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  1. Hello Matsuaara, greetings from Piacenza. I bought my first airbrush, a Paasche H, some weeks ago, I will start to do my attempts in the next days. Ciao, Paolo
  2. Ciao Ettore, Welcome from Piacenza! Paolo
  3. Ciao Beppe, migliora un poco, ma credimi, รจ brutto. Teniamo duro....... Hello Beppe, situation is a bit better, but, believe me, it's though. Let's on hold......
  4. Welcome Beppe, Britmodeller is a great site and you will enjoy it. Un saluto da Piacenza. Paolo
  5. I agree with you, Nigel. I had the same problems with the small pots. About Humbrol acrylics ( 14ml pot) my experiences are positive. Acrylic 163, 164, 165 and 123 works fine for me. Kind regards, Paolo
  6. Welcome Lorenzo! Greetings from Piacenza.
  7. Ciao Rodolfo, benvenuto! Hello Rodolfo, welcome! Paolo
  8. Ventura11

    Grumman Goose

    I have built the smaller Grumman Gosling. I found an interesting article on IPMS Stockholm: "Interior colours of US Aircraft 1941-1945". As il was built by Grumman I thought that the dark bronze green or interior green were two suitable alternatives. As interior green was at hand I used it, thinking that for a late production aircraft this was the better choice. Kind regards, Paolo
  9. Hello Tim, I use Humbrol Washes . Italeri is releasing a new set of 6 acrylic washes, it may be interesting. Probably I will buy it, price is interesting and it is not enamel based. Kind regards, Paolo
  10. Hello Gordon, I am not an expert about Czech camouflage. I have used Agama acrylics for WWII French Air Force and Royal Air Force aircrafts. In my opinion some colours, for example Gris bleau Clair or Mid stone, have a dark shade and need to be lightened. As a primer I use Tamiya or Humbrol spray cans or Revell Aqua 76 by brush. Until Yesterday I never opened two tins of Agama enamels (WWI RFC PC10 and Linen). After a quick test I can say that they brush well and smoothly only dipping the brush in their thinners. Best Wishes Paolo
  11. Hello Gordon, I'd like to put my two pence before your choice. I have used Agama acrylics and they seems to me good paints. Easy to use by brush they aways need a primer. I don't use an airbrush and I can't express any opinion about. They have also a range of alcohol based paints. I bought these paints directly from the producer without problems. Kid regards, Paolo
  12. HI Rob, some pictures are available at this link: www.eaf51.org/Photo_22_S.79.htm Probably they are not so useful for you but you can see quite all the interior. Paolo
  13. Hi Rob, Some pictures of the bomb bay are here: www.alieuomini.it/AJAX/catalogo/dettaglio2_catalogo/8 Regards, Paolo
  14. Welcome Marco. Benvenuto Marco. My interests are mainly 1/72 aircraft since the second World War to today. Paolo
  15. Hello Luca, I am learning a lot from the gentlemen of Britmodeller. Ciao, Paolo
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