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  1. First I have to find a Sunderland then I have to nail a couple of dozen Sidewinders on it for JATO...
  2. Very nice. Usually I hate invasion stripes but on that puppy they work really well.
  3. I call that "Kit Fatigue". Nothing wrong with your end product, though. Looks great.
  4. That's the story of nearly every model I build! Your result, however, is a cracker.
  5. Don't blame me... I follow NFL but the missus wouldn't have liked to see a New England Patriots sticker on there!
  6. I had actually thought of doing that and using the clipped off bits for winglets but decided that might be pushing my luck a bit too far. It also occurred to me that the stance on the trike gear puts the wings more squarely toward the camera making them look bigger in the chord.
  7. Definitely go with the "laugh"... I take the builds of others seriously but my own? Not so much!
  8. It's a combination of perspective, the colour and the fact that my photography skills are no better then my build skills! (I love that Mitchell quote in your tagline, by the way... Says it all!)
  9. When I was music director on cruise ships there were six words my boss the cruise director could say that always filled me with dread... "Pete, I've had a great idea". Now that I'm retired I find myself doing the same thing to myself. The plan was, take an Airfix Spitfire starter set that I found in a charity shop for £3 and turn it into a pylon racer owned by the airline I created for the missus when I turned this Halifax (charity shop, £4) into a "Handley Page Liverpool." I should know better but with a gleeful cry of "Dunning? Kruger? Never heard of them. Hold my bee
  10. While doing some topiary to remove a couple of months worth of hair I tried a few "looks" on the way...
  11. Can't see a thing, mate. Have you tried Flickr?
  12. Until it's seen with your hand in the picture it looks HUGE! Wiring BEHIND the dashboard? You're mad!
  13. Knockout! I'm afraid to show it to the missus... She'll want me to make one!
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