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  1. It was the tamiya range as mentioned in the instructions. Then x22 gloss mixed with asda's acetone free nail varnish remover (the blue one) mixed 2:1 (x22 : thinner) sprayed with the nozzel cap removed from the airbrush sprayed at a low pressure.
  2. Thank you all for the comments The colour scheme wasn't as bad as it looks. Just as long as you mask off, its fine. Thank god for the wonders of white primer but i do hate to spray the dam stuff. Ive got halfords one at the moment and its too thin and comes out the can too quick.
  3. Here's the completed Benetton 188 which i bought of ebay that was part done and had a few bits missing from it. I got the green and yellow markings slightly wrong - where the camel logo is, the green should have been a thinner line. Not bad to say i had to dismantle most of it to rebuild it and give it some paint. And there's a slight discolouring on the blue just under the sisley sign.
  4. As mentioned, now complete with rider - The decals were really soft to the point where just moving them would split them.
  5. to echo what Shood23 said, superglue or gorilla glue worked a treat when i did mine.
  6. The red bull has some interesting bits on it, i was surprised to see a hole in the nose... hmmmmm...
  7. The FI is definately the worst car at the moment. They said its 95% all new - Hmmm i wonder if this is a good idea. Time will see how well it goes up against the rest. Looking forward to seeing what merc release tomorrow.
  8. Thanks. So am i right in thinking that this will do the trick if i lay down some acrylic gloss black and then buff it to a shine?
  9. Bought this off ebay for £2.12 with delivery of £2.95. I think the seller may have tried to put the price up by 2.12 but instead set it to 2.12 as when i came back to view the orginal listing is had gone up to ~£11.
  10. Can someone explain to me how to get the shiny/mirror chrome shine and what paint to use that can be sprayed via an airbrush? I've tried some of the paints ive got but nothing gives the shine even when put on top of gloss black. I've seen some members bleach of the fake chrome layer on models but how on earth do they get the chrome look back? I've got a few car models that have this plus i too want to learn how to do this. Thanks.
  11. Here's the completed bike of the Airfix 1:24 Honda RC211V that Rossi rode in 2002. I was given this to do after doing the Yamaha 09 bike. Unfortunately i had a problem some of the decals, they just broke up when soaked in water and was told the model had been in a shed of most of its life :(. Rider to follow at a later date.
  12. To wash my brushes after using acrylics i either use water or acetone free nail varish remover from asda (the blue liquid 250ml for about £2.20). Roll the brush round as if you're making a point with the bristles and youll soon see the dried bits of acrylic paint come out. I also put a bit of spit inbetween my thumb and finger and squeeze out all the nail varnish remover pointing the bristles. The spit sets firm therefore stopping the bristles from fraying.
  13. Sainsburys do the pledge floor polish for a couple of quid. I've found that brush laying a few coates with a buff inbetween each layer brings out a really great shine. I've also got a a polishing stick from flory models which is used to bring out the shine.
  14. I've started spraying into the lid of the can and using a brush to paint chrome on that way. It's the easiest way i've found and still manage to get a smooth finish. Just need to work on getting a mirror shine now.
  15. Ive got a rattle can of humbrol's 191 metallic chrome and thought id go and get a mini pot of 191 in acrylic thinking the paint would be the same. I have the 191 enamel which doesn't look great and also have 27002 which is on par with tamiya X11, nothing is as smooth as the rattle 191. How wrong was i. Got the acrylic mini pot home and mixed it up. Put a bit on a brush and its nothing like the rattle can. Has anyone found this? I wanted something that was as smooth as the 191 from the rattle can so i now have to decant small amounts when i want to use it. Im also finding that revell acrylics are much smoother than humbrols.