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  1. Shackleton spray paint

    I hope it may help you: Hobbysector from Portugal: Euro 7,80. Shipping cost to Italy seems to be about 4 Euro. Paolo
  2. Shelf life of different model paints

    Hello Laurie, I used Lifecolor for a while in the 90s and the paints in the old bottles (long and thin) had no problems. Then I bought many in the new bottles and most of them lasted for not many years. I kept them in a room in my house in normal conditions. At my old LHS they told me that sometimes they had the same problem and they guessed that this was related to the quality of the bottles . To be honest, I still have a gloss blue and an olive drab in healthy conditions. Cheers, Paolo
  3. Shelf life of different model paints

    Humbrols Authentic I have are still usable and I bought some of them in the early 80s. I have shaken it and I suppose that also an Humbrol n. 1 Eau de Nil is still in good conditions. My Lifecolor acrylics became solid in few years. Cheers, Paolo
  4. Airfix Tribute Forum . . . back on air today

    Still missing on this morning.
  5. Bristol Britannia C1, C2, natural metal

    Raf El Adem and Britannias in the early sixties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ma8K1KiGoY I hope it may be useful.
  6. My name is Massimo

    Hello Massimo, welcome to Britmodeller. Benvenuto! Ciao. Paolo
  7. Greetings from Italy

    Hello Max, Welcome aboard. Un saluto da Piacenza. Paolo
  8. Britmodeller has changed!!!!! (again)

    Hello, nice surprise, well done Mike! Cheers, Paolo
  9. Hello to all

    Hello Zagor, good news, one of my favourite comic character is a modeller! Welcome. Paolo
  10. Hi to all, AK Interactive again. Yesterday I tried to thin this filler before using. It may be thinned with tap water to a desired consistency. I applied it with a toothpick and then, more thinned, with an old round brush. It has filled all the gaps between the fuselage and wings of a Smer P-36. As this putty dries quickly I applied it two or three times, where needed, in one session of work. The joints have been sanded without problems. Kind regards, Paolo P.S. I apologize for my english
  11. I use Ak Interactive white putty, it works well for small gaps. You may remove it with water and when dry is really hard. Cheers
  12. Metallic enamels, Humbrol vs Revell

    Hi Merlin, I agree with Sapperastro, Revell aqua metallics are excellent, after some attempts with other brands now I am happy at using them. If Revells are easily available they may be very good alternatives. My experience is based only on brush painting. I use distilled water and few drops of flow improver to thin Revell Aqua, the resukts for me are good as painted surfaces have a smooth finish without brush marks. Paolo Sorry I mean results not resukts
  13. HELP - Filler Advice Please

    Hello Steve, I am using AK interctive White putty, it is water based and is very good for filling small gaps. I apply it using a thootpick; fingers and wet cotton buds work well to remove putty in excess before sanding. It sticks quite well to bare plastic. Cheers, Paolo
  14. Hello from Italy

    Hello Matteo, welcome aboard. Britmodeller is a great place for modellers. I'am a fan of 1/72 scale arcraft. Benvenuto a bordo. Paolo