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  1. Thanks pal. Hopefully should be ok. Two of the first six I did had these steel belt types and they went in alot easier than the std profipack type etch belts. The steel ones are much thinner so conform better and the paint/print doesn’t flake off when you bend them
  2. Update time- Cockpits have had a wash now the detailing is done, also the IP’s had some attention (not shown) One had a decal, the rest with some brushed colour bits. Looking quite consistent with the others now looking back through the pictures in this thread. Quite pleased. Some have however come out a bit glossier from the klear based wash. Perhaps because they had smoother paint from some of these brands to begin with? Not a problem, can flat coat them once the belts are in. That’s the next instalment... these will be going in over this next week. Thanks for stopping by.
  3. 1/48 Mig 21 PFM from Eduard

    I reckon not as those pictures look complete & ready to go in the newsletter. They show the sprues, mask, two sheets of etch and the markings/stencils. No resin. Unless they read these comments and now include some on release?
  4. 1/48 Mig 21 PFM from Eduard

    True. Maybe could have had some brassin thrown in too. Looking at the parts its just the normal profipack edition with new decals. Nothing that special or limited about it apart from perhaps the quantity they will release.
  5. Socially awkward

    Yeah I am most happy in my own company too.
  6. Socially awkward

    Just trying to get a feel for who else on here thinks/knows that they are? I imagine that most of us model building types are. Because the sterotype of someone that isn’t doesn’t fit with the person likely to be a member on here who would be engrossed and amazed by the details and differences of say two types of undercarriage doors.... opinions?
  7. Details being done the same as the previous 6. Hataka blue line brush paints. Good job I took so many pictures back then they are a blessing now.
  8. Yeah the ‘it’ seems to have worn off of the label
  9. Yeah the model air and ammo used in those two are very light. However once they have had a wash to bring the detail out I suspect they will darken up a touch to the ‘right’ level. I found doing the last six, that interior colours that were good to begin with ended up being too dark by the end of it. All depends on you finishing style I suppose, and hopefully depending on your procedures you will be able to start with a shade that will turn out how you prefer by the end of it... Tony.
  10. The results are in! Brands: Sprayed out: To my eyes, the mission (C5) looks best, with the tamiya (E4) being too green and the other pair too light, of those the mig ammo (E5) being the lightest. This may be useful if you’re one of those scale reduction factor types who likes lighter paint. Unfortunately I can’t compare these shades to the other 6 previous ones used so far as those are all buttoned up (and 250miles away) I am however, considering spraying out all ten shades together on some plastic card (with the day fighter colours too) to make a reference plate type thing. That probably won’t be until the easter break though. I did something similar with modern USN greys during my tomcat saga (currently on hold for these wee beasties) Here is a link for those interested: Next is to try and detail paint/finish these interiors the same as the others already done... consistency and all that. Thats all for now.
  11. Hmmm not sure perhaps the brand of white spirit you used is too agressive. Odourless thinners may be better.
  12. MiG-31M Foxhound - 1:48 HobbyBoss

    Comparison Pictures! I was worried that it was going to be the same kit with a new canopy and ecm pods to add onto the wingtips. As looking at the sprues in grainy online pictures showed the same layout. Yes the parts layout on the sprues are the same but they contain reworked bits to account for the larger spine, different wingtips completely and the whole lower fuselage is new too for wider spaced engines and extra missiles. Also the nose halves have been reworked to show different panels and the like. No shown canopy etc as they are obviously different. So overall there are enough differences to point out and show to the wife to justify buying it. When I eventually tell her about it anyways... Bare parts are from standard/first MiG-31 sans suffix kit, parts still in plastic are new MiG-31M Hope these are of use to someone. Tony
  13. MiG-31M Foxhound - 1:48 HobbyBoss

    No worries mate... I did too Will have all three of the mighty hboss migs in the stash when it arrives tomorrow
  14. MiG-31M Foxhound - 1:48 HobbyBoss

    On offer at creative this week for just over £40 free p&p 👍🏿
  15. Progress at last! Forgot how tedious it can be doing multiple builds. Getting the worst bit out of the way first - opening up the seatbelt slots on the overtrees’ plastic bulkheads. Drilled, then carved out. Smoothed with a bit of mr cement s. One done. And four done! Replacing the worst designed part ever with stretched sprue - B21. In place - So now we have the next four pits ready for paint. Watch this space! Thanks for stopping by.