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  1. Uncle Pete

    Bland Decal Paper

    I've never used do-it-yourself decals but I'd like to have a go at some point. Can anybody give me any general advice and tips on using it and maybe what brand would be most user-friendly? Reason I ask is I'm thinking of doing a couple of builds for the missus and I'm not expecting to be able to source decals of shoes, handbags and M&S logos to stick on a pink Spitfire. (Did I mention I'm a whimsical old fogey?)
  2. Have you heard Cheech and Chong's take on it from the 70s? Very funny if a little obvious.
  3. "Chicken Teryaki" was the name of the longest lived kamakaze pilot...
  4. Nice build and an unusual subject. Puts me in mind of Major Kong in the final scenes of Strangelove! I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Kamakazes weren't necessarily volunteers bravely sacrificing themselves for the emperor, though. Seems most were basically press-ganged into it. I also got the impression they made these kites as a cost-saving measure, rather than crashing perfectly serviceable Zeroes.
  5. Don't know about the mods but you've got my vote!
  6. Uncle Pete

    Bf110E in 1/32 scale (Dragon)

    Maybe a scratchy audio track of a marching band to go with it?
  7. Uncle Pete

    Eduard 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    By the way, Bruce, I had a butchers at your WIP thread on this and was surprised you didn't pose the pilot of the launching jet saluting to the kid on the deck to tell him to pull the trigger!
  8. Uncle Pete

    Eduard 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    Credit where it's due, Bruce. If I can ever get my builds even half as good as yours and other skilled plasticeers I see on this site I'll call myself a pro!
  9. Uncle Pete

    Eduard 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    I've got to stop looking at F14 pictures.... My Tom is the best build on my shelf but pales when I see the work you pros come up with! Beautiful.
  10. Lovely plane and a cracking paint job. Very unusual too, as are the oddball additions (and I'm a big fan of "oddball"). That Alerion.... Is that an ornithopter?
  11. Uncle Pete

    SM55X I-BALB (1/72 Delta 2 Kit)

    Very cool and unusual kite. Guys on this site manage to fins the most interesting obscurities!
  12. Uncle Pete

    Bf110E in 1/32 scale (Dragon)

    Very nice. Love the sepia-tone pic with the creases and cracks, too... Great touch.
  13. Beauty. Cracking finish despite the lighting on the engine headache. Looks real. The seat even looks soft and comfy.
  14. Uncle Pete

    Predictive Text

    Me too but I can't take credit.... It fell onto my FB page a few days back!
  15. Uncle Pete

    Bedding decals in Klear/ Future or equivalent.

    You mean the ones made from 10mm MDF?