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  1. Very nice mate and only took a week? 👍🏿
  2. Not really mate. If alclad is sprayed onto plastic it pretty much becomes one with it. So physical removal ie sanding is probably the only way. Any potion strong enough to remove it will most likely damage the plastic too. Resin and metal could be soaked in cellulose thinners/remover type fluids to remove something like alclad though...
  3. Check the tip of the needles and nozzles. A tiny bend at the tip (easily done) will allow a bit of paint to collect/ball up on it. This builds up till overcome by the air, then gets flung off as a splat. Repeat as many times necessary etc. Other is a hairline crack in the nozzles (from over zealous needle insertion after cleaning) This will allow some paint to seep and collect till whisked away by the air and make a splat. Then it repeats etc. 👍🏿
  4. I didn't put him up to this Rich... No seriously all jokes aside Peter I concurr with Rich, It was 7-6 when the poll 'closed' 👍🏿
  5. Ha! Unfortunately that is one colour I don't have a single jar/bottle of or nor the kits on which it would belong... Sorry mate. I did however do something similar at the start of my tomcat saga ref USN greys but was on an old bomber fuselage half. So I guess I should redo it like it is here on a bit of card. Speaking of which I need to resurrect that thread because currently busy messing about with day fighter schemes on spitfires (no palette their either there just the planes themselves) Anyways thanks for the appreciation Andrew 👍🏿
  6. No those acrylics will be fine over that primer as long as it is dry which will be fairly rapid anyway 👍🏿
  7. Thats fine pal, you can use aquagloss over just about anything. I do. Water based as the title suggests so its safe with no solvents... you are onto a winner there with those paint combos mate 👍🏿
  8. Which clear of theirs do you intend to use mate? Aq or Laq?
  9. Hasn't resin come such along way recently? (Last 5 years or so) AM resin cockpits to me always seemed like just the kit parts reworked by someone into masters, bit rough around the edges and looked 'handmade' Now all the bits (especially eduards Brassin for example) are millimetre perfect and look like the masters have been CNC machined or 3D printed. (Going off of those drawings?) This is a good thing obviously, just noting the advances in technology etc.
  10. Me too Hopefully this will save people from sweating themselves, as they can see all these shades together here and then either buy or mix the one that they like best
  11. Yes mate, although more of a friction type as there a no 'notches' along the shaft as such. The pair was a couple of quid from Wilko's 👍🏿
  12. Russian interior cockpit colour anyone? Here's a chance to see what they look like together so you can pick/buy a shade that you like or think is best to suit your reference photos... As the brand that's recommend in your instructions may not match either to your pictures or AM etch or decals etc etc... There are as many out there as shades in real life. I guess each manufacturer matched their product to the sample they had. I have also seen changes to the colours of the supplied etch in kits, eg 2011 vs 2015 editions of the eduard profipack MiG-21 MF boxing. Also there have been a few different shades of mr hobby/color reccomended by them too over the years. So there is no definitive shade. In broad terms they all look good in their own respect and most match at least one photo I've seen whilst trawling google images. So I have compiled all my colours together for the benefit of everyone. Most were collected a couple years ago or so when I went through a phase of mig-21's. Some more recently... A nice mixture of all types so there should be something to suit everyone. Group shot. Close up of shades, black and white for reference/balance. Whole card sprayed with matt varnish to get rid of the variety of sheens and get a more level comparison. Most colours are very intense on the card as they contrast strongly again the white - something to bear in mind. In reality the colour can be anything from a light blue down to a toxic green. I will give the name that the manufacturer gives for their colour. As some 'turquoises' as they are called are in fact more 'emerald'... When talking about and/or describing the shades I will refer to the blue side of the spectrum as turquoise and the green side as emerald. Descriptions of rows, left to right. Top row (1) 966 - Vallejo model color (mc) turquoise 966. Very blue and dark. 838 - Vallejo mc emerald 838. What it says on the tin, a classic emerald in my opinion. 808 - Vallejo mc blue green 808, To me this is more of what a turquoise colour is than 996. Too blue as it is though? 838/808 - A custom 50/50 mix of 808 & 838. I think this has the right balance between being neither too blue or too green. Turned out very similar to the Akan shade. 'Eduard etch match' - Last on top row is a Vallejo mc mix by eye to paint and touch up the cockpit using the eduard etch from the 'Indian service' boxing. I used some of the 996 turquoise to get towards this shade. Second Row (2) AK - ak interactive Air 2301 cockpit turquoise from their soviet 1950-70 set. A proper turquoise shade, turns out similar to the 50/50 mix of 808/838 I made above. MIG - Mig ammo Interior turquoise. More of an emerald colour to me than described as a turquoise. Could be the same paint as Vallejo 838 Akan Emerald (faded) This is in alot of their Soviet plane sets. What it says on the tin. Hataka (orange lacquer line) cockpit blue green from the post 2000 polish AF set with the Mig-29 on the box. A nice slightly dirty/greyish shade. Revell 55 matt light green. Spotted this the other day in the off chance whilst in a hobbycraft! A very light colour, but for 1/144 could be good? Or over a dark primer in a larger scale? Third Row (3) MRP-1 - Mr Paint interior turquoise. Very bright and on the green side. More of an emerald? H46 - Mr Hobby Aqueos H46 emerald. This is what eduard recommend to be used in their mig-21 bis profipack boxing - Straight H46. H46/25 - Next is a 50/50 mix of mr hobby H25 sky blue and the above H46 emerald. Supposed to be a good match for the etch and shown here on britmodeller somewhere too. Not tested it out myself yet. Seems quite dark? Mr CLR Eduard - The most recent Eduard recommend mix using Mr Color lacquers that is in the majority of their mig-21 instructions now. If it is to match their latest painted etch I don't know? It is however a nice compromise between turquoise and emerald. Mix is 60% C34 sky blue, then 20% each of C66 light green & C80 cobolt blue. Mr CLR HB - The shade suggested in the new Hobbyboss 1/48 Mig-31. Quite a greyish pale emerald green. Mr color paints. The mix is 85% of C74 blue and 15% C6 Green. Fourth Row (4) MM - Model master Enamel soviet interior blue green. Rather dull and grey, leaning towards more emerald. TMY - A custom tamiya mix I made by eye a while back using blue, yellow and white to match the decals in a weekend edition Mig-21SMT. Very similar to the new eduard mr color shade I just mixed for this comparison. Coincidence? MRP-49 - Mr Paint Light Grey Blue, Russian aircraft interiors and cockpits. Just for this comparison to what it's like. End of pallete. Ok thanks for reading all of that! Anyways, hope this is of help to someone. Tony ps: I will add and update with more as I come across/mix them. Got to be more out there!
  13. My post reference cockpit colours has been updated with an image and description of colours 👍🏿
  14. Two of each type across the 6 mate. The 2 using superfabric belts will have closed canopies, the 4 with the etch belts (2 standard & 2 steel) will be open 👍🏿