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  1. How tough was it to add the nose bumps Craig? As I have an RBT planned for the '...with love' group build. The coldwar nose set turned up yesterday but the panel lines and hatch details are a bit soft/wonky. They will look inconsistent with the rest of the kit. Another worry I have just thought about it getting a strong join. Dont want a heavy resin nose snapping off... If people want to see what the nose looks like - pics in here, page 7, about 2/3rds of the way down. So its either fill and rescribe the resin nose or add the bump to the kit nose? Lesser of two evils... Or sack it all together and do the hobbyboss mig-31 as not seen one on here yet...?
  2. Thanks Rich. Sadly I can't take all the credit and claim to be some sort of ninja with it... Its really foolproof as mentioned a few posts back. It reminds me alot of stynylrez, in the way that you can be as heavy handed as you like, it may look lumpy at first and floods all the details, but then when it dries it shrinks back nice and tight. Being water type based and as its cold at the minute in the garage where I paint I use the hairdrier (low setting) to speed up all my paintwork. Just like with stynylrez you can see the paint dry and the little puddles evaporate, details reappear and then you are left with the lovely smooth finish 👍🏿
  3. Very interesting paint scheme mate, and a good job of it too!
  4. Great Idea that. Will put some bits together on the weekend and post it off 👍🏿
  5. Thanks That's actually the spare canopy that I'm using to protect the cockpit. The other one is all painted up ready to attach at the end. Thats a fabulous idea
  6. After a month and a half these turned up. Noses for mig 21bis & 25rbt
  7. Wow those are good pics. Thanks very much. Happy that I have it close enough The nose colours all convene on the canopy opening rescue panel, which isnt present on this kit... Noticed from the pics too that I need to do one half of the belly tank in red, only seen it from the white side so thought it was all white. It's colours are split vertical rather than horizontal like the wing tanks... Thanks again 👍🏿
  8. Safe Travels bud 👍🏿
  9. Gunship grey being brought forward... Thats better! What do you reckon @CaracalModels ?
  10. Well it all don't look that bad after seeing it again this morning. Was late last night when I removed all the masks. Despite masking up to the current tape and then removing the old tape there are still some slivers of white between the red and blue. Will brush these in... One thing I have noticed is I need to bring the gunship grey curve forward. Only the smallest triangle of the neutral grey should be visible. Other points to note are the orange winders and drab for the bomb rear bits. All mixed from the mission basic colours. So all these points will be rectified along with masking off for the wheel wells too tonight... Thanks for looking.
  11. Red on! And then - And then... Stay tuned, a couple touch ups required...
  12. This is all very true. Was going to start a wip (with a title along the lines of this) of one of my holy grail kits this summer and actually build the thing heaven forbid. Been too scared I'll mess it up or not do it justice...
  13. Masking done, gonna do blue first as an easy straight line from front edge of canopy to where it wraps around chine/wing fillet. First few coats on... Looks like a good match to decal but quite alot of white showing through close up which lightens the overall effect... Went full saturation with the blue next then adjusted it as needed rather than chase the error over the white base. So here it is after a couple drops of white were added. Happy with that. Then for the bombs mixed some gunship grey into the remaining blue in the airbush cup to get an inert round type colour for the front halves. Rears will be OD. Its come up rather dark in the pic, dont panic... Next, Red!
  14. Masking, masking and more masking. Going to coat it all in white first to kill off the greys and make the blue and red vibrant. Looking at the lines/breaks in the colours on the nose, I think I will mask of the white and red areas and do the blue first, then mask off blue and white and do the red... Note scratched intake fod cover, this will have the lonestar scheme added to it as in pics of the real plane 👍🏿 Just some plastic card, will have some wire grab handles added to holes once its been masked and sprayed. Just need to find a suitable small white star. Hoping that a vf2 f-14 sheet that may have one...