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  1. T-150K tractor (RTModels;1:35)

    Hi Dmytro! Great start on a great subject! Not seen these kits before,but like the look of them,the quality of casting looks excellent. Looking forward to your next update! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  2. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Hi Kevin! Inspirational work going on here, love the scratchbuilding You are undertaking! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  3. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    Great progress Lars,watching with great interest! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  4. HMS Victorious as in 1966

    Hi Mike! Oh My! What a great project, reaching for the follow button now............ Good Luck Sir! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  5. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Hi Nick! Impressive (and fast!) work You're doing there, if I get to Telford this Year I hope I will be seeing this in the flesh? Keep up the good work! Stick on...... Cheers, Pete
  6. Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, still cracking on with Hood, it's just that there's not a lot to show at the moment,still working through the deck fittings ready to paint them, I will post with observations and pics hopefully at the beginining of next week Take care all, and............. Kep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  7. Hi there cbk57! Oh Yeah!!! I've been waiting to see one of these on the build! Seat pulled up and Bring it on! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  8. Hi There Everybody! Still Alive! Sorry about the gap in postings, life etc Y'know......... Anyway, You know how We say "I'll just do those 7 bits, it will only take about 10 minutes? Yeah, right........... I started by writing a list of all the fittings required for the 3 main deck sections and came up with this (not a complete list, no railings or 'knocky-off bits)....... The idea is to prime,paint and weather all fittings before attaching them to the model,don't need to be masking amongst PE ,so as parts finished they are fixed to a piece of scrap timber with double sided tape,and a label glued to the front:- Parts to build two anchor wildcats, and the finished items:- You would'nt think You would need so much room to work on PE! :- Progress so far, nearly 50% (of the first list) done! You may notice some styrene in the next pic, the bases for the large bitts are 3 short in the earlier release of the Pontos set, which is covered by an additional part fret,mine arrived - NO Kidding - 15 Minutes after I'd glued these up! The small bitt scratched from styrene is to replace the original brass one which is probably orbiting alongside the ISS! So, more progress as and when, back at work tomorrow so it will be in the week. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  9. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Hi Kevin! Coming along nicely, good save on the superstructure, progress is looking good! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  10. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    Hi Lars! Thanks for posting Your build of the HMS Surprise, Master and Commander is a favorite film of Mine, (I've not read the books - yet!), and great to see this project coming together. Very clear explanations of the evolution of a conversion,nicely explaining the methodoligy behind the scratch-built additions/alterations! Following along and looking forward to Your next post! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  11. Hi Everybody! Slow going at the moment, will try to post a few pics later,got a full day () at the bench today, so the project hasn't I'm thinking the decks will look a little too clean, any tips for dirtying down (just a bit?), I don't want to screw them up! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  12. Hi Kevin! Yes, there's a lot of stuff to grind off,mainly to fit the wooden deck overlays, but worth it in the long run! A lot of splinter shields will be going too, replaced by brass for more accurate shape/thickness. Talking about getting it right, I've got the funnel issue to correct, 1 funnel smaller than the other! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  13. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Hi Kevin! Had a look at countyclassdestroyers, what a great source of info! The reason I'm looking at a 3D printer is mainly because in view of future scratchbuild projects (not just maritime), I was looking at setting up a small machine shop at home, but if I can utilise a printer I can get away with a smaller lathe and no milling machine,so I can keep all My workshop indoors. My Father and Father-in-Law were both in the service, My Dad was on the first crew of HMS Rame Head, They collected Her from the builders in Vancouver and sailed Her back across the Pacific, Far and Middle East and back to the UK in 1945-6. My Father -in-Law was in the Navy from 1936 to 1952, and served on many ships, including Rodney, Vangaurd, Protector and Implacable. I Think a Between-War Rodney (1938-39) may be on the future list.............. I've not had a good look around for 1/72 fittings , I would imagine they are quite thin on the ground, not being a 'usual' ship scale, Fleetscale Themselves are about the best selection. Will look forward to Your progress on 'Fife' Kevin! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  14. Good day to Everyone! As promised, here is an update on the latest shenanigins! As You may recall from an earlier post, I was debating which props to use, not being overly fond of the brass replacement ones in the Pontos set, and I've decided to go with the kit ones painted up, using My system for Alclad:- Quite happy with the result:- Model bolted back on it's base where it will remain until I build the case when it is completed (it will be removed just to fit the self-adhesive felt):- I've worked out a plan of action for the build order, it is a quite involved build, hopping between the kit instructions, the Pontos 'guide' and the recommendations from the Hood Association site,which fortunately tie in quite well with the Pontos set. Obviously, the main deck sections are first to be tackled, removing detail where called for by Pontos so the wood overlays will fit, then I will finish paint and weather paint any areas nessecary before fitting the deck to save mucho fiddly masking,gluing down the wood and then assembling, painting and fixing all fittings required for the area, basically each level will be completely finished before moving on to the next. The only exceptions to this being being the main deck railings and any other knocky-off bits (Technical engineering term), as the build progresses. then it will be a matter of building inside to outside, top to bottom, treating each area as seperate model unto itself, I think this is the best way to keep a grasp on a very complicated build. Some forward looking will of course be needed, but just enough so I don't get too confused as I get older(what day is it??)! Anyway,some cleaning up of 'A' and 'Y' Turret barbettes so the Turret bases will fit:- Areas to be smoted marked up with a marker pen, and weapon of choice selected:- Wood deck overlay , I'll run a scalpel blade round to cut through the plastic backing sheet:- Trumpeter have depicted the Hawsepipe hole shapes wrong, and the Pontos set deals with this by having You leaving some of the detail in place to seat a PE template to recut the holes in the plastic deck, and provide resin replacements of the correct size and shape (Note - not Quite this shape,clever chap here trimmed a small flange at the back off by accident,that will be replaced!) that sit on top of the wooden deck, as shown in the following series of photos:- Decks 'weeded' to test fit:- Wood overlays and decks dry test fitted - all is well! Tomorrow I will be starting on the deck fittings - onwards and upwards! Keep Sticking!! Cheers, Pete
  15. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Hi Kevin! Sorry to be late on parade, only just found Your build,and stunning work! I've had My eye on Fleetscale kits for many years (I dabble in R/C as well),and was always going to do Their Hood,but wanted to do a fine detailed model,which does not lend itself to the rigours of handling for sailing, hence My current project :- I like the Seaslug launcher, 3D stuff is'nt cheap but certainly does the job, now that Printers have come down in price I was thinking of getting one, it's just learning the CAD that puts Me off a bit! It must be great to build a model of a ship that You actually served on,the only downside being that the most critical person looking at it will be Yourself! If I was building a model of a vehicle from My working career it would be a Fork-lift truck! Great work, and....Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete