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  1. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Hi Andy mate thanks for the nudge. I did manage to get a touch done (general panel line washes) a while ago. Not had a chance to crop and then upload pics yet. Back in the real world now working away from home during the week so very minimal bench time only on the weekends if I manage to get back at all. Cheers, Tony
  2. 1/4 scale GPMG SF 7.62mm Pewter Gun Kit

    Cheers @tonyot Yeah we do too. Rollmats and sandbags. I had discussed it with him about adding it to the kit, using milliput and pressing a t-poo-poo on it to give it some texture but time was short. Your pic - kenya? Cheers, Tony O
  3. 1/4 scale GPMG SF 7.62mm Pewter Gun Kit

    Platoon training with the real things this week!
  4. Eduard 1/48 Brassin Spitfire Top Cowl

    Will do, but won’t be able to untill I’m back home again in a couple weeks mate.
  5. Lost in translation I think mate. A long wood screw, not a bit of wood, as in the type of screw that you fasten into wood. (See pic of 1/48 109 on the stand) Pointy & Self tapping with a coarse thread which will bite into a pilot hole drilled into a plastic bulkhead. As opposed to a machine type screw which is blunt and has a fine thread to go into a matching nut. With the bamboo skewers, they are held in place by friction in the foam. On final assembly its removed, and the prop base added as normal.
  6. Beat up and beached!

  7. Nice so far mate looking good! A tip to aid you perhaps and having to avoid blue tack on stands in the future - On most prop types I tend to leave the prop off till the end and put a long wood screw through the hole and into a bulkhead or similar. Or fill the nose cavity with fine packing foam and pierce a bamboo bbq type skewer into it for smaller scales. Either makes a great handle for painting/overall varnishing and decalling when using a ‘helping hands’ type tool so you dont have to touch the model and leaves you with both hands to slide decals off of the backing paper. Example - during painting: Decaling on above mentioned stand using a coctail stick in the tail wheel slot. These type of soldering stands with a magnifying glass will take up to a 1/48 single prop plane quite comfortably. In 1/48 I tend to go with a screw in the nose. Once I even managed to fit an eduard 1/48 mig 21 on one with a bit of ingenuity to aid with the 1001 stencil applications! These stands can be had for under a tenner delivered off of eBay. Hope this helps!
  8. That is fabulous mate, well done.
  9. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Thanks lads. Next installment - insignia improvements. Soaked with microset to aid in removal. Then I managed to find some darker (pretty much black) and a tiny bit larger ones. These were placed a touch higher too. Also put on some of my home made glove vane panel line decals. So now here she is in a similar aspect to the reference shots - as like 212: when it was still 104 of vf143: Much better now. One thing stopping it from being 100% is still the straight ‘12’ on the tailfins, dont have any slanted ones. But I can live with that. Next is just a general view, including a wing to see replaced insignia and flap modex (not shown before. So its all had a good gloss coat for some panel line washes, hopefully next weekend. Bye for now!
  10. Eduard F6F-5 1/48

    Very smart
  11. U-Boat destruction - 1:350 scale

    That’s pretty special! Thanks for sharing mate.
  12. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Well decided I couldn’t leave the arrows like that. So out with some tamiya enamels, a fine brush and calm nerves. I chose enamels because of their adhesion properties, good coverage, longer drying time to work with/avoid brush marks but to name a few. Plus any mistakes can be cut back with a moist turps laden brush. Trying to do this with acrylics would be masochistic to say the least with them streaking/beading up on the decals etc... Anyways an almost black was mixed up and applied. A bit wobbly! Fully done and cleaned up, much better! Another view which reveals another problem - the AA codes, so... They were done too! Alot happier with it now, matches the reference picture of 212 much better. Stars and bars are going to get reworked/replaced next. Thanks for looking
  13. Eduard 1/48 Brassin Spitfire Top Cowl

    Well after the pics and some correspondence replacement parts have arrived. Here’s a quick measurement of the two. And here is my original. So the new ones are shorter, but perhaps not enough still. As fron what I remember the above cowl was about 1.5mm too long. That means the replacements needed to be 42.2mm instead of 43mm. Oh well.