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  1. Sorry its late but as promised: Been in storage for about 3 years from when I got sick of making tigers. Spec - Dragon kit. White zimm is tamiya two part epoxy putty. Pattern made with roller tools. Putty doesn't etch into plastic so chips off quite easily for damage. Putty has a long period of being workable. So the reason for pics - The glacis plate. This was done with rollers too, but a layer of mr surfacer used instead. This makes is visible from overhead but it disappears from a low angle like man height period pictures. Narrow window to work with it. Too soon and its everywhere, too late and you can't make ridges in it. Above - Vision ports done with mr 500 too. Low angle - just a hint of it. Will be reduced more once painted and weathered. Cheers, Tony
  2. That is nice mate. Will keep an eye out for those algerian markings cheers πŸ‘πŸΏ
  3. Hasegawa E-2C Hawkeye 1/72

    I see what you mean, more like none! Is the glazing tinted on the inside or did something go wrong because its like there is a reflective sun visor fitted when parked on the inside type thing going on? Or is that deliberate? Clean build otherwise though pal well done πŸ‘πŸΏ
  4. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    PS best try not get any overspray or anything on HRH. Don't want to get done for 'defacing an image of a Royal' or similar. Probably just be best to get another piece of newspaper down in the booth...
  5. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    And some colour starting to go on! Thinned 50/50 with colourcoats own thinner, 0,3mm needle at 15psi. Built up with lots of squiggles to allow some variation over the black. More of a progressive pic below. Once again it seems the Duke is just as delighted with these paints too! Can't ask for a better endorsement than that can you @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies 'As aproved by HRH'
  6. Yeah reckon that above is definitely how it will come as the tooling for the D kit in that area doesn't have a separate tip like hasegawa and hobbyboss to offer choice of ecm/no ecm. Unless they re-work the parts but maybe its too close to release date? Or ammend instructions so say to sand that bit off. See frame below. Guess they have kept it all the same. The fuel dump vent and very tip of ecm is separate. Only things that are 'changeable' for spec on this frame is the separate panel for the gps dome on spine. Aswell as the forward edge glove vane D ecm blisters (on this frame but not in pic) being add on parts which will be 'not for use' in the instructions I assume.
  7. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    It seems the Duke is just as impressed with stynylrez as the rest of us mere mortals! SchΓΆn Schwartz Schwalbe!
  8. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Double lolipop, 262 flavour. Full prime and underside blue tomorrow afternoon hopefully, out at a work function tonight so no modelling but lots of cheap beer 🍻 cheers!
  9. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Yeah I have read that before, but liquid gravity isn't lead as far as I am aware? And they recommend superglue themselves for securing it? I will email them and ask perhaps. This will be long sold on by then anyways
  10. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Are those the intake cones? I'm leaving those out till the end as the engine cavities will be filled with foam to hold skewers for painting handles. The front bits will be tacked on with pva for camo painting consistency. Pics of this later or tomorrow depending on work.
  11. Knew it was too good to be true. Had an email apologising for the listing. Something to do with their web shop and ebay being linked with pre orders for 31st December. Can expect a refund shortly. Oh well.
  12. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Not the boxtop, but the other one πŸ‘πŸΏ
  13. 1/350 USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

    Superb mate πŸ‘πŸΏ
  14. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Hi mate yeah we are at similar places. The engine joins look good nice one, never tried dissolved plastic as a filler. Something else new to learn & try, thanks! What's your anhedral/dihedral or lack of like? Did you have similar issues? With regards to the top of the nose - hard to tell from the pics - have you rescribed the two ovals and reinstated the gun access panel hinge line? Also are your clear parts only dry fitted because they are a bit all over the place? Tony