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  1. Timbo343

    Paint Thinners

    I thought i'd try and experiment with a few paint thinners to see qhat the results are like. Isopropanyl Alcohol - this is great stuff and really shifts both tamiya and revell acrylic paints. Bought from ebay. Boots (in uk) surgical spirit - again great stuff and is the same as Isopropanyl Alcohol. Brother is a pharmastic who said both Surgical spirit and Isopropanyl alcohol are the same stuff. Boots have the surgical spirit for arpund £4.50 for 500ml and smells like TCP. ASDAs Acetone Free Nail varnish remover (the blue stuff) - a great thinner for tamiya paints but makes revell acrylic paints go gloopy. Around £2.00 from ASDA. ASDAs Nail Varnish remover (the purple stuff) - a great thinner for revell acrylic paints. Not tried with tamiya paints though. Around £2.00 from ASDA. I've tried adding car screenwash to the above for an aor brush cleaner and i'd say ot does help clean the airbrush out and a drop.of washing up liquid. So the mixture i used was.. Half screenwash, 1/4 asda purple nail varnish remover and a 1/4 water with a drop of washing up soap (fairy or magmum). Thinning Molotow liquid chrome - either isopropanyl or surgical spirit or Asda Purple Nail varnish remover. I've tried BOOTS acetone nail varnish remover but didnt give the same results as ASDA's, i think the mix is slightly different.
  2. Timbo343

    Is this the right Future? Errrr Pledge?

    I got some of this in August from Amazon UK and it' ok to spray neat but i'm having problems with it pooling. I've been looking at thinning it with the following: Car screen wash 1 : floor care 4 Acetone free nail varnish remover (ispropyl) 1 : floor care 1 Normal nail varnish remover 1 (acetone) : floor care 1 I've not diluted with water. It seems the car screen wash gives the best results however i will be testing the other 2 increasing the floor care mix, keeping the thinning liquid at 1. I find this stuff is a hell of lot weaker than the above one. 1 neat coat of the one above is a lot thicker and gives a better shine. This one almost gives a satin finish. Only after a few coats does it start to shine, with buffering after every 2 coats. I think i apploed 4 coats to a model to get the shine lthough it's ideal for protecting decals.
  3. Timbo343

    exhaust heat coloring tutorials?

    Have a look at this... He uses clear red, clear blue, clear yellow and purple chalk. I followed this and got some good affects.
  4. Timbo343

    Chroming chrome & making it look used.

    +1 for the molotow liquid chrome too! There's videos on youtube about it too.
  5. Timbo343

    Future? Klear?

    As far as i know, the white bottle of the wax is only available at sainsburys but last time i checked they had stopped selling it. This version is a lot thinner than the one listed below. I tweeted to pledge and there's no plan for pledgeuk to sell https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pledge-Future-Surface-Protect-Restore/dp/B000ARPH4C in the uk. Instead we need to use amazon.co.uk and get it imported.
  6. Timbo343

    Another molotow thread

    This guy here looks like he has masked off and area and used molotow chrome I've started using frog tape for sharp lines masking tape to cover large areas.
  7. Timbo343

    Future? Klear?

    This is the new klear future https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pledge-Future-Surface-Protect-Restore/dp/B000ARPH4C and works very well. You could also use Alclad gloss or x22 thinned with acetone free nail varnish remover.
  8. Timbo343

    Too good to be true?

    I've bought the molotow chrome refill, here a thread about it:
  9. Timbo343

    Wot, no Humbrol 27002?!

    What about tamiya x11 or x16? Thats on par with 27002 polish aluminium. You could use revell 90 which is silver.
  10. Timbo343

    Help with priming

    I've started using wilko (in the uk) grey primer. It's possibly the beat primer i've used and i've tested halfords, hycote, simoniz.
  11. Timbo343

    Another molotow thread

    Have you got some of this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pledge-Future-Surface-Protect-Restore/dp/B000ARPH4C that you can try? It's different to the stuff in the white bottle that you get from sainsburys. I have some of the pledge future surface but not had chance to test it on the chrome yet.
  12. Timbo343

    Another molotow thread

    Ok, maybe i will wear a mask when i spray it .
  13. Timbo343

    Another molotow thread

    All i can say is WOW!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Molotow-Liquid-Chrome-Refill-30ml/dp/B01MR2KER3 This stuff is amazing - move over alaclad chrome. There's a few reviews on youtube about this stuff and since it's an acrylic there's no need to wear a mask. It can be painted using a brush too. No prep to be done, just apply generously. Thinning - revell thinning solution or asda own purple nail varnish remover - don't use the blue one, this is the acetone free version which i use for tamiya paint. Use a 1:1 mix. Cleaning - you can use revell thinning solution to clean or use asda's purple nail varish remover - dont use the blue acetone free one.
  14. Timbo343

    Opinion's on Airbrushing Revell Aqua paints?

    Just to add to this, i've been trying to get a better flow when using the revell paints, water and the airbrush. After looking online, i've seen a few people use Windscreen cleaner, so i thought i'd use some to see if it help. WOW! what a different this makes and couple it with 1ml of acetone, the paint just flows.
  15. Timbo343

    Opinion's on Airbrushing Revell Aqua paints?

    Here's a post featuring the Revell Aqua Colour Chart which tells yout that the ratio for paint to water for airbrushing is 4:1 http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/general_discussion/f/9/t/149406.aspx