember to fit that , as the kit instructions do not mention this ( 2 ) There are NO etch grilles , provided - so again you need to source some - I recommend the ( originally made for the resin G and H Class Destroyers ) by White Ensign - the G and H Class Destroyers etch set - https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/wem-1-350-pe-brass/products/pe-35133-wem-1-350-g-h-class-destroyers for sale here which have 4 different sized etch grilles - and they also offer extra railings and above all , the semaphores for the 2 bridge wings ( the kit provides a horrid plastic semaphore - located on the upper 1917 era bridge ) ( 3 ) you will need to source ( Shapeways have them ) 1/350 Depth Charge Throwers as there are none in the kit provided ( 4 ) if you want depth charge rails , rather than the kit paravanes at the stern - you need to source some - ( the WEM GH & I set provides them ) and you will need to remove the 4 x 1917 era depth charges at the stern in the little deck racks - as kit plastic ( 4 ) the aft mast - is 1917 era - and has no upper pole provided - so you need to ideally source suitable brass rod and make it yourself
  2. Tamiya Prince of Wales

    I totally agree , you will never go wrong with a wooden deck - I recommend the Pontos or the Artwox ( you get a free anchor chain included ) - if you were building say , the Arizona in 1/350 by Hobby Boss , an aftermarket wood deck would be essential to cover up the 2 seam lines on the upper deck that the kit makers have you construct - I also cannot emphasise , how much added detail they add , and they just look wonderful ( I have the Artwox deck on the Tribal Class by Trumpeter ) and the added detail is amazing . If you look at the Pontos metal gun barrel attatchment - you get a piece of metal that you can easily attach the brass barrels to , for ease - so that you can pose them elevated or at rest , this alone is worth a lot as it saves you having to cut off plastic gun barrels and fit them metal ones to a kit piece of plastic - which can be fiddly ( and the Pontos fit will be ultra-secure and strong - exactly what you need ) The level of detail is worth every penny in a super-detail set - they make a huge difference to the kit plastic ( as others will agree ) I also agree that metal ensign and jacks staff are really far better than the kit ones ( Orange Hobby make them - for US Navy - in 1/350 - but you can use them for Royal Navy ships as well )
  3. I believe that preparation is everything for the parts , they need to be washed , and preferably left in the sun for 2 days - although the frosted plastic seems really ready to go , to be honest its a great time-saver , if you want a specific item , although I totally agree Metal Gun Barrels are unbeatable . I think if you go for the very best material ( Ultra detail Frosted ) you avoid a lot of problems But the aftermarket Shapeways Turrets seem nice , and I have had in the last 2 months specific sets made for me for the V & W Class in 1/350 scale , which look really nice .. I have used the 1/350 Binoculars for the HMS Eskimo Kit by Trumpeter - and they were a HUGE improvement of the kit examples .. its an addition to the Modelling aftermarket parts , and injected plastic is probably better - but if you need a bespoke item made - then its a huge timesaver ( and they can look wonderful )
  4. Hi If anyone needs a single 2 pounder pom-pom gun and mounting -for your Royal Navy Warship this is now available from Micromaster ( Shapeways ) https://www.shapeways.com/product/J32SD ... areProduct 1/350 Scale Single 2-pdr (4 cm/39) QF Mark VIII x8. Highly detailed replacement parts modelled from the plans in Naval Weapons of WW2 and many reference photographs. Details include:• Rivets and hex nuts • Open magazine loading case with visible shells/cartridges • Training and Elevation apparatus • These guns are designed specifically for 1/350 Scale • Guns elevated at 20º, other elevations can be requested This is useful to fit to the SHOWCASE Models Australia 1/350 HMAS Vendetta injection Kit as a lot of the V W Class had the original 3 inch gun replaced by a 2 pounder AA gun in the late 1920's or you can use it on any RN Destroyer , Gun Boats , Escort Ship or Cruiser that had these - please also note that when Trumpeter finally releases the HMS Exeter 1/350 kit - that Cruiser had 2 mountings of these guns in 1939 ( I am certain that the Exeter kit will be a 1939 version first ) kind regards David
  5. Flyhawk Prince of Wales

    Lovely detail I am looking forward to when they release the new-tool HMS Kelly in 1/700 scale .. to see the improvement to the old Matchbox Kit ( which I built years ago as a kid )
  6. No -I have not shown it ( Thank you for the kind words about the Ship ) - I can't really display it in all honesty on the Forum - as its not my Model that I have made ........... ( It was made for me specially by a wonderful modeller called Steve Bowe - a little Naval Model gift to myself - last year - ) and I know its hard to believe , but the photo doesn't do the Flag any justice ( the red Rising Sun is much more lovely and lustrous ! - to the naked eye )
  7. Z-39, Dragon, 1:350

    totally agree - a lovely job
  8. No - just trying to be helpful !
  9. I actually find the frosted ultra-detail is better than the Original Kit parts - and the Ship Boats and Rangefinders are far better - the difference is very marked - sure its not cheap , but it provides an instant ship part that you need to use to present a ship that is altered due to a refit ( or is wrongly made - eg German Ship Boats by Trumpeter on HMS Eskimo )
  10. if you are still searching for a decal flag - I can recommend the BECC Fabric Flags http://www.becc.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d33.html USA20 - Stars and Stripes ( the size you need is Type AAA ( 10mm long ) War Period 48 Stars 1912-1959 and Stockists http://www.becc.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d45.html
  11. Paint them after you fix them - its a recipe for disaster if you have paint in the way of your super glue .....
  12. https://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/28264-how-to-make-it-a-model-train-holiday.html Yes - you Can - With hand-painting or Spray Painting -they recommend using acrylic or enamel model paints
  13. They take only a week to printed and then get delivered - if it was made in Holland - they have a factory there ) as I live in the UK ........its quick you only need to remove the item from the casting block , the rest of the Part is flash-free and ' ready to use ' - sure injected model parts are quicker - but these are really nice , I have several parts ready for the HMAS Vendetta Kit in 1/350 scale for example a new Refit ( Extended Front ) Bridge - and also a 9 feet Rangefinder to replace the kit part ( which is the 1917 era shorter range finder ) sure its not dirt cheap but the pay-off is that you are saving so much modelling time - eg trying to alter a kit bridge by yourself
  14. ever heard the phrase ' you only get what you pay for ' - you are getting a bespoke new item or an existing pre-designed replacement ( far superior to the kit example ) and above all , tracked and recorded delivery to your door - If you have anything expensive like a big Warship Model Kit you bought , and mailed from abroad , you have customs fees to pay - what's the difference ?