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  1. Sehr gut! Thumbs up from me mate. Here you go - 👍🏿
  2. Jet pipe for the have glass CJ. Pale burnt metal colour mixed for titanium silver and gold 👍🏿
  3. Missile markings update. This plane is from gulf 1 in the 90's. The pheonix C came into service around 87 from what I have read. The pics of this plane as I am depicting it show the live missiles in ghost grey. Not a problem with painting, but the 'C' and live markings are, because all the hobbyboss tomcats A/B/D come with the same missile decal sheet with 'A' pheonix details and blue inert bands. More on that in a bit... So the back of a plastic phoenix looks like this. Once filled/sorted its just a flat disc. But it needs to look like this - So I made some black and white cricles in paint, sized them off and then printed onto decal paper to get this: Also made some Lantirn pod details for my resin castings. So the main stencils came from an airfix tomcat sheet, as they have the correct AIM-54C details and colours. Most kits only come with AIM-54A and blue training missile bands. They were slightly non-conformist, so yes they were soaking in Daco Red for 10 mins + to get them pliable. In the end we have this: Finally washed and sealed ready for mounting. Thanks for stopping by 👍🏿
  4. Coming along nicely. Now fully cleaned up and Will all be sealed in a final matt coat later when I do some other spraying too. That will cure for a couple days then its finishing touches like streaking, fading & exhaust stains etc along with final assembly.
  5. Yeah they're very fine and crisp. Was worried they may disappear under paint but it all turmed out good 👍🏿 So much that I have added a few more to the stash for future builds.
  6. Announcement

    Do you need any more donations to help cover the cost Mike?
  7. They're eduard ones lads, not quickboost 👍🏿
  8. Nice one. Will come in very handy soon 👍🏿
  9. In the words of Matthew McConaughey - Alright alright alright...
  10. Christ it's huge!! Cant fully appreciate it in the WIP because alot of the pics were close in and this is the first time i've seen it all together... Ref zorst stains - Good call on adding some pigments. Should be fairly easy that 👍🏿 Spiffingly Splendid Spadgent.
  11. Yeah they sell them separately. Got one in the stash, but the 'late' one. May not be appropriate for a 70's 25, perhaps better for an 80's czech 21. Need to do some research... Here's early one... I assume its the same? The KM-1 seat is fitted to several soviet jets. Perhaps small differences? Similar as in the gru-7 in a couple, Naces/Aces seats in a few US/USN jets I suppose...?
  12. Turned out alright didn't it! What about a pic with something in it like a tamiya paint jar so we can fully appreciate the size? Also what about exhaust stains? Even the well kept early ones did show a tiny bit? Nonetheless doesn't detract from it I think...
  13. Hmmmm good progress but what are those instructions to the right? Look like it could be something that's taking your attention away from this