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  1. Ventura11

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 sparviero bomb bay

    HI Rob, some pictures are available at this link: www.eaf51.org/Photo_22_S.79.htm Probably they are not so useful for you but you can see quite all the interior. Paolo
  2. Ventura11

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 sparviero bomb bay

    Hi Rob, Some pictures of the bomb bay are here: www.alieuomini.it/AJAX/catalogo/dettaglio2_catalogo/8 Regards, Paolo
  3. Ventura11

    Hello from Italy

    Welcome Marco. Benvenuto Marco. My interests are mainly 1/72 aircraft since the second World War to today. Paolo
  4. Ventura11

    Hi everyone

    Hello Luca, I am learning a lot from the gentlemen of Britmodeller. Ciao, Paolo
  5. Ventura11

    Hello from Rome

    Hello Fulvio, impressive shots on Flikr. I'm impressed by your models. Ciao, Paolo
  6. Ventura11

    Tony, the new entry

    Hello Tony, I have missed last Modelexpo, but I'm planning to go there on march for a visit. I am a slow builder of aircraft in 1/72 scale. Ciao, Paolo
  7. Ventura11

    Selecting acrylics

    Hi Pollit, I am a brush painter and so I focused on some brands that seemed to me more friendly to my use. Last year I returned to the old passion of RAF/FAA aircrafts of the fifties and sixties and for many reasons I decided to change paints simply switching from Humbrol enamels to acrylics. I mainly use Humbrol RAF colours from 163 to 166 and 123 for EDSG and they seems to me a fairly good match. Using them I have discovered that Humbrols may be not so user friendly and that they need flow improver, their proper thinner and some experiments. Now I am quite happy with them. About other brands I completely agree with Giorgio about Italeri acrylics. A wide range of paints is available from Agama; they are good paints but I found that their Dark earth and Azure blue are too dark. I have heard that Agama may be the manufacturer of Xtracrylics. Revell Aqua are easy to use by brush but for me is a nightmare to mix their colours and matching them to the british ones. I have no experience of alcohol based acrilycs like Gunze or Tamiya. This is not a great contribution but I hope it may helps. Paolo
  8. I do not know why, but in this half hour I would bet on 1/72 N.A. F-86 D/K and/or 1/48 Hawker Hunter. Cheers, Paolo
  9. Ventura11


    Ciao Alessandro, benvenuto!! Sono in ritardo, scusa. Paolo, da Piacenza Hello Alessandro, welcome!! Sorry I'm late. Paolo, from Piacenza
  10. Ventura11

    Shackleton spray paint

    I hope it may help you: Hobbysector from Portugal: Euro 7,80. Shipping cost to Italy seems to be about 4 Euro. Paolo
  11. Ventura11

    Shelf life of different model paints

    Hello Laurie, I used Lifecolor for a while in the 90s and the paints in the old bottles (long and thin) had no problems. Then I bought many in the new bottles and most of them lasted for not many years. I kept them in a room in my house in normal conditions. At my old LHS they told me that sometimes they had the same problem and they guessed that this was related to the quality of the bottles . To be honest, I still have a gloss blue and an olive drab in healthy conditions. Cheers, Paolo
  12. Ventura11

    Shelf life of different model paints

    Humbrols Authentic I have are still usable and I bought some of them in the early 80s. I have shaken it and I suppose that also an Humbrol n. 1 Eau de Nil is still in good conditions. My Lifecolor acrylics became solid in few years. Cheers, Paolo
  13. Ventura11

    Bristol Britannia C1, C2, natural metal

    Raf El Adem and Britannias in the early sixties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ma8K1KiGoY I hope it may be useful.
  14. Ventura11

    My name is Massimo

    Hello Massimo, welcome to Britmodeller. Benvenuto! Ciao. Paolo
  15. Ventura11

    Greetings from Italy

    Hello Max, Welcome aboard. Un saluto da Piacenza. Paolo