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  1. Pure luck. They literally came out of the box that way. Hard as rocks too, but some time with a mug of hot water and a microwave combined with rims that fortunately fit lead to them working out.
  2. Marching forth with more Ferraris. Here we have the 1/43rd Hi-Fi Automodelli kit of the 1981 Ferrari 126 depicting the car Villeneuve raced at Monaco that year. Built box stock with addition of a photoetch Tameo racing harness. Tamiya acrylics & lacquers with PPG urethane clear for paint. Kit built without problems and looks OK in the end, though it's probably one of my less favorite F-1 Ferraris from any era.
  3. Nice. I drew those Tide decals.
  4. More Ferrari time. Here is Jody Scheckter's Ferrari 312T4 driven to the 1979 World Driver's Championship. Built from the Racing 43 kit, box stock with Tamiya acrylics, lacquers and PPG auto urethane clear. Nice kit, no real issues in building it except the windscreen, which I'm less than happy with. Rather than provide a vacform screen you're given a paper template and a rather stiff piece of clear acetate to form it from. Far from ideal. I've got a few others that use the same method and I'm contemplating just ignoring the windscreen all together....or hunting down some much more pliable clear Mylar to try instead. I MUCH prefer a vacform piece.
  5. Nicely done! 43rd has come a long way since the 80s, that one was clearly a handful. Where the tires rock hard little donuts and, if so, how'd you deal with them?
  6. OK, on with the Ferrari postings. Here is the 1988 F1/87-88 in 1/43rd from Tameo depicting the Italian Grand Prix wing car of Gerhard Berger. Berger and his teammate, Michele Albereto, took 1-2 that day and it proved to be the only race of the '88 season not won by McLaren. I love Luca Tameo's F-1 kits. I've built a few and each one has been a tour de force in engineering, mastery and execution. Even his very earliest less sophisticated efforts. This one built easily and quickly, and I used my standard Tamiya lacquers, acrylics and two part auto urethane in completing it. I don't have a single favorite Ferrari Grand Prix car, but the F-1/87-88 ranks up there in the top group. More coming soon...as mentioned I have a backlog to post...
  7. I agree that many associate #27 with Villeneuve. Personally, I associate it with the #1 driver, second string driver getting #28. In this case the driver was Michele Albereto. More to come soon, I actually have a backlog of five finished Ferraris to post with more underway.
  8. Well, we're pretty much settled in after our move and I'm back at it. Here's my 1985 Ferrari 156/85. Built from the Hi-Fi Automodelli kit box stock except the addition of belts. Tamiya paints with two part urethane clear. This is the last of my Hi-Fi Ferraris. I think they largely where produced concurrent with the F-1 seasons through the 80s, like this one likely came out in '86. They're simple kits, much like Tameo's early efforts, but engineered and executed pretty well so they build up nice enough. Decals can be a little finicky, but do the job. I've enjoyed building them (I've built six) and will later try to get the few more non-Ferrari Hi-Fi kits I have built up as well.
  9. Looking forward to seeing this come together....AND following your 1/12th build as well.
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